i've never hated green so much

chasiinghosts  asked:

hey there!! i was wondering if you could help me start out in the vegan lifestyle especially when my family eat a lot of animal products and gluten etc. i've told them about wanting to go vegan and they just laughed at me and said i could never do it (i'm quite a fussy eater really). can you give me any advice? :) (btw i love your blog so much)

My girlfriends a super fussy eater too and doesn’t really like greens (I have to force feed her healthy things haha) but its proof you’ll be fine. Your tastes also change a lot, I love and eat things now I hated when I was younger. Go at your own speed, even if it’s really slow, I rushed going the first time and quit for like a week and tried again and have been since, I ate a lot of processed microwave meals and knew how to make cereal. One thing that helps a lot of people is making veganized versions of your favorite meals..use google really there’s veganized recipes to everything out there. Remember there’s no such thing as a perfect vegan. Read up on nutrition, watch some documentaries for inspiration and go on from there. I have some good info in my facts page if you wanna look around. c: