i've only been working on this forever

*Shows up to the Sherlock fandom twenty years later with fan art* 

Uhhh, I made a thing. I’ve been working on re-teaching myself how to make sharper looking motifs in illustrator before putting them into photoshop to turn them into a repeat pattern but I was too lazy to think up an original concept so I did this instead. 

On the off chance that someone wants to own this forever, you can buy a print in my society6 store, where this is the only thing available because I am still deciding whether or not I want to use society6 for my other print design endeavors. 

So here is a new fic rec list since I accidentally deleted my other one that had 155 fics in it. This one has 325 fics in it and is updated with some super great new ones! Please please always read the tags on a fic before you read it. I’ve tried to warn for anything that could be triggering but only you know what you can handle so please read the author’s tags!

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Vow of Silence - BlairRabbit
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Hermann and Newt live in a world ruled by words. True love is found through a shared “Core Lingua” or Core language that only two people can share and fully understand. But things prove difficult if one of them has made a Vow to give up speaking until the war is finally over.

An original soulmate AU based on language.

I started this a long time ago with the simple idea that I was going to write a sister fic to Phosphor and in the process try to create an original soulmate AU that no one else had done before.

Thanks to @zetarays (Bluestar) for editing
Cover Art by the amazing @glassvines

-Addicted to 2 am and your spit- 

We wished that 2 am
could last forever.
Where we can walk
barefoot to get coffee,
and you spoke to me
in the only language
you thought I understood.

Your words spilled
out of your mouth
in the form of
Metaphors saying
that you could be my

We were lost in a different
universe where I didn’t know
where I was,
but I knew where your
lips were.
But then again we were also
high on acid, and
various other
illegal substances.

But the substance hidden
in your saliva got me
higher than any strain
of marijuana could.

When he tells me that
you lie about everything
and live to get fucked
up, I tell him I know.
You live to fuck with my
head and you whisper lies
as many times as you whisper
you want me.

He asks why I enjoy
your company.
I can’t let him know
that it’s because some
part of my brain
thinks that the dimension
of us happening ever again
will slip back open
and we can slide back into
each other.

You are a lie more intricate
than the northern lights.
But there are flaws and
ridges so deep
in you, I could
call you the
grand canyon.
Because you told me once
that you had lung
I said that the
tumors had
expanded and popped.
and it explains
why they suddenly
and a new disorder
in your spine.
You blew out smoke
much longer than
you blew intoxicating
promises into my ear.
Said you had MPD
and I was the opposite
of your medicine.
Said every word you
spoke took
a pebble out of
of the hole inside you.

I told you that I lived
in fantasies in my head
and you said I dropped
an atomic bomb inside you.
That I was the bane of your
existence and when you got hung
up on what addictions do to you,
I whispered that they destroy everything.
You stopped in the street and
stared at me.

Then it was the kind
of coffee I got.
I got vanilla cupcake
and you teased me on how
I want what’s normal.
How I am liquid and I
fit to whatever container
I am put in.
But baby you see, when you
asked for an explanation
you didn’t want the one I had.
I went to tell you that
my mind isn’t stable
and I’m never in one place,
so when I kiss you,
it’s hidden in a garden
in my mind and I’m not sure
it really happened.

Yesterday you apologized.
Said I don’t really love
him and you don’t love your
I kissed you with my thumb
in the way,
and I swore if I could
of just moved it
the world would shift upside
down and I would
be tripping with you
at 2 am again.

When we sat on my porch,
as the sun came up,
you said you wish it could of
lasted forever.
But the thing with forever
is I can’t do commitment.

Maybe it’s best that 2 am
is just another dimension
where people walk around bare
blowing clouds of lust
into each others mouths
poetry falling off my fingers
like a hang nail,
hurts just a bit
to get that deep in my words
that they don’t even flow right.

Maybe it’s best that we only
exist where we float in our
personality disorders.
We are more than one person,
souls caught in our head
fighting to take control,
seeing a weakness and lunging,
and you are my weakness.
Explains why when I’m with
you I forget that he exists,
while when I’m in my head
he is my everything.
You said I’ve never been addicted
to you, and if I gave you the
chance my life would change.
But darling I had one
taste and I’m hooked.

From the first night that
we got so high
hair was pulled and mouths
were stuffed
I was… I was stuck.
And I have been stuck on you
ever since.
We exist in a universe
that only the dark allows.
No eyes to pry.

2 am is where
we aren’t in a relationship.
2 am is where I
can kiss you
and you pull me away
saying that won’t
stop your question of
why I do it?
What do I feel?

What I feel is 2 am
tugging at my knees
pulling me down,
begging it not to become 6 am.
Because I’m addicted to you.
I am addicted to the night
where the streets are empty
and we can lay on gravel
and stare at the lights.
I told you before.

Addictions destroy you.

—  J.h.p
Hey Little Girl, Pt. 3

Hey guys, this is the last part for now. I’ve been working on another section, but I’m having a bit of a thing about it at the moment, and I’m unsure of whether or not I’ll be able to fix it enough for it to see the light of day. Sigh.

In any case, I hope you like this one. Poor bumbly Finn.

It’s like a game he’s been playing all day as he sits at his desk and slogs through the paperwork. Where is Rae? Every half an hour he scans through the security cameras to see if he can find her black store t-shirt among the masses milling though the store. Oh, there she is, standing with her arms crossed as she studies a mannequin thoughtfully. Yep, spotted her, crouching down in the DVDs showing a customer something.

But this time, when he spies her behind the counter, his blood starts to boil and he lets out a strangled noise. Because fucking Sean has his hands all over her. She’s got her head thrown back and her eyes closed as he gropes at her shoulders and her upper back. The video is black and white and grainy, but he can practically hear the sensual moans she’s making as Sean touches her. Fuck that.

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Hello everyone!! I’m back again with another follower forever but this time it’s bigger and better! After only six months of having this blog I have reached I major goal that I never thought I would ever reach and I couldn’t be more thankful for all of the lovely friends and mutuals that have made my time on this site more enjoyable and memorable and I hope that we will continue to scream together over kpop groups in the future! I also want to thank all of the networks I’m in @sugaswagsociety @hobinetwork @memesupremenet @jungkooknetwork and even @949392net (even though it’s inactive now it will forever hold a place in my cold little heart)

And finally, below are some of the lovely blogs I follow <3  

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HEY GUYS! want to see my messy, kitten-destroyed work space, appearance that is only slightly improved upon at a super-high angle, and listen to me fumble through the english language as i try to express gratitude!?


today i received my new tablet, less than a week after the old one was fried. my heart is full of happies and i wanted to give you guys a little update on the situation!