i've secretly always wanted to do this

Seokjin is secretly lacing fingers under the table, he is sweet dreams filled with unbroken wishes, he is starry nights that hold too many adventures to be told. He is small kisses under the pouring rain that are just a little too perfect. He’s nights laced with pillow talk that turn into pillow fights and it couldn’t be better than that.

Yoongi is caffeine dreams and unspoken poems, he is winter nights and windy trees, but that’s your favorite. He is lost romance and affection tracing against skin, he’s crystal snowflakes falling on eyelashes, waiting to be kissed away. He’s piano keys that aren’t just black and white, vibrant colors flowing through his veins as another masterpiece is made. He is love left unsaid and whispers that only he could hear.

Hoseok is deep rosy hues that sunsets wish to achieve, he’s rays of sunshine that end up shining brighter than anything in this world. He’s pure happiness that somehow ends up with lighting bolts tearing through the sky. He’s sun kissed flowers sitting next to cracked open windows during summer mornings, smiles and giggles filling up the room. He’s 10 am silent walks that end up turning into 2 pm naps because 10 am is just too early. Hoseok is pretty lights that do more than illuminate tiny rooms.

Namjoon is falling autumn leaves and cozy winter nights, who says you can’t have both? He’s tiny memories that can fill out a whole stadium, every moment pieced with a special gift. He’s flaws and shaky smiles, lip bites and nervous rambling, the perfect combination. He’s sweet kisses and muffled words laced with sheer beauty and eloquence. He’s words that somehow turn into silk, written so smoothly against the canvas that it’s impossible to get paper cuts. He’s paintings that are mixed with every color, but it still isn’t vibrant enough. He’s private thoughts that you wish you had the privilege of knowing, each one unlocking a new secret. Namjoon is comfort, he’s warmer than hot chocolate on a winter day, he’s sweet smiles and unbroken promises.

Jimin is bubbles and blue, he’s 3 am smiles and pretty thoughts. He’s spring days and drunken nights, he’s home and nostalgia, and you figured you need a bit of both. He’s a “look at the pretty stars” and “I swear I can see the milky way,” even though his smile caused enough brightness to not see anything. Jimin is soft touches and lavender candles, he’s fallen cherry blossoms that you can’t help but admire and fawn over. He’s sleepless conversations and bedroom eyes, he’s flecks of gold and paper hearts, and you don’t know which one is more beautiful.

Taehyung is hot summer hazes and rose tattoos, he is fulfilled goals and full cups of water. He is summer loves that never seem to be temporary, he’s hidden smiles and subtle signs that were only made for the two of you. He’s cold mornings wrapped in warm sheets and hot nights filled with cold kisses. He’s forehead kisses and sweet r&b riffs, he’s vintage photographs that really is worth a thousand words. Taehyung is cloud nine and love songs, he is boxy smiles and a heart of gold.

Jungkook is shy smiles and hidden gestures. He is cold coffee on a sticky summer night and light kisses that seem to feel more hotter than the weather. He is shaky hands and awkward laughs, bright eyes and curiosity laced all into one. He is playing video games until sunrise and sleeping until sunset, which is his favorite trait. He is loving too much and caring too little, he is 4 am adventures to the convenience store. He is blurry daydreaming and falling asleep in class. Jungkook is scrunched noses and head tilts, he’s beauty and too many pretty piercings.

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“don’t act like you don’t want me, sweetheart. this game is getting boring.” 

fuckboy!isaac ft. stiles, college au 

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Ugh…You know what we need? We need a musical episode of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Not for any particular reason. We just need one. WE NEED ONE!

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Im going into high school this year, my brother graduated 2 weeks ago, and I'm so excited! Im taking Art as my elective and I'm going to join Drama club and try out for the track and cross country team when the season opens up! Ive always secretly loved school, and even though I've been done since last monday, i just can't stop thinking about going! I start in August and I'm taking all honors and 2 softmore classes!Anyways there was no point in me msging you that lol. (& i want parenthood)

hey congrats! im a super big school lover i just love learning that sounds so exciting!! i cant wait for you youre gonna do great and have loads of fun! <3

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Hey I've been through all of your Kidnapped!Stiles tag, do you think you can update it?


not your typical saviour by Sa_kun (1/1 | 2,634 | R)

Stiles gets kidnapped by crazy hunters. It’s super.

Hands Together by Janeyyy (1/1 | 4,196 | R)

Stiles is captured by hunters and gets to know the mysterious guy next door.

Shifts by gryvon (1/1 | 15,077 | NC-17)

Stiles has what he’s always secretly wanted - he’s in a relationship with Derek and he’s one of Derek’s betas - but all that gets turned upside down when Gerard kidnaps him and his unexpected baby.

Silent by Handsofred (2/2 | 28,313 | G)

Alone, Stiles could feel the tiredness start to run through his body, the cuts on his body aching and other places hurting which made him wonder how they were hurting before he blinked a few times, eyes lifting towards the windows and the grey sky, Stiles hoped that the pack would find him. Slumping down in to the bonds, Stiles dropped his chin to his chest as tears gathered in his eyes, he felt scared for the first time since the car accident and he hated the fact that he couldn’t hear for anything which could creep up on him, hated that he couldn’t protect himself, squeezing his eyes shut tightly, Stiles tried to keep the tears away as he finally let the tiredness wash over him.

