i've never thought he would be so attractive like this

More Fire Emblem Starters
  • "Chivalry and longevity don't often go hand in hand."
  • "I wouldn't say 'challenged' exactly. More like 'shooed away'."
  • "Shall I list every hero who said that before being poisoned, sniped, or snared?"
  • "Oh, come now. You make us sound like a pair of fawning lovebirds."
  • "So you say, but your blushing face seems a little less certain!"
  • "So the future me wasn't so much furtive, but more of a hopelessly doting father."
  • "I understand I don't belong in this time. I'll not have myself become a burden."
  • "Are you saying you have no intent on seducing him?"
  • "It would be so easy to fall in love, even if you didn't mean to."
  • "Who know what sultry designs you have in my for my sweet father!"
  • "Aren't you being overly protective?"
  • "Are you insinuating I'm naive?"
  • "Oh, I'm not insinuating anything. I'm flat out saying it."
  • "You're acting like a silly, jealous child."
  • "It's natural that you'd be attracted to such a gallant, wonderful man."
  • "______'s nice, I suppose, but I've never thought of him/her as gallant... or wonderful."
  • "What are you saying? You don't think (s)he's gallant?! You think (s)he's just NICE?!"
  • "How can you be so blind to his/her incredible charms?!"
  • "How dare you not be attracted to him/her! It's beyond insulting!"
  • "I thought you DIDN'T want me to fall in love with him/her."
  • "J-just stay away from him, harpy!"
  • "I'm honestly not sure which one of us is more confused."
  • "A good soul cleansing can do wonders for one's mood."
  • "O ye gods, thanks a billion for all thine abundantly sweet and tasty goodness..."
  • "What? Thou art jealous, O mighty gods? Jealousy and angry, you say?"
  • "Then send thou's terrible fruit pies to me, that I might just use them to smite thine foes!"
  • "_______, your demands for sweets hover even closer to blasphemy."
  • "O furious and insane gods! Send me ten-- nay, TWENTY of your finest cakes!"
  • "O most horrifying and fattened gods, thou art most tricksy in thine ways..."
  • "D-dear gods, please send not lightning to strike down this heretic. He/She knows what he/she does!"
  • "I will deliver unto thee my first-born son, if only you make donuts rain down upon--"
  • "A woman of your beauty shouldn't be reduced to hauling trash."
  • "What's the matter, sweet ______? Did I say something wrong?"
  • "I'm a man."
  • "It's just that... your eyes are... so very shiny and pretty..."
  • "You see, I spied a pretty lass walking down the road, and asked her if she was a woman."
  • "You have thrown gallant _______ off my game, and the world suffers as a result!"
  • "When I look at your soft, milky skin and glowing, lustrous locks of hair..."
  • "No one's going to trust you if you're grinning like the village idiot."
  • "Nothing sinister over here. I'm just a hale and hearty mage."
  • "We're supposed to be harbingers of pestilence and famine and doom!"
  • "Mm... I love doom."
  • "Did you just put a curse on me?"
  • "I don't get into politics. I just want to toss fireballs at bad guys."
  • "Do you need a death curse? Please say you need a death curse."
  • "No death curses!"
  • "Hecka-necka, jimma-jamma, woozle wazzle! Aaand presto! Curse dispelled!"
  • "You disarm your foes with terrifying honesty and sincerity!"
  • "Well, usually I disarm foes by removing their arms."
  • "I WISH I had an awesome illness, but no, I'm right as rain."
  • "Oh, you know, stuff and things."
  • "We're not pawns of some scripted fate."

soufrebi  asked:

Ahh I see, I'm happy Sousuke finds Makoto so attractive that he kissed him (^-^) Forgot to say thank you for maybe considering writing SouRin. A big maybe is better than no possibility. I've been wanting to ask a SouMako fan this: since both characters never even talk to each other in the anime, why do you or other fans ship them? I always thought it's because they ship HaruRin so Makoto is left with Sousuke, but that can't be it. Would you tell me your reasons for shipping them? Thanks! :3

i like their dynamic

makoto is very much a hero (regardless of protagonist status). sousuke is very much an anti-hero

both serve as the equalizing factor to haru and rin, respectively

not to mention they’re both swole as fuck and gorgeous? god damn

I think the Free! writers should’ve had them at least interact, and it was a damn shame they didn’t. their relationship as virtual opposites of each other (while being very much the same in how deeply they love their best friends) could’ve been so interesting. and relevant, too! when sousuke was antagonizing haru, that would have been the perfect chance for intervention and first meetings.

that is what I wanted to capture in fefsky. two people who are passionate, desperate, and unconditional lovers in two incredibly different ways (sousuke as possessive and fiercely protective, and makoto as a constant source of support and a catalyst for the growth of his friends). that’s why soumako is so incredibly important to me, and why I’m writing FEFSKY.

I think everyone in the soumako fandom can agree with me here when I say that our fascination and dedication to this ship is not unfounded.