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You know, I’m just so glad that shows like Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn 99 exist? Yes, there are many ways in which each show could improve, but I am I always going to be a fan of the idea that there’s dignity and fulfillment to be found in working your ass off to be a good person, no matter what the world throws at you. 

And they don’t deny that it is work in many ways; how many times are Leslie or Peralta tempted to take a shortcut (and how many times does it backfire on them when they do?), but ultimately choose not to? Goodness is so often a choice, just like empathy, but these shows keep highlighting that it’s the right, if not the easy, thing to do. 

There are dark moments (more so in Brooklyn 99, which makes sense given its context), but it’s so peaceful and fulfilling to slip into worlds where the people in charge of protecting and caring for their communities actually care about those communities, and each other, in spite of being and because they’re flawed humans. They admit they’re wrong, they apologize, and they try to do better, every day. 

They’re shows founded on hope and love, and there’s never going to be enough of that. 

Tucker is new to the stress of actual war; wash isn’t
Wash is new to the healing effects of physical affection; Tucker is not

naturally, the answer is platonic cuddling

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The fanfic: “I miss Earth,” said Lance. “I don’t” said Keith. “What about your family?!” cried Lance. “I don’t have one,” Keith replied. They made out.

Future Writings

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Hello loves! Leave it to the wonderful @avengerofyourheart to tag me in all the things and try to figure out my secrets and steal my lucky charms </dramaticRoo> Anyways, this is basically just a masterpost of fics I have planned that are either in the process of being finished or they are and it’s just a matter of posting them. Here goes nothing!

All My Friends Are Heathens (Part 8 - The End)

Status: Complete
Yeah I know right, it’s been an age but it’s finally done! Just a heads up, I actually plan to tweak the series just a bit by changing the part titles. Altogether with the finale, they’ll be 9 parts so I’m just going to go back and adjust the titles accordingly. I’m not getting rid of anything, just changing the numbering system. I’ll end up posting a series masterlist for it too.

Stay With Me (Ongoing Series)

Status: pt.5 - Complete | pt.6 - Final draft | pt.7 - Halfway done | pt.8 - Outlined
Summary: With Hydra exposed and the flames still raging from the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., only one man stands and walks away from the wreckage. Still wet and wounded from the fight, the Winter Soldier hides away from the panicked crowds and tries to tear down the shackles in his mind. He barely had time to process the concept of his freedom when the girl finds him. >>> The girl saw them crash and burn; she heard the people screaming but knew she couldn’t get too close. Still struggling with her own lost past and understanding her extraordinary abilities, she needed to get home and away from the mayhem. She barely made it to her front door when she found the man that would change her life forever.
This is my more ‘canon-compliant’ storyline and I’m pretty excited about it. It starts after CATWS and leads all the way up to CACW, plus flashbacks to The Avengers. Yeah, I basically have a lot planned for this series. ]

Love is For Children (2/2)

Status: Complete
Summary: You’re a former mercenary turned Avenger who joins the team after fighting, and defeating, each member that tried to recruit you. You’re confident in your abilities and even challenge the man formerly known as the Winter Soldier. A battle of egos ensues and it’s Bucky that fights to get your attention but you’re a professional and won’t fall easy for his charm.
I’m sorry I didn’t end up posting the second part the day after the first like I promised. That was when I unofficially started my hiatus because my body actually tried to kill me. But it didn’t so there’s a silver lining I guess. ] 

===== oneshots =====

Admit It (Bucky x Reader)

Status: Editing
Summary: Being in a secret relationship with Bucky has never been easy but you were always so patient and willing to wait for him. Time and neglect starts to take it’s toll and unless he can finally be honest with himself and the team, he may be risking more than he realizes.
[ The title might change and I’m still trying to decide whether I’ll go more angst or fluff with this one. ]

To Build a Home (Steve x Reader)

Status: Editing
summary: Steve doesn’t want to fight forever. He dreams of settling down with his love and building a life together away from the duties of being an Avenger. Nightmares have a habit of replacing dreams when we least expect them.
[ You guessed it! A fic inspired by that damn song by The Cinematic Orchestra that has helped give birth to oh so many angsty fics! And here’s another one! You’re welcome and I’m sorry. ]

Love ‘em or Lose ‘em (40s! Steve x Reader x Bucky)

Status: Final draft
Summary: You didn’t plan to fall in love with two different men and you certainly didn’t expect them to love you in return. Best friends since childhood, you never thought anything could come between Steve and Bucky, and least of all, you. But with the world steadily falling into chaos, will you be able to choose who to love and who to lose or will fate make the decision for you?
[ I have such a kink for writing 40s Bucky and Steve, I can’t help myself. ]

Captain, Sergeant & Corrupter (…need I say more?)

