i've never seen one so nice before

⊱simple introduction starters⊰
  • ❝what are you doing here?❞
  • ❝you're going to hurt yourself, let me help you.❞
  • ❝why are you staring at me?❞
  • ❝if you didn't want to talk to me, you could've just said so.❞
  • ❝i think you dropped this.❞
  • ❝here, i'll pay for that.❞
  • ❝so i assume you're the one everyone's talking about.❞
  • ❝that outfit looks nice on you, where'd you get it?❞
  • ❝why are you doing this?❞
  • ❝so that looks dangerous... want to try it?❞
  • ❝you're going to do WHAT with WHAT?❞
  • ❝can you help me grab this?❞
  • ❝don't talk to me until i've had my coffee. thanks.❞
  • ❝that was possibly the weirdest thing i've ever seen.❞
  • ❝you have the prettiest smile i've seen all day.❞
  • ❝do i have anything on my shirt?❞
  • ❝are you waiting for an interview too?❞
  • ❝is this seat saved for anyone?❞
  • ❝i've never been here before, it's beautiful.❞
  • ❝do you know the directions to (location)?❞
  • ❝so how long have you been working here?❞
  • ❝how many of those have you had?❞
  • ❝i'm not suppose to talk to strangers.❞
  • ❝you'll be ok, i promise.❞
  • ❝can you hear me?❞
  • ❝i think you're on my foot...❞
  • ❝i guess you're stuck with me 'til the elevator starts working.❞
  • ❝could you POSSIBLY get more annoying?❞
  • ❝i have several questions, first off WHY?❞
  • ❝why would you do that?"
  • ❝i think that guy is giving you a weird look.❞
  • ❝hey are you ok?❞
  • ❝do you live here?❞
  • ❝are you third-wheeling too?❞
  • ❝why are like this?❞
  • ❝who did this to you?❞
  • ❝who told you that?❞
  • ❝why are you following me?❞
  • Random Person: nice Superman shirt I've never seen one like that before
  • Tim: thanks but it's not superman
  • Person: ...Supergirl doesn't wear black and red-
  • Tim: it's Superboy okay oh my god why doesn't anyone know that
Icebreakers I
  • "Excuse me, but you’ve got a little something on your face there."
  • "Well... this is awkward."
  • "I guess this is the part where we shake hands and say 'nice to meet you', right?"
  • "I've seen you here before, but I guess I just never had the courage to say hello before."
  • "I'm so excited to finally meet you in person! I've always dreamed of this."
  • "Sorry, but, um... am I the only one confused here? Why hasn't anyone else showed up?"
  • "Watch out!"
  • "Am I dead? Are you an angel?"
  • "Okay, okay, listen. I miiiiight have had a little too much, and I miiight need someone to help me get home. You look trustworthy, so let's go."
  • "I'm sorry--please, can you help me?"
  • "I look forward to working with you."
  • "I look forward to serving you."
  • "Stay still! I'm trying to stop the bleeding!"
  • "I'm not trying to be nosy or anything, but... I've been seeing you here a lot lately, always by yourself. I just wanted to say, if you have anything on your mind, I'd listen."
  • "Um, I know you don't know me, but I think what you did back there was very brave."
  • "Some weather we're having, huh?"
I Feel Like Monty
  • Author: @tidalg
  • Character: Montgomery De La Cruz
  • Word Count: 1003
  • Warnings: Slapping
  • Notes: This is my first ever imagine I don't know if I will write another depends on how well this goes and if I have inspiration, but if you like let me know!
  • “What do I tell him?” I said to Sheri asked as we walked down the corridor of Liberty High’s student filled hallways. “The only thing you can tell him is the truth girl don't sweat it he won't even be upset” Sheri replied. “You know what you're right I just have to tell him the truth” “Good luck girl, I have to go to tutoring in the library I'll see you later,” and with that, she left. I took a deep breath as I walked into my third period knowing I would see Monty. “Hey, babe” Monty greeted me with a hug and a quick peck. “Hi Mon, how was practice?” I asked him as we walked over to our seats. “Good, there’s no way we won't beat the Tigers at Friday night's game” I cringed at the name of the school we were versing this upcoming weekend. “You okay?” he asked me after he saw the face I made at his statement “Yeah baby I'm fine, hey do you want to hang out after practice