i've never seen daryl do this kind of things with anyone ever

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I've been seeing a lot of negativity and a lot of giving up going on in the Caryl tag lately, and honestly it's a little disheartening. Reassure me please!! >.<

Ohh Nonnie, first of all thank you for the ask!

Let me say this first:

Rule number 1 when you ship Caryl
: Don’t ever, ever ever listen to Norman when he’s talking about that. He just keeps going back and forth on the matter; one day he’ll say it’s gonna happen and the other day he’ll say that they just see each pther as siblings.

Rule number 2: No news = good news. Remember what happened the last time we were left with a lack of Caryl? Yeah right, this happened:

[.gifs not mine, credit to the maker]
Rule number 3: Don’t worry, be happy.

Caryl is (and always has been) going through a slow burn. This is what makes their relationship so unique and beautiful, and I’m so glad that the writers didn’t immediately jump at it back in season 2 and that they’re taking time to build something strong and lasting instead. The most iconic couples on tv didn’t go canon right away; it took a long time - but it was worth the wait.

I really don’t see where the negativity is coming from, because we’ve had so much this season. Like seriously, we’ve been spoilt compared to the previous seasons. We’ve had a reunion hug (and not just a simple hug: it was the most beautiful and emotional thing I’ve ever seen on tv), we’ve had awakward Daryl following Carol everywhere, we’ve had a bottle episode, a forehead kiss 2.0, etc… There’s absolutely no reason to lose hope. On the opposite, things have never been better than they are right now. Just give it time.

As for the brother/sister kind of relationship, this is the most inaccurate thing anyone could say about Caryl. Do brothers and sisters hug like that? Do they look at each other like that? Carol and Daryl look at each other as if they were looking at the most beautiful thing on earth. They’re lookig at each other like soulmates would do.
Do brothers and sisters drop jugs of water because the mere presence of the other is too much for them? Do they feel embarrassed and shy in front of each other? Do they make jokes such as “Wanna screw around”, or “I liked you first”?
Would the writers spend so much time building up a brother and sister kind of relationship? No, they wouldn’t.

Why in the world would the writers have decided to make both Carol ad Daryl come from an abusive background? Why would have they chosen to let Carol see the book that Daryl took in Consumed?

Why would the writers have decided to include all those parallels between them? They mirrored each other in 4B, and we’ve had so many parallel scenes. “You okay?” // “Gotta be”, and so on and so on.

There are so many characters on the show, do you really think it’s a coincidence that they chose escpecially those two to deal with the loss of children? (Sophia, Lizzie, Mika and Beth). Why would they always pick Carol to be associated with Daryl and vice versa instead of any other character if it was for nothing?

All of this is not a brother and sister arc.
It is not a “just friends” arc either.

The writers are building up their relationship step by step. This is not a coincidence, it can’t be. This is exactly the way an iconic couple is supposed to evolve and eventually blossom.

Oh and of course, angst is part of the package. You need that to build up a couple. And stop me if I’m wrong, but we’ve had quite a lot of it. And do you know what else we’ve had? Dissapointments. Moments when the audience thought that Caryl would never go canon. Because the writers love to surprise us and hate being too obvious. So what do they do? They do everything they can to make us believe that Carol and Daryl are growing apart from each other. And then boom, when we expect it the most, something happens. This is exactly what happened for the hug. We barely had any Caryl in season 4, and this beautiful piece of heaven called “reunion hug” happened at the beginning of season 5.

Oh and also, why would the writers choose to always pair Daryl and Carol together if they really weren’t more than just friends?
Every single time something important happens with one of them, the other is never far.
Daryl was the one to look for Sophia, and he was the one who stayed with Carol in the van after she died. Daryl was also the one who held her when Sophia came out of the barn.
Carol was the one who told Merle that she’d kill him if he messed with Daryl.
When Carol “died” at the prison in seaosn 3, Daryl found her knife, Daryl brought a Cherokee Rose to her grave, Daryl boke down and then found her.
When Daryl left with Merle, Glenn asked him what they should tell Carol. Carol panicked and then broke down when she found out what happened.
When Carol got banished, we saw Daryl’s reaction.
Daryl was the one who ran to Carol and hugged her so tight she lacked air.
Daryl was the one to go after Carol when she tried to leave.
Daryl was the one to tell her that they needed to start over.
They both were together for the rescue mission.
Carol was the one to help Daryl, kiss him ad tell him she knew him.
And so many others…

Caryl is so obvious, and it is endgame. No matter what, it is real.

Here is a link to a post that I made a while ago, for more positivity (26 reasons to ship Caryl):

Caryl on, forever and always. We’ve had so much aready, and we still have so much to look for!

If you ever doubt it, just look at those two pics. This is not how you look at a friend or a sibling. This is love. Real, pure, beautiful love. They don’t need words, they just need a look. They’re soulmates; every single thing they do just proves it. So just relax and enjoy the ride, because our ship has never been that close to sail than it is now ;)