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Singapore Sling

Pairing: Harry Styles X Reader

Rating: NC-17

Character count: 35,696 / Word Count: 6,521

Your duties as maid of honour were fairly simple: maximise alcohol and minimise stress, keep an eye on the bride-to-be, and above all else, have things under control. You’ve promised yourself to keep this wedding a fuckup-free zone, anticipating smooth sailing from the moment you land in Antigua. When danger emerges on the horizon in the form of a denim-clad devil dressed in Gucci and gold, things take a turn—nothing in the MOH handbook has prepared you for what to do in the event that you unwittingly sleep with the best man.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I saw you did a headcanon about Toshinori and how he was ticklish and I was wondering if you had a fic of Toshinori being chased by his students and tickled by them? Something like that would really make my day as I've been having a bad week

Anon, first of all - I don’t know if you will even see my answer, but let me just tell you that I’m so, so sorry for not answering this sooner. I’ve been stuck in a really bad writer’s block lately and just couldn’t come up with anything for this request. I’m so sorry for not being there to make your week a bit better! I hope you will still be able to enjoy this now, though (and also that you’re feeling much better by now):


It could have been such a nice and relaxing afternoon, Izuku mused half-heartedly as he watched the happy mess in front of him unfold. Such a nice, quiet afternoon, with Bakugou taking a nap, his classmates engrossed in different – quiet – activities and no homework to disturb them.

He had wanted to watch a bit of TV, that was all. Had wanted to catch up on a view hero talk shows he liked to watch.

Now, however, Izuku, just like the rest of his classmates, found himself captivated by the sight of Mina lurking around in the kitchen, the girl watching All Might closely as he went around the kitchen to prepare some drinks and snacks for everyone.

Based on the stiff set of Toshinori’s shoulders, Izuku could interpret that the man was on high alert, knowing what the girl behind his back was aiming for.

It had started out all too innocent. Toshinori had been rummaging through the fridge, bent over quite a bit, as Mina had squeezed herself into the little space between her teacher and the open fridge-door, darting forward to grab something from the cold depths. Completely by accident, the girl’s finger had scrambled over the man’s side all the while, digging deep into the white material of his shirt as Mina tried to gently shove him aside.

The reaction had been immediate, as Toshinori had jumped with a yelping sound, head hitting the fridge’s ceiling with a loud Thunk as he spluttered out a weird, high sound.

And if that hadn’t been enough, Mina’s horrified shriek certainly had been enough to draw everyone’s attention to the both of them.

“Sensei, are you okay?! Did I hurt you?!”

“N-No, really, I’m… I’m quite alright, my girl…”

“Did I hit your scar?! I’m so, so sorry… oh no, wait, your scar is on the left side… but still!”

“Mina!” Toshinori had tried as the girl had tried to lift his shirt to see where the damage lay, “I assure you, my girl, I’m more than al-…”

Mina’s soft touch had connected with his side and the man had let out a far too high sound, somewhere between a cut-short laugh and a yelp.

That had been the moment when it had clicked for Mina. “Sensei, are you tickli-…?”

And Toshinori, honest to a fault as he was, had probably not made the best choice by interrupting the girl, saying something about having to get started on the snacks, and turned away from her. Him making sure that he stayed out of her reach all the while had been quite suspicious, too. 

Really not the best choice, Izuku mused, attention once again drawn away from the TV and over to where Mina was sneaking up on Toshinori.

Perhaps they should have warned him – there were almost ten pairs of eyes directed to Mina and their teacher – but saying that the other children weren’t interested in the spectacle would have been a blatant lie. So it was probably no surprise that nobody, not even Izuku, called out warning as Mina used a short moment of distraction.

The girl ducked slightly, stealthily getting closer until Toshinori – still with his back to her – was in her reach.

The moment Mina’s fingers wiggled up the retired hero’s side, Toshinori all but jumped, throwing one hand up to steady himself on the kitchen counter while a sharp, surprised bout of laughter left him. It didn’t matter that he slapped his free hand over his mouth only a second later, it was already too late.

Mina was beaming, smile wide and shining and excited all at once. “You are ticklish!”

“A bit,” Toshinori relented, leaning away from her and out of her reach. “A little bit, perhaps.”

They looked at each other for a moment, Mina thoughtfully and Toshinori warily, both clearly assessing what they should do next.

Then, everything happened in the blink of an eye. Mina darted forward, expression determined and hands outstretched, aiming straight for her teacher’s sides. In the same moment, Toshinori’s hands darted upwards and caught the girl’s wrists, stopping her from touching him. Still, Mina had so much momentum that she slammed against Toshinori, making him stumble backwards.

“Nonono, we’re not doing this!”

“But, Sensei!”

“No buts, my girl…”

“I just want to hear you laugh some more!” 

“As much as I would like to indulge you, tickling is not the right wayyy…!” Toshinori’s words became rushed and drawn-out as he bend and twisted to get away from the fingers trying to poke him. He didn’t dare to use his full strength on the girl, fearing that he could hurt her, but holy, if Mina wasn’t surprisingly strong. More than once, she almost managed to slip from his grasp.

And as if that weren’t bad enough, Mina whined, “Guys! Help me!”

There was a moment were the others exchanged quick glances, a bit taken aback by the sudden request.

“Uuuuh…” Kouda mumbled, ducking his head. “Should we really…?”

“Well, it would be funny,” Kirishima’s expression turned from thoughtful to excited.

“Wouldn’t he get angry, though?”

“Nah – Sensei never gets angry with us!”

“Let’s try this, guys!”

Izuku had long since forgotten about his TV-show by now, trying his hardest not to laugh as he turned around and looked over the back of the couch.

Toshinori had almost managed to free himself of Mina when Kirishima slammed into his back, latching onto his right arm tightly.

“Young Kirishima…!” the blond warned, half-heartedly, slight panic flickering over his expression.

“Sorry, Sensei!”

“Yeah,” Kaminari chimed in, apologetic smile on his face as he grabbed his teacher’s other arm. “Please don’t get angry at us, okay?”

Mina whooped in triumph as her classmates came to her aid one after the other – holding onto Toshinori’s arms or climbing up his back – and the second she was free and there were no defensive hands in her way, she dived right in, taking great delight in poking and tickling to her heart’s content.

It didn’t take more than a few seconds for Toshinori to go down, knees buckling and not able to hold up the combined weight of him and his students. By the time he landed – or more, was let down – onto the ground, he was already howling in laughter, coughing in between as he squirmed and writhed, trying to get away from the deft fingers tormenting him.

The laughter of the children joined in as they cheered. Even Izuku was laughing at the sight of a delighted Mina, not giving up in her tickling, and flushed and laughing Toshinori, rolling over the ground in a heap.

Izuku’s smile dropped, though, when the coughing suddenly overtook the laughter.

“St-Stop…!” Toshinori wheezed out, smile suddenly turning into a grimace, “Stop, please!”

Mina’s laughter trailed off as well and she pulled back, but too late – while the children were still retreating, helping their teacher to sit up rather than holding him down, Toshinori already doubled over, coughing hard, blood splattering over the hand he covered his mouth with.

Izuku was up from the couch and dashed over at top speed, falling onto his knees next to his mentor as everyone crowded around them. “Toshinori-san!”


“I’m sorry!” Mina’s eyes were already filling with tears as she gestured around, reaching for Toshinori and yet not daring to touch him again. “I’m sorry, I should have stopped, I should have listened…!”

She trailed off, sniffling, as Toshinori reached over with his free hand, gently ruffling her hair. The coughing lessened gradually as Toshinori shook his head, smiling slightly. “No need to apologize at all, my girl.”

“Whoa, Sensei,” Kirishima’s laugh was strained as he handed the man a tissue. “You really startled us there!”

“Are you okay?!” Kouda asked, eyes wide with concern.

“Do you want to lie down for a moment?” Uraraka offered.

“Nonsense – thank you, my boy,” Toshinori smiled at Izuku as the boy helped him to his feet. Stretching carefully, patting his chest to make sure that the coughing was over, the former hero grinned brightly. “I’m more than alright, honestly.”  

Relieved smiles were exchanged as everyone relaxed again.

“And now that that is settled…”

Sudden silence fell over the room as the children stopped mid-motion, going pale at the pure power crushing down on them.

Quirk or not, Toshinori still had the commanding aura of All Might if he wanted to.

“I dare believe,” the blond rumbled, eyes blazing with mischievousness. “It’s my turn now.” 

Mina was the first to react, squeaking loudly in a mixture of mock-angst and delight as she made for a mad dash towards the door. Kirishima followed suit, laughing and hollering for “everyone to take cover, he’s after us!”

It didn’t take too long for the others to catch on, and quickly, the living room was near empty as everyone run for it, laughing and screaming all the while.

