i've never let anyone

I am now going to be forever and ever a hundred times more the advocate of “have you seen a doctor / professional first?” when people ask about any sort of medical issues in conjunction with witchcraft.

While I get the way and the reason some people in the Reylo fandom call themselves ‘trash’, it’s still bothering me, all this self loathing and absement of their personality.

So I’m telling you this, you’re not a trash for shipping Reylo. Reylo is not a trash ship. It’s not even unrealistic. Not even funny. The plot supports their dynamic and their future attachement, being either romantic or platonic. The whole movie is full of symbolisms about their relationship, their potential, and the conflicts they’re going to face. They’re going to be the main focus of this trilogy. They’re going to collide, they’re going to be tempted of the Light and the Darkness respectfully, while their Force bond is going to be getting stronger and stronger. 

Reylo a trash ship? Not in the slightest.