i've never seen this scene before


#there is nothing in this scene that isn’t amazing #from root in the background wondering how the hell shaw got out the cuffs #like she’s literally trying to fit her hand through the cuff seeing if she can figure it out for herself #to harold swearing he just seen shaw cuffed to the bench like five seconds ago and yet now she’s in his face #and then shaw casually eating like its nothing and ‘yea i’m really standing here..’ #like pls i’m dying #this scene is hilarious

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Tarjei fucking slays in that Gabrielle scene Jesus, he makes isak look thirsty as fuck, he's so good.

aahh anon i knowww!!! 

that whole scene is so well acted from the both of them i think, but tarjeis face especially is on point! like going from the disappointed “did he leave me again?” in his room, to the shook™ face when even kisses him, then insecure isak, and then isaks “me neither” so fucking in love it physically hurts me!!!

and then of course the thirstiest face in the history of both faces and thirst, which i never get tired of looking at. its So Good, and his confused face and little “huh?” when even starts talking about the song, hes like coming out of a daze. its the best thing. also when the face returns in the middle of 5 fine frøkner when even is dancing and sort of caressing isaks face and neck and in the end hes just like “fucking just kiss me already”. 


Deleted scene from The Runaway Bride

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I'm just so... shocked?? About this maggie comment, why would they even connect the two in the podcast? I watched Glens death scene (i've never seen walking dead) for context and it wasn't like Keith was walking to his death, and the lines wern't delivered the same... so Glens love and devotion for his wife was just connected to a special scene with Shiro and how else are we meant to take that. Sheith is in love and no one can convince me otherwise

Oh ya I agree, it feels like there’s really love there. As I’ve said before, with the way this scene is framed and written, it’s clearly very intimate and reads as romantic. Particularly when you compare and contrast it with the more casual and lighthearted talk between Keith and Lance that comes after. So yeah, it’s very telling that, whether you ship it or not, people can’t just look in on this scene and automatically see these romantic tones to it.

 And again, the way this line is delivered really conveys this as well. There’s a softness to Keith’s tone that just reaches out and grabs you by the heartstrings with how unabashedly tender and sweet it is. Also, sounds gentle, but completely firm and reassuring in his conviction as well. It speaks volumes about Keith’s feelings for Shiro.

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Why did they have that long Danielle speech resuming her life to Jon when they didn't do it for anybody else that she met in the whole series? And had Davos to explain Jon's life too so she knows. That's not how you build a romance if their intention is J0n3rys, I've never seen that trope before. Like in a few minutes they get to know each other by someone else and the next episode they fall bc, why not, mutual respect, and then a few eps after they bang bc boy finds girl a goddess. WTF??!!!

They did it because they finally had the last two Targaryens in one scene. It was like they had to start to get to know each other for the final revelation. I didn’t like it though, I hated it. 

That whole Danielle’s speech about what she had to go through which is, btw, not any different from something that so many other women have to endure, was so uncalled for. But somehow d&d decided to make her look more entitled than ever in this ep. and had her describe herself as the Mary Sue who suffered so much and only did good in her life. There’s Jon telling her about the WW and she starts with this little monologue of hers about being sold, betrayed and raped and defiled and she survived and built what she has now only because she believes in herself and bla bla bla bla, a speech that was TOTALLY AND UTTERLY OUT OF CONTEXT, because Jon doesn’t give a fuck about her birthright and whether she gave birth to dragons or the dothraki crossed the sea for her, but only about the Great War coming, yet she brags about HOW GREAT SHE IS, in front of a man she doesn’t know. Like girl, wake the fuck up and pay attention instead of only listening to yourself. 

The pompous way to describe herself, that apparently gives her the right to assert herself as the rightful Queen of the 7K, that I cannot stand. Sansa Stark had to endure the same fucking shit:

  • Found herself in a foreign place (because fuck, that’s foreign place for her), where she was held prisoner, mistreated and beaten up in public;
  • Forced to marry not one, but TWO men;
  • Being followed around by a fucking creeper that “““loves””” her only for her resemblance to her mother and kissed her when she was still a child!;
  • She witnessed with her own eyes her father being beheaded, heard about her brother and mother murdered and decapitated while in KL as she was prisoner of the family who ordered the massacre and married to one of them;
  • Her aunt hated her and almost killed her for the love of a fucking creeper, instead of loving her for being family;
  • SOLD by the same creeper to the family that concocted along with the Lannisters the murder of her family;
  • Her little brother killed by the man she was forced to marry;

YET SHE SURVIVED ALL THIS. She survived, reached her long, lost brother and convinced him to fight. She gained back her home, she rules the North now and has her OWN PEOPLE following her lead because THEY RESPECT HER AND BELIEVE IN HER. 


