i've never seen this scene before


#there is nothing in this scene that isn’t amazing #from root in the background wondering how the hell shaw got out the cuffs #like she’s literally trying to fit her hand through the cuff seeing if she can figure it out for herself #to harold swearing he just seen shaw cuffed to the bench like five seconds ago and yet now she’s in his face #and then shaw casually eating like its nothing and ‘yea i’m really standing here..’ #like pls i’m dying #this scene is hilarious


Deleted scene from The Runaway Bride


carisi: hey, you alright?
rollins: why wouldn’t i be?
carisi: i dunno. usually you’re two steps ahead of me, and i’ve never seen you queasy at a crime scene before.


This is agent Leeland Turbo. I have a flash transmission for agent Finn McMissile.
Finn, my cover’s been compromised. Everything’s gone pear-shaped. You won’t believe what I’ve found out here. This is bigger than anything we’ve ever seen. And no one even knows it exists. Finn, I need backup. But don’t call the cavalry, it could blow the operation. And be careful, it’s not safe out here.

Now that I’ve seen a lot of posts about Brooding Superman™ I’m starting to wonder when he actually had time to brood in his two movie appearances. Can someone give me the receipts? The only proper scene we’re given where Clark is seen by himself and sad is when he’s on the mountain top, and even that scene doesn’t have him stand passively and stare into the distance with a Brooding Look™ on his face. He never had time in the movie to just stop and stare at things, so now I’m really wondering where this misconception came from. He had no time to brood in Man of Steel and he definitely had no time in BvS, so where are these scenes of a brooding Superman? I’ll wait.

In the mean time, while the wild goose chase for brooding Superman scenes commences, you wanna know who did get several shots of just staring at the distance/at space with unhappy looks on his face? Batman. Batman got brooding scenes, not Clark. Maybe work on your definition of “brooding” because I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

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You said you're answering questions about the episode so this is fair game. On a scale of 1-10 how good/sexually charged was the Laurel/Oliver sparring scene. I bet it showed the chemistry that they have & I can t wait to see you shippers lose your mind. So much for Laurel not being a threat. I also love that it shows how much respect the writers have for Olishitty which is ZERO. Laurel will be there to support him. He's will realize that Laurel is his one true love. Lauriver is on the rise.

My God. This might be my favorite ask that I’ve ever gotten in my time on Tumblr. Seriously. Thank you, Anon. 

You’ve lumped me in with the “shippers” who are going to lose their minds about the episode, and yet you’ve clearly been checking out my posts on Twitter about 4x11 in which I’ve expressed how much I enjoyed the episode. You can’t have it both ways, friend. 

I really enjoyed how your question escalated almost alarmingly quickly from a query to a theory to gloating that you came out on top in a scene that you have not yet seen. I commend you for your optimism. 

All of that said, I did say that I’m answering questions and yours is indeed fair game for one of my vague answers. 

I’ll carefully say that the Laurel/Oliver scene went better than I expected based on how the conversation between them started. It does feature the same amount of chemistry between them as they’ve maintained since 1x01, so I expect that you’ll be pleased with it. 


Naya Rivera: Behind the Scenes with Cosmopolitan For Latinas magazine

10 reasons to adore Samsteve

1. The meet cute How often do you meet a person like this? Why would you tease a person you have never talked to before? That’s a this “person looks interesting and I need a way to meet them” move. 2. I haven’t smiled this sincerely in a while This is self explanatory, but the scene where Steve visits Sam? He is so relaxed and so happy to meet someone kindered, but also friendly and not starstruck. Someone easygoing and goodnatured. 3. I don’t have anywhere to go and I trust you Again they have only met each other twice so far but they trust each other deeply. 4. I trust you so I’ll fight alongside you TWICE In Cap 2 and Cap 3 Sam and Steve trust each other’s decissions. 5. let me help you find someone you hold dear Sam looks for Bucky with Steve and continues to even when Steve can’t do it himself. Sam has no reason to care for or trust Bucky, but he helps anyway because it’s important to Steve and so it’s important to him as well. 6. I woke up to “our song” Yeah let’s not forget that Sam suggested Marvin Gaye. 7. I mumbled “our words” after waking up in a hospital bed and noticing your presence That’s a scene out of a romantic comedy right there. 8. I’m with you if your sure about this Cap 3 9. I’ll deal with the faulout go save the world I mean yes 10. Thank you but I’ll never leave you behind If there is one thing all of this has established it would be that they always pull through for each other. @steveandsam I did it. And if ya’ll don’t believe it look for yourselves.

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