i've never not liked one of his eds always my favorite sigh

geekysparkle  asked:

FMA prompts? Did you say FMA prompts? Oh darling 😏 My favorites include anything doing with Ed's automail, it breaking, his shoulder getting infected from something, rain making his limbs ache... God, I've been meaning to write something along these probably since 2014 (the unfortunate year in which I published my first fics) but I never got around it. Nightmares are also wonderful. Ed is literally a hurt/comfort fan's daydream.

YESSS I was hoping you’d send me a prompt!! I think I’m going to go with Ed’s automail being really heavy and aching really badly when he’s got a fever and muscle aches <3 I hope you enjoy the spamming of Ed whump that’s about to overwhelm your feed! 

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