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do you know that (7/8) : jungkook edition


She’s at it again and has now changed her shop name to match my business name (well, somewhat). She has also re-listed the same “wolf” pelt (it’s a coyote) that she managed to fraudulently sell multiple times already before I confronted her a few days ago. The photo of it that you see here was stolen from a user on DeviantArt. That rug is not my photo or my work, so it seemed she was attempting to resume her scamming without bringing me back down on her… until now.

See this post for more info.

me to myself just now: you’re going to be okay you stupid bitch, just hang in there

Okay okay so I’ve drawn baby Kirk but consider. Baby Spock. (All bundled up because apparently Vulcans have a low core temperature so human room temperatures are too cold for a baby Vulcan :P) 

Ancient Egyptian Multiplication

This time on Questions You Never Knew You Had:  How did the ancient Egyptians do multiplication?

I’m glad you asked!  The ancient Egyptians had plenty of uses for multiplication–from architecture to financial transactions to any other requirement of an advanced civilization of the time.  That being said, mathematics definitely wasn’t developed to the point it is today, and this kind of advanced arithmetic was generally reserved to the few educated scribes.

But how did they do it already?  Suppose you’ve misplaced your calculator, so you ask a well-educated ancient Egyptian scribe to multiply the numbers 157 and 73.  He would begin by constructing two columns and entering the larger number in the left and the smaller number in the right like this:

Now, the ancient Egyptians weren’t particularly good at immediately seeing the product between two relatively large numbers like these, but, to be fair, neither am I.  However, they were wonderful at doubling quantities or cutting them in half.  So, our scribe would double the number on the left side and half the number on the right side to get the result:

At this point you stop the scribe and remind him that the half of 73 is actually 36.5, but he finds the concept of having a whole number as well as the unit half in this circumstance to be kind of absurd, so you just let him carry on.

And carry on he does, doubling the left and halving the right until he reaches the unit:

You respectfully point out that the product of 157 and 73 is not, in fact, 10048.  “Or course it’s not,” he replies.  “That’s only a part of it!”

He then proceeds to record every row in which there is an odd number in the right column (the ancient Egyptians, it seems, recognized difference between odd and even numbers).  Then, he takes each corresponding left-column number and adds them–adding is easy, after all!  Finally, he arrives at the result: 

The product of 157 and 73 is 11461!  You are very impressed!  But how does he do it?  How was he able to arrive at the product of two difficult numbers with only doubling and halving, not to mention the rounding of the decimal terms?

I’d encourage you to take some time to ponder and reflect.  When you’re ready, an explanation is below the cut!

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quick! post the last thing you've drawn that you haven't already posted!

someone bathe this boy. (what a spontaneous ask you’re lucky i had something presentable haha!)

Depression is the worst.
Overthinking things or just being depressed for no apparent reason. It happens to me on a daily basis, usually lasts around an hour. And 9 times out of 10 it happens for no real reason.
I remember when I was over at my friends’ for a week, everything was okay. We were talking, laughing, joking, etc.
Then one evening, we were getting ready to go to sleep and suddenly this feeling came over me. Everything was fine. I wasn’t thinking about anything depressing. It was one of the most fun weeks I had this year.
And I still felt this way..

I am always so glad when it is finally over.

The one thing that always helped is talking to someone or watching a Let’s Play/stream.
But sometimes I just.. can’t bring myself to do these things..

It’s hard.. I wish I didn’t have this..
Regardless.. there is one thing that helped me immensely.

Normally, if my depressive phases did have a reason, it was one thing: thinking too much about the future.
I mean, yeah, thinking about your future is important. But usually when I thought about it, all I could think of were bad outcomes.
“What if this happens?” or “What if this doesn’t happen?”
It’s the worst and I know that a lot of people have struggled with these kind of thoughts at least once. Even people who don’t have any kind of mental illness at all.
But there is one thing I realized.. These are only outcomes. I shouldn’t be stressing about things that are most likely not going to happen. It’s easier said than done, I realize. And it’s not like it worked for me immediately.

But please, try and live in the moment. Prepare for the future but don’t think too hard about all the possible negative outcomes.
I assure you, if you do your best in the present, they will most likely never happen. I believe in you. ♥

I know Glenna, the Butcher’s wife in that one quest, is just a common background character you see in other villages, too, but gosh dang it I really love her model’s design. She’s like The Witcher version of Ariel. And I can totally dig that.

