i've never seen the movie but i kinda want to

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Ooh, another movie- what about Rogue One ?

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Nostalgia Critic quotes {Sentence Starters}
  • "Why does he get to call the shots?"
  • "It is not only bad, it is annoying. Ungodly annoying."
  • "This is the greatest movie I've ever seen in my life!"
  • "Maybe this won't be so horrible, after all."
  • "A prince, really? I, uh... never would've guessed."
  • "From the minute you hear it, it is never gonna leave your head."
  • "Hey, you! You want 20 bucks?"
  • "Surely spending your entire life just playing video games can't get you any kind of fame."
  • "I love you all! You're all so beautiful and innocent to me!"
  • "What kinda sick, crazy world is this?!"
  • "It's supercrapafuckerificexpialibullshit."
  • "Sorry, sorry, it's just- Wow, is this one bad!"
  • "Hey, kid! What do you want to see on TV?"
  • "It's honestly like talking to a kid on the ultimate of sugar highs."
  • "Looking back, I’ve noticed this is the stupidest idea in the entire world."
  • "Oh my god! That's blood!"
  • "I can safely say that I'm not the least bit happy!"
  • "Oh, well, I guess that's cool — WHA?!"
  • "Oh, it's you. How'd you get up here?"
  • "Alright, that's a little dark, but, you get what I'm getting at."
  • "Unbelievable, I mean just unbelievable."
  • "This is crazy! In every possible meaning of the word!"
  • "If I got shot in the head, then how did I survive?"
  • "Nothing can stop him. Nothing would dare."
  • "I don't know whether to give it to a scientist to examine or a priest to exorcise!"
  • "Look, I don't know why you're getting so angry-?"
  • "I'll never use a can of Raid again!"
  • "OK, it'd be gross, but imagine how many lives you could save!"
  • "So, no disrespect, I apologize, let's move on."
  • "Most people would consider that a little out of the norm."
  • "I really hope you people appreciate what I do for you."