Shouto looked from Toshinori to his fleeing classmates and back, slightly confused. “I… don’t think he would really hurt us?”

“It’s not about hurting, man,” Sero laughed, pulling the other after him out of the room. “It’s part of the game, you know?”

“Ah. I see,” nodding thoughtfully, Shouto let himself be dragged away.

Huffing in amusement, Toshinori leveled Izuku with a questioning gaze, running a hand through his ruffled hair. “You’re not going to run, my boy?“

“You have no reason to take revenge on me,” Izuku said after considering the question for a moment, lips quirking into a smile. “So, no.”

Blue eyes flashed as the man smiled widely, softly. “Fair enough.”

They shared a grin before Toshinori cocked his head, listening.

Izuku did the same. Training had honed his awareness and senses enough that he could hear the shuffling and hushed whispers in the hallway in front of the living room, the snickering and rustling of clothes.

His classmates hadn’t fled very far, obviously hoping that their teacher would chase them to continue the fun.

And if Izuku could hear them, then All Might surely could, too.

The wide grin stretching the blond’s features said that he could hear it indeed. Waving vaguely towards the hallway, the hero started, “Mind if I…?”

“No, no, go ahead,” Izuku shrugged, making his way over to the couch again. “I’m occupied anyway.”

“Right,” Toshinori didn’t sound convinced, but he didn’t protest.

Settling down again, Izuku tried to remember what had happened last in the show. And, oh dear – he couldn’t remember.

So much for watching his favorites shows this quiet afternoon. That was probably completely impossible around his classmates…

The sudden feeling of gentle and searching fingers gliding over the sensitive spots where neck met shoulders made Izuku yelp aloud, jerking forwards on the couch to escape the tickling sensation.

Chuckling resounded right behind him, making Izuku blush and splutter as he whirled around, scandalized, “Hey!”

Toshinori’s eyes were alight with amusement as he held up his hands in surrender, even though he was still laughing. “Sorry, sorry. I just had to try it.”

“You don’t look sorry at all,” Izuku mumbled, covering the sensitive spot with one hand while he scooted away from the mischievous man.

Izuku didn’t take his eyes off Toshinori again until the man had left the room, pretending to “chase” his waiting students. Only when he heard loud shouting, cheering and laughter resounded from the hallway, indicating that their teacher had joined his classmates, did Izuku dare to relax again.

For, like, two seconds. Before his fingers started drumming impatiently, and his gaze shifted more than once away from the screen and strayed over to the door.

It sounded like everyone was having fun…

Izuku was dimly aware that he had no idea what was happening on screen because he was too busy listening to his class goofing around.

With a sigh and a smile, he relented, turned off the TV and threw the remote to the side.

There were better things to do, he thought as he jumped up and rushed out of the room, running into the direction of shouts and shrieks and happy laughter, grinning widely as he noticed that Toshinori happened to stand with his back towards him. Much better things.

The moment Izuku leaped forward, landing on his mentor’s back and reaching for the sensitive sides under the loose white shirt – hearing the way Toshinori shouted in surprise and laughter and how his friends cheered for him – he was laughing aloud himself, feeling warm and happy.

This was so much better than watching TV.




As soon as I noticed I was in the bed on my own I practically shot upright, my weary eyes searching around the room frantically, but he wasn’t there.
I crawled across to Harry’s side of the bed and looked suspiciously at the alarm clock that lived beside his bed, noting that it was only just past nine. I couldn’t really count it as oversleeping.

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Prompt: Late Night Love.

Harry doesn’t really know how they ended up outside when the temperature was in single digits but he wouldn’t change it. Not for anything in the world.

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pairing; yoongi x reader

genre; angst

word count; 5.1k

a/n; made for this request 

summary; you didn’t let him in easily, but when you did, that became your first mistake. 

halcyon (adjective)

1. denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.

Meeting him was nothing.

You met a lot of people in your life, but when you came across him, you didn’t think much of it.

The first time you encountered him, you knew of him, but he had not known of you. He was known to be this mysterious walking oxymoron that strolled through the halls of your high school campus with chin high and eyes that followed every girl that neared him. Of course, you were never one of those girls in his eyes and never did you want to be one of his victims; you always wanted to be invisible in his eyes, and you always were.

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So, I made a pretty short fic a few months back and I’m finally deciding to share it.

Basically, fluff, feelings revealed (finally), and their first kiss, also Derek’s first kiss ever.

(No, Derek is not a teenager, he was just saving his first kiss for someone special, and Stiles… is someone special.)


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blame that picture of Louis with a horse, I take no responsibility for any of this.


Louis can’t remember the last time the smell of hay and old leather came to him and made him feel safe instantly, but that it’s been too long is what he knows for certain. He lets the smell settle into his bones, breathes in deep, and promptly forgets about everything that had been waiting at the tip of his tongue. 

Quite frankly, when Harry had given him the address of where to pick him up earlier, Louis hadn’t been prepared. The last thing he’d expected was to be led into old stables and be confronted with real life horses for the first time in years. What he expected even less was to see Harry on one of said horses, elegantly making his way through the riding hall with a straighter posture than Louis has ever seen on him when he’s with both feet on the ground.

It takes his breath away. Harry is beautiful, sat on top of the white Arabian as if he’s royalty, and the two of them together are a team that Louis wishes he could look at forever and put in his pocket to take out and treasure whenever he feels that deep burn in his veins again. 

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anonymous asked:

This is a little silly, I guess, but I've always been insecure about the stretch marks I have on my hips and butt from puberty. Would you please be able to write a sort of feel-good nsfw with this for a fem reader for Tsukishima and Bokuto (separately) please? Thanks so much!

Babe, this is far from being silly. I’m in the same boat as you and still struggle with my stretch marks that I obtained on the back of my thighs at 12 and on my inner thighs and hips at 14. I know exactly what it’s like. It took me YEARS to be okay with them enough to wear shorts or skirts that didn’t go all the way down to my knees.

While they aren’t glaring red anymore, they still bother me - same with my cellulite - but I’ve come to consider these battle scars from my war with beauty. Our bodies were making us beautiful as they grew but we fought them since societies image of beauty is different from the bodies we were given. But scars heal and they create a story that is just as beautiful as the beginning! Don’t be afraid to show off those battle scars, babe!

Hope you enjoy, Anon!

P.s. I headcanon that Tsuki has stretch marks too. Boy shot up in height so fast, there’s no way he doesn’t have a set of his own!

He saw the way she hid them, every time he happened to walk in on her changing or stepping out of the shower it was the first thing she would cover up. Tsukishima never said anything, never tried to push her boundaries of comfort despite living together. And even though he hated how she always insisted they turned the lights off before heading to bed, he did it to make her comfortable.

But he was done providing a comfort she was so used to, he wanted her to feel like she didn’t need to hide herself from him. He wanted her to know that he would love her just as she was, it didn’t matter what makes scattered her body.

So this time, when he went to step into the shower behind her, he didn’t retreat as he had done before when she looked so surprised. He watched her hands instantly move over her hips and he couldn’t stop the frown that took over his lips. She squirmed and he knew what she was thinking, but he wouldn’t let her - not this time.

Reaching forward, he took her hands in his, lifting them to kiss her knuckles gently before moving them to rest at the back of his neck. His eyes followed a trail of water that started at her shoulder and traveled down over her hip, between her thighs. It was a body he had made love to many, many times but had never had the full pleasure of seeing so plainly - so beautifully.

“Kei, I–” her voice caught in her throat when she felt his fingers brush over her hips, following the light lines of the years old stretch marks there slowly, “they’re ugly.”

“They’re beautiful,” Tsukishima instantly interjected, gold eyes darting up to meet with hers, “just like you.” He was kissing her then, because he didn’t want to do anything but kiss her in that moment. With her bare, wet body pressing against his own he felt himself shiver, hands quickly finding their way to the back of her thigh to lift her easily and press her against the shower wall.

He had always loved her thighs before, but now, especially now with them wrapped so tightly around his waist, pressed so deeply inside her, he knew her thighs would always be one of his favorites.

The night had progressed much like many others. Their lips slid languidly against one another as Bokuto fell back into the sheets of the bed, her body hovering over his. Hands slid their way over her body, gliding easily over her sides, her hips, her thighs. When they reached the edge of her skirt, they started their way back up, this time fingers traveling over skin instead of fabric.

When his hands reached her hips again, he pushed himself up, rolling them over on the surface of the bed so she laid on her back. Giving her a bright smile, he pecked at her lips gently before letting his lips journey down over her neck, over her chest, down her stomach. He only paused so he could push the fabric of her skirt up around her hips, letting it pool there as he pressed a kiss to the inside of her knee.

