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#there is nothing in this scene that isn’t amazing #from root in the background wondering how the hell shaw got out the cuffs #like she’s literally trying to fit her hand through the cuff seeing if she can figure it out for herself #to harold swearing he just seen shaw cuffed to the bench like five seconds ago and yet now she’s in his face #and then shaw casually eating like its nothing and ‘yea i’m really standing here..’ #like pls i’m dying #this scene is hilarious

minor pet peeve: seeing extremely popular fics continuously show up on fic rec lists


Bridge collapse during a Michael Jackson concert in Munich, 1999

While performing “Earth Song”, the bridge carrying Michael ascended 30+ feet into the air, but instead of pausing at its pinnacle, it came careening down gaining speed due to a mechanical failure.

Michael was badly injured but finished the song, as well as performing “You Are Not Alone” before he collapsed backstage.

Makeup artist Karen Faye about the incident:

Backstage, there was crying and screaming, only the crew and performers knew there was something desperately wrong. From our vantage point we had lost sight of Michael, as the bridge had fallen below the front of the stage. My heart stopped beating, while in the strong arms of a perplexed security guard. Even though the show continued for everyone else, time stood still for me as I could not imagine how Michael could have survived such a fall…

…Looking dazed, he made his way to our side of the stage. “Michael, sit down….”

“NO!” He demanded.

“Security… please get him to the hospital!” I was begging.

“NO!” He grabbed the microphone and ran out to finish performing “You Are Not Alone”.

I could not believe what I was witnessing. He finished the song, took his final bow, and returned once again to his stage dressing room and then… collapsed. Security whisked him off to a hospital in Munich.

Later I asked him… why did you continue? I cannot believe you were able to do that.

“The only thing that I heard in my head, was my father’s voice saying to me, MICHAEL, DON’T DISAPPOINT THE AUDIENCE!“