i've reached a new blogging low

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I just spent a couple hours of my life scrolling to the bottom of your blog, ya got some nice memes there kiddo. On a completely unrelated note, I feel like I've reached a new low point in my life now.

my life is at a constant low point lmao

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i arrived too late to see the birth of a meme could you perhaps explain what's happening w/ this sonic blog

Someone answered an ask that had a good summary of it but since I can’t find it on two blogs, I’m guessing it was deleted. I’ll summarize:

Basically on 5/30/15 a group of people, face-claming Sonic characters, decided to create a Anti-SJW blog, that is against tumblrs idea of SJ. People basically followed probably for the sheer concept of the blog finding it funny. What really started their popularity though was Mod Shadow’s intro post:

The next big thing that came after that was the blog kicking out Mod Silver. He violated one of the rules, and then the blog basically skyrocketed after that. A lot of posts were made about Mod Silver being innocent and doing nothing wrong. Then, a bunch of hate was sent to Mod Amy. A lot of “down with mod amy” Were made and some notables ones made the blog even more popular, them gaining about 1,300+ followers midday.

Mod Sonic was trying to defend Mod Amy since many people seemed to hate her, and eventually things kinda settled after that.

Then, this morning Mod Tails was kicked. He claimed Mod Amy was harassing him:

Mod Amy was apparently sleeping while this was posted and debunked it:

They sorted it out through a group chat and now Mod Tails friend will be eventually taking his place. Shortly after drama with Mod Shadow began:

He offended Mod Amy and Mod Sonic so that went on for a bit, but evetually it was worked out.

Also Mod Knuckles joined the blog.

Now, what’s currently going on is Mod Tikal being kicked. Just like Mod Silver people think she is precious, and it’s wrong to kick her. So I’m pretty sure that’s going to turn into something big as time goes on. 

They also by this point have reached over 8,000-10,000+ followers

Now apparently they have a Wikia of them also:

In Summary: This blog is a blessing to all memekind.