Anyway, Davos went into full rage mode and described the shit Jon went through and THANK YOU DAVOS, because she fucking needs to be put in her place. I bet Dadvos noticed this brat needs an education of “how being less entitled and more humble”.

But I don’t know why they needed this to build the romance this way. Hyping the struggle they both had to endure to respect each other? I don’t rule out this is the way they want the romance to begin, but I believe it was a parallel between the two last Targaryens, who are similar for certain aspects, yet very different. Danielle relies on her birthright and her dragons, Jon never had any of it, but he gained the respect of his people and of the wildlings nonetheless because he is a leader, a commander. He became KITN without a title, without dragons, without the arrogance to believe to be the chosen one.

Those two representations mark the huge difference between them. She brags about who she is, what she has done and her birthright; Jon doesn’t even want to speak about his accomplishments, Davos intervenes on his behalf because he cannot stand anymore this woman. Hell, Jon doesn’t even want people to know he was resurrected! He could go around and brag about it, but he doesn’t. He’s not like her and never will be. 

Two Targaryens, yes. One the opposite of the other though. 

And I truly believe that is what D&D wanted to show us.

If they plan on building the romance like this, then no. It’s a big, huge NO for me. I’m tired of seeing men falling for her out of respect for what she did, how entitled she is and just because she’s her. I’m so fucking tired of men falling head over heels for her (see Jorah who is still not fucking over her), they’re making her look like a goddess that every single man worships. They have to stop with this and give her a male antagonist that won’t fall for her in a matter of a day, which could be interesting if it ends up being her last kin.

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I'm not sure if you've answered this before, but I've seen some people who believe Harry and Uma have a toxic relationship and I want to know if you think the relationship is toxic or not (not hating on huma I ship it so hard I'm just conflicted 😂)

nope. i don’t think it’s toxic at all. there’s like one scene where she gets mad and shoves him and while i do love them, i don’t justify that action bc you should never take out your anger on other people.

yet i do see claims that they’re toxic and are even saying they’re at joker and harley’s level which is ridiculous bc neither uma or harry would purposely hit the other just for fun?? you see them mutually having respect and caring for each other. harry would hurt anyone who tries to hurt her and uma would help him whenever he needs it.

and people saying uma just bosses him around lmao. she is THE captain so it’s like sometimes he is gonna take orders but he doesn’t mind doing so!!! she never uses him for an advantage and rarely leaves him behind. if that was the case, don’t you think she would have taken ben’s offer and just zoomed tf out of the isle… she’s doing all these plans to get herself and her crew out - that includes harry. they are no where near toxic or abusive as people claim and people took that shoving scene and analyzed it as if it was similar to joker throwing harley out of the window

