i've only read the books once

“open your hand”, she says.

“hmm?” he looks up at her from the book he’s reading from across the dining table, his face scrunching up at the peaceful silence between them suddenly breaking.

“open your hand,” she repeats, “and close your eyes whilst you’re at it.”



and she’s looking at him, pointedly, in the way only she can. her face is half mirth, her lips turned upwards into a small smile, but her eyebrows are arching sharply at him, and isak told even once, before, about this look that sana gets. “you just do as she says when she gives you that look. don’t fuck with her.” isak had said.

so even doesn’t. he simply closes the book and places it on the table, looking at sana across from him, studiously. he’s trying to decipher. trying to read her. even’s good at reading people, or so he’s been told often. but sana? she remains a mystery, an enigma. you don’t quite know what to get with her

“do you not trust me?” she says, and now she’s smirking. and … see? this is what even means. how does she just … know

but that’s besides the point. “of course, i trust you,” even says, and he’s not lying. he trusts sana. he trusts her in a way that says i feel at peace around you. which is to say, i feel good around you. which is to say, i feel my best around you.

“open your hand, then. and close your eyes.”

and so he does. he stretches out his hand, and shuts his eyes. he trusts sana. he trusts her enough to know she won’t ever hurt him, or harm him. but that doesn’t stop the little niggling feeling that’s growing in his chest about what she’s going to do next. 

he suddenly feels something … cold, in his hands. not ice cold, but, cold. and his instant reflex is to rub his thumb over the - oh, object - that fits snug within the palm of his hands. 

the thing feels smooth, so even guesses it must have a glossy finish, a shine, a gleam to it. and its attached onto something. and there’s several of them, one by one, one after the other. marbles?

“any idea what it is?” he hears sana ask him, but her voice isn’t filled with mischief anymore. it’d oddly quiet, mystified, low … almost like she’s watching him so, so carefully. 

even gives the object? marbles? another inspection. marbles … why would sana give him marbles? but then he realises that these marbles are attached onto a long piece of string, no, wool, and he wraps the marbles attached onto the wool around his hand, and uses his thumb to flick each marble past him, one by one - 

and -

even gasps. he gasps because he knows. he knows what this is. 

“can i open my eyes?” 


and he looks at sana, and she’s looking at him with so much, pride. that’s what it is. pride. because he knows, that she knows, that he knows what it is. 

it’s an emerald green against his skin, the beads. the prayer beads. and they gleam, and reflect the light that bounces off them. they shine. and even closes his hands around them, clutches onto them. 

“we can learn the words later, if you like. there’s no rush. not this time.” sana says, and even’s looking back up at her again, with a sparkle in his eyes. a renewed hope. 

and again, sana just, knows. he didn’t even need to voice his thoughts out loud, since sana was here now, and had already silenced them. 

So the Witcher book I’m reading had Ciri mention that Yennefer gave her a bag of things all ladies should have, or something to that effect. I was kinda like, ok whatever and rolled my eyes but Ciri was like “it’s a comb and like a nail file, oh and a knife and another knife and a tampon” and seeing the word tampon in a fantasy novel took me by such surprise, like good job for that

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I'm so fucking sad and aggravated with my life I feel like i can't get out of this. I need to get a job I'm going to be 20 this year and I'm in college but my fucking depression won't leave me alone long enough. I haven't left my house or seen the only friend I ended high school with for a week and it's driving me insane and I've looked up medication for this but everything has bad side effects and heaven knows I can't deal with bad weight gain anyway sorry I just needed to rant

The thing is everyone struggles with something in silence.
Therefore you are not alone. It’s okay to let it out once in a while.
Try to take baby steps.
Depression is hard to fight but there are ways to improve your mood.
When was the last time you read a book that you loved? What’s your favourite band/artist?
Try and take a hot bath. Add cute flavours to it (it seems cheesy but it calms you down)
If you want you can drink plant tea or take some plant extract pills. Those are better.
If you’re in college I guess it’s time for you to try and make new friends. Connections are hard to build but sometimes having positive people around that support you helps. Hugs are great. You deserve to be loved.
I hope you’ll find the strength within yourself to get better.

