i've only seen this once or twice


i can never really it trust when someone that good-looking is into me. do you know what i mean? i just don’t get it. like, if they’re mediocre-looking, i can sort of appreciate why their standards are so low. when they’re that pretty, i’m just like, what are you hiding? you know?

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i've only seen the first hp movie once or twice and i saw it again today and i have so many questions. why does voldemort have a nose & why does snape contour his. how can anyone ride a broom, wouldn't that be really uncomfortable. how come book firenze is hot and movie firenze is scary. how come oliver got smacked in the chest with a bludger when he's showing harry around but he later says he was in a coma for a week when he got hit in the head. why

I’m sorry all I’m getting from this is why isn’t the movie centaur sexy im dying

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What I don't really understand is the whole deal with lotor. The only characterization I know we have is his character from DotU, and he was a pretty goofy, dramatic villain from what I've seen. In the reboot we've only seen him twice (I think.) Once in the april fools thing where he was kaltenecker and once in the season 3 trailer, threatening destruction to something. So really, what's the antis' deal with a character we haven't seen much of and can't really characterize well bc he's so new??

Literally they hate him bc people started shipping him with Lance that’s legit the main reason even tho that isn’t and won’t ever be canon

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Hey, I've seen you talk a lot about TLAT but have you ever read Commentarius? Would you do a list of your favourite jily fanfics?

i do talk a lot about tlat because… well i love it and it’s unfinished it’s so frustrating! and i’ve read it twice when i only read commentarius once but gosh i love commentarius too!

tbh they’re not my favorite fics, but they’re like a monument you know?

here’s a short list of my fav jily fics (no order because im incapable of doing this):

i aslo read a ton of drabbles on tumblr so i cant remember everything but here’s so authors i like! so check the wirters other works and check these ones too:

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okay i'm sorry if you've answered this before or if it comes off as ignorant, but what did steve + bucky do that was so bad? i'm new to the mcu fandom and i've only seen the movies once or twice, so i'm really just a casual fan and i forgot a lot of it. would you mind explaining it for me so i can understand your pov better? thanks so much <3

Are you ready for this, Anon? I could write an entire essay on this to be entirely honest. *rubs hands together*

So, as of Winter Solider, Steve and Bucky have done nothing bad. Steve realized that a system he trusted was actually rotten from the inside out, with HYDRA hiding behind SHIELD. Bucky, as we know, was tortured and brainwashed for decades. This is a very unstable combination: we have a super soldier who is terrified to trust anyone, and we have a super soldier who needs some serious help and rehabilitation because of all the shit he’s gone through. 

Then, we have Tony. Poor Tony, who has tried again and again to get things right, to protect everything he holds dear, and he loses it. Constantly. He lost Yinsen, he was betrayed by Obi, he almost lost Pepper. He is doing everything in his power to hold the Avengers together, but where do we find him at the end of AOU? His best friend on the team, Bruce, has run off. He’s lost Jarvis, his AI, named after the man who raised him. And after Ultron Tony realizes “Shit, I can’t protect everything on my own. I need help.”

Enter the Sokovia Accord, which was introduced to put a stop to the INCREDIBLY EXPENSIVE AFTERMATH of superhero vigilantism–Stark Expo, New York, most damaging, Sokovia. It’s been proven time and again that a rag-tag group of heroes trying to fight off threats on a sometimes interstellar scale leads to huge consequences. There is so much collateral damage in terms of civilian life and infrastructure lost that something needs to be done. The Avengers can’t continue operating as an independent group on their own. They need supervision! Superhero movies and comics like to glorify vigilantism, but look at the cops of today’s world. See what happens when they aren’t properly governed, when they aren’t properly supervised. Vigilantism=bad. 

Except, Steve doesn’t see it that way. He doesn’t trust the government. and apparently now he doesn’t even trust his friends. He wants to keep Bucky safe, and he doesn’t think anyone but *him* can protect Bucky, so he RUNS, taking a MENTALLY UNSTABLE, more than likely SUFFERING FROM SEVERE PTSD super soldier with a metal arm and killer sniper skills on the run. Bucky needs HELP, DESPERATELY, and he can’t get that help when he’s running away from everyone and everything. Bucky’ll follow Steve, and Steve is opting for a run away run away! plan, when I guarantee he could have gone to Tony, the billionaire with access to the best lawyers in the country, and Tony would have helped him. Harbored Bucky, kept Bucky safe, defended Bucky in trial. “He’s my friend,” says Steve, to which Tony replies, “So was I.” TONY STARK WOULD HAVE DONE EVERYTHING TO PROTECT THEM IF STEVE HAD COME TO HIM. 

