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Lightning round! Wow I've never done this! Okay here we go! Can I please have TFP bots react to a reader who just burst into songs at random times? Like every moment is a musical waiting to happen!


Optimus Prime

- He finds it sweet. It’s definitely something he has no problem with; your voice is pleasant to him. He especially likes when you sing older songs, like lullabies or ballads.
- Optimus might humor you once or twice; only in complete secret, though.


- She finds it silly, but doesn’t really say anything about it. Assumes it’s a human thing.
- Arcee has a habit of humming your catchier songs under her breath, either on patrols or absentmindedly while around the base.


- Bumblebee thinks your voice is the sweetest thing!! He’d listen to your singing for hours if he could. He has no problems with your random bouts of song.
- He’s the most likely to join in; albeit he’ll just be beeping in a sing-song way.


- While he does act like it annoys him, he never outwardly states it. Ratchet does enjoy your singing– it’s soft his poor old audials. He especially likes the songs about him; even if you’re calling him a “cute old fart”.
- He won’t join you in your song-fests, but he will hum whatever catchy tunes you come up with.


- He always ends up watching when you break into your little song fests. Bulkhead can’t really help it; not only does he like your voice, but he thinks it’s sweet that you get so excited about it.
- Bulkhead would join you in singing, but he’s not confident in his own abilities. You’d have to really urge him to.


- He’s pretty confused as to WHY you’d do all the singing, but he doesn’t mind. He eventually gets used to it, and learns to enjoy the way you sing at random. Your voice become a comfort!
- Smokescreen will sing along with you for fun; no matter how bad he is at it.


- He generally doesn’t mind; and probably ends up being the one guy to teach you how to sing some old Cybertronian wrecker tunes. While he doesn’t really join in on your little sessions, he has no problem listening to them.
- Wheeljack is a tough mech. So when he starts humming some weird song you were singing, everyone is rightfully surprised.

Ultra Magnus

- Magnus believes it’s unorthodox for the workplace. After all, you’re involved with soldiers; war is serious! You shouldn’t be treating it like some summer musical, no matter how sweet your voice may be.
- The old stubborn fuck ends up humming one of your songs and tapping his pede to it. He gets sputter-y when he gets caught, too.


I Am Living Fire | a Jules Thomas fanmix

01. like a ghost that’s been missing its life, silent words in my mouth, yeah, they want to scream out / 02. oh I’m just a girl, my apologies, what I’ve become is so burdensome / 03. this is the only way I know myself, from here to here, and sometimes from here to here / 04. I’m not ready to make nice, I’m not ready to back down, I’m still mad as hell / 05. you don’t want me to look at you for you will turn to stone, you don’t want me to hurt you / 06. got my armor, and I got my gun, I told you not to call me hun / 07. you will know me by the scars I bear / 08. no one’s gonna save me, the damage has been done I’m righting all the wrongs, I’m relentless like you made me / 09. and it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back, so shake him off

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