She shivered, but her hands grasped at the skirt, giving a small attempt at putting it back in place. “Don’t look…” she breathed out as his mouth started to press kisses and small bites down her thigh. It wasn’t the first time they had been intimate, far from it, in fact, but it was the first time Bokuto would be seeing the marks she hated to blatantly.

Warm hands took hers, giving them a small squeeze of reassurance as her eyes met with his. He knew what she was afraid of, she had expressed it to him on one occasion which he was quick to reply that he would always consider her beautiful. While words do say much, the action of itself had yet to prove that his words were true.

With a small nod, she released her hold on the skirt, letting it fall again to reveal the line around her hips and bottom. Bokuto breathed shakily, unable to stop the emotions that rose inside him at being so entirely trusted by her. Because she was gorgeous. She would always be gorgeous.

His mouth pressed to her skin again and he felt chills take over his body with each sound of pleasure she released, his fingers gently trailing along each individual line as he pressed further, delving inside her. His love overflowing for her even more.

anonymous asked:

I've been kind of contemplating Director Sanvers, in a V relationship, but with Lucy being the hinge partner. (I though about Maggie being that, too.. but for some reason find Lucy would be more plausible?) Anyway. Do you have any thoughts? This isn't necessarily a prompt (I mean if you feel like it I certainly won't complain lol), But I was more just wondering about a different POV regarding this idea. Not sure if it'd work at all, maybe just as a lead in to the triad. Any thoughts?

Ooh, that’s really interesting! I think it could work pretty organically if we went ahead and just imagined what might have happened while Alex was in hiding during season 1… 

As DEO Director, Lucy is tasked with spreading information about Alex and J’onn being on the run, so she’s sent to local branches of the FBI, as well as the police departments. Since J’onn is now a known alien, I imagine she’d have a special meeting with NCPD’s Science Division so that they were well aware of his abilities during the search. 

Maggie, being the person she is, asks dozens of questions, pushing Lucy for details on why exactly they’re being targeted when she watched the news, saw that those two were the ones who saved the city from Supergirl while she was under the influence of Red Kryptonite. Luce tries to dismiss the questions and eventually ends the meeting in frustration–after all, it’s not like she’s even in support of this decision anymore, having helped Alex to escape (maybe we got the Alex/Lucy roadside post-motorcycle rescue makeout scene we all deserved, which sets them up to be something when Alex finally returns). But Maggie, being the cocky little shit delightful human being she is, corners Lucy outside the precinct, telling her that she thinks the decision is wrong, that she refuses to cooperate with such unjust policies, until Lucy finally snaps: “It’s my job! Do you like everything about yours?”

And, of course, Maggie doesn’t, but she’s there to change it. So now she’s intrigued. “Look, I get that while you’re on the clock and standing outside NCPD headquarters probably isn’t the time or place to talk, but why don’t we have this conversation over drinks?”

“Are you seriously asking me out after yelling at me and telling me I’m ‘standing on the wrong side of justice,’ Sawyer?”

“Depends. Are you saying yes?”

Lucy says no at first, but as the weeks go by and she realizes just how much they need Alex to be able to come back, she calls Maggie up, tells her she’s good for that drink. To avoid being overheard, they end up meeting at Lucy’s place for dinner and a bottle of wine. After listening to Lucy talk about just how amazing Alex is and how much they need her, Maggie finally interjects: “So you like her.”

“What? No, I’m saying we all need her. I mean, sure, she’s really smart and sort of stunning and incredibly brave, but–”

“So you like her. C’mon, Lane. I saw her picture. ‘Sort of stunning’ doesn’t even do her justice.”

“Look, it doesn’t matter, okay?”

“She turned you down?”

“She did no such thing! It’s just, whatever, I don’t want to talk about it. We’re not a thing, and I think forgiveness will be a long time coming.

“Well, I’ve seen just how hard you’re fighting for someone who apparently won’t forgive you. You’re putting your career on the line, and that…well, that is incredibly attractive.”

And suddenly Lucy finds herself drawing closer to Maggie, letting her feel close to the one person that reminds her of Alex–in her stubbornness and her righteous anger. And for another week or two, they both take comfort in each other, take comfort in their own unauthorized work while Non’s army threatens to bring the city crashing down around them.

And then, almost as suddenly, Myriad has been stopped. Alex and J’onn have returned and been pardoned. And Lucy has questions–so many questions. But those questions can wait when Alex shows up at her door, face still streaked with grime from the fight and her impromptu flight to space, Lucy’s motorcycle helmet tucked under her arm to return. Because Alex is biting her lip and looking at her like talking can wait, should wait, must wait…wait until the morning, until after they’ve worked things out in each other’s arms, bodies communicating the words they can’t yet find. 

The next morning, when Maggie knocks on Lucy’s door with two coffees in hand, Alex is the one to open the door, dressed only in boyshorts and one of Lucy’s oversized Army sweatshirts. “Can I help you?”

Smirking broadly, Maggie takes in the scene, catching sight of Lucy running from the bedroom to the front door. “Nice to meet you, Alex.”

“Oh…hey, Maggie,” Lucy greets, a slightly nervous smile playing across her lips.

“‘It’s not like that,’ my ass, Lane,” Maggie teases with a bark of a laugh and a roll of her eyes.

TBC if people want it? If nothing else, thanks for the fun distraction on the lunch break I’m not actually getting to take, anon! 

Jealous Love

Anonymous requested: Hey I was wondering if you could do an imagine where you get jealous of Shawn and Camila and try to make him jealous back with an old friend of yours. You guys go back and forth over it, creating a heated argument but in the end you guys make up and he confesses he loves you? Haha if that makes sense lol

Note: you guys I freaking love to write drama it’s awesome


Everyone knew you liked Shawn, well except for Shawn. It wasn’t something you wanted to tell him in fear that he wouldn’t feel the same way and it would damage your friendship.

Aaliyah had always tried to push you to tell him, but each time you shot her down.

For years, you sat idly by as he expressed his feelings to you about other girls. You would always give him meaningful advice, even though you knew your heart was hurting at the thought of him with another girl.

Including now, this was one of those times.

Camila Cabello, one-fifth of Fifth Harmony had reached out to Shawn, wanting to collaborate. You had no problem with Shawn collaborating with someone, but it made you uneasy when rumors started going around that they were dating.

Shawn had told you how he thought she was amazing and it made you sad, definitely, jealous, definitely.

Shawn and you had set up a day for the two of you to go out to lunch or spend a day in. You both thought food would be nice to catch up over - since you two really hadn’t been able to spend much time together with Shawn about to release his album.

So, there you are, sitting in front of a little cafe that Shawn and you had claimed as your “spot” a long time ago. You sat anxious, wondering where he was as he was about thirty minutes late. If he was going to be late, he should’ve at least texted you.

Almost on cue, your phone rings, a picture of you and Shawn your mother had taken of you showing up.

“Shawn, where are you?” You ask, not in the mood for pleasantries.

“Shit, Y/N, I’m sorry but I got called into the studio - Camila wanted to go over some things for the song and change a thing or two, she also bribed me with burgers, I can’t miss this. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. I’m really sorry.”

You sigh, angry and most of all extremely jealous that Shawn held her over your friendship with him. This would’ve been the third time that Shawn canceled on you to do something with Camila, if anyone was counting. You were.

“Save it, Shawn. Go be with Camila,” you pause, rubbing a hand over your face. As much as you wanted to be angry at Shawn and tell him to go to hell, you couldn’t. “Do you want to get dinner or something later?”

“Sure, sure, I can do that. I’ll text you, okay?” He sounded rushed.
“Look, sorry, Y/N, but I really have to go.”

“It’s okay, just text me later-” You couldn’t finish your sentence, Shawn hung up on you.

You pull your phone away from your face and slam it on the table in front of you. You headed home shortly after, waiting for a text from Shawn.

One never came and as it came upon eleven o’clock at night, you knew it wasn’t going to happen. So, you went on twitter, going through your timeline - noticing that people had posted pictures of Shawn.

He wasn’t alone and he wasn’t in the studio.

He was leaving a club in Montreal with Camila.

Yeah, that one hurt.

When you had awoken the next morning, you decided that if Shawn didn’t want you, then you had to move on. Or, you could at least see if he could get jealous of you - mission would be accomplished then.

Obviously, if Shawn didn’t get jealous, you would know he didn’t like you the same way you like him and you could move on.

So, you called up an old friend and asked him if he would accompany you to a show that Shawn had tonight in downtown Toronto. He said it would be no problem and said he would pick you up at seven. Perfect.

Your phone vibrated and you glanced at it, reading a message from Shawn.

Shawnie: I’m sorry about last night, I got so caught up in work stuff. Will u be at the show tonite? I want to see u :)

You rolled your eyes at his lie, as if you were stupid, but replied nonetheless.