today?” “Yeah sure, but only if you help me with my homework I have to get my grades up before this game” “Of course baby” I gave him a quick kiss on the lips before turning around in my chair as the bell rang signaling that class was starting. Throughout the rest of the period and the day, I could not stop replaying the scene in my head of that day Sheri asked me to go to the mall with her so she could get an outfit for the party after the game on Friday that was going to be most likely at Bryce's house whether our team wins or not there’s always a party so I agreed. I decided to buy a new dress that fit my body perfectly to wear to the party knowing it would drive Monty crazy hoping it would lead to something more we haven't had sex in a couple weeks since he's been practicing and studying so much to keep his grades up. As me and Sheri walked through the mall a couple of girls walked up to us confused I asked: “Can I help you?” “Yeah, actually you can tell De La Cruz that I'll be at the game Friday and he knows where to find me” the one in the front replied flirtatiously. “Excuse me do you know Montgomery?” “Do I know him?” she laughed back, I furrowed my eyebrows still confused “I still don't know what you're trying to say” “I know him pretty well actually we hooked up after the game last year” finally realizing she was a Tiger cheerleader. By now I was angry of course I knew that Monty had hooked up with a lot of girls, but never thought I would have a run-in with one of them. “Y/N let's go she's just another one of his hookups she doesn't mean anything" Sheri said while trying to pull me away, but I didn't move instead I decided to fire back at the girl "You might have hooked up with Montgomery last year, but not this year he will be leaving with his girlfriend" putting emphasis on girlfriend getting ready to walk away, but the girl kept going "We'll see about that once he sees me and remembers our night with my hands running all over his abs and leaving wet sloppy kisses down his chest-" before she could say anything else I slapped her. I was surprised at my actions I never got mad that fast or would even think about hitting someone, but I was tired of her talking about MY boyfriend like that Monty was a different person now and everyone could see that. “Okay let's go NOW” Sheri said as she pulled me away from the now red faced girl “What happened back there?” “I don’t know I guess I got jealous” “You guess? I've never seen you like that you're always so nice to people” “Oh god, I feel like Monty I don’t go around hitting people or fighting at all he does. What am I gonna tell him, Sheri?” “Don’t worry about it just tell him after school tomorrow”. For the rest of the night and that day I tried to come up with a thousand ways on how to tell my boyfriend I slapped one of the girls, he had previously hooked up before. Would he want to leave me? Think I was some crazy jealous girlfriend? I was pulled out of my thoughts by a knock on my bedroom door. I opened it revealing a tired and sweaty Monty “Hey” he said as he entered my room with a signature hug and kiss. He walked over to my bed pulling out his homework he looked up when he realized I hadn't moved from the doorway “What's wrong? Are you okay?” he quickly got up walking over to me “Can we talk about something?” “Of course” he started to become nervous. After, telling him what happened I tried to read his face for an answer, but nothing “Can you say something?” I demanded more than questioned “I’m just surprised usually you're the one stopping me from hitting a kid if he looks at you the wrong way” “I know I was surprised too so you're not mad?” “No why would I be mad? You stood up for yourself and for me, plus it’s kinda hot” he said laughing “Shut up” I said lightly hitting him “Hey! don't go hitting me now” he joked “I’m never going to hear the end of this” “No you won't, but thank you for sticking up for me I love you” Monty said while pulling me in for a kiss “I love you too” “As much as I love you and would love to make out I have a ton of homework” he sighed as I just giggled walking over to the bed to help him with his schoolwork.

