i've posted the whole video as well!!

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Hi...HI! HIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! So excited about the MinnCon2017 main panel, I've seen gifs, but the whole video is a treasure. Sera, amazing woman that you are, can you please make a panel summary with all the best little moments? Whenever you have time, I know you're a busy lady with lots of asks to answer. XOXO <3

Hello, darling!

It’s good to hear some people like the panel posts I make! I like making them so much that I’ll no doubt make one of Minncon as well, as soon as it’s convenient (it takes me around 8 hours to make one, yikes). Right now I can’t say when that will be, cos I’m taking a few days off from blogging in hopes of regaining my motivation. I’ve been having a rough time these last few weeks and it feels like spending time in this super-flammable fandom isn’t doing me any favours right now.

I closed down my asks and submissions for the time being, but I might write some responses to clear up my inbox (it’s a MESS) and queue them up if I’m inspired. I won’t be around much to interact, though. I hope you all understand. I’ll be back soon enough.

Thank you ever so much for showing an interest, sweetheart! You are one of my very favourite people in here. I hope your weekend will be wonderful!

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oh my gosh can you please help me, I only woke up now and I've missed so much! The potato, RBB, the whole jimmy kimmel show?? WHAT IS GOING ON :((

Well. Jimmy Kimmel did a joke about making a potato the fifth member of 1D and the show wasn’t live but they posted it to 1D’s instagram to see how many likes it would get out of context. A lot of people are a bit mad because it’s clearly mocking the fans to be like ‘LOOK over 100,000 of them will like a potato just becaues it’s on 1D’s instagram! HAHA!’

Then it was mentioned again in their interview (video link to the interview, which features the potato as well here).

And people assumed this was the closest anyone could get to mentioning the bears. Then all the antis were like 

‘Ughhh not everything is about the bears godddddd.’

Then the bears were all


So that’s what’s up x