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Charles Xavier Request- You Were My Student

Request: can you write an imagine with professor charles xavier and reader? reader is a student and keeps hitting on proferssor and at her prom night charles tells her that he is in love with her too but couldnt say anything because she was his student? thank you love <3

Hello love! I like that you call people love, I do it too :) And I love the request! It’s a super cute one! But also, to others out there, hello lovelies! I usually like to write without using gender pronouns but I realised for this one I have used female pronouns. If anyone’s interested in a male version/non-gender-specified version, just inbox us and I can swap the pronouns and repost it, but there’s no point if no-one wants the male/otherwise version. Happy Reading!

Prom night. You were dressed from head to foot in your most formal attire. A long dress that flowed down to the ground, the most elegant shoes peeking out from behind it as you walked. You were definitely a sight to behold. You walked into the hall and heads turned to stare. You smiled at everyone and greeted them, moving away from the doorway as quickly as possible. Many girls were being escorted in by boys in the doorway and you thought you might let them have some limelight. You’d chosen to arrive alone and come stag to prom. Wasn’t like you really wanted to go with anyone anyway…. well… except for Charles.
Professor Charles Xavier. You’d been hitting on him a little recently… and by recently, the last couple of years. It wasn’t necessarily hitting-on so much as flirting. And in your defence, he flirted back! Then he’d catch himself and remember he was a teacher and stop and get all teacher-harsh and like ‘No, don’t you go talking back to me, let’s learn about organisms again!’ and you’d be sat there like ‘Dang nabbit Xavier! We were just having fun’… but you didn’t say that because that would mean another Xavier-lecture.
You walked over to where a punch bowl and cups were lined up, pouring yourself one. You sniffed it first and took a cautious sip. It seemed clean enough. Charles walked over to you.
“Evening, y/n. You’re looking quite spectacular.” He greeted.
“Hey Professor! Took me all day!” You winked at him.
“Im sure that’s not true” he laughed. Your mind instantly flashed back to your prom-getting-ready. It had been a painful process. You’d had to try to brush your hair thoroughly and ugh! All the rest of it…. Nah. Too much effort.
“Let’s just say that while it’s not completely true, it’s more true than it sounds” you laughed. There was a quiet pause after you both finished laughing. After a few moments, Charles broke it.
“I would offer to get you a drink but it looks as if you already have one.” Charles smiled at you.
“Ah Professor, that would’ve been a job for my date!” You exclaimed. Charles looked concerned.
“Oh really?… Uh…. whose… whose your date?” He asked, rubbing the back of his neck.
“Myself!” You laughed, Charles looked up to meet your eyes and laughed too, but it was a nervous, awkward laugh. Certainly a confusing laugh. Another almost awkward pause. You decided to break it this time.
“I’d ask you to dance, Professor Xavier, but I think we’d give people the wrong idea.” You smiled kindly at him, trying to encourage him that he didn’t need to be so awkward around you.
“Well, for one y/n, I’d love to but I can’t dance. And secondly, you don’t have to call me Professor any more, I just realised. I don’t teach you any more.” He shrugged.
“Hmm… Charles… ‘Care ta dance, Charlessssss’…. hmm….. ‘ga’day Charrrrrlesss’….. ‘haw’s it gawin’ Charlesssss’” you put on your best, most stereotypical American accent that you could to test out his name. He laughed.
“Yeah, no…. maybe professor is better” He laughed. You joined in before looking around the dance floor.
“There’s so many people in here… it’s getting so crowded!” You told him.
“We could go outside if you’re feeling a little claustrophobic?” He offered.
“Yes please.” You admitted, following him to where the exit was. One teacher asked him where he was off to and he replied ‘Miss y/n is feeling a little claustrophobic and dizzy, I thought some fresh air would be good for her.’ The teacher nodded and shrugged. ‘I’ll hold down the fort’. They’d replied with.
You two went outside. The gardens were beautiful. There was a slight hill and you walked towards it, sitting slowly down and smoothing out your dress. Charles sat slowly beside you.
“It’s beautiful out here you know… Charles.”
“You used my name without it sounding stupid.” His tone was amused.
“Yeah… Still feels weird though.” You told him, truthfully. He’d taught you for so long, and you’d never called him that out loud…..
“Yeah… I know. It feels weird that you’re not my student any more… but I’m glad…” You looked over to him, briefly meeting his eye.
“I wasn’t that bad of a student, was I?” You asked, slightly jokingly but also slightly worried that your flirting had been unwelcome.
“…. Y/N…. There’s something that I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while…. I….” He hesitated.
“Charles?” You prompted him, desperate to see where this was going.
“Y/N…. I’ve been completely and utterly in love with you for the past few years. I couldn’t say anything though because you were my student…. but you’ve always been so bubbly and thoughtful and flirty too…. but…. I just… you were my student….” He paused, like he’d run out of steam.
“Charles…” You started, not sure where you were going. There weren’t any real words to say at this point. And what was the point in words? You turned and crashed your lips into his. You kissed him, pouring every last word of whatever you wanted to say into that kiss. He kissed back, surprised but slowly his smile crept into that kiss. When at last you both pulled away you were breathless. Now you knew what the term ‘head-spinning kiss’ felt like.
“I guess that tells you how I feel” You laughed.
“I don’t know…. maybe you better do that again, just so I can be sure.” Charles nodded at you. You leant in and pecked him on the lips. You pulled away and closed your eyes, so blissfully happy you just wanted to stop and feel this moment. Charles lightly took your chin in his hand and tipped your head up so he could peck you once as well.  
“Y/N…. care to be my date to this dance?” He asked.
“… I’d love to Charles. But dammit, we’re definitely dancing!”
…. At the end of the night, after observing Charles’ dance moves, you slightly regretted telling him he should dance…. but you also didn’t care, because it was the best damn night of your life thus far. Full of laughter and merriment… and a lot of secretly kissing your now ex-professor, Charles Xavier.