Status: Final draft - but I’ve reached a stalemate
Summary: If two’s a crowd than three’s a party and I’m going to hell kbye it’s absolute filth and the sequel to Captain & Corrupter.
[ I’ve been having a bit of an internal struggle with smut lately so I’m not sure when I’ll be getting back to this one. ]

And that’s that! These are just the works that I actually have finished or semi-finished, not even taking into account the other wips that are still in their ‘skeleton’ stages. But let’s not bite off more than we can chew right? I really do put a lot of work into my fics, and sometimes most of the time, I am my own worst enemy and my brain just doesn’t cooperate. But I’m trying.❤ kloveyoubye!

After the War

Annabeth Chase - Builds Something Permanent

“I hate it when people let me down, when things are temporary. I think that’s why I want to be an architect.“

“To build something permanent,” I said. “A monument to last a thousand years.”   

  • Raven: That's impossible.
  • Bellamy: *heavy sigh* you just like hearing me say it don't you?
  • Raven: I mean... It doesn't hurt.
  • Bellamy: I've honestly said it a thousand times you're not getting me to say it again.
  • Raven: ......
  • Bellamy: We need you.
  • Raven: Go on.
  • Bellamy: You're a genius.
  • Raven: Yup.
  • Bellamy: I love you.
  • Raven: What?
  • Bellamy: What?
  • Raven: Did you...
  • Bellamy: What?

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hii ❤️ does jinyoung looks scary? He's so reserved that maybe he looks unfriendly ? I love him 💕

Did I sound weird asking it? Hahaha I was thinking that he doesn’t look like someone you would want to mess with. 💕

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I mean, I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand times: I'm always a slut for Red... normally in the context of lipstick or nail polish, but I'd take a good boning from you any day. Can't let the smokestack win, right? ;)

“doll, i wanna see yer red lipstick smeared and that polish chipping as ya drag your nails across my bones.  i’ll take ya up on that offer any damn day.”

Smirking, he holds up eight fingers toward Stretch and mouths suck it.  Stretch rolls his eyelights.

Still grinning, Red returns the hug, squeezing you against him in an effort to prolong it.  “ya’hear that, smokestack?  by far the coolest!”


“erm…”  Red sweats.  He can’t deny that Papyrus is cool, even if this one isn’t quite as cool as his brother.  “yer right, pap.”

Edge appears at the landing on the staircase; turns out, things you don’t want heard carry very well in the lodge.  “DID I SERIOUSLY JUST HEAR YOU AGREE WITH THAT CREAMPUFF VERSION OF ME?!”

Sweating intensifies.  “b-boss!  naw, i… i didn’t, uhh….”  He glances to Stretch for help, but he’s nowhere to be seen.  Red’s also still hugging the anon, but now it seems more like he’s using them as a human shield.  “everyone knows yer the coolest, i… we were talkin’ about second place!”


“aw, thanks pap.  i’m gonna have to make my own cool dude shirt now.”


I’ve said this a thousand times, but I’m really glad the writers decided not to make X a villain in MM0 because I feel like doing so would’ve undermined a really vital part of his character. Like yeah, I can definitely see X getting tired and maybe bitter after a while (and we sorta saw some of that in X7), but for X to completely give up? That just doesn’t feel like him. And while I can see X getting frustrated and angry because sometimes it feels like nothing’s ever going to change, it’s precisely because X cares so much that he’d never give up. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t see X getting pushed to his limits in the MM0 series. I’m not as well-versed in those games as I am the MMX ones, but it makes sense; he had even more garbage on his plate as the leader of Neo Arcadia, and just when things seemed like they were finally going to get better with the Mother Elf program, X was forced back into the same cycle of war and violence. On top of all that, he was fighting by himself because his idiot best friend Zero thought he’d make things better by taking a 100 year nap. It’s enough to make anyone exhausted (and there’s no doubt he was exhausted, I mean heck, he straight up asked Zero to let him rest once X knew Zero remembered stuff / could take over where he left off). But no matter what happened, X never let the world break him. I feel like that makes for a better story than any “hero turned villain” plotline.

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I've said it a thousand times, yet none of you publicly reply for some reason lol The IG is NOT Mia. It's a girl from France. Who talks to people regularly. Who appears in the bday video. Who 'predicts' stuff just like the CC fandom does, yet no one calls them out on being Darren lol. You are being ridiculous. There is proof this girl isn't Mia. While there is a lot of shady stuff going on, you are in no way right on this one.

Here, posted.

But you know? I think we’re right Btw. Thanks for the info though, even if we don’t believe it

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What would you tell the guy that posted the post that said something along the lines of "I liked zoos as a kid because I love animals. Now I hat zoos because I love animals." I've seen that post a time or two, have you?

I’ve seen it, but I don’t have a concise answer - because a good chunk of the nearly six thousand posts on this blog all comprise the different things I’d want to tell whomever the OP of that post was.