The signs as poems from "Love & Misadventure" by Lang Leav
  • Aries: Afraid To Love
  • "I turn away
  • and close my heart-
  • to the promise of love
  • that is luring.
  • For the past has taught
  • to not be caught,
  • in what is not
  • worth pursuing-
  • To never do
  • the things I've done
  • that once had led
  • to my undoing."
  • Taurus: Swan Song
  • "Her heart is played
  • like well-worn strings;
  • in her eyes,
  • the sadness sings-
  • of one who was destined
  • for better things."
  • Gemini: First Love
  • "Before I fell
  • in love with words,
  • with setting skies,
  • and singing birds-
  • it was you I fell
  • in love with first."
  • Cancer: Art and Books
  • "Without a doubt,
  • I must read,
  • all the books
  • I've read about.
  • See the artworks
  • hung on hooks,
  • that I have only,
  • seen in books."
  • Leo: Beauty's Curse
  • "Her bow is drawn
  • to worlds of dark;
  • where arrows spring
  • and miss their mark.
  • She'll turn their heads-
  • but not their hearts."
  • Virgo: Saving You
  • "The darkness takes him over,
  • the sickness pulls him in;
  • his eyes--a blown-out candle;
  • I wish to go with him.
  • Sometimes I see a flicker--
  • a light that shone from them;
  • I hold him to me tightly,
  • before he's gone again."
  • Libra: Heart On The Line
  • "Love is good,
  • it is never bad-
  • but it will drive you mad!
  • When it is given to you,
  • in dribs and drabs."
  • Scorpio: A Thank-You Note
  • "You have said
  • all the things
  • I needed to hear
  • before I knew
  • I needed to hear them.
  • To be unafraid
  • of all the things
  • I used to fear,
  • before I knew
  • I shouldn't fear them."
  • Sagittarius: In Two Parts
  • "You come and go so easily,
  • your life is as you knew-
  • while mine is split in two.
  • How I envy so the half of me,
  • who lived before love's due,
  • who was yet to know of you."
  • Capricorn: Jealousy
  • "It was the way
  • you spoke about her.
  • With animosity, regret, disdain
  • and underneath it all-
  • just a hint of pride."
  • Aquarius: Waking Without You
  • "Every song that sings of him,
  • from every heart
  • heard breaking.
  • I sing along in dreams of him,
  • I cling to-
  • when I start waking."
  • Pisces: The Keeper
  • "You were like a dream,
  • I wish I hadn't
  • slept through.
  • Within it I fell deeper,
  • than your heart would
  • care to let you.
  • I thought you were a keeper,
  • I wish I could
  • have kept you."

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You know what I realized? In all the PJO and HoO books, there's at least one scene in each where some character, major or minor, is falling. I mean, shouldn't we have realized that in MoA that Percabeth would fall? The only book I can't remember any falling scenes in would be HoH, but that might be because I've only read it once (stupid grounding and school work got in the way). But seriously, how did we not see this coming?!

I believe in HoH, they fell in the House of Night? But not positive. Good observation!

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ahh please help me! i've fallen headfirst into les mis fanfiction and i haven't even seen the movie and i only read the book once but the fic for this fandom is SO GOOD and theres SO MUCH and i really love your fics and was hoping you could direct me to some of your favorites/fandom staples? i noticed enjolras/grantaire seems to be the most popular pairing and i like them a lot but i am slowly disintegrating over courfeyrac/combeferre, i am a shivering heap on the floor, i do not know what to DO

Friend, I am sorry this took so long, I have been busy trying to save my academic career. 

Basically read everything theladyragnell, samyazaz, idiopath-fic-smile (especially In Defiance of Geometry if you have even the slightest interest in Combeferre/Enjolras/Grantaire, TRUST ME ON THIS)

For fandom classics, uh:

How the Future’s Done - Enjolras accidentally adopts a cat and falls in love with Grantaire.

Gnomon - Enjolras is a terrorist (of sorts) and Grantaire is his shadow/partner. 

Let Me Count The Ways - 10 Things I Hate About You AU.

the quiet truth - E/R fake boyfriends. 

NSFW - Enjolras is a pornstar.

Hacker AU - casual sex turns into feelings everywhere. I just reread this the other day and ugh ugh ugh so good still.