  • Source: http://twinpeaksthegiftedandthedamned.libsyn.com/grace-zabriskie-interview-twin-peaks-double-r-diner-pop-up
  • Q: One of the scariest scenes for me was when Hawk comes to visit you at the door. Do you know what that noise was in the kitchen, and are you allowed to say?
  • Grace Zabriskie: I'm not, but I don't. I mean, I sort of do. I know the type of thing that it was. You know, and so do you.
  • Q: Well...
  • Grace Zabriskie: Evil's in there! [...] that's my favorite scene, by the way.
  • Q: With Hawk? Why was that your favorite scene?
  • Grace Zabriskie: What I live for is doing something that I've never seen done on screen before. ...as actors, we have to be very happy with very small things. So, it could be just a flash. In this case, it was a little bit more than just a flash, and basically, it was the following state: someone is in terrible, terrible trouble. Someone meaning very well says he hopes that you're fine, he wants to be told if you need anything. And even though you are letting him know, if he's paying attention, that you're not okay, and you desperately need help, and there's some goddamn thing in the other room for God's sake, and he doesn't (?) to it, he chooses not to, he stays in the good guy, "just let me know if there's anything I can do for you", he couldn't be more sweet and hopeful and all of that, but I get to look at him with the face of someone who knows that I am really, really on my own. No-one can help me. And I look at him with that terrible face. The first time I saw it, I thought that take lasted seventeen minutes. The second time I realized, no, it really didn't last very long at all, but I thought, that face that I made when I was looking up at him, you know-
  • Q: Hoping that he might do something-
  • Grace Zabriskie: No, I'm not hoping. I know better than to hope. No-one can help me, I know that, but here is someone that I go way back with, who never bothered with me much in all these years, but here he is and he's heard that I was cuckoo at the grocery or whatever and so he's coming by to check on me. And I am... so clearly not okay, and he's... dealing with that as people... do. And I kind of... I think I wanted that scene to be about when people are in terrible trouble and the people are doing what he's doing.
  • Q: Which is...
  • Grace Zabriskie: Which is meaning well but not wanting to get involved. Not really able to help, not really wanting to be able to help. Not really. Not really. And not even acknowledging that, not even to himself.
  • Q: Right. A scene like that, which is at once terrifying and heartbreaking, and then you see the same character [...] talk to the Log Lady. In Sarah's mind, do you think it would be more of the same from Hawk, like he's kind of helping but he's not helping enough?
  • Grace Zabriskie: It was a little bit, now that you mention it. It was a little bit. She was at the end of her life and she knew it, but she wasn't crazier than she's ever been, or anything like that. So she wasn't really expecting anything. But there are similarities, I guess. Except that she had no reason to resent that. Whereas my character did.
  • [...]
  • Q: When you're at the bar and it feels like... was /that/ what was in the kitchen? In the back, was it a tulpa or a doppelganger that was at the bar, or was that in Sarah all along?
  • Grace Zabriskie: What do you think
  • Q: I... go back and forth on this quite a bit. And I don't feel that if that was Sarah all along, that anything would've happened to Laura. But I can see-
  • Grace Zabriskie: ...if WHAT was Sarah all along
  • Q: The... being that... opened up your... face. and... we see...
  • Grace Zabriskie: THEN nothing would have happened to Laura?
  • Q: I think that being would have taken care of Leland, BOB... very quickly. And very easily.
  • Grace Zabriskie: I... ...see. Well... yes, I don't think that was in Sarah all along, I think Sarah's background - and this is just what I think - is that there is a little bit of a psychic in her. And there always was.
  • Q: In terms of the visions of the white horse, and...
  • Grace Zabriskie: Just knowing, knowing immediately. That something had happened to Laura. It's there from the very, very beginning, that something's going on. And it's... there are lots of versions of that, instances of that.
  • Q: For me, I felt there was a... several people who have similar types of visions, or an instinct that don't open up their... face and...
  • Grace Zabriskie: No, I'm saying that the... face opener business, and other aspects of her that we see in The Return, this is after the 25 years. Of hurt and aloneness. And I think that the evil in the world has possibly entered her in some way and she is not in control of it. Sometimes she is simply an old woman who has been in grief for many years, and that's relatively simple. Then there's... a space in her that can be occupied and entered and taken over. Even in the grocery store, she has sane moments.
  • [...]
  • Q: Sometimes I feel that it's not fair. For Sarah. That the viewers get to see all of this pain, you know, still going on for so long, because she's in- she's not the only person who- Ben, for example, I think that when we come back and see him, he's- it's a different kind of pain that he's in, in terms of what happened, and we don't really know what happened with Audrey, we know about Richard, and... you know, and all that. And he's a much different person than who he used to be, but Sarah has been in a place of pain for so long, where... come on, give her a break. Let her tool around in a convertible
  • with a (?) or something, like, come on!
  • Grace Zabriskie: (laughs) yeah that sounds like David Lynch all over

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Came for the most amazing Brat Prince fan art I've ever seen. Stayed for your absolutely adorable online personality! Your blog has such a sunny feel to it. If your offer is still valid... could you possible doodle Santiago from the VC? I've never seen you draw him before. Best of luck, Elle ❤

thank you!! <3 <3

There must have been a time when I had an image of Santiago that was not movie!Santiago but it evaporated the very second this scene happened ;) So this is all you get for him ;)

but what if he lost his arm in the arena and had to keep fighting without it

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Hey! I love your writing! So, I've never done this before, but I keep seen in my mind a supercorp scene. They fight for some stupid reason and Lena has all her complexes and thinks Kara wont come back, then she suffer an attack, but Kara get there almost too late, and when Lena wakes up, the water works are in full and she confesses she thought Kara wouldn't come back to save her. I know is angst af, but I can't get it out of my mind...

i stared at this all day so if it sucks im sorry


She doesn’t even remember how it started.

It was something stupid to be sure.

She had been snappy from hardly getting any sleep and Kara had been frustrated because of Snapper’s harsh critique on her latest article.

“Maybe you should just leave.”

She hadn’t meant to say it.

Well she had, but she had meant that maybe they just needed some space.

Time to cool down and avoid saying something that neither of them meant because they were grumpy and overworked and underfed.

But apparently Kara had taken her words in a different tone, because she had said them two days ago and she hadn’t heard from Kara since. Not a visit, not a call, not so much as a text.

She had had every intention of going to see Kara for lunch yesterday, but one thing had led to another and she hadn’t had the chance.