To Shawnie: I’ll be there, see you at 7:30


As 7 rolled around, your friend David showed up at your house, definitely dressing to impress. You, were dressed not much different.

“Wow, Y/N, you look beautiful.”

You smile, hearing exactly what you wanted, just not from the right person.

“Thank you.” You reply, getting into his car. “We are going to be late.”

“Yeah, of course, let’s get going.” David said, looking at you with his dark green eyes.

David understood that this wasn’t a date, he was purely being used for an experiment. Wait, that came out wrong. He knew you weren’t using using him, he just knew that this wasn’t an actual date.

When you get to the venue, you immediately spot Camila. You didn’t hate Camila, by a long shot, you wished that she was hate-able, so it would be a lot easier on you. The thing was, though, she was sweet and you couldn’t dislike her.

“Y/N!” Camila shouted, waving at you as she got closer to you.

“Hey, Camila.” You smile as she gives you a hug.

David gives you a weird look and you shrug it off, pulling away from the hug.

“Are you excited for Shawn to perform?” She asks you, smiling right beside you.

“Always.” You say, truthfully. No matter how pissed you were at Shawn, you would always be proud of him achieving his dreams and being happy.

David clears his throat and your eyes widen.

“Um, Camila, this is David - my date.” The words came out struggled, your brain and heart knowing that you should be saying Shawn.

Camila looks confused and startled for a second, then a little embarrassed before she reaches out a hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, David.” Is all she she says before she scurries away, telling you a “see you after the show!”

You look at her, extremely confused as to why she just acted so weird, but let it go.

“Do you think this is actually going to work?” David asks you, looking into your eyes.

“One can only hope for so much, David.” You say, quietly, but he heard you.

He gives you a small smile out of sympathy and you know it’s because he’s been in a similar situation. He, actually, used you for the same reason you’re using him right now - a year ago. It didn’t work out.

You lick your lips, looking towards the stage, waiting for Shawn to come out and perform.

As he does, he thanks everyone for coming and starts to play his first song - however, you can totally tell that there is something wrong. He’s not as focused as he usually is in the songs and lyrics, but instead looks really distracted.

Hopefully, you’re the only one that catches on, because that would kill Shawn if it got out all over twitter.

The show practically ended as soon as you thought it began and someone came to find you, telling you that Shawn needed to see you backstage.

You look at David, him wondering if he should come with, but you tell him to stay and made your way backstage.

You see Shawn, obviously distraught as he hands his guitar over to one of the stage managers.

Your eyes meet and he walks towards you.

“Shawn, are you okay?”

At this very moment, you weren’t concerned about him and Camila, you were concerned about how he was feeling mentally and performance wise.

“How could you do that?” He spits, angrily.

 “Excuse me?” Your eyebrows raise in question, slightly taken aback by Shawn’s sudden outburst of frustration.

“You brought a date, to my show?” He asks, almost as if he were confused that you would do such a thing.

“Yes, Shawn, I brought a date. I didn’t think you would get all bent out of shape if I did.” You cross your arms, getting angry at his irrational comments.

“Yeah, well I did, so your mistake.” He says, his brown eyes somehow appearing darker as he got angrier.

“What the hell is your problem, Shawn? You ditch me for your girlfriend for days, Shawn! Days! And suddenly you’re angry because I brought a date to your show? I’m so god damn sorry.” You yell sarcastically.

At this point, members of Shawn’s crew had stopped to watch the fight - signaling they were concerned and John stood by in case the fight got serious and it needed to be broken up.

“I never meant to cancel my plans with you! Work got in the way and unfortunately you suffered the repercussions! And…wait did you say girlfriend? Are you talking about Camila?” Shawn’s voice gets less escalated, and his tone is filled with confusion more than anything else.

“Who else would I be talking about, Shawn?” You said his name with venom. “And don’t give me that bullshit, you didn’t text me when we were supposed to have dinner because you went clubbing with her! I saw the pictures, and don’t try to deny it because I know you two are dating. I mean, who could blame her? Plus, you’ve spent more time with her in the past two weeks than you have with me in the past two months!”

“That doesn’t mean I’m dating her, Y/N!” Shawn tugs on his hair and sucks in a breath, clearly fuming. “This extra time I’ve been spending with her is for us to figure out some way that I can tell you that I fucking love you!”

No one says anything, all that’s heard is Shawn’s angry laboring breathing. You had no idea that Shawn felt this way about you - I mean, how could you?

“That’s why we went to the club, last night.” Shawn says, his voice quiet. “We were trying to get my brain to open up in some way so I could figure out someway that I could tell you that.”

“Well, you just did.” You swallow, shocked.

Shawn steps forward and carefully, as well as slowly, cups your cheek; his hand softly brings your head further to his until you feel him kiss you.

Cheers and claps erupt around you as Shawn’s crew rejoice in happiness.

When you two finally pull away, you see Camila smiling to herself and you look back to Shawn, the both of you smiling at each other.

“I love you, too.” You say and he smiles even wider, going in for another kiss.


anonymous asked:

Hi! I am soo in love with your writing! <3 can i request lucio, gabe and jack comforting a s/o who is feeling insecure about their scoliosis? I have scoliosis which causes my body to curve in a S shape, and i also have crossed knees and a few more things because of it. I've lately been really insecure about it and your writing always cheers me up. Thank you so much!!

 I can certainly give it a shot :) I’m glad to help in any way i can


  • Met you online through D.va
  • The three of you were gaming together and talking online
  • Lucio and you kind of hit it off. At one point he asked if you wanted to meet
  • The thought made you nervous. You didn’t feel very comfortable with yourself due to your scoliosis, and thus it made it difficult for you meet people
  • And Lucio seemed like a really sweet guy…surely he wouldn’t want to game or hang out with you if he saw how odd you were
  • But Lucio was very insistent on meeting you
  • Finally you agreed. You felt you knew how it’d go, and already you felt miserable knowing you’d lose a new friend
  • When the two of you meet at a fountain in Numbani, Lucio saw you and waved.
  • You waited for the double take. For him to look at you weirdly. For him to kind of get distant with you as you walked toward him.
  • Instead, he literally glided over and hugged you.
  • “Its awesome to meet you! Your just as pretty as your voice,” Lucio had said with a wink
  • His reaction was totally contradicting everything you had expected. Surely he hadn’t meant that con
  • “Its nice to meet you too. I just wanted to say…I’m sorry if you find yourself disappointed. I know I’m not really that great to look at,” you’d muttered, feeling rather insecure
  • A frown covered his face and Lucio took your hands, bringing your eyes up to meet his
  • “I think you look beautiful, and i’m not saying it to be funny. You don’t look any different to me,” Lucio said quite seriously.
  • For a moment you just stood there dumbfounded, not having expected him to say something like that so wholeheartedly. But then he grabbed your hand and winked, taking you to an arcade. The two of you started hanging out frequently after that till one day he finally asked you out
  • He never once, since that first day, made you feel like less of a person or uncomfortable with yourself


  • Has never commented on your scoliosis before
  • The two of you have been dating for a short period of time
  • He met you through Mercy, a close friend of yours
  • One day you’d gone to the medical bay to seek advice from Mercy, and found him on her table getting stitches in his arms
  • You couldn’t help being impressed that he didn’t so much as flinch by the needle and thread sliding through his skin
  • As you and Mercy chatted while she continued to work on him, at one point you heard Soldier snort at something you said
  • You’d put your hands on your hips, faced him and demanded what was so funny
  • He found your expression rather cute, as was the guts it took to talk to him that way.
  • “I just disagree with what your saying,” he’d said in amusement, which had led to a heated debate between the two of you as you
  • Jack found himself attracted to your wit and smile, especially when he finally put up his hands in defeat
  • You ended up visiting a bit more often, and somehow found the two of you in the same room more and more. At one point you started coming just to see him
  • At one point, Jack asked you out. He didn’t really know how to do so out loud, so when you came by his office, there was a note on the desk for you that read ‘To y/n, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met. Will you do the honor of going out with me to dinner tomorrow night?”
  • The note stunned you. You hadn’t thought that he could like you back. Few passed you without giving you funny looks, so to think anyone actually wanted to date you…
  • Shyly, you ended up accepting. Jack proudly took you to dinner, and anyone who looked at you any different were met with his fiercest of looks
  • You never felt any different around him, and it didn’t take long before you were going steady