And Tony, see, Tony wants the Sokovia Accord to go through, because he knows he needs help protecting the world. He’s seen failure, he’s failed so many times. So he has no choice but to go after Steve, who is harboring an armed fugitive, and rather than TALKING IT OUT, Steve is running like a mad man, dragging around an unstable metal armed assassin, and HELLO, LOOK AT THAT. COLLATERAL DAMAGE. INNOCENTS PUT IN HARMS WAY. GUNFIRE ON PUBLIC STREETS. Because Bucky is DANGEROUS, and Steve is dangerous, and now to keep the world safe Tony has no choice but chase down his IDOL, someone he thought was his FRIEND, and Steve seems unwilling to listen to reason.

TL;DR: Tony acknowledges that vigilantism is bad and that there need to be boundaries. Steve does not recognize the boundaries and, because of some severe trust issues, would rather take his dangerous best friend on the run and endanger civilians than be told what to do by the government. 

Keep in mind, we only have the trailers to go off of. And of course Marvel wants to split everyone up into two camps. Division is their goal. There are very likely pieces to the puzzle that I’m missing, and won’t be able to place until Civil War comes out. But from a preliminary standpoint, Team Steve-Roger’s-And-His-Gang have no moral high ground to stand on, and Team Iron Man truly has the best interests of the world at heart.

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hi EK! i'm an aspiring LGBT fiction author and i was wondering if you've ever received any backlash from the literary or comics community about being a woman writing about the homosexual experiences of men? i'm a queer woman but the novel i've written is about men (largely bc i'm not out to my parents and it's been a good way to distance myself from the protagonist) and i'm worried that if i bring it to a publishing house they wouldn't consider it because i'm a woman & it's seen as inconsiderate

I can’t tell you about publishing houses (TJ&A was a solo effort), but yeah, I have gotten a little flak about it. I’ve only heard “what right does a woman have to write gay male characters?!” once or twice, though. The vast majority of the negativity was people dismissing it as “BL crap” or “more dumb yaoi” or some other variety of “oh great, another chick writing a love story.”

To clarify: the vast majority of the feedback I’ve gotten has been positive!! Even negative feedback was helpful when it was substantively critical.

But the unfortunate truth is, if you’re a woman writing ANY kind of romance or sexuality, there are some people who are going to sniff at it and call it crap without even reading. Our culture has an ingrained idea that women authors are lesser than men, and that women who write romances are among the least of all.

And I’m still not sure how to fight that. All I can suggest is ignore the hosers, glean useful info from the critics, and just keep doing the best damn job you can.

Andrew being -A would break the unspoken rule of thriller/horror/mystery themed shows. Andrew’s character should only be used as a distraction to the viewers with a little involvement to the overall plot. Being an accomplice is one thing but the mastermind? No. He was just Spencer’s drug dealer/tutor/decathlon member who would make weird faces at Mona in the background who we would be maybe once or twice in the last few seasons. 


[get to know me meme] 15 Movies (15/15)The Lego Movie

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What is the most stereotypical thing you've seen a Norwegian do?

once in a news paper there was a tiny article dedicated to an angry tesla owner saying he was pissed off because tesla had sold too many cars in norway, and now people wouldn’t look at his car twice anymore.

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there are stories that i can understand people denying as being romances, but i will never understand people who say no. 6 isn’t a romance. it’s totally explicit.

yeah, they only kiss once or twice, they’re totally not in love or anything

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What's your opinion on the "You're an android with implanted memories" theories for fallout 4? I've only seen that theory thrown around once or twice, but tbh it's my favourite I've seen so far.

I think it’s pretty cool, but the part where you find out they you’re actually Darth Revan is a bit M. Night Shyamalan-ish. I just think it’s great that the dog is such a capable Force user.

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Hi I'm a freshman and believe I have stretch marks. I'm not really sure what they look like, I've only seen them once or twice, but they look similar to the ones I've seen. I'm a little uncomfortable because I'm not sure if any of my other friends have them and I don't really want to have them pointed out. Any advice?

Having Stretch Marks Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of If You Do Have Them You Should Never Be Ashamed Of The Way You Look
Not Everyone Has Stretch Marks But A Lot Of People Do It Is Very Common For People To Have Them 

If You Do I Do Not Think You Should Worry Too Much 
And If Your Friends Do Point Them Out Just Kindly Tell Them That You Do Not Wish To Discus Them And If They Are Truly Your Friends They Will Not Say Anything More On The Matter

Everyone Has Different Kinds Of Stretch Marks
Some People Have Bright Pink Ones
Some Have Light White Ones 
Some Are Ringlets Some Are Stripes
It All Just Depends On What Body Type You Have

(some examples of stretch marks (mildly nsfw) 
x x x )

((admin ry has a lOT of streak marks like seriously they go up past my belly button and theyre bright pink 
my friend called them my tiger stripes and my best friend calls them my lightning tattoos 
theyre really cool tbh