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i can never really it trust when someone that good-looking is into me. do you know what i mean? i just don’t get it. like, if they’re mediocre-looking, i can sort of appreciate why their standards are so low. when they’re that pretty, i’m just like, what are you hiding? you know?

today in Finnish grammar class just before it ended:

Me: menkää tauolle (=go take a break)
Class: ????
Me: shit
Me: *spends fifteen minutes* explaining imperative & the difference between mene and menkää and how they are used*
Me: do I also explain to them the third person imperative
Me: ….

*the entire break

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freaky friday au?

Okay, at first I thought about Usnavi and Sonny as usual but then I thought…what about Benny and Kevin Rosario? I think that would be TEN TIMES more hilarious and awkward! Like Benny would wake up in Kevin’s body next to Camila and if Nina’s home from college for this, Kevin would wake up in Benny’s body right next to Nina! And shenanigans ensue XD

And of course, this will help Benny and Kevin get along MUCH better! In fact, what if Sonny was the one who gave them the magic item that switched them around cause he knew that would work. But of course, Usnavi’s not happy. Like Benny and Kevin come in and manage to explain to Usnavi what happened and he goes ‘Wait…you both ate this thing and now you switched bodies?’ ‘Yeah.’ 'Oh for the love of- SONNY, GET IN HERE RIGHT NOW YOUNG MAN!!!’ And Sonny comes in, 'Sup?’ Usnavi gestures to Kevin and Benny, 'Care to explain yourself?’ Sonny realizes he’s been caught and laughs nervously, and maybe Benny (as Kevin) has to be held back from beating the daylights out of Sonny while Usnavi scolds him 'How many times have I told you? NO MAGIC! ESPECIALLY on our friends!!’ 'But cuz, they need it! Their fighting is driving everyone crazy!’ I’m not sure what they would do in order to 'be selfless to change back’ if that’s how it goes, but I like to think that at the end, they see each other in a new light and get along better than anyone ever imagined.

Rules: use the first letter of your name to answer each question. real answers only. if the person who tagged you has the same initial, you much use different answers. you cannot use the same word twice. once you enter your answers then tag 10 people!

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Name: Ashleigh (Wow. The tag mm speaks is now very misleading, oh well.)

Four letter word: Alas

A boy’s name: Alexander (That is Lex  Luthor’s full first name. So, really he’s the odd one out with the L.L. initials because Lillian, Lionel, and Lena all have true L.L. initials. He has A.L. Initials…)

An occupation: Archaeologist! (or an architect)

Something you can wear: Aviator sunglasses (*sighs dreamily whilst thinking of Katie McGrath wearing aviators*)

A food: Applesauce

Something you find in a bathroom: Aloe lotion or some product with aloe, probably.

A place: Asgard (pfft, it’s totally real…)

A reason for being late: Alien Abduction (but the abduction is carried out by friendly aliens like Kara or J'onn. No probbing, please.) [Okay, the rules require only real answers. Most of Tumblr believes in extraterrestrials. I don’t know why aliens would ever want to abduct me, but it could theoretically happen so…I’m leaving my answer. :-p ]

Something you shout: Ahhh! (I suppose?)

A movie title: Aladdin (loved the tiger in the movie)

Something you drink: Aqua Vitae

An animal: Artic fox (so fluffy)

A type of car: uh…Can I use Google for this? I know Audi or Acura are brands, but a car would be an Adler (googled this. It’s a cool classic car).

Title of a song: A knife in the Ocean by the Foals ( googled this. Haha, I don’t do music often. The lyric video looked pretty and kind of trippy, so I went with it).

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