  • A lot of people thought you weren’t capable of much due to your scoliosis
  • They thought that it would stop you from being able to properly complete missions
  • You hated it, hated how they treated you so delicately and made you feel like you can’t do anything because of your scoliosis
  • But then you get moved to Gabriel Reyes team.
  • Not for a second does he treat you like that
  • Its clear he expects you to do as much as you can, to your full extent
  • You can’t help liking how he never looks down on you (metaphorically)
  • Honestly, he’s really nice to talk to as well. You find he listens to your problems or thoughts and doesn’t wave them away, actually engaging in the talk with his opinions but also being mindful of yours
  • You can’t help the crush you grow on him
  • Of course though, you don’t feel like it would world. Gabe’s a strong and confident commander and your…you
  • One day though, when your feeling a bit emotional, you go to his office and go inside.
  • Gabe just kind of looks up at you and gives you a crooked grin. “Hey y/n,” he says.
  • Taking a deep breath, you plan to say something completely different. Instead you blurt, “I just want to thank you for treating me like everyone else and I have a bit of a crush on you but thats okay because being my commander is enough.”
  • This was NOT what you meant to say
  • Gabe just looked amused as he slowly got up and walked around the table, arms crossed. “I see,” he said, moving to stand before you.
  • God, was your face red. But you just wanted him to know how much it meant to you, not being treated lower or differently because of something you had no control of-
  • When his lips met yours, your brain practically short circuited. You stared up at him in shock.
  • “Look, pretty lady, i have a meeting to be at in 5 minutes. So…why don’t we talk about this again tonight, around 7. Perhaps during dinner,” he said with a wink. Without waiting for your response, he left. He was kind of hopeful that you wouldn’t reject him
  • You were just left there, stunned. Had he just…asked you out?
  • Sure enough, he picked you up at 7 and took you out to dinner.
  • The two of you ended up going steady after that, and to your delight, he made you feel like one of the most important women ever to exist

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I've been following old!Ben (and pretty much all your stories) religiously, and I have to say, that even if ben is kinda younger in body again, I hope he doesn't loose his calm old man/occasionally confused air, because I'm not sure the force could fix all that (and it probs just got worse having to relive it) and please don't deprive the others of taking care of him/their beloved but strange grandpa!

Yaddle grumbled, carefully pushing the upper half of the sith onto its back so they could see its face. “It seems there’s one less Sith in the galaxy now.”

“I would be more happy if it was the master honestly.” Mace grumbled, staring down at the mutilated corpse of Palpatine cut in half.

“From what I can tell from this room…” Tholme looked around. “It seems the siths started to fight. I can only speculate on what but it involved quite a bit of Force power until lightsabers were drawn and Palpatine was sheered in half.”

“I think we can guess. Damask still needed him, cutting him in half doesn’t make sense unless he’s discovered some kind of treachery.” Depa offered quietly before stopping at a small puddle of blood. “…Does Palpatine have any bleeding injuries?”

“Hmm? No, the lightsaber cauterized everything, he doesn’t have anything that could have bleed from what I can tell. Why?”

“Because there’s a small puddle of red blood here.”

Mace closed his eyes. “…Ben.”


It was confusing.

Qui-Gon could feel Ben, could hear him if only faintly since Ben seemed to have gone unconscious. But he couldn’t quite pinpoint him at the same time despite feeling his bondmate.

“Qui-Gon, you need to calm down, I can feel your emotions from here.” Yan murmured.

“…I’m sorry. I just…its cold. He doesn’t have winter gear. He’s already been gone for close to two weeks in sith captivity.” Qui-Gon tugged his scarf down enough to rub his face before tugging it back up. “I worry.”

“This is attachment Qui-Gon.”

“We’re bonded. I think I made my attachment to Ben pretty clear the moment I asked him. And things are changing my old master, attachment…the order… surely you’ve felt the Force become lighter.”

“I won’t deny that. The Force on Coruscant especially.” Dooku sighed. “Is this the path then?”

“Its not a Schisme. It can’t be. Its to peaceful. But it is change.” Qui-Gon murmured. “Its slow and methodical and it started with Ben arriving. Ben is not the driving point behind it though, yes he talks to people but he doesn’t force them to change anything. If anything the driving force behind it is our young. Obi-Wan speaks a lot to his fellow padawans.”

“From what you say, Obi-Wan and Ben are…”

“No. They aren’t the same. Not anymore. Whatever past Ben had won’t be Obi-Wan’s future. Ben has already confirmed that things have changed when he has his clearer moments. He says that Obi-Wan is not how he was at that age. That Obi-Wan is different. The future feels brighter and that is what we should care about. That we Jedi uphold justice and peace as needed.”

Qui-Gon sighed and looked around. “I’m living in the moment master. And the moment tells me that I need to find Ben or Ben will freeze to death.”

“You know your bondmate best. While he seems to have failing mental faculties, he is still a Jedi, he would have sought refuge would he not?” Yan looked around, pulling out scanning equipment from the bag of his speeder.

“Refuge…yes, he would have sought somewhere to hide from the elements. Somewhere he didn’t think a Sith would look for him.”

“Like a cave?”

Qui-Gon turned to his old master to see what the other had found on the scanners. “…Like a cave.”


It was only a show of will that kept him from running to Ben the moment he saw the shape curled up against the wall of the cave. He did however ignore the sparkling crystals as he dropped down and pushed the others hood back.

“Ben?” He reached down, ignoring the copper strands mingled into the snow white as he tipped the others head up.

“Mmn…Qui?” A raspy voice murmured and Ben opened his faded green to meet his blue. “Qui-Gon.” He smiled, breaking open the split in his lip.

Qui-Gon breathed out then shifted closer, stroking the others cold scraggy cheek. “Yes. Yes I’m here, I got you Ben. We’re going to head home now.” He slid his arms around the other and forewent the song and dance of Ben being able to walk, picking up the icy man instead bridal style.

“Yan, I got him. He’s safe.”

“Good, we need to get back to the speeders then.” Yan looked around the cave, frowning a bit. “These almost feel like kyber crystals.”

“We can come back if they are. Right now I just want to get Ben to the healer.” He felt the other drop his head against his shoulder and swallowed heavily, feeling pain yet comfort radiating of the man in his arms.

I’m alright Qui-Gon.’

No you aren’t. You’re very injured my Ben even if you can’t feel it. The cold has you numbed.

Qui-Gon started walking quickly. “We’re going home Ben.”


“What do you mean he’s younger?” Qui-Gon stared at the healer.

“Just what I said. Physically his body seems younger, physically we can see he looks younger. His mind is…well I don’t honestly know, if the sith really shattered his shields we can expect him to be even worse then before but physically he is better once he’s finished healing.”

Mace frowned, glancing at Ben, taking in the copper strands in the mans hair and beard and the removal of several lines around the mans eyes. “Is this good or bad?”

“Physically, it can only be a good thing, it would help him recover. Its the origin of this youth I worry about. Healer Che might do better with this then I but as far as I can tell, Master Kenobi is at least around five to ten years younger physically then he was.”

“Other then that, how is Ben?” Depa asked.

“Well…” The young healer shifted a bit before sighing. “He’s gone through a massive trauma with having his shields ripped, he’s going to need a mind healer to help him build those and the help of his bondmate.” She nodded to Qui-Gon who nodded in return as he held Ben’s hand in his as the man rested in the hoverbed. “Other then that he has minor physical injuries if one looks away from his broken knee and split lip, physically it seems the Sith has not been torturing him, only mentally.” She blew air out her nose. “However he’s been deprived of food, water and his usual medicine which has once again put him back in anemic and malnutrition state along with dehydration. The cold has been wrecking havoc on his arthritis and…well he’s lost two toes on his left foot from the cold exposure. Honestly if he’s walked through the snow and ice for as far as I think, then he’s lucky only to lose two toes.” She finished.

Qui-Gon breathed out then nodded. “It could…could have been so much worse.” He murmured, squeezing Ben’s hand in his, feeling the warmth slowly returning to the others hand.

“Healer Che will be able to do more about his knee. And Healer Mirana might be able to help him with the torn shields.”

You Can Come Join Me?

Prompt: “Dan isn’t a youtuber, but Phil is. Phil’s in the middle of a younow when Dan wakes up from a nap and enters the room, so Phil introduces Dan as his bf and it’s super sweet and fluffy. And maybe Dan’s super shy so he just kinda smiles and sits there cuddling Phil.”

