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since the masterpost for the drawpile is currently marked as sensitive content, I cropped the doodles I made in the drawing session with @audens in commemoration of 600 followers! congrats, and this was a lot of fun!!! I hope we can do another sometime `w`)/

OK, Game of Thrones does have a lot of terrible writing, but the degree of vitriol directed toward Dany and the show for “I was born to rule the seven kingdoms and I will” seems a bit over the top. There is more than one way to interpret that line, and I do not believe it was ever intended to be interpreted as “I was born to inherit the seven kingdoms”. That’s obviously wrong, Viserys came before her, and Dany knew it.

My interpretation of that line from the moment I heard it was along the lines of I was made for this, as in I was born for this moment, “I was born to rule.” I know Benioff and Weiss don’t do themes (themes are for 8th grade book reports according to them, sigh), but there has been a emphasis on show!Dany being the one fit to rule according to people on the show, with Jorah and his “you would not only be feared, but loved” and Varys with his “a ruler stronger than Tommen, gentler than Stannis, loved by millions etc. etc..”

This line isn’t all that bad, it fits with what came before it on the show, it fits with show!Dany, and I can think of far worse lines to get worked up over than this.

i recently came into serious financial problems when a family member wrecked my car - and when life gives you lemons, right?

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Andrew flicked him a cool look. “I told her what would happen if she raised her hand again. She had no right to act so surprised.


Thanks for all the kind comments! I can’t believe any of you put up with me making these let alone encourage me to do them <3

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