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When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single


So… I took a bit of an ‘unannounced vacation’ for a few weeks while I tried to regain my sanity but everything’s cool now and I’m going to get back to drawing responses.

Some Rohan pen+pencil doodles I did in class ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ because if linear relations are more important than anything, it is most definitely not Rohan mcfreakin Kishibe

Dry Spell

A smutty (with a touch of fluff) story in which y/n and Harry find themselves in a 24-day dry spell….and so she buys a vibrator. Things get fun.

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Spuffy in Buffy 10 #28


pokemon meme -  favorite legendary 1/??

This Legendary Pokémon, with wings like thin sheets of ice, is believed to possess the ability to freeze water vapor and create snow.


ConsensualTsukiKaneweek day 8: Holiday/Seasonal

Last day!!!! Can’t believe I actually managed to make something for every day O.o Anyway, this was a great week, so a big thanks to the organizers!!! Enjoy your holidays!
kids that i once knew (1/?)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier CS AU. 

Note: This is only part one, of who knows how many parts. I’ve been working on this for over a year, and have purposely avoided reading all variations on Captain America CS aus within the fandom. Dunno when the next part will be ready, but, well. This is a project near and dear to my heart. So it’s definitely not going to be abandoned. Shout out to @swallowedsong​ for encouraging me to post, @alchemistc​ who I’ve been telling about this for ages, and AU week in general for rallying us all together and inspiring so many wonderful works. 

Title from the song “Dead Hearts” by Stars. 


            He wakes up fuzzy, warm and cold all at once, head pounding and tongue heavy in his mouth, like he’s swallowed sand that tastes like the worst toothpaste he’s ever tasted in his life.

            He wakes up and he notices several things in quick succession:

            The bed beneath him is strangely soft.

            His clothes are strangely tight and unstarched.

            The air feels stuffy and fake.

            The game on the radio is several years old. He knows this because he was at that game with Liam.

            He sits up and he knows—he knows that something is very, very wrong.

            (The last thing he remembers is a plane, and cold, and water, and her and—

            “I’m gonna need a raincheck on that dance.”

            “All right. A week next Saturday at the Rabbit Hole.”

“You got it.”

“8 o’clock on the dot. Don’t you dare be late. Understood?”

            “You know I still don’t know how to dance.”

            “I’ll show you how. Just be there.”

            “We’ll have the band play something slow.”

            “Killian? K—”)

            “Captain Jones.”

            He pulls himself out of his thoughts and glances up at the woman who’s just walked in. Something about her is off, too. Everything is wrong.

            “Where am I?”

            “A recovery room in New York City,” she answers with a smile. Her uniform is right—like the one he’d seen Emma wear (Emma) but—

            “No. Where am I, really?

            Her smile falters.

            “I don’t understand.”

            Well, he thinks darkly. That makes two of us.

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hello friends! thank you very, very, very much for the 20,000 reads on in your atmosphere. my heart is so warm and fluttery and i cannot thank you enough. here is part two of ??? of the iya holiday drabble series. thank you for continuously being the most wonderful human beings on the planet. lots and lots of love. happy holidays, sugarplums! 

erdem and givenchy - november 2020

“Eva, I’ve met your parents multiple times. Tell me why I’m so nervous right now,” Harry said, fixing the collar of his wool coat repeatedly. Eva was finishing her hair in the bathroom of the hotel room, curling the final pieces in the front to frame her face. Harry had gotten a hotel room about ten minutes from her parents’ house so Eva could offer her old bedroom for one of her brother’s to stay overnight in.

“I don’t know, Harry. You already know they love you,” Eva called back. “Just breathe, everything will be great.”

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how long until some jaded 40-something journalist pens an editorial slamming millennials for daring to enjoy Pokemon Go?


i don’t think i posted photos on here of the final installation for my ceramics class this semester.

but here it is.

i don’t really have a title for it, but it’s a whole bunch of porcelain teeth glazed in various ways.