Genre: AU, pure fluff.
Words: 1,631

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Remember me (Pt.1)
  • <p> <b>Requests:</b> Open!<p/><b><p></b> <b>A/N:</b> English is not my maternal language, sorry if this has any grammatical errors.<p/><b><p></b> <b>Summary:</b> Bucky and Y/N have a very close friendship. Both are part of the Avengers. He has a girlfriend and is going to take the big step. She instead, suffers a serious accident that changes everything.<p/><b>Characters:</b> Avengers, Bucky, Fem!Reader, OFC (Reader parents, brother...)<p/><b>Genre:</b> Drama, family, angst, romance, hurt/comfort.<p/><b>Warnings:</b> Curse/Swearing, car accident.<p/><b></b> •°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°<p/><b></b> "Two pairs of ACEs, I've won you all!" I exclaimed excited.<p/><b></b> "Oh, come on!" Clint complained after his defeat.<p/><b></b> "For once that I could win!" Nat said frustrated.<p/><b></b> "For once that Tony doesn't play and I have a chance of winning, Y/N makes us to bite the dust! Great!" Bucky said passing his peanuts to me.<p/><b></b> "Thanks, Buck! I'll enjoy your peanuts!"<p/><b></b> "How is it possible that you've won? If you supposedly are bad playing at this?" Clint asked quirking an eyebrow while passing me his nuts.<p/><b></b> "Oh, well... Let's say that I have learned from the best!" I answered to Clint as I winked at Tony.<p/><b></b> "Anyone could win this game." the Stark genius said.<p/><b></b> "It also have to do with the thing that you usually visit Las Vegas?" Nat questioned to Tony, I laughed<p/><b></b> "Maybe." Tony shrugged while he laughed.<p/><b></b> I looked at all my friends who seemed to enjoy the moment.<p/><b></b> "Anybody wants some coffee?" I asked while getting up from the couch of the common room<p/><b></b> "I would like to" Steve and Clint said at the same time.<p/><b></b> "Thank you, Y/N." said Steve with a smile.<p/><b></b> "You are welcome, Cap!" I smiled at him.<p/><b></b> "I'll be back with your coffee, gentlemen." I said while I went to the kitchen.<p/><b></b> "Smells good." Bucky said as he approached me.<p/><b></b> "I know, my coffee is the best"<p/><b></b> "No doubt about it, doll"<p/><b></b> "Hey, how are things with Molly?" I ask to my dear friend.<p/><b></b> "Great, actually, everything is going well. The other day we went out and... well, I proposed marriage. She accepted"<p/><b></b> "Hold on... seriously?" I asked unbelieving, he nodded proudly. " Oh my god, congratulations, Buck!" I hugged him. "You deserve it! Oh, my... God..."<p/><b></b> A strange feeling woke up inside me after think and think again about what he said. I ignored it.<p/><b></b> "Sush, low your voice, Y/N!". He said in a whisper. "Nobody knows anything, you're the first person to know it."<p/><b></b> "Oh! Really? Why?"<p/><b></b> "Why will it be, Y/N?"<p/><b></b> "I do not know..." I shrunk my shoulders.<p/><b></b> "Because you're my best friend, why else?"<p/><b></b> Ouch.<p/><b></b> I laughed "Maybe because you love me?"<p/><b></b> "Well, maybe. Yeah. And you and Jeff? How are you doing?" He changed the subject.<p/><b></b> "We are doing... well." I lied.<p/><b></b> "Are you sure?"<p/><b></b> "No." I admitted "We broke up."<p/><b></b> "Why?" He asked "You were going to live together."<p/><b></b> "I know, but according to him..." I talked "I'm in love with someone else and you know, jealousy kills a relationship."<p/><b></b> "And that's true." he supported his hand on my shoulder and went to hug me "And how you feel about it? Did you talk again?"<p/><b></b> "Sincerely, I'm feeling better than I thought, we broke up the other day and... I don't feel sad or depressed, and that... makes me think that I am insensitive, I don't know, Bucky... We didn't talk since he left my house."<p/><b></b> "Don't say that! Perhaps now you maybe don't feel the need to cry and feel bad, it need not to be just after the break up, you know? It can be when you least expect it or just when you're ready to let you feel that."<p/><b></b> "You are right, Barnes, thank you." I hugged him again.<p/><b></b> "Hey... you know that you can count on me, right? Always"<p/><b></b> "I know. I know." I whispered "Thank you, Sergeant."<p/><b></b> "It is nothing. Come on, let's bring them the coffee." He said while the returned to the living room.<p/><b></b> "Yes, sir"<p/><b></b> [...]<p/><b></b> "So you will come, Y/N?"<p/><b></b> "Huh? Sorry, I was with the paper work... What's up?" I raised the view.<p/><b></b> "I was wondering if tomorrow you will come to the cinema with us, and with Laura and the kids?" Clint asked with a smile.<p/><b></b> "Yes of course!"<p/><b></b> "That's great!" Nat exclaimed "I won't be the only single while these two spend the film flirting!<p/><b></b> I laughed. That also make me it to my.<p/><b></b> My phone rang, it was my father.<p/><b></b> "Excuse me, I'll be right back, guys." It took me a bit to answer the call. "Dad?"<p/><b></b> "Hello sweetheart, how is everything going with the Avengers?" my father asked<p/><b></b> "Dad! It is been so long without knowing about you!" I said as I looked around "Everything is going really well. And you? Who are you doing?" I questioned happy.<p/><b></b> "Well, hey, bubble..."<p/><b></b> "Dad... how many times I said do not call me that... Tell me, what happen?"<p/><b></b> "Listen, I'm coming home"<p/><b></b> "Really? If so, when?" I asked excited, since it would be the first time that I would see my father in 18 months.<p/><b></b> "In two days I'll get to New York."<p/><b></b> "This Sunday, I..." I whispered "Then I'll pick you up at the airport, yes?"<p/><b></b> "Y/N, you don't need to take the trouble." he said calmly.<p/><b></b> "Dad, like it or not, I'll do it. And then we're going to enjoy the best lunch ever, alright?" I smiled.<p/><b></b> "You're just as stubborn as your mother." he said nostalgically.<p/><b></b> "So? What we can do now about that?" I said funny. "How long is going to be your permission?"<p/><b></b> "About that is what I wanted to talk to you. Honey, I've retired, I've left the army."<p/><b></b> "What!? When!"<p/><b></b> "Bubble, I have to go, this weekend I'll explain you everything."<p/><b></b> "Okay, bye dad. I love you."<p/><b></b> "I love you too, Y/N, bye." I smiled, finally I would see my father.<p/><b></b> Once finished the brief conversation with my father, I finished the paperwork that I had, then I cooped up my things, I said goodbye to everyone and went to my apartment. I was accompanied by Bucky, who had been waiting for a while. We were heading to the garage.<p/><b></b> "Do you want me to take you home?" I asked him.<p/><b></b> "No- well, Yes." he said awkwardly.<p/><b></b> "Yes or not, Barnes?" I laughed.<p/><b></b> "Not or Yes? What?"<p/><b></b> "Oh, god! This is been the weirdest conversation ever!"<p/><b></b> "Yeah, actually" he smiled at me.<p/><b></b> I loved his smile.<p/><b></b> "Y/N, can you take me to the Italian restaurant?" He asked nervously.<p/><b></b> "Sure! Will you be dining there with Molly?"<p/><b></b> "Exactly, doll. Why?"<p/><b></b> "Nah, for nothing, I wanted to congratulate her."<p/><b></b> "Congratulate her? Why?"<p/><b></b> What a dork.<p/><b></b> "Of course, aren't you going to marry her?"<p/><b></b> "Oh, yeah!" He laughed.<p/><b></b> After that and the short trip to the restaurant, I congratulated Molly for agreeing to marry Sergeant Barnes, because thankfully, I would not be the only one next to Steve that we would have to worry about him.<p/><b></b> But it saddens me in some way, although I do not know why I feel this, that there are things that are going to change.<p/><b></b> [...]<p/><b></b> I snorted.<p/><b></b> "I hate traffic! Damn traffic!" I said taking my hands to my head. "I should have gone through the other way ... But no! I had to go down the main street... Great! Just great!"<p/><b></b> I turned the radio on. The music they played rumbled in my head, but at least it made something more enjoyable the wait.<p/><b></b> Again. Damn traffic.<p/><b></b> It waited 15 minutes, when the thing finally seemed to move on and I was able to follow the road without more problems, but the traffic light turned red, so I had to stop, again.<p/><b></b> My phone started ringing. I could not find it, it had to be on the seat next to me. I looked for it and it appeared under the passenger seat, I bent to take it.<p/><b></b> It was for an instant that all around me was illuminated, a blinding light prevented me from seeing well and a sound like the horn of a truck. It came from the same direction as the light.<p/><b></b> A strong impact, hit my car and caused several dangerous turns. I saw the crystals break and I heard a loud metallic noise before everything darkened.<p/><b></b> Everything happened very fast.<p/><b></b> I saw nothing. Everything was dark, it was like if the world had disappeared. As if there was nothing.<p/><b></b> "Miss? Help! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! We need help!" I heard a distant voice shouting for help, I suddenly opened my eyes and saw that I was face down, inside the car yet.<p/><b></b> I shook my head a little, I looked around, everything was backwards. I saw everything double and each time the voices were more distant. I tried to stay awake, but I felt my eyes close. I really tried not to lose consciousnes.<p/><b></b> "Now I understand that... What Jeff told me..." I thought. "Funny. It was true."<p/><b></b> Shit.<p/><b></b> "I'm in love with him. I'm ... in love with Bucky," I whispered before being embraced by the darkness.<p/><b></b> And well, then, everything just changed.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Check Yes, Juliet

So I finally finished the skater AU. It didn’t really turn out the way I wanted it to, but let me know what you think about it! I hope you guys enjoy it, and make sure to stop by my ask sometime and talk to me! Love you, sweethearts!