Now, as time marched on; she felt herself getting upset all over again, because it wasn’t like Kara didn’t know how to get in touch with her. She was just as much at fault for their separation as Lena.

 Maybe she doesn’t care as much as you thought she did.

 Maybe she realized that a Luthor isn’t worth the trouble.

The thought settles  low in her gut like lead, weighing her down, until she feels like she’s drowning, suffocating in the thoughts that swirl in her over active brain.

Keep reading

So I watched The Secret Service tonight and noticed something I never noticed before. During the church scene when the grenade goes off, the expression on Harry’s face as he’s getting up makes me feel like he has a moment of clarity and terror as he realizes what’s happening and what he’s doing before the ringing in his ears dies down and he’s sucked back into the chaos.

And that kind of kills me.

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I read certain shippers saying that Jon wasn't showing any particular interest in Dany in that cave scene. Were we watching the same episode? I've never seen him look that softly at someone before. He's definitely smitten!

lol let me guess..certain shippers of a crack ship? lmao, you know what is the most awesome part? this week i really read a  LOT of reviews about the episode, and i did because i wanted to see GA audience thoughts about Jon and Dany, since of course, they are a main topic. And you know what i really loved?

I read some reviews of people that confessed that they don’t ship Jon and Dany, or they don’t like the idea of jonerys happening, but they can’t deny their chemistry. They can’t deny how beautiful and natural the cave scene was. And that they felt Jon and Dany’s connection with each other more than ever.

More so, in some of those reviews, some confessed that they didn’t liked jonerys before, but now they are jonerys trash. haha. You know how incredible this is? Even people very anti shipping stuff, can’t deny jonerys.

so..what more is to say? let the antis play the dumb or blind game. it’s honestly the only option for them right now: denial lol, even the producers and the director of the episode already confirmed that Jon and Dany felt the attraction and there’s something more happening between them personally.

that scene with dany in the cave, was the more heart eyes that jon has ever been in this show. He deff never looked at Ygritte like that or anyone else. he was like almost in a permanent trance-like state..he couldn’t even stop looking at dany. But if the antis still can’t see with all this, then just throw this gif at their faces, i honestly can’t see anything more obvious lmao

p.s: this really is my new favorite gif for everything haha

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Hey I've seen you post about the hunters/sound terrorists (???) and was wondering if you could educate me a bit on em or link me to stuff. I've never heard of em before and they seem really cool :) thank you

They are an underground group of club/party organizers and performers that I used to run with when I lived in Seoul. Well known to the party scene in South Korea. Wild. Bold. Notorious. Sexy. And keepers of the night. A few of the members have done cameo’s in several kpop videos. Such as Infinite’s “Back” MV, and Hyuna’s “Ice Cream” MV

This is They are a group of club entertainers who perform shows in clubs in Seoul, South Korea.They’re recognizable by their black rider jackets and handcuffs, they also often wear masks covering their mouth.

 Their Youtube Channel where you can catch a glimpse of some of the things that we do at clubs and parties. 

The crew consists of:

  • Hunters Boss Genzi *
  • Hunters Vice President Nine *
  • Hunters player B.Fin
  • Hunters player Skeleton *
  • Hunters player Rano *
  • Hunters player Nom *
  • Hunters player Ari
  • Hunters player Tonka (me)
  • Hunters player Leo *
  • Hunters player Hee
  • Hunters player Joe
  • Hunters Player Qoom
  • Hunters Player Macho
  • Hunters Player Uzi

[* active members]

Official Website | Official Facebook Page

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i'm really happy that you're working on falling!! i love winter song and am desperately curious about the birthday present but i gotta say, i really especially love the filling in the gaps, and i was like over the moon when u mentioned u we're gonna hit the restaurant scene in china, i've never seen that touched before and i can't wait to see what u do with it!!

I’m very excited about writing what happens in China! Victor’s black bikini undies will absolutely be making an appearance. I mean, how could I even dream of leaving such a thing of beauty out?? (And there might even be a brief mention before that.)

And can I just say that I still can’t believe that it’s canon that Victor wears bikini cut underwear and that we have photographic proof? What did we do to deserve such blessings in our lives?

I’m definitely going to write about Yuuri taking care of Victor after he gets drunk at the restaurant in China, but unfortunately, that won’t happen in the next chapter. Chapter 3 will be dedicated to their China trip, while Chapter 2 is more around the Episode 4-5 time period.

Chapter 2 is basically 20,000+ words of Victor falling in love with Yuuri, and I’m really enjoying writing every single letter. I’m not often proud of what I write … but this chapter has me feeling a little pleased.

It is, however, a beast in size, so I’m still going to need more time to finish. I hope the wait will be worth it!