i've never thought about this ship before

fun fact though guys, apparently (I can’t 100% confirm but I have it from a reliable source) Big Finish came within inches of casting Benedict Cumberbatch as the Master before changing their minds at the last minute because they thought he was associated too strongly with Sherlock, and I honestly still haven’t recovered from this information

random thoughts that crossed my mind while questing today:

-Has arcann ever woken himself up by rolling over and having his prosthetic touch any part of him that would’ve been warm under the blankets and the sudden cold..
-just how often does theron get himself hurt by just being a klutz, like does someone hear him quietly say oww or dammit and they just know he hurt himself doing everyday stuff?
-continuing with the ‘i wonder what arcann’s singing sounds like’ I be vaylin would either be nails on a chalk board or opera level good, and is always up to brag about it.
-why does the male agent get watcher 2 as a romance (mini-romance?) and have kaliyo or temple as an option, but the female only has vector. Like I love vector, but that’s the only option? what about fixer twelve? he’s cool!
-just how many ships has Koth crashed since he met Lana? they treat crashing in the endless swamp like it’s something that’s happened a lot.

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I read certain shippers saying that Jon wasn't showing any particular interest in Dany in that cave scene. Were we watching the same episode? I've never seen him look that softly at someone before. He's definitely smitten!

lol let me guess..certain shippers of a crack ship? lmao, you know what is the most awesome part? this week i really read a  LOT of reviews about the episode, and i did because i wanted to see GA audience thoughts about Jon and Dany, since of course, they are a main topic. And you know what i really loved?

I read some reviews of people that confessed that they don’t ship Jon and Dany, or they don’t like the idea of jonerys happening, but they can’t deny their chemistry. They can’t deny how beautiful and natural the cave scene was. And that they felt Jon and Dany’s connection with each other more than ever.

More so, in some of those reviews, some confessed that they didn’t liked jonerys before, but now they are jonerys trash. haha. You know how incredible this is? Even people very anti shipping stuff, can’t deny jonerys.

so..what more is to say? let the antis play the dumb or blind game. it’s honestly the only option for them right now: denial lol, even the producers and the director of the episode already confirmed that Jon and Dany felt the attraction and there’s something more happening between them personally.

that scene with dany in the cave, was the more heart eyes that jon has ever been in this show. He deff never looked at Ygritte like that or anyone else. he was like almost in a permanent trance-like state..he couldn’t even stop looking at dany. But if the antis still can’t see with all this, then just throw this gif at their faces, i honestly can’t see anything more obvious lmao

p.s: this really is my new favorite gif for everything haha

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Honestly you're wrong because you think the phandom is only 14yo but it's not like that. I write posts about fucking Phil and Phil's crotch. I'm 25. I've had 30yo boyfriends before. I think it's normal to write about sexual attraction. If 13yo get weirded out at the thought maybe they shouldn't stalk and ship 30yo men.

man i was just giving people the benefit of the doubt in that perhaps they weren’t old enough to consider how weird it is but good to know some of you are just generally creepy!


So here’s my friend John (the one on the left obviously ; u ; — I’ve posted that picture on my tumblr page of me cosplaying Sakura before) cosplaying a character from Tokyo Ghoul.

I haven’t watched the anime, so at first I thought he was cosplaying some punk rock version of Sasuke or Noctis (since he has cosplayed Noctbby before).

We pitched ideas about cosplaying both Sasuke and Sakura together in the past, but never got to actually doing it. Maybe one day soon, idk yet.

I've decided I have a new OTP ...

I’ve done some thinking about the  Trainspotting 2 premiere and I’ve come to the conclusion that I have a new OTP. I’ve never seen such chemistry between these two people before especially when one of them is with anyone other than the vivacious ginger beauty he was with last night. He was so engaged and attentive with her and  spent so much time just talking with her as if she was the only woman there.  So I’ve decided after much thought that I will now ship this couple . I still wholeheartedly ship Sam and Cait  but there’s no denying this couples obvious connection. I shall call them …

TORINA.  Who’s with me on this wild ride? Michael Jackson said it best when he sang The Way You Make Me Feel.