“Nice,” Piper commented as he slid down the ramp and took a seat beside her.

“Thanks,” Percy said, grabbing his skateboard and scooting off of the ramp so he didn’t trip anybody that came down.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, watching a few other people skate up and down the half-pipe. There were a few good people here, but it was mostly just kids that had dragged their parents to the park. Most of the other teens had already left, and they would probably come back later tonight to skate when there weren’t a bunch of little kids running around.

Percy and Piper had been friends since grade school. They had met each other in the fifth grade when they had been paired together to do a project about something informative, and after a few minutes of arguing, they had both realized that they liked to skate. So, they had made a kickass video and poster explaining the basics. Percy and Piper had even both worn their skating gear and brought their skateboards along. They had gotten an ‘A’ on the project, and they had been best friends ever since.

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Dally x Reader: Since I've Been Loving You

Summary: You’ve been partying with Dally and the gang at the Curtis’ house all night, goofing off and drinking, having a great time together. Finally, it’s just you and Dally left. The two of you are drunk and just hanging out together, not wanting the night to end. Will your feelings toward him affect how the night ends? (Warning: Underage drinking, with eventual smut coming up in the next part!)

A/N: Alright, y’all—I was in the mood to write some type of Dally fic, and this one just came to me when I saw THE INCREDIBLE GIF BELOW. (IT’S KILLING ME!!!!) Then, I wanted to mix “Since I’ve Been Loving You” by Led Zeppelin into it. I hope I did it justice, it’s one of my all-time favorite Zeppelin songs! I also hope that you like this fic. Part 2 will definitely be coming soon!!!! Any feedback means the world to me, and requests for imagines/fics/ships are open! ♡

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For the deku breaking up with his gf b/c he's busy scenario, I had that happen to me recently so I cried my eyes out for the s/o but also for deku. Would it be possible to write a follow up scenario of what heppens after time passed and how Deku feels about his decison. Btw i love your writing I've been going through your blog all day


A few months had passed since Deku broke up with you. You, on one hand, had somehow managed to mend your broken heart, it only took a shit ton of glue, tape, and staples but you still did it. You were even able to get back into the relationship world, where you knew Midoriya wanted you to be. You had actually met someone and had gone on a couple of dates with them. All in all, you were starting to become happy again.

Midoriya on the other hand, was a complete mess. He had been overworking himself to forget about how much he loved you, only it wasn’t working. He had even tried busying himself when he was supposed to be relaxing. No matter how hard he tried to move on, it was all useless.

Memories of your relationship flooded his mind all the time. His mind had turned into nothing but thoughts of you. Any other thought he had was simply just washed away, and he didn’t know what to do. The only thing he did know, was that he had come to regret his decision. He missed you deeply, more than anything and he longed to have you back in his arms, where you belonged.

He thought his choice was the best thing for the two of you but he was wrong, the only thing his decision did was bring him even more pain. There were times where he couldn’t sleep due to him thinking about all the suffering he must have caused you. At the moment, he was having one of those nights again.

His mind was so completely full of thoughts that he couldn’t pick them apart. The one thing he kept getting out of them was the word stupid and every time that word passed through his head, he agreed with the thought. He was stupid, wholeheartedly stupid. At the end of the night, well beginning of the next morning, when his alarm clock rang, one thing was clear to him. Izuku Midoriya had to get you back.

And so, a few hours later, there he was, outside of your workplace. He decided to stand outside and wait for you to come out, only when you did, you weren’t alone. You walked out with a friend laughing at something they said.

“I’m sorry, it’s not that easy!” you responded, a smile and slight blush on your face as you passed by him.

“Oh come on! You two have gone on like a million dates and you’re telling me you still haven’t kissed? What are you waiting for? To grow gray hairs?” Your friend responded, a teasing smile on their face.

You two had stopped at the cafe next to your work building and took a seat at a patio table. Izuku just watched from the position he was standing in, where he was still able to hear everything.

“It’s just that-I don’t know, I just can’t think about it yet,” you shrugged. Your friend knew what was holding you back and they wanted to help.

They sighed and reached for one of your hands, “Y/n, it’s time to completely move on. I know thinking about Midoriya still hurts, but look at yourself! You’re finally happy again and you deserve to be! Plus, isn’t that what he wanted? For you to be happy and move on?”

You looked at your lap, you knew your friend was right, but a part of you still loved Izuku, and it always would. That same part didn’t want to let him go, no matter how much you wanted to move on, you just couldn’t really force yourself to, “You’re right, and I’ll try harder. Not just because Izu-Midoriya wanted me to, but because I want to.”

There was that smile Midoriya loved so much, and holy cow was it a gorgeous one. Midoriya looked down at the ground shaking his head at himself. You were finally moving on, you were finally happy. Who was he to take that away from you? He didn’t have the right after what he caused you. With one last look at you, he turned around and went on his way, promising to himself that he too would move on, even if it meant never seeing you again.

You looked up, you thought you saw him standing there but you just shook your head. Apparently, your mind and heart really didn’t want to forget him. You simply smiled, if you were telling the truth, you didn’t either. You continued your conversation with your friend, pretending you didn’t imagine the cute freckled face boy, but little did you know that he really had been there and it would be the last time you’d ever see him so close.

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Since I'm Jonrya trash for life too I've found your tumblr(I'm Mirealona). So, the numbers are 47, 76, 93 and 100. (Frankly speaking I would send you much more) BUT I just don't wanna be too bothersome aaaand I take my leave now :)

A ficlet for 93: “I like it when you smile.” 

(I’ll tag you when I finish the others!) 

With a heavy sigh, Jon puts down a piece of parchment reporting the current contents of the Night’s Watch stores. He had never been particularly good with sums, but he need not be to know that they did not have enough to make it long into Winter. He wishes for counsel from men who had served the Watch longer than he has, who had weathered winters and come out stronger for it—men like Lord Commander Mormont or Maester Aemon. He misses Sam, who would no doubt be able to find him books on the matter no sooner than he requested it of him. Fleetingly Jon thinks of his father; Ned Stark had taught him much of lordship, but he had been a greenboy back then who had not listened as closely as he might have. Then Jon remembers the men who are here with him now—his brothers—and thinks to call upon the stewards once again on the morrow for their wisdom on such matters.

After stretching to ease the aching muscles of his back, Jon reaches for a stack of letters to reread and draft his responses. He no sooner unfolds one when the door of his chamber opens and his sister slips through, shutting it behind her.

Arya has not long been with him at the Wall. Though her arrival had been a spark amidst the cold, Jon cannot say he is glad to have her here among the men. She had refused him when he had offered her lodgings in Mole’s Town. He did not want to part from her, but he caught the Brothers leering at her as many do when any woman steps foot in Castle Black. That Arya had somehow bloomed into a beauty in the years they had been lost to one another only added to his worry for her. His fears did not abate after she beat a man bloody for touching her waist, and Jon begins to think that nothing will ease this sickness in his stomach. Though she has proven she can handle herself, Jon still feels responsible for her though he will never say so to her face.

“Did you enjoy yourself?”

She looks up at him from where she unlaces her boots, having already discarded her cloak on a nearby chair. Her gaze stirs something inside of him, something that Jon is none too proud of.

“Some. Your men must know every song in the Seven Kingdoms about bedding wenches. I think they mean to make me slick and hungry.”


It should not surprise him, the way she talks. She’s been around the small folk of Westeros and beyond by her telling. Once not long ago she had even admitted to him that she’d begun training as a courtesan, but he had stopped her. Jon had not wanted to know how far that had gone. Before, he might have attributed it to her being his little sister; now, he thinks it more jealousy.

The way she moves around him sets him on edge. There is a heaviness between them, thick with unspoken want. Oh, they have acted on it for certain. An emotional reunion spun into frantic need behind closed doors. He saw himself in her, laid bare. Her lady mother may have had a chance to tame her back then with time and patience, but Arya has been gifted to the wild now by Old and New Gods alike. Shame may roil in her belly when they touch, but Jon thinks she no longer cares. Much and more has been taken from them both, and Arya will not bear it any longer. She had started by taking him back. Though he had begged his vows, her eyes—their eyes, the same gray of the North—pleaded with him until he could not tell her no.

