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Dan & Phil | I don’t want anybody else but you

last video before I go back to school! I pretty much made this entirely for myself to watch if I’m stressed and need to relax, so if anyone else enjoys it that’ll be extra cool. see you guys in a few months!

The most important Voltron meta I’ve written:

Shiro: Dog person. Big friendly dogs are the best but there is no such thing as a bad dog. Bury him alive in puppies.

Lance: Dogs and cats are equally good, he will probably say he is more of a cat person because he doesn’t want to make Blue think she’s not his favorite.

Pidge: Dog person, full stop. Cats aren’t bad she’s just allergic to them.

Hunk: Will obstinately talk about lizards every time people bring up dogs vs. cats because he thinks reptiles need more love. Turtles and tortoises are his favorites.

Keith: complete cat person. No social interaction can drag him away from cats. I also feel like he is actually very good at getting along with cats. Has possibly never been scratched in his life, like a very selective Disney Princess.

Allura: Very confused by this whole thing, has to be introduced to Earth animals and the entire concept of dog people and cat people. She probably decides on “dog person” out of those options because she finds out about borzoi and they’re the most beautiful things she’s ever seen. In practice, though, she loves birds. Cockatoos and the big macaws especially.

Coran: See Allura, I have no idea how or why he would find out what they are but I feel like he would adamantly decide on horses as his favorite animal and refuse to choose anything about cats or dogs.

How long will I be salty about SSSN vs NDGO anyway? Sometimes I wish that the main 3 team fights were rearranged…

like IDK… Team RWBY vs Team NDGO or BRNZ?

Team JNPR vs Team NDGO or Team ABRN?

Team SSSN vs Team BRNZ or Team ABRN?

I feel like you could’ve kept the appeal of those fights’ dynamics with the different teams? Or even gone into the lore of where the characters are from with the different matchups?

Team BRNZ was also from Shade Academy in Vacuo, so you could’ve retained Sun’s “I’m from Vacuo too!” comment if SSSN was up against them. Imagine team BRNZ’s absolute WRATH when Neptune tries to hit on May and going all out. OR EVEN BETTER, May and Neptune having a sharpshooter duel because of his bullshit and it becoming super interesting seeing this quiet and skilled girl annoyed as hell at this insufferable flirt thinking he could get away with it. Maybe even Neptune getting some character development and APOLOGIZING FOR BEING FUCKING RUDE because her shooting scares even him, and he has to make the decision to go all out and pull his weight for his teammates.

If team RWBY went up against team BRNZ, imagine Brawnz and Yang going 1v1 in a fist fight? Ruby vs May’s sniping? Blake and Weiss going 2v2 against Roy and Nolan?

Team RWBY vs Team NDGO would have been a COMPLETE MASTERPIECE. LET’S BE TOTALLY HONEST HERE. Two all girl teams with great designs and fighting styles going against each other like that would’ve been so fuckin RAD and the epitome of what I signed up to watching RWBY for.

Team ABRN being pleasantly surprised to know that ¾ths of team JNPR is Mistrali, and being able to go up against THE Pyrrha Nikos. Bolin vs Ren. NORA VS ARSLAN. Jaune vs Nadir and both of them being equally goofy. IMAGINE.

Team ABRN going up against Team SSSN bc they go to the same school and totally having heard of each other- team ABRN having more of an earful about team SSSN because of their “antics” back at Haven. Arslan’s strength being portrayed against Sun and Sage. SUN VS BOLIN IN BOJUTSU. Scarlet vs Reese or Nadir? That would be fun to watch too!


“I always get happy when the sun’s out, shining. I’ve always had a thing about that. Like, I hate it when it’s like raining. But when the sun’s out, I can’t help but be like smiling.” x

Happy Birthday, Alexander David Turner - January 6th 1986

Six Sentence Sunday- 7/16/17

“Molly, I need you to know that I honestly do love you,” Sherlock suddenly blurted out at Bart’s lab.

After a moment of stunned silence, Molly nodded while casually replying, “it’s ok, Sherlock, I know.”

“No no, you don’t understand,” he continued, a bit more desperate and aggitated now. “I love love you, as in wanting to be with you in every way two people can be together. I want to hold you and kiss you and do an innumerable list of other intimate things with you, make you feel wanted as well as needed, act like an idiot at times just to make you happy, see you every night before I fall asleep while comforted with the knowledge that you’ll be there when I wake up, because it’s only you who have finally made me understand how a romantic relationship truly could complete me as a human being!”

Molly’s lips spread in a slow smile as his little speech drew to a close, and she very calmly and simply repeated, “Sherlock…I know.”


방탄소년단 (13.06.2013 - FOREVER).
FROM 2 COOL 4 SKOOL화양연화 pt.2.

You know what quote I really really love in TID?

“Jem is nothing but goodness. That he struck you last night only shows how capable you are of driving even saints to madness.”