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Anything new in the omegaverse? I've been through your tag a few times already...

these are the newest ones in the tag on ao3, idk if we’ve posted them before though -Madi

Best Friends (don’t mate) by silentchords (5/? | 2752 | Not Rated)

Tyler and Josh are best friends and Josh recently presented as an alpha. Tyler was the one who had kept him hydrated and fed during that time. Tyler then presents as an omega, which turns their, what once was, platonic relationship upside down when Josh is now the one who is caring for the little omega.

mperfections and Doubt by SpookyGuardian (9/? | 32845 | Mature)

Josh knows that the world he lives in is far more accepting of male omegas, yet he still fears about what will happen when others find out. His greatest fear is his best friend and bandmate, Tyler Joseph discovering the truth. So, he does all he can to hide it and actually manages to pass off as classless. Unfortunately, this does not make things any easier. Now struggling with his identity and place in the world, Josh finds himself on a very dark path…

Josh hates his job. by TyjoBeans (11/? | 25111 | Explicit)

Josh hated his job.

It’s not that he doesn’t like helping omega’s in need or that he can’t manage the tasks, it’s just that it’s hard to watch them go when they don’t need him anymore. He wants an omega that stays.

i’ve still got love for you by sond_sie (1/1 | 17030 | Explicit)

“they all squeeze into bed together, with tyler in the middle. he’s spooning josh and jenna’s spooning him, but it works.

they’ll make it work.”

tyler and josh have been destined to be mates ever since the omega was given to tyler on his fourteenth birthday. what happens when a beautiful blue-eyed beta joins the picture?

Pine Trees and Honeysuckle by ThnksFrThUsrnm (11/? | 9786 | Explicit)

Josh hated going on his early summer camping trip with his family until a dirty boy with a tattered Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s shirt changes his whole summer.

Do You Want Me? by MediocreAtBest (4/? | 6429 | Mature)

Tyler Joseph is the stereotypical high school jock.
Josh Dun is the less popular punk.
When Josh finds Tyler in the middle of his first heat in the school bathrooms, they’re thrust into each other’s lives in ways they would never have expected.

yay, i managed to finish the lovely l u h a n whilst in egypt!
my second addition to my exo-m portrait series wooohooo
x i u m i n ||  l u h a n ||  c h e n  ||  t a o || l a y || k r i s || s u h o || c h a n y e o l || b a e k h y u n || s e h u n || k a i || D.O

Wow, I did my taxes today so that they would be out the way before I left for the trip then were all thrown off after I got back but…I’ve already gotten both of them accepted so it shouldn’t be too long before my refund arrives.

So, as for the rest of y’all: DO YOUR TAXES (if you need to file that is) BY APRIL 15TH.

Which is my birthday.

Allow me to casually drop my Amazon wishlist while I stare y’all in the eyes:


//Hey it’s oct.17.17 - two neutron stars collided (wild), and my blog has been around for an entire year (also wild)

Still semi-hiatus while my house is on market (I may disappear abruptly for a day or few now n then), but if anyone wants to interact with Bee (Helmsman), it’d be super stellar if you’d hmu -
or like/comment on/reblog this post so I can hit you up!


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are you alive?

barely ;<; i’m sorry i know i haven’t been posting much these days, but i’ve been really busy!! in a good way!! i have a job interview tomorrow and i have another interview with a university coming really soon too and also my dancing practices have started to become longer and more frequent bc we have an important competition next month and i have an important very expensive exam next week and oh god i’m panicking a bit about it because i can’t fail kjsksj and i’m just sorting out my life a bit, but i promise i’ll do my best to post something soon :) 

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Do any of the asks you recieve annoy you? Because I've sent asks you both answered and didn't and I'm scared I bothered you at points.

Asks that tend to be deleted fall into 1 of the following categories:

1) Ask a question that has been covered a few times already (this is partially my fault for not tagging posts thoroughly enough; I’m working on this) - questions regarding my audition/recording process for Breath of the Wild are currently the most common offenders.

2) Asks made by Anonymous posters that contain questions unlikely to have detailed/interesting answers [Ex: Why is Revali so jealous of Link?]

3) Asks that have anything to do with characters’ reactions/actions/behaviors concerning lewd or questionable material (Seriously, folks, I’m not interested in elaborating on how Revali would respond to Link making sexual advances, or Teba to seeing Rule 34.)

4) Asks requesting audio skits/responses that are either too generic or - conversely - too random to be worth pursuing [Ex: “Requesting audio of Teba’s response when he gets hit by one of Revali’s arrows”, etc.]

5) The person asking has been sending me 2-3 questions a day, and I’d like to give focus to others for a bit.

