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Soulmate AU where you can only see in black and white until you touch your soulmate.

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 – Part 6

Part 5B (KillerWave version)
Part 5C (KillerStorm version)

It was like any other run as the Flash–run, catch the bad guys, save the day–that is until Barry caught up to Leonard Snart. As soon as he grabbed the man, he felt it, even through the glove of the suit. A jolt of energy starting at his finger tips, trailing up his arm, and going straight to his brain, his heart, everywhere. Then, the world exploded in color. There were more shades than Barry could have imagined, and he couldn’t even guess their names. It was enough to make his stumble, lose his footing, forget where he was for a moment. His soulmate. He’d met his soulmate. His soulmate was…

…a criminal.

…a thief.

His soulmate was…leaving.

He’d been distracted too long. Long enough for the criminals to get on their bikes and ride off. Long enough for them to get away.


You guys are gonna end up chasing all fanartists away is2g…


What a nice thing to wake up to. Stay classy, Anon.

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I always thought taekey held each other at arms length! Have I been missing out?!

yes, obviously, quite a bit!  you poor dear!

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  • top ten reasons to ship taekey post
  • kibum is taemin’s fashion icon
  • this amazing ontae v taekey moment
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some softer examples

so short answer: no, they do not keep each other at arms length.  they are, in fact, quite close to each other.  the only thing that keeps them apart is their position on the stage.

Jackson Storm in A Shell-Nut
  • Jackson: I always ensure that whatever goes into my body is of the utmost quality.
  • Jackson: *digging into a box of Lucky Charms with his hands while balancing an unwrapped beef jerky in his mouth*
  • Jackson: Who needs the nightlife? I always tuck in 10:15, sharp. That way, I'm energized next morning, and ready to train.
  • Jackson: *up at three in the morning, wrapped in a quilt, watching old racing footage*
  • Jackson: And despite what my competitors think, I don't let a loss tear me up.
  • Jackson: *up at FOUR in the morning weeping bitterly and punching a pillow numbered '51'*
  • Jackson: I'm hardly competitive.
  • Jackson: *gets into shouting matches with kids online over Mario Kart*
  • Jackson: I started driving when my father gave me a hand-me-down Dodge Dakota. But I hated the thing.
  • Jackson: *named his truck the Storm-mobile, gave it a fresh paint job, spent night after night out on joyrides with his friends and day trips across the country until the damn thing broke down*
  • Jackson: My next vehicle was way better.
  • Jackson: *delivering pizza in his neighborhood and learning every elderly customer's name and order*
  • Jackson: Afterwards, my family came into a bit of money, and I got the freedom to do whatever I wanted.
  • Jackson: *walking out of his parent's house with a suitcase and his car keys*
  • Jackson: I always knew I would be a racer.
  • Jackson: *got caught up in drag races in high school, nearly wet his pants after his first race*
  • Jackson: I have a natural instinct for technology.
  • Jackson: *was 19 when he bought his first smartphone*
  • Jackson: I was brought up on it, you know.
  • Jackson: *played exclusively on the Commodore 64 and never upgraded*
  • Jackson: I've never let anyone else define my limits.
  • Jackson: I just focus on the race. It's all me out there.
  • Jackson: Nobody gets to me. I'm a one man show.
  • Jackson: ...
  • Jackson: And I DON'T waste my Time thinking about what Lightning McQueen gets up to when he's not on the racetrack.
  • Jackson: *reverently pats the dirt ground at Willie's Butte on his annual visit to Radiator Springs*
  • Jackson: I'm a one man show...
  • Bill: Memories are important.
  • Twelve: Bah.
  • Bill: *Restores his memories of Clara*
  • Twelve: Oh, my precious Clara memories! You're all back! I've missed you all so much. Let me hold you. I'm never letting anyone of you out of my sight ever again. Stay back! These are mine, no one else can have them.
  • Bill: I immediately regret this decision.

“Oh, hey there, I’m assuming you’ve heard a lot about me. I’m George–Perrie’s fiancee. I’d be with her right now but, to be honest, I’m not even sure she’s noticed I’m here seeing as she’s requested that little rat of a dog as well. Anyway, it’s crazy that I’m actually getting to meet you lot after watching the show. I’ve been wanting to meet you–well, most of you.”

Zevran's romance basically part 2
  • Zevran: Wtf there are no FEELINGS here who the fuck do you think I am
  • Zevran to the Warden: Btw I'd die for you
  • Zevran to the Warden: Let me tell you all these things I've never told anyone
  • Zevran to the Warden: You know it'd be great if you only slept with me
  • Zevran to the Warden: Let me immediately drop my very nice gear for these shitty gloves you gave me
  • Zevran: Bah, FEELINGS who needs 'em

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with the anon on the white girl from Maryland saying nigga... they throw that word around at my school here especially the white and mexican ones like when is it OK? Then one of the mexicans says "I am black I can say it " writing it in yearbooks and shit I've never cringed so hard. Let anyone say it to me I'll be throwing hands

relatable,, like these fools try too hard

I just want a big tol boi to give me hugs and let me wear his sweaters bc they’re really big on me and they are too long for my arms and we can cuddle and eat lots of pizza and get all snuggly with blankets and stuff and I’ll make us breakfast and give lots of butterfly kisses -  PLS AND THANK THATS ALL I WANT

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i live in new hampshire as well!!! sorry, i've just never met anyone else online from new england, let alone someone as awesome as you!!!

same tho!! im surprised people live near me at all i feel like im in the middle of nowhere usually

how the signs say "i love you"
  • aries: "I can wait for you"
  • taurus: "you can have it, I don't need it"
  • gemini: "continue your story"
  • cancer: "I trust you"
  • leo: "do you like this?" (asking ur opinion)
  • virgo: "I've never told that to anyone else"
  • libra: "lets hangout!!"
  • scorpio: "[high sarcasm] psh, i dont care about you at ALL"
  • sagittarius: "I made your favorite food :D"
  • capricorn: "lets go somewhere you wanna go"
  • aquarius: "you're weirder than me. weird."
  • pisces: "I'm so comfortable around you"