And it’s not that I like it because I don’t particularly like Will because it says less about Will than it does about Jem. Tessa doesn’t really think Will is horrible because this is just a spur of the moment thing, but my God, how much must she admire Jem to say it like that? 

It’s just that… you only think like that about one person. There’s only ever one person where you think that if even they don’t like you, there must be something wrong with you. If even they’re mad at you, you must have done something truly, unequivocally horrible. There’s one person that’s your standard for goodness and fairness, and the fact that for Tessa, that’s Jem (and for Will and everyone else too probably), that just says a lot about Jem, and I just love that so so much.

hopes for descendants 2
  • emeraude toubia as snow white (and despite her hatred for evil queen, she befriends evie and maybe even takes her under her wing, and can you imagine them giving each other makeup and fashion tips and talking about all the cute princes(/princesses) in auradon?)
  • zendaya as the daughter of ursula
  • some gmw cast member joining the cast (my ideas would be: corey as the son of peter pan, sabrina as the daughter of elsa, rowan as the daughter of hook??? (maybe w/ some forbidden romance w/ corey’s character, or peyton as the son of rapunzel & eugene)
  • some descendant of hercules, hades, etc (maybe a daughter of hercules bc literally strong female character??? and son of hades who ends up befriending her but obviously everything is platonic bc they’re related)
  • appearance by anthony tremaine (played by ??? … i picture greg sulkin bc of that one photoset but he might be too old, idk)
  • all the additional characters from the ‘wicked world’ cartoons played by their respective voiceover actors (though i don’t really like allie too much, it’d only be fair)
  • higher budget aka better special effects, costumes, sets, etc
  • a more consistent soundtrack; like, it’s either all cheesy pop, electro/dance pop, or showtunes/broadway-type music, not all of the above
  • more adult characters (bc we didn’t see enough of them in the first film - like we saw the villains, belle & beast, the fairy godmother, & aurora’s mom but like i wanna see aurora and ariel and jasmine and, like, other princes & princesses, you know? or, like, other villains, bc who doesn’t want to see hades in a disney channel movie?)
  • some appearance by the son of aladdin & jasmine - like, weren’t we supposed to see him in the first film???? i swear i once saw a guy taking a selfie in costume claiming to be playing their son, but he probably ended up being an extra or something and like, sigh. he has to have some interaction with jay…
  • carlos being canonically confirmed as not straight (but hopefully gay)

eelshark  asked:

Hi. This is about the call out post for sixpenceee. I don't know if people knows this but like she has over 10,000 followers I believe and a crap ton of submissions everyday so it's a high possibility that she just hasn't seen ask. She might have made some ableist comments before but I've been following her for six months and I haven't seen any problematic behavior. She sources images and stories now too. At least from what I've seen, I check her blog everyday.

Trust me, people know that she has an immense amount of followers. She already posted a few months back addressing being called ableist and basically denied it. She said that she’d delete any asks calling her out on it, so that’s probably why you haven’t seen her address it.

I’d also like to point out that maybe she’s doing “problematic” things that you don’t realize are “problematic.” I mean, she could be demonizing a mental illness in a way that you don’t know is demonetization. *shrugs*

I will admit she isn’t as ableist as she USED to be, but she is still ableist and has not apologized for her previous ableism. I used to be a sixpenceee fan myself, until I saw her demonetization of one of my own mental illnesses (paranoid schizophrenia w/ psychosis). Before that, I hadn’t realized she was ableist and used to brush off people saying she was.

Here are some references for you regarding this. (Each word is an individual link.) The refs also touch on her antisemitism, sexism, racism, harassment, plagiarism, and the fact that her white family has Indian child slaves and she thinks it’s okay.

anonymous asked:

If you can break down %%$% instead of asses then larenjiconda for the character meme please.

Before I begin, one night, while heavily inebriated, I made this:

I was still proud of it days later, so unfortunately, I cannot blame it on the alcohol.

Anyway, this is me ‘breaking down’ la renjiconda:

  • How I feel about it?

I feel like la renjiconda is neglected. Everything it’d like to get into constantly evades it. It’s a shame really. It was born to be jilted and cucked. I can’t pinpoint what or who is to blame for this, but it’s probably its owner. The guy has really bad taste in fashion and doesn’t get around to apologizing for his mistakes.

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character I guess the better question is what does la renjiconda pair best with?

I don’t think la renjiconda needs to be paired with anything right now. La renjiconda needs to get to the heart of why no one wants it.

  • My non-romantic OTP for this character 

A sock or a Crown Royal bag because they’re the first things that came to mind

  • My unpopular opinion about this character 

I think la renjiconda is good. I don’t think la renjiconda disappoints. It’s just that, I guess, its place is second-best and no one likes second-best.

  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon

That it created a cuter child

Anon, I’m sorry. This isn’t much of a breakdown, but I tried.