6) The Ask is one of those ‘pure praise’ posts that is being made while Anonymous. [If I responded to every single one of these examples that showed up in my inbox, there would be serious cause to assume I’m just tooting my own horn from how much of my blog would be word-for-word repeats of the same positive feedback]

As a general rule of thumb, Asks made while Anonymous are at least 3x more likely to fall into the realm of being unanswered simply because it removes my ability to connect with someone directly instead of a faceless anyone. I don’t know if I’m answering a new visitor or someone posting for the 20th time, and too many of them risk me coming off as being a ‘fake celebrity’ making up questions for himself to then answer.

studyandhaveahealthylife  asked:

hey, i've just created my studyblr and i'm nervous about it. could you give some tips and take a look?

oh hello & welcome! hope you’ll enjoy your time in this community. there’s nothing you have to be nervous about just be yourself, post what you want and you’ll be just fine!

but i have a few general tips:

1. name

it’s good to have a catchy url with something that gives the impression of that your blog is study-related, whether it’s your name/a word+studies or something else! examples of good url:s are: @estudier @studentsandlattes @izzystudies @astrastudy @universi-tea etc. but you already have a good url so don’t worry!

2. theme

it’s popular to have minimalistic & simple themes in this community but i think less minimalistic themes works just fine! i just wouldn’t opt for tumblr’s standard theme “optica”! some theme-makers i suggest new studyblrs to take a look at are @shythemes @felinum @ladmilk or just start builidng your own theme.

3.1. original content

usually minimalistic, clean & white photos tend to get more popular here. to take similar photos you need to have good lightning, preferably natural window-light, & try to have a clean, minimalistic background. however if you don’t like those photos then start fighting the studyblr-norms by posting other kind of stuff! for masterposts/text posts i don’t have any advice but you can ask @universi-tea and @studyblr if they have any advice, because theirs are amazing.

3.2. tags

of course you’ll have to tag your posts to get more exposure. popular tags are: studyblr, bullet journal/bujo, study notes, smartblr, mathblr/lawblr/medblr/etc.
other than those you can tag other studyblrs because we love to get tagged! i e.g. track #einstetic but other tags i can come up with are #mujischolar, #heysareena, #estudier, #studentsandlattes & #natlookhere.

4. interact

message studyblrs you love, ask questions, comment, reply, reblog, join studyblr indexes. be nice & make friends! the more you interact, the more you will get exposure.

5. small advice & harsh truths

- you do not need any midliners, muji-stuff, moleskines, leuchtturms, macbooks etc. you’ll do just fine with the stuff you got but remember if you want any of them then get them! yes they are pretty and all. but not everyone can afford them!

- your goal by having a studyblr is to get motivated, to share failures & accomplishments, to post own content & make friends. your goal shouldn’t be to get popular okay?

- don’t follow to unfollow, that’s rude!

- a popular app a lot of studyblrs use is Momentun which is a browser extension for Chrome that shows the time and a picture when you open up new tabs!

- people who study math, physics, chemistry, biology, law etc. aren’t in any way smarter or better than those who study humanities like history, religion, philosophy…you get the drill?

- popular studyblrs aren’t gods or goddesses, they are just regular people who are just as confused as you are with your life! so they aren’t perfect, they also procrastinate, skip classes, fail their tests and so on!

i hope these help you and other new studyblrs in any way! just remember to have fun and live your life. studying isn’t the most important thing ever, your health is! have an amazing life!

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The team just posted on the ep14 topic. Basically, they said that they wouldn't rewrite the episode but that they've read all the opinions and that they're sorry. They also mentioned having chosen beta-readers and beta-testers for future episodes. I've already lost all hope for Eldarya but who knows, maybe ep15 won't be as terrible.

i have faith in the writers. i wouldn’t keep playing if i didn’t. i just hope that they’ll handle the situation better this time. this whole ‘potion arc’ wasn’t a minor thing. It’s not something that can be forgotten with a few episodes and i hope that they won’t just find some kind of ‘closure’ in the next episodes and then forget about the matter entirely.

flash-alphalpha  asked:

I'm so confused about the time-skip right now! I mean, I'm reading the manga and I've already read chapter 92, but I didn't hear anything about a time-skip. I actually follow you (rivamika trash here, sir), so I read a few minutes ago a post that said Levi had three years of training with Mikasa. What three years?? I'm about to cry. Please, tell me what is going on T.T , and thanks :)

Hi dear Rivamika trash ❤, check out this post if you’re still confused by the time skip!

Technically, if Levi and Mikasa are still in military duty after the time skip, they must’ve done at least something together, be it working together in missions outside of Wall Maria, training new cadets or training with each other to keep their abilities sharp. We won’t know this until the story goes back to them (either next chapter or next volume) - everything else is just a rumor!

I made a cool exo gif set, I’ll probably post it then go on a small hiatus. My life is so unbelievably heartbreaking right now and there’s a lot going on and I need to spend more time supporting my siblings and dad after what has happened. I’ll be back soon, please all stay safe and please, I beg of you tell your family and friends you love them as often as you can, be nice, kind and loving, always. 💘