i've never seen this photo before!

via Henry Diltz’s facebook page;

“Here is a favorite picture of my dear pal Micky Dolenz. It looks like it’s from a past lifetime, but it’s really from a Monkees episode called "Hillbilly Honeymoon” in 1967. It was always fun when they filmed outdoors in the old Western movie town on the Columbia Ranch in Burbank.“


in my mad hunt for us festival ‘82 footage i managed to find some nice big versions of a few photos from us festival ‘83 and ‘82 respectively

Kaisoo backstage casual after the MAMA awards Dec. 2016.

So, this photo tells me that Kaisoo brought their just-happen-to-be-the-same Nike slip-on shoes to relax in after the show (did they have a chat and decide yes, bring these?).  

IMO, it’s not that important to know if they were trying to be “matching” in “couple” shoes or not. What’s more important to me is that they decided to kick off their show shoes and slip into their comfy shoes…and be comfy together

Kaisoo backstage, together as usual. 

Kaisoo never died.