Tell me all your weaknesses by marshmallowfluff (1/1 | 24,333 | PG-13)

“Stiles did not normally start his afternoon with a stranger in the back of his Jeep, telling him to ‘Be quiet and don’t do anything stupid, or you’ll never see your precious father again.’”

Stiles isn’t very good at being quiet, and when has he ever not done something stupid?

In which Stiles is kidnapped by a Hunter with a vicious streak and a penchant for torture, and Derek (and Scott) is having none of that.

No spell quite like your smile by charimiel (3/3 | 28,777 | PG-13)

“I’m Stiles by the way. I’d shake your hand, but the stuff on my hands isn’t actually ink and I don’t want to subject anyone else to that.”
Derek’s really just exuding an aura of ‘what the fuck is wrong with this guy’. Stiles gets that a lot actually.


The one where Stiles owns a magic shop and Derek probably regrets coming back to Beacon Hills right about now.

What You Can’t See by darkmagess (9/9 | 54,420 | PG-13)

A new threat comes to Beacon Hills, putting all its supernatural inhabitants in danger. A true alpha and banshee are rare and valuable quarry, but Stiles and Derek are the easiest targets.

The signs based on people I know
  • Aries: you're a crazy person in disguise. Without getting to know you I would have never guessed you were an aries
  • Taurus: I love you and I'm not supposed to but it's just amazing how you're there for everyone
  • Gemini: you're so shy at first but when you smile it makes me smile. I can feel your emotions.
  • Cancer: you don't like to admit it but you do get upset a lot, however you give me a new perspective on life sometimes, how simple it really is.
  • Leo: you get along with everyone, even if you have to be a little fake you do it to save your ass and I respect that.
  • Virgo: you're supposed to be this neat freak quiet person, but you're really bubbly and kind to everyone.
  • Libra: I think of all the signs I connect to you the most. Me and you balance out eachother and I've never met someone so like-minded to me
  • Scorpio: you're passionate, funny, and always take it a little to far. Keep doing you
  • Sagittarius: I want to lie on a roof with you, smoke a ton of pot, and talk about our feelings for hours, that's how amazing you are.
  • Capricorn: you secretly lead everything. You always have a backup plan and work behind the scenes.
  • Aquarius: you're so much like me it's annoying sometimes but I still like you and understand you're problems
  • Pisces: pisces come in all shapes and sizes and are sometimes hard to recognize. I would have never guessed you were one but when I figured it out I saw it in you.

okay but what about choir director hanji and accompanist levi

like hanji is the director of this really angelic girl’s choir and levi is their accompanist so she’s always coming up with these really romantic songs to do with her girls to try to give levi a hint

and like hanji gets really into her directing (like if you give her a conducting baton she will throw it) and she’s always studying the science behind music and giving impromptu music theory lessons to her choir

and levi is this really silent, amazing piano player who can play with ease any sheet music hanji picks out

but the whole choir (made up of teenage girls) wants to get them together and they’re always trying to get the two alone


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Are there any resources for girls interested in the non-programming side of games? I've been playing since I was 2, and I love gaming, especially their art and music. It's been my life-long focus. I even got my bachelors in Fine Art with hopes of one day designing concept art, game art, and even UI/UX design in games. I compose music for fun and secretly always wanted to do a soundtrack for an indie RPG. Are there any places or resources for girl who want to do art/music in games?

Hello, hello! ✌ So we asked our friends on Twitter for any links they might have to share, and here’s what they offered up:

If anyone else in our wonderful community has something to add, please do! 💕

BTS as Candies

Jin –> Hersheys Kisses: the sweet & loving hyung/mom

Suga –> Gummy Bears: tries to be intimidating but fails due to natural aegyo

J-hope –> Pop Rocks: VERY LOUD… *hears screaming in the distance*

Rap Monster –> Smarties: studies hard and parties hard

Jimin –> Kinder Surprise: looks completely harmless until the shirt comes off

V –> Skittles: rainbows & sunshine all day, every day

Jungkook –> Sour Patch Kids: looks innocent but secretly causes mischief

Old Master Returns

sicarius consiliator

Jafar’s eyes where wide with shock as he saw the beat up state of the other general. He ran over, throwing his own well being to the wind even though whatever could of done this to the fanalis must of been stronger then anything he’d faced before. “Masrur what happened?”


Masrur’s eyes widen in shock at seeing Ja’far. No…no one was supposed to see. He was going to cover it up like he has been for the past few months. His stomach fell and he couldn’t look Ja’far in the eye or give him a straight answer. “Nothing…I fell.” An obvious lie, but Masrur was horrible at lying. Blood covering his face and arms. Masrur holds onto his now black and blue arm. It hurt…he hurt all over…but…at lest his back was covered…if Ja’far saw….then his secret would be out.

His master…the man who broke his mind, had finally found him. He was here in Sindria…Masrur still felt like he was his master, even after all the years. His fear still controlled him. He wanted to tell Sinbad…another man he could see as a master, but…in the end his old master won the battle. Sinbad had been more of a brother, and Glass controlled him with fear. Masrur was to ashamed and mainly terrified to mention his presence to anyone. So…his master had been seeing him secretly to beat, whip, and humiliate him once again…once again he was his slave…trapped in fear. No one knew…and now Ja’far just stumbled upon him before he could cover up his bruises and scars.