Depression is the worst.
Overthinking things or just being depressed for no apparent reason. It happens to me on a daily basis, usually lasts around an hour. And 9 times out of 10 it happens for no real reason.
I remember when I was over at my friends’ for a week, everything was okay. We were talking, laughing, joking, etc.
Then one evening, we were getting ready to go to sleep and suddenly this feeling came over me. Everything was fine. I wasn’t thinking about anything depressing. It was one of the most fun weeks I had this year.
And I still felt this way..

I am always so glad when it is finally over.

The one thing that always helped is talking to someone or watching a Let’s Play/stream.
But sometimes I just.. can’t bring myself to do these things..

It’s hard.. I wish I didn’t have this..
Regardless.. there is one thing that helped me immensely.

Normally, if my depressive phases did have a reason, it was one thing: thinking too much about the future.
I mean, yeah, thinking about your future is important. But usually when I thought about it, all I could think of were bad outcomes.
“What if this happens?” or “What if this doesn’t happen?”
It’s the worst and I know that a lot of people have struggled with these kind of thoughts at least once. Even people who don’t have any kind of mental illness at all.
But there is one thing I realized.. These are only outcomes. I shouldn’t be stressing about things that are most likely not going to happen. It’s easier said than done, I realize. And it’s not like it worked for me immediately.

But please, try and live in the moment. Prepare for the future but don’t think too hard about all the possible negative outcomes.
I assure you, if you do your best in the present, they will most likely never happen. I believe in you. ♥

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To ship or not to ship? That is the question. Damien from the omen and Eli from Let the right one in. It tis the most crackest of crack pairing I ship. If thou does not ship tey ship at least can thou draw the as friends? Ye drawith try Eli so cutesy and I've never seen thou drawith Damien before. Please taken my request with a grain of salt for thou does not have to do it at all.

I think vampire girl and antichrist would be good friends.

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when I go to your profile, the profile picture is of Gray drinking coffee near a field, but when I click it, it turns to a different black and white photo. could you answer this with the picture of Grayson drinking? I've never seen it before and it looks so nice😩 thanks!

It’s this one! One of my favorite instagram pictures of Grayson!

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Hi! You always answer people v nicely on here so I figured this would be a good place to go. Okay! So I just watch got7's FlyInShanghai VCR and I just don't even know what to comment on first. My sweet, innocent, little Youngjae who I've never seen as hot before (only cute af) was being? so? promiscuous? With both Jinyoung and Bambam! At the same time! Ahhh I 100% cannot handle that video! Too many sexy things going on at once. Save me!

My sweet anon,

Do you mean this VCR? (eng) The one in which our precious sunshine child did things like this?

But also this?


If so, my poor, sweet anon… I understand where you’re coming from completely. And if it’s not this VCR, we may need to have another conversation… The video certainly showcased a side of Youngjae that we don’t see very often, and it’s difficult to know how to align the idea of our soft, precious cutie who still gets shy over some of their choreography with the same man pinning Bambam to the floor and encouraging increasingly more extreme behavior from others! This side of Youngjae is not one we get to see very often, and I would guess it has to do with his lingering shyness in front of fans a point the other maknaes have gone far past…(x x x) I wouldn’t be surprised if the playfully promiscuous version of Youngjae that we see in the VCR is a lot more common behind the scenes when it’s just the members messing around though!

Not that we don’t still get to see the hot side of Youngjae! Truly, this whole Fly Tour era has been quite a toll on the hearts of Youngjae fans. I mean:

And then this and this. And I personally am weak for girl!Youngjae. This tour era so far has really been a war on the ‘Youngjae is just a cutie’ mentality!

Which is not to say that Youngjae isn’t still a ridiculous cutie! But there is definitely a hot and insanely handsome side to him that’s being shown, and I admit I’m not at all sure how to deal with it apart from slow and beautiful death. I’m afraid I cannot save you, my sweet anon… so perhaps we must just struggle together.