Here are some other fics I also enjoy a lot: 

dust off your highest hopes - Theatre AU where Enjolras is the artistic director of the ABC Theatre Collective and Grantaire is a theatre marketing genius who helps them to stage sell-out shows. 

secret agent man - undercover fake husbands oh god.

After the End - dystopian AU which I have been rec'ing left, right and centre these few days.

Good Intentions - 95K of A+++ HP AU.

The Five Year Plan - Enjolras loses his memory of the past five years and doesn’t remember that Grantaire is his boyfriend, among other things.

casual affair - Enjolras and Grantaire are strangers who have casual sex. A lot. With feelings, even. 

My Favorite Book Is:

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There’s this amazing book series called The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon, it consists of only two books so far with a third written but yet to be published. This book simultaneously ruined and made my life, it’s set a few decades into the future and focuses on London and the secret gangs of clairvoyants (as it’s illegal), the story follows a girl called Paige and I can’t even describe the book anymore without spoiling it. Words can’t even describe how much I love it. It’s hard to get into the story but once you do you can’t put it down.

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"I once loved someone, you could say her lips were paper I've been meaning to write on. So like all love stories, it begins with a kiss." Yes, you should write a book. I would read it a hundred times, especially if it started with that poem, my favorite poem by you. I'd tell all my friends about it. I know I'm not the only one ;)

Holy shit, you remember that line?

Andrew being -A would break the unspoken rule of thriller/horror/mystery themed shows. Andrew’s character should only be used as a distraction to the viewers with a little involvement to the overall plot. Being an accomplice is one thing but the mastermind? No. He was just Spencer’s drug dealer/tutor/decathlon member who would make weird faces at Mona in the background who we would be maybe once or twice in the last few seasons. 

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So I finally got around to reading the original 5 PJ books. But like, it took me a while because I had a hard time getting into them. I thought maybe once I started the next series it would get better, but so far I've tried to read TLH three times, but quit about halfway through. I know you and a lot of people like them, so I feel like I'm missing something. Should I push myself through to the next books (I do know some spoilers already thanks to Tumblr) or is PJ just not for me?

My favorite thing about the books is honestly the character interaction between the Seven, which only really starts paying off in Mark of Athena/House of Hades (so there’s a lot of character introduction to get through in the first 2 books in the series - which I don’t mind, but some people do). I had a hard time getting through the original 5 PJO books as well because the style was so cheesy, haha. It could just not be for you, and there’s no sense in forcing yourself to like something, but maybe give the later HOO books a try before giving up altogether? 

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hi! i love your blog its so inspiring :) can i ask for some advice? i LOVE learning & i used to attend a v prestigious prep school in america & i worked super hard but now that I'm at uni & without the same pressure and structure, I'm burned out but i want to create my own intellectual atmosphere & surround myself with knowledge but i feel like I've lost all my concentration and will power :/ i feel so stuck & lost bc i have always only been SCHOOL & i don't know who i am (sorry if thats silly)

i know it’s not quite the same but i sometimes feel like that during the summer holidays. sooo i would suggest:

  • read! set targets for yourself if you want, like chose ten books that you’ve been meaning to read, fiction or non-fiction, and read them! even if they’re not related to your course, any reading expands your mind
  • go to your nearest library once a week and make sure you pick up one book a week and actually read it.
  • watch videos. i will always recommend crashcourse and scishow and vihart and khan academy.
  • if you have a kindle, go through every single free book you can get and see what relates to your course or your interests.
  • watch documentaries that relate to your courses.
  • start a study group with your friends
  • go through the recommended reading list for your course or a related course and see if you can read half of it, or even all of it. again, set targets for yourself.
  • go to museums and art galleries. always. i don’t care what subject you’re taking, museums and art galleries are wonderful regardless.
  • every time you hear someone talking about something that sounds interesting, google it as soon as you get home. late night wikipedia odysseys are essentially how i learned all of the useless things i know… nothing useful to school, of course,but i can tell you an awful lot about minor les misérables characters! but i mean if your professor mentions something you’re unfamiliar with (especially if they say “anyway, that’s not really important”) go research it! more information is good and interesting and stuff!

i hope that helps!

“What do you want me to say? Anyone who doesn’t want you to be happy with who you are is an asshole. Fuck pleasing everyone else. You only live once. Who are you gonna do it for?”

under the lights - dahlia adler