i've only seen still shots of this

why you should watch still star-crossed
  • it’s basically a show that continues the story of shakespeare’s romeo&juliet
  • so if you like shakespeare, you’ll pretty much adore this
  • the aesthetic!! boi, i swear, i’ve never seen something prettier than this tv show in a long time
  • this inclused the shots, the cinematography, the costumes and settings! all beautiful
  • great soundtrack too!! which all leads to the dreamiest, fairest, most authentic vibe ever
  • a diverse cast!! black people and white people filling up both positions of power and of servants! —>historical accuracy!!! 
  • so if you like period tv shows, again, this one is for you
  • you like fight scenes? plenty of fight scenes!!
  • you like romance? we have that too!!! 
  • you like political plots? checked. morally ambiguous character? yep. beautiful actors? oh dear, of course
  • greatly fleshed out characters!!
  • strong females that want freedom from patriarchal values, females that just want to be married, females that want power, peace!! and they’re all great and amazing in their own way!!
  • antagonists with actual background and reasoning, while not being apologetic and not having their deeds excused!!! 
  • if you like shonda rhimes shows (grey’s, scandal, how to get away with murder) i’m pretty sure you’ll like this one too
  • please please please do not let this show die!!! !!!

smxsonic  asked:

IDK if I've requested this already, but A Naegiri fic where he helps her deal with the after effects of the Monopoison (Blind in one eye, Paralasis in one arm). Maybe Souda builds a prosthetic or something, idk

A/N am I the only who’s bothered by how kirigiri survived unscathed? because I was so ready for eyepatch kirigiri okay or at least a shot of poisoned but still alive kirigiri.

Road to Recovery - naegiri post dr3

No one has seen the future.

Despite all the losses that day, they weren’t defeated. The Future Foundation had suffered a devastating blow and many irreplaceable lives were lost on that day. But not all hope was lost. For those who survived, they continued on with their lives and carried with them the hopes of those who died. It was their responsibility to shape the future that everyone had hoped for.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing, Kyouko?” Makoto reprimanded her the moment he saw her. Usually just the mere sight of her would have him smiling ridiculously but this time he doesn’t look as pleased. With a small frown, he set down the tray he had with him and approached her instead. “I told you to take a break. What do you think you’re doing?”

Kyouko continued on with her typing, her speed was not the least bit affected by his demands. “I’m doing just that. Taking a break.” She nonchalantly answered.

He raised an eyebrow at her even though her eyes were glued to the screen. “Really? Then what’s with the laptop?”

“I just so happen to prefer spending my breaks more productively.” She casually reasoned and heard his frustrated sigh. Without any warning, her laptop was suddenly taken away from her. She eyed him with controlled displeasure. “Now that’s just rude.”

“And that’s just bad table manners.” He retorted as he set aside the laptop.

It’s only then that she notices the tray of food that he brought with him and as an afterthought, she only just realized how late it was. “ Is it that time already?”

He chuckled as he set down the dishes and tablewear. “Seriously, you need to take better care of yourself.” He then added with a smile. “What would you do without me?”

“Get more work done.” She answered flatly and his laugh had reassured her that he got the joke.

“Right. And we can’t have that. Otherwise, the rest of us are going to lose our jobs.” He joked back. “But just so you know, I’m still upset that you worked overtime again.”

“When was the last time I didn’t work overtime?” She asked him.

“That’s…” He paused as he wracked his head for an answer. “That’s actually concerning how I can’t answer that.”

They fell into a comfortable silence after that. The only sounds in the room were the sounds of tablewear used on the dishes. Makoto is concentrating on preparing her meal just like always. The dish today wasn’t anything difficult to eat… unless you’re a person with only one fully functional hand.

Kyouko may have survived the poison but its aftereffects lingered. They were surely subsiding slowly with each day but each day was also torturously slow. It took her two months before the purpleness had completely faded away and through therapy she had regained control over her left leg somewhat. There’s still some light paralysis regarding her left arm and hand but nothing permanent. Her eye would take much longer to heal but it wasn’t a lost cause. All in all, she’s incredibly lucky to have made it out with not so permanent repercussions.

But these injuries still made her everyday life incredibly difficult to deal with. Things that she could ordinarily accomplish without effort now took all her strength and willpower just to take it a step at a time. What’s annoying was that it was those little things, things she took for granted, that she had the most trouble with.