Steven Universe Song Lyric Starters
  • "Cause we're good and evil never beats us"
  • "We'll always save the day and if you think we can't
  • we'll always find a way"
  • "Come at me without any of your fancy tools"
  • "We'll win the fight and then go out for pizzas"
  • "Let's go, just me and you."
  • "Why do you have to look up to her?"
  • "We are gonna stay like this forever."
  • "Deep down you know you weren't built for fighting."
  • "If you think you can stop me then you need to think again."
  • "You do it for her."
  • "I hadn't planned on finding you quite this entertaining."
  • "With my short existence I can make a difference."
  • "I want to inspire you."
  • "What can I do for you?"
  • "Don't you know that a power that big comes with a bigger expense?"
  • "You're better off not knowing the trouble I'm in."
  • "I can show you how to be strong in the real way."
  • "I could even learn how to love like you."
  • "I've never seen you look like this before."
  • "I have to protect you. What if somehow you get hurt?"
  • "You don't need this. You don't need me."
  • "You were so mad, but then you came around to me."
  • "Isn't it nice to find yourself somewhere different?"
  • "Ingredients in harmony, we mix together perfectly."
  • "Some say I have no direction."
  • "I know I'm not that tall."
  • "We're gonna make you smile."
  • "He came to this planet from outer space."
  • "Do you believe in destiny?"
  • " Remember when you would sing to me? We could do it again."
  • "In this whole wide world there's no one like you."
  • "[Name] is a big fat meanie!"
  • "So why don't we have a party?"
  • "It was mighty serious, I'd have to say."
  • "One-way ticket and I'm ready to ride!"
  • "It's just not my game."
Preference #26; "Miles Away"
  • based off the song by Memphis May Fire and Kellin Quinn ayyyyy
  • Calum: "They said it gets easier, but they lied. She looks at me and says "Really baby? I will be just fine," but then she looks away so I don't have to see her cry." Another day, another tour starts. God, you were so proud of Calum, like a mom at her childs soccer game. But you never wanted him to leave. You wanted him home, in your shared bed everyday, but that was selfish. He was living his dream, and who were you to hold him back. So standing at the turnstall, you force a weak smile at the boy you loved. "Really baby, I'll be fine," you nod, reassuring the boy that it was okay for him to leave. It would be months, and you understood that. He shook his head, "No you're not. I can't just treat you like this. You get me for a week, I leave you for a month. You deserve so much better, (Y/N)." Calum begins to choke up, his voice cracking during your name. You get up on your tiptoes, becoming level with those puppy dog eyes you loved so much, "Calum Thomas Hood," you speak, "There is no one better. I'll miss you, but I've got skype and snapchat and twitter and texts. I'll. Be. Fine." And with that, you press your lips to his quickly. "I love you." Calum nods, picking his bag up off the floor. "Text me when you miss me. I love you, beautiful." He's only just left your line of sight when the tears begin to flow. You pull your phone from your pocket, texting him four simple words. I miss you already.
  • Ashton: "How am I supposed to be everything they expect me to be when I feel so alone, cause I left my heart at home. She needs me, but I know they need me too. So God, give me the strength to do what you created me to do." The fans screamed as Ashton excited the car. Girls everywhere shouting for him, trying to gain his attention. "Ashton, smile for us!" He couldn't even seem to do that. He was so lonely, so desperate for you, that he trudged past the fans, ignoring every single one of them. Once inside his hotel room, he almost slams your number into his phone, shaking with anticipation. Your pick up, trying to hide the fact that you had been crying, "Ash- Hi!" Ashton then looses it, breaking down into tears. "I miss you.." he mumbles. You knew what you had gotten yourself into when you agreed to be Ashton's girlfriend, but it always hurt. You knew the fans needed him just as much as you did, but days like these were hard. Days where you almost wished he wasn't famous. But you were proud of him, of what he had done, so you pushed that thought away quickly. "I know. I miss you more," you get out, now crying too. "I don't know if I can make it through this without you (Y/N). I'm just.. Empty. I need the strength to do what I was created to do, but without you here I don't have it," he's shaking, leaning over the bed, almost angry. But thats when the idea hits him, "Come on tour with me. You're on break from school. Please, baby, please." And who are you to say no to his pleading?
