i've posted this before but it's ok

“Rushed Apologies to Lauren from Biology”

i’m sorry i tangled your sheets
and your thoughts and
i’m sorry i called my mom
and left before you woke
and i’m sorry i never called you back
and i’m sorry i started dating boys-
ryan, nick, and issac, specifically-
and i’m sorry i never once
talked to you about that
beautiful tangled night
of hidden kisses and touches
and i’m sorry it took me so long-
four goddamn years-
to write you this poem
and i am so fucking sorry
that you’ll never get to read it.


All my favourite conversations
Always made in the A.M.

A spring themed Zelda for the lovely  @martroid! ✨♡ These colours are way brighter than what I’m used to, but it was really fun to try something a little bit different. I made her a summer outfit inspired by the Hyrule Warriors armour, I hope you like it! ♡


it’s been 84 years… but anyone up for davejade headcanon night??? i’ll start!!!

  • ok i KNOW ive said this before but its a tried and true classic. jade has perpetually cold hands and is 100% unrepentant abt sticking them up daves shirt to warm them
  • if she sneaks up on him and does that (which is only usually if he’s making up a rap or something, bc of the fine-tuned combat senses) he lets out this v undignified squawk 
  • she’s v ticklish and usually if she gets him to do The Squawk it ends in a tickle fight
  • jade loves pineapple on her pizza, dave hates it with a burning passion
  • “i cant kiss you tonight jade”
    “why not???”
    “you ate pineapple pizza during the movie i saw you what if i taste it”
  • their apartment is such a fucking mess. they claim they know where everything is. rose doesnt believe them and kanaya is always horrified when she visits.

OK! They’re not at 100% readiness for paper treatment, yet, but I wanted to post them anyway. Stan needs a little more work than Ford, but he was being difficult yesterday, so it’s his own fault. 

Ideally, I’d like to be able to frame them back to back, because I’m going for a “both sides of the portal” thing, but I don’t know if it’ll be possible. I’ve got to talk to some custom framing folks today/tomorrow, and I’m waiting to see if the gallery would/could display something like that. 

I intend to do a live stream once I get started on the paper cutting. It’ll probably be sometime this Thurs-Saturday, and then maybe another day next week depending on how the first one goes. So do keep an eye out for that if you’d be interested!

implicit demand for proof

it makes me feel weak.
i am a mere being, one with four limbs and two hands and one heart that someday will be reduced to a lifeless pulp.
you have all of the control.
i want to be in control.
you are the master, the puppeteer, while I dangle from your string.
but who are you?
why can’t I know you?
can I possibly know someone like you?
are you here?
they say I should hear you.
but all I hear is this cavity in my chest slowly ticking away my time.
do you have to follow you?
will you answer me?
i know you’re there.
they say you’ll always be there.
but if you’re there, and I am here, then what does this make of us?
please don’t be angry at me.
it’s hard.
this is hard.
are you watching me?
am I watching you?
i hope you see me.
and I hope one day I can see you.
that is, if you are there.
they say you are waiting for me.
why would you wait for me?
you can destroy me.
i am skin and bones, paper and glass.
please destroy me.
then I will know that you are real.
rain down and destroy me.