That’s where Makoto stepped in. She never asked him for help even when she needed it because he was always there to volunteer it. He was willing to deal with her handicapped self even though it took a lot of patience. He was even more considerate about her than herself. And as much as she was touched by the sentiment, she also felt frustrated for herself and her incapability. Sometimes she asks him to just let her to it herself and he does let her. This wasn’t one of those sometimes. This time she feels like she wants to be spoiled even if only just a bit.

“There! All cut up and easy to eat!” Makoto declared with a proud grin. “Let’s dig in!”

Kyouko stared at her meal with gratitude and smiled. “Thank you for the food.”

They ate in relative silence… much to her surprise. Normally he’d start talking about something or about someone even if they weren’t all too exciting stories. She knew that he was only sharing them as a way of extending her world. She hasn’t been leaving her quarters much, for practical reasons, and he must have thought that she wanted to be let in on what’s happening outside. She’s neutral about it to be honest but she appreciated his efforts nonetheless.

So it was a bit concerning that he was uncharacteristically quiet today. But upon closer inspection, she could tell that he wasn’t focused on eating either. His hands moved idly and his gaze wasn’t meeting hers nor was it looking at anything in particular. His lips would open every now and then as if to say something but then he’d back out by promptly eating a spoonful of their meal. He was anxious, that much she could tell but over what she was about to find out.

Nothing will change if you wait around.

Finally, Makoto had gathered the courage to get the words out. He gulped audibly as he then forced the words that had been stuck in his throat. “I plan on bringing back Hope’s Peak Academy.”

There is a certain stillness in the room as the sounds of tablewear stop.

Kyouko scrutinized him for a long moment until she spoke words that she had careful chosen on. “…I’m listening.”

He let out a sigh of relief, grateful that he wasn’t shot down yet. When he opened his eyes, there was nothing but resolve in them. “You know how I’m kind of the symbol of hope now?” When she nodded, he then continued,  "Well, I haven’t exactly been doing much but be a symbol and that’s hardly enough hope to reach everyone.“ His hands nervously fiddled with his spoon. “I was thinking of ways on how to bring hope to everyone and then I thought…”

There was a pregnant pause that punctuated his sentence and his hesitance.

“If Hope’s Peak Academy caused the downfall of the world then… maybe it could also rebuild it.” He finished his sentence and let out a deep breath. “Well even if I say I’m bringing it back, it’s not really going to be the same as the last one.”

Just when she thought he couldn’t surprise her any more, he just did. Her curiosity piqued, she asked, “How so?”

“I want it to be open to everyone.” He professed earnestly. “Talented or not, everyone has hope inside of them. That’s why I don’t plan to discriminate. I want everyone to understand that anyone can become hope.”

In a future where you never know what’ll happen…

“So…” He faltered for a moment, his anxiety kicking in again as he tentatively asked her, “What do you think?”

She blinked. What did she think? She pondered out loud, “I think…”

We’ll take one step at a time forward.

And then she gave her answer with a small smile. “I think you’ll make a great headmaster.”

That smile of hers was nothing compared to the huge and hopeful grin on his face. “Thank you!” He exclaimed full of joy and he had even unconsciously leaned over the table in his excitement. “You’ll be a lovely vice-head.”

She raised an eyebrow at him. “Who said I’d be coming along with you?”

His smile immediately plummeted at this as he asked her with look that was almost pleading, “You won’t?”

She internally sighed. How could she say no to that kicked puppy face? She casually ran her hand through her hair and nonchalantly said, “Yes, well I suppose someone has to be there to keep you in check.”

She hoped that he wouldn’t notice the blush on her face.

“Really? I’m so happy!” His smile came back at full force and it was worth the embarrassment. “You won’t regret this, I promise you!”

They still have a lot of work to do but that’s okay. They have plenty of time to go through it, step by step, piece by piece, hand in hand.

“I look forward to our future together!”

Hoping that tomorrow is going to be a better day.

  • RWBY: *never shows blood except for a small amount in one of the early trailers*
  • RWBY: *shows characters being shot point-blank in the face and then standing back up with no visible wounds*
  • RWBY: *only allows serious injuries to occur to soulless shadow creatures (still with no blood)*
  • RWBY: *literally dedicates half an episode to the main cast playing a board game*
  • Fandom: okay but the writers like game of thrones so clearly this show is gonna get super-violent within the next two episodes