Jon does not stop her as she climbs onto him in his chair. Her look troubles him as she settles onto his lap. Once he would have known what ailed her as if he too had suffered it. Questions plague him—what happened to you out there, little sister? Tell it to me true as you always have. Jon does not ask though, not yet. Instead, he strokes her pale cheek with his thumb before he brings it to her plump, lower lip.

“I miss your smile.”

It occurs to him too late that he should not say such a thing, that it might make her feel as if he only wants his little sister back. While he longs to see her lips pull upward in joy, he will take whatever Arya has been given him. During his time Beyond the Wall, he had thought he would never see her again. That she is here with him and warm beneath his skin is a greater gift than he could ever have asked for.  

Arya presses her lips against the pad of this thumb, then opens her mouth to capture it between her teeth. She gives a little squeeze before releasing him, and Jon’s heart skips as one corner of her mouth twitches upward.

“I only bite now.”

They say he is a somber, brooding man, but it’s not so when he is with Arya. The feel of her teeth lingering on his skin makes him grin. The Arya of his childhood always claimed to be a wolf, acted the part, and had even bitten Robb once when he’d attempted to return her to Septa Mordane at his lady mother’s behest. Her playfulness now reminds him of then.

Perhaps his smile encourages her. Perhaps it reminds her too of better, unburdened days. Jon does not quite know what it stirs in her, but she leans down to capture his lips. It is hard and urgent, and the heat between her legs brings his own urgency to bear on him. His lip is soon caught between her teeth, and she is none too gentle this time.

Little wolf.


Gods how you’ve grown.

As he rises from the chair, her legs wrap around him, her lips and teeth still greedy. A fleeting thought reminds him that there should be great shame in this. He should feel disgust instead of the painful hardness tight in his breeches. He might have, once, if it had not been for time, for distance, for death itself. Their reunion ought to be an impossible thing, yet they are in one another’s arms. That first time, it had not been close enough, not with the clothes between them. They had both needed more, not flesh against flesh, but joined together as one. The Gods had treated them cruelly, had stripped them of nearly everything.

You owe us your forgiveness in this, Jon thinks as he lays Arya on his bed. The North remembers, and this debt you will pay.

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Xerooooo! Give me UmiMaki: 30, 46 and 49 please

A/N: An early birthday present to @lovelivellama. This was much harder than I expected it to be. I hope you enjoy it.


“It’s not what it looks like…”

“Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.”

“Well, this is awkward…”

Maki cursed herself for ever asking for help. The plan completely backfired once she opened her mouth, let alone to troublesome people.

“You should give up trying to make her dinner. She’ll only have a heart attack if you end up burning down the house.”

Maki scowled at Nico’s words when she had visited them for help. Although she wanted to deny it, Nico was right. Maki was useless when it came to cooking, let alone do anything in the kitchen besides making coffee, getting food out the fridge, and using the microwave to heat the cold food.

But right now, Maki would rather be homeless than do what she was going to do. In her hands was a bag; and in that bag, was a sexy cop outfit and a pair of handcuffs.

“I can’t believe Kotori was able to convince me to buy these…”

It was do or die. Tonight, is Maki’s fourth wedding anniversary with Umi and she wanted to change things up with her lover. So, to get some ideas to surprise the other, Maki went to their friends for help. Low and behold, this was what she ended up with.

Maki began to strip out of her clothes. Her fingers slid across her fair skin and began to imagine activities that were to come once Umi returns from work. Before things got hotter, Maki snapped herself out of it and decided to take a bath to freshen herself up first. After her bath, Maki exhaled deeply to convey her mixed feelings about cosplaying. She was having an internal debate on whether this was the right decision or not.

“Maybe we should just do what we usually do.” She was beginning to have second thoughts.

“Umi-chan can be easily swayed by other women if you don’t mark her as your own Maki-chan.”

It irked her that Nozomi said that to tease her, but the red-head didn’t believe Umi would ever be unfaithful to her, especially if it pertained to “making love” with another. After all, this was Umi she was talking about. It was hard to not get her lover to say what they were doing is “shameless”.

Shaking the thoughts out of her head, Maki finally decided to put on the costume. It didn’t feel any different from the outfits they once wore when they were school idols, but nonetheless was not any less embarrassing. The leather of the shorts and blazer hugged her curves tightly. Maki smiled to herself while imagining the face Umi would make once she walks into their bedroom. Unconsciously, the red-head began making various sexy poses in front of the large mirror. Umi may say that she’s being shameless, but the red-head knew better because her wife is a closet pervert. Maki was so engrossed in her own little world that she hadn’t realized that someone had entered their house.

“Who would have thought it would rain so hard so suddenly.” Umi entered the house drenched from the storm followed by a blonde in the same state.  

“I know. Sorry about this Umi, even though today was supposed to be your anniversary with Maki.” Eli apologized for the intrusion.

“It’s fine. It’s not your fault that the trains stopped working because of the rain and you have no way home.” The blue haired woman took off her shoes and wet blazer. “I’ll go try to find us some towels and see where Maki is.”

Umi leaves Eli and goes searching for clean, dry towels. The blonde began stripping, taking it upon herself to go to the bathroom to clean herself and find some of her spare clothes she leaves at their house. However, before she could even make it there, she was stopped by Maki.

“Y-you’re under arrest for s-stealing my heart! Prepare to be punished for it!” The red-head had her eyes tightly shut and a nice red hue painted across her face.

“Well, this is awkward…” Eli was baffled at the bold statement that was clearly not meant for her.

“Ueeh?!” Maki’s face lit up red like a tomato, brighter than a Christmas light.

“Maki?” Upon hearing her voice, Umi returned to where the other two were. “Have you seen the…?”

Words fell into silence when she saw her wife cosplaying as a cop, on top of Eli, who was half naked on the ground.

“Umi! Before you jump to any conclusions, hear me out first!” Eli feared for her life and wished she could tell Nozomi that she loved her one more time before her lifeless body is sent to her wife.

“It’s not what it looks like…” Maki spoke softly, a blush still clearly present on her face.

The red-head could not look at her lover in the face. She was too embarrassed and wanted the earth to open and swallow her so she could disappear. That was, until she was picked up by Umi.

“Umi?” Eli gave the couple a puzzled look.

“Make sure to lock the door with the spare key under the plant pot after Nozomi picks you up.” Umi looked over her shoulder with a cold smile as a warning to the other. “And make sure to keep your mouth shut about what happened along with erasing what you saw from your mind.”

“Y-yes ma’m!” Eli felt a cold rush crawl up her spine which did not come from her cold, wet clothes.

“U-Umi…?” Maki spoke weakly.

“You’re shameless…” Amber eyes averted followed by a blush on Umi’s cheeks.

“I-it’s not like I did this for you or anything…”

“Oh? So, it was for Eli?” Umi raised an eyebrow at her wife.

“W-who knows?” Maki looked away to avoid her gaze.

Closing the door, Umi put Maki on the bed and got on top of the other. In her most seductive tone, she leaned in close to Maki’s ear and whispered. “Should I punish you then Officer?”

That night, the two ending up having one of the best out of many.

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*whispers* sparring sessions between Mustang and Hawkeye...

*whispers back* Sparring sessions between Mustang and Hawkeye with kissing

Warning: Some slight lime.

Duel Desires

Based on this art by thesilentwatcher.

“If I didn’t know any better,” Roy teased as he dipped away from Riza’s right hook, “I’d say you’ve been practicing.”

“Rebecca doesn’t like to hold back,” she mused between pants. “So I’ve had to adjust my style a little.” He swung twice and she avoided both would-be blows by side-stepping and quickly skirting around Roy’s form, raising her fists to protect her face again. When he turned just enough to catch her eye, she lunged forward and pumped her right fist out again, expecting to make contact with his shoulder. Instead, and very much to her surprise, Roy’s arm shot up and he grasped her wrist.

Before she could brace herself he tugged her forward and off balance. Riza stumbled past him and managed to catch her footing before completely falling, and then felt a light tug on her ponytail. She hopped forward a few paces to distance herself from him before turning around and raising her hands again.

He returned the gesture by bringing his fists closer to the smug smirk on his face.

Riza resisted an eye roll. It seemed that he too had been practicing with someone else; likely Havoc given his rather cocky demeanor that evening. Still, she was confident she would win the night’s round, considering she had a few more tricks up her sleeve.

He lifted a brow knowingly. “I guess I should have figured, seeing that your style is particularly scrappy tonight.”

“As long as you win, you win. Right,” she proclaimed, following her question with a forward lunge. Roy reacted by sidestepping before her fists made contact with his arms. As she whirled around to continue her assault, he pumped his fists forward and into her arms as she shielded her face. Before she could gain traction her back hit the wall, and within moments she found herself imprisoned between his two arms. She kept her expression even as Roy advanced forward, just close enough for their noses to touch… and for her to see the beads of sweat that had accumulated on his brow.

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