i've never seen this pic before!

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Okie, firstly. I dunno about Alessandro.. I'm just like hmm. Im a biased Bi lol, I get weirded out thinking of dudes creepin on Mila, but shes grown. Secondly that camren pic he liked, like dayyymn. Thats such a good manip.. I've never seen it before. 🤔 thirdly, I can't tell if im creeped out that he liked that camren manip or intrigued. Very confusing.

Camila felt lost and sad during the shoot and Alessandro saw it and tried to comfort her, so she told him everything about her relationship with Lauren and he was so touched by that amazing love story that he started shipping them

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Hello! I hope I'm not bothering you, but i was wondering if you knew what species of deer was in the taxidermy pic you just posted. I've never seen antlers like that before.

I’m thinking it might be a chital (aka axis deer, originally from India), but that’s just a guess. They seem to have the same elongated antlers, similar facial proportions, white throat patch and spots. The individual in the taxidermy photo has strikingly vertical and sparsely forked antlers though.

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There's a Cait pic on twitter that shows her necklace pretty well for once. It was posted by a sljmcgrath. Looks to me like she wears a band on the chain as well and she's got her usual black ring on the other hand. I've always wondered if Cait was the type to low key get married and not share. Those are two pieces she rarely takes off. Even to go hiking in SA.

I’ve never seen her put a ring on that necklace before. Interesting..

reptiblr i need some advice
  • a friend at school offered me a red tail boa that he no longer wants on account of the snake being aggressive.
  • I know this guy and frankly wouldn't trust him with an animal like this (he's an a s s), so obviously I would REALLY like to take the snake off of his hands.
  • That said, I've never owned a snake that big before (he said it's six feet, he's probably correct) and I'm having trouble finding good sources of info for them.
  • I haven't seen the snake yet, nor its setup. Assuming he won't part with the setup or the one he has is inadequete, what would I need to get to properly maintain this kind of snake? Would it be better to try and rehome it to someone with more experience?
  • I'll post pics as soon as he gives me them. Any boosts or advice here would REALLY be appreciated! Thanks!

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your profile pic is amazing! i've never seen anyone else in the kuragehime/ princess jellyfish fandom before!!!

Princess Jellyfish is such a good anime! It’s sad I don;t see more love for it cause the animation is pretty and the characters are great. Plus, jellyfish!