I made icons, maybe. They may not be sized right or optimally. I just was messing around and happened to find this dumb picture of Sebby that I thought was cute.

Maybe reblog or like if you use them? Idc. lol

Season 4 head cannons/game changer
  • So I have no clue what's going to happen at the end of season 3. I surprisingly haven't seen many spoilers from the finale lol. However, I have seen some very vague spoilers and from what I gathered, I definitely could be wrong, they are not going with the game changer.
  • Now I already wrote a post saying I personally think it would be cool if they did the game changer and the show actually didn't end. Because let's be honest, we all know the game changer could be the end of the show. BUT if it got renewed I think it would be interesting. But yes everything would change.
  • So I have so many head cannons on if the game changer happened
  • -time skip (but only like a year because I wouldn't want them to go through more than that) I imagine the "game changer" would come to an end by the time the kids are ready to go to their junior year of high school preferably the summer before
  • -Maya and Zay get SUPER CLOSE. Can't y'all just see it?! I have so many head cannons for them alone, that's for another post
  • - Of course Maya and Riley are still the bestest best friends in the land! FaceTime, snapchat, text, call you cant keep them apart lol. When things first go back to normal there is a little awkwardness because that's normal but overall they are SOLID ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ
  • -rucas tries, they really do, but obviously that doesn't work out lol. I ship rucas I really do, but only for Riley's first BF. I think with this game changer, their relationship wouldn't last. Shit from the spoilers from the finale it doesn't even look like Riley and Lucas are going to try ๐Ÿ˜‚ at least in my head cannon they would try and really like each other but just can't make it work. When the game changer ends they realize they still have low key feelings for each other and that insues a LITTLE drama but quickly they realize they are both different and it is never the way that it was and that's the end of that but they are still great friends.
  • -Joshaya kind of falls apart. Well not really falls apart per se. They said someday so... But I think with the game changer realistically, Maya wouldn't see Josh. So they don't really fall apart as much as, no new developments with them, actually, Josh gets a new girlfriend or something and Maya starts dating other guys. Basically they don't really see each other for the duration of the game changer. They probably won't see each other again until Maya is like 16-17 (and I've made my feelings for joshaya very clear before. I have head cannons galore for them lol that's another post for another day)
  • -Riley has changed, grown up. Now Riley is always going to be Riley. She is always going to be positive, look at the best in things and have a certain innocence to her but after the game changer she is different. Not lost different, but more grown up. She is for the better. Listens to some cool music that she learned about and wants to share, her clothes ๐Ÿ˜ imagine it now. She has met new people, done new things, some things that may/will be surprising to her friends. Everyone is impressed and almost in awe at the new Riley. Again she hasn't changed drastically, she is definitely still Riley but she is more grown up. Everyone is here for it.
  • - Farkle and Smackle have broken up by this point too. They are still friends but it fell apart somewhere lol. Now here's where things get dicey lol I ship Riarkle I mean who doesn't but I want riarkle done the right way, I saw someone describe it as a slow burn. IF riarkle did happen I would want it to be when they were older, possibly junior/senior year. Farkle is now one of the low key hot popular guys, he has options and recently has been turning up ๐Ÿ‘€ (not in a true fuck boy way because Farkle is too good for that. He was just one of those glo ups that people started to notice, which happens a lot in high school) but lol head cannon riarkle happens in a very casual way Riely and Farkle hanging out, doing homework, laughing, play arguing (maybe Riley teased him about his latest "girlfriend"), and somewhere between laughing and playful jabs, kisses happen Lol I want riarkle to be THE friendship to relationship on this damn show lol I want laughter, friendship, the MOTHER FUCKING BURN. Honestly to me i would rather no riarkle than Riley still low key liking Lucas riarkle that's why I'm happy af Riley and Lucas are together right now. GO RUCAS! ๐Ÿ˜„
  • -although Maya and Riley stayed as close as could be there were things both did that they didn't tell the other about. Post game changer, things are admitted, great friendship moments, more growth, more Maya and Riley balance.
  • -Topanga was LIVING for the game changer but glad things are back to normal, her wardrobe is BOMB
  • -Auggie and Ava. Oh lord! when your a kid it's harder to get through something like this. Post game changer Ava gives Auggie the cold shoulder feeling betrayed and she made new friends. Poor baby Auggie honestly had the hardest time with the game changer and post game changer. Auggie and Ava, like Cory and Topanga go through some "lost years" (BMW reference) but FTW IF NO OTHER couple on this damn show is endgame Auggie and Ava are. At the end of everything Auggie and Ava will grow up and get married. And I think THAT is going to be a damn story.
  • -Cory just goes with the flow completely in love with his wife and kids, tries to give lessons when he can. Learned A LOT from the game changer very happy for the experience. Post game changer makes corny jokes about his experience and uses accents ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • -I have nothing specific on Lucas or Smackle. And Zay, I would need a whole other post to do head cannons on him ๐Ÿ˜