  • Michael: "Really I'm so thankful for the people I meet, the places I've been and the things I've seen, but when she's not here it doesn't feel like I'm living my dream. I know they say that no one is perfect, but I swear she's perfect for me and that makes it so much harder to leave." "It's nice to meet you too, man." Michael nodded, waving to one of his childhood idols. It was so cool, meeting people he looked up to, visiting places he never even knew existed. This is how life was meant to be, lived to the fullest. His phone buzzes, and he knows its you. Facetime from Baby Emo. He laughs at the nickname before answering you, "Hey Baby Emo, how are you?" he asks, smiling up at the camera. On the other end, you smile back at him, "Missing you, but great. How about yourself?" "Well, I just met Dougie of McFly, so pretty damn great." You laugh, "Living the Aussie dream, huh?" you ask, playing with your sleeves. "It's not living my dream if you're not here," he almost whispers, watching you on his little phone screen. God, even lagged-pixelated you was perfect. "Don't be a cute cunt, Mikey." you laugh. You were perfect for him, he smiles, letting out a real laugh, "I'm being serious Baby Emo! All of this would be ten thousand times better if I had my smoking hot babe with me." Your eyebrows knit together, "Whose this 'Smoking hot babe' you speak of? Are you cheating?" It was a joke, but Michael takes it serious. "Not even if Jennifer Lawrence asked me to bang. I've already got the most amazing woman to ever walk the earth." You're blushing, grinning like an idiot at how cute your boyfriend is, "You're doing it again, Mikey." "Maybe it's just in my nature to be a cute cunt, Baby Emo!"
  • Luke: "If you miss me, I'm just a phone call away. Please be strong, be strong for me. I need you to show me how to change the inside of me. For my heart, for their sake. Be strong, be strong for me!" Luke was your rock. Your whole being. He's what keeps you alive. And not being around him kills you. Without your sunshine, you just dull and whither into the grey skies. And right now, those skies were just swallowing you whole. You wanted Luke, no more like you needed him. The phone rings almost too long before he finally answers, "Hey cutie!" his voice chirps on the other line. "Luke," you breath out, over the lakes of tears just streaming down your face. Just that voice could make everything better. On the other end, hearing you like this breaks Lukes heart. He can't be there for you when you need him the most, he's failed as a boyfriend. "(Y/N), baby girl I'm so sorry... I need you to be strong," he's fighting back tears. "Be strong for me." Because you, you're his sunshine, what makes him happy when skies are grey. And knowing that you're down, makes him down. And when he's down, the fans are down. It's like an endless cycle that Luke wants to keep from happening. You hear the desperation in his voice as he almost begs you to stay strong, you simply nod, but remember he can't see you. "I will. I want to make you proud of me when you get back at home. That I kept shining, even at my worst." Luke nods himself, "And even if you don't baby girl, I'll still be proud of you for surviving. And I'll shower that cute ass face of yours with kisses." You smile, sniffling, "And we'll bang, right?" you joke, giggling quietly. "Hell yeah, we'll bang!" Luke laughs, glad that he was able to cheer you up. "Ew, tmi Lucas," Calum wrinkles his nose, walking out from the bathroom.

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I just wanted to thank you before being so nice to me at PasCon when I forget how to speak and ended up blurting "You're really pretty" (which you are!) and generally melting into a pile of embarrassed fangirl goo. I could handle it when you were on the stage, but looking at me and walking towards me to give me a Twizzler and I just had to say it because you are one of the most beautiful humans I have ever seen in person (and I've seen Jared and Jensen!)

Um. Well that’s the NICEST thing I’ve ever heard. Never apologize for giving a compliment. It will always change a persons day for the better. Thanks for saying hi once again. That Pascon panel will stay in my heart for a long time because it was the first time I was on stage alone. And you guys all made me feel so comfortable. xoxo