i've never watched a stream before

[insert lame “boy could hang the stars” line] 

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 A little snippet from the Engeki Haikyuu TBS Special!  

It opens with just Kenta and Tatsunari leading us through the exhibit, but gradually the other Karasuno members join.  Here, Ryoutarou and Kairi are added to the group after Kenta and Tatsunari discover some weird statues they’ve never seen before.  

(Please don’t ask for the a video/download/stream.  This was home recorded by a Twitter user who has since taken down the video, and I personally had zero access to watch the special program.)

@tubflake replied to your photoset “If you missed the live stream, please make sure to watch the November…”

is there anywhere you can watch it translated???


Judging from the fact that you even asked this question, it seems that you’re not aware of the following:

  • The broadcast barely ended like ~8.5 hours ago. The VOD on YouTube is…what, only ~6 hours old?
  • That same broadcast happened to air when most people in the US were sleeping off food comas from Thanksgiving. That cuts down the number of immediately available translators somewhat.
  • All subbed Aqours niconama videos you see scattered across the web are fanmade.
  • Fanmade translations take time - the subber not only has to translate the content, but also time and typeset the lines.
  • It’s extremely difficult to try to decipher what nine girls are saying, especially when they have a tendency to scream over each other. :’)
  • This broadcast lasted a little longer than past streams (IIRC it was a bit over 1h10m) and had a lot of content (news, letters).
  • tl;dr: Whoa there, people are still waking up to watch the VOD. Chill.

If you wait patiently, usually you’ll see a segment translated. Sometimes, you’ll even get lucky enough to see a full-length video. Considering that this niconama was hilarious af, I’m sure that you’ll see translations start to pop up in the future.

I am thinking of posting my half-asleep recollections a recap of the interesting points from the niconama soon, so you could read that while you wait I guess?