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Hey I know this isn't Sherlock but just curious, do you ship Destiel?

I only saw the first season of Supernatural so I never even got to the part where Castiel was in it jsodfjposdfcposcdoe 

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Is it weird that I'm 21 and I've never been in a relationship or even kissed someone? I haven't found anyone that I really, really want to be with but I feel like everyone around me is moving on romantically while I'm at a standstill. And I'm getting very tired of feeling like there's something wrong with me. What can I do to deal with it?

There’s nothing wrong with you at all. I think it’s easy to feel like this (I’ve gotten a ton of messages similar to this) because people who are in relationships usually like to celebrate it. This means that on social media you can be bombarded with this idea that being in a relationship equates to happiness which isn’t always true. You’re still so young and if you’re wanting to fall in love, it will happen in time. I really believe that there is no normal time to fall in love. You can fall in love at any stage of your life once you’re old enough to understand it. So please don’t pressure yourself. Be open but don’t be worried. I think you’ll find someone amazing and you’ll be happy you waited for that special person ☺️

I’ll never get over the fact that Agents of SHIELD could have been revolutionary in the fact that they had the setup for an amazing relationship between two women, who loved each other as friends and could have been so much more, but instead their friendship got thrown away so one of the two girls could “fall in love” with a different male character in a trope/storyline that has been so overdone that I’ve literally seen it 5000 times 

like, I get that people are happy with fitzsimmons, I really do, if I would have been into them from the beginning I would have been happy too 

but honestly? as someone who identifies as a wlw, as someone who absolutely loved the show in the beginning and was active in fandom I’m just tired now 

I’m tired of being disappointed, I’m tired of Jemma’s relationship with other people to fall into the background in favor of her relationship with Fitz, I’m tired of being promised representation only for it to be at the bare minimum and disappear, I’m tired of the people who get their canon ships taking over the skimmons tag with platonic material when it’s a romantic tag, I’m tired of not being in love with this show anymore 

skimmons/bioquake meant the world to me and now I’m just kind of numb and it’s just getting worse as the show moves on, at this point I’m not even sure if I wan’t AoS to get renewed or not

I’m not a hate blog usually if I don’t like something (like Fitz or Fitzsimmons) you just won’t see me posting anything to my dash and since I haven’t been active in AoS lately I completely understand if people who followed me for that content unfollow me now 

I hope this show finds a balance again, I hope that even though skimmons/bioquake will never be canon (I’m sure the people who called us delusional for liking the ship is very happy) that FS doesn’t consume both Jemma and FItz and that they actually have healthy relationships outside of their own, I hope the discourse in this fandom dies down, and I hope that other people who were just as heartbroken as I was, find happiness in other mediums

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Hello! I'm just a regular person who likes marvel and I have no disrespect towards anyone who is transgender at all! Personally, I don't see how Peter Parker could be trans (never say never!) but if he was trans, I wouldn't have a problem with it at all! I think it's just that I've always grew up knowing Peter Parker and my interpretation is always him to be the usual male and I'll always think unless it was confirmed that he was infact trans! Could you perhaps educate me about the idea a bit?

okay i get messages like this all the time and i’ve gotten to the point of deleting them bc i get tired of having to spoon feed the same info to cis people all the time (sorry if that sounds harsh, but when you’re out as trans then suddenly cis people treat you as a trans search engine and it gets annoying), and if you wanna find more elaborate posts on the trans spider-man headcanon then all you have to do is look through the trans peter parker tag. i’m tired of doing the very easy work for you guys, but i’ll talk about it one more time

here are some links to a few posts talking about it. keep in mind, these posts aren’t created with the idea of ‘let’s desperately try and convince the cis people he’s trans’ bc the world doesn’t revolve around y'all and we don’t have to validate our hc’s for you, these posts are just elaborating on the headcanon and having fun with the headcanon just because we felt like talking about it. and don’t go to these links with the mindset of “how can i, a cis person, look at these viewpoints behind a trans headcanon and try to invalidate them” bc then you’ve already missed the point and also you suck

my reasons

another person’s reasons

here’s another

and another

aaaaand another

another yo!!!

here comes ya boy with another sick headcanon


*dj khaled voice* another one

and heads up, anon, stop saying “i’m just a regular person” when you’re saying that you’re cis, because that just implies that trans people aren’t regular people like everyone else. just say that you’re cis, the term exists for a reason so use it.

also i and many other people supporting this hc have been a fan of peter parker for most of our lives, we aren’t just random people who decided to latch onto a character we know nothing about and yell “trans!” just because. and even if that were the case it would be fine, bc it’s a headcanon and you don’t have to be a diehard longtime fan to make headcanons just as valid as any other. so don’t imply that long time fans of peter wouldn’t view him as trans.

and finally, and this goes out to all cis people, you don’t have to view peter as trans, it’s perfectly fine to see him as cis. that isn’t transphobic. it only becomes transphobic when you imply that he HAS to be cis, or that the trans headcanon is gross or stupid or less than, or saying that it needs loads of “evidence” in order to be valid.


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help me out here I've never been good at running but through a lot of high intensity cardio I've gotten fast. only issue is don't have stamina for shit. I can hit high speeds but can't maintain running even at low speeds. Please help

Sure dude, There are Plenty of ways to get your stamina up @imalwayscranky

1) Sleep, this is the simplest way we get tired not getting enough sleep. To perform at the max potential get 7-9 hours of sleep everynight. It really takes a toll on your body and getting enough helps stamina

2) Bring up BOTH Cardiovascular endurance and Muscular endurance

Endurance helps you go longer and farther and having a healthy set of muscles and lungs does wonders for training. Build muscular endurance by doing calisthenics like pullups, pushups and bodysquats\

then build endurance for your heart and lungs by doing some cardio, run, swim, jump rope, dance etc just stay active for at least 30minutes

These 2 things help build stamina tremendously, so keep them in mind. You’ve told me you are fast in Bursts, so you got the true makings of a sprinter which is great for darting and racing. but to build up your stamina focus on Moderate intense cardio for about 30 minutes. Something that challenges you and you keep pushing forward. Even if you get tired after 5 minutes, the next time you do that cardio go for 6 minutes, then 8, then 10 then 15 and Always keep pushing yourself past your limits. Dont try to quit,

You’re already in pain, you’re already hurt by doing this cardio taxing your lungs and muscles so you can either 

Give up right then and there and stop your pain 

or keep going and get a reward out of the pain.

Thats the only way to get Truly stronger my friend

Good luck and Train Hard

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Newt I thought I did really well in a job interview but I got the rejection today and I don't know how to deal with it. It's the fifth rejection I've gotten in a week and I don't know what to do

Hello.  I’m so sorry about the rejection.  That can be a very disheartening experience, can’t it?  Sometimes it can feel like no matter how hard you try, it just isn’t good enough.  But in this case, I don’t believe that’s true at all.

Rejections are never easy to swallow and if you let them, they can make you feel very helpless, and very tired.  I’d ask you to consider this from a different angle, if you’ll allow it.

Firstly, it can be very difficult when searching for a job to ever be accepted the first time, or the second or even the tenth.  That doesn’t mean the right job for you isn’t out there.  You’ve also said you’ve been rejected five times- well then, that means you’ve tried five times haven’t you, and I’m very proud of you for that.

If you can, take a breath and allow yourself a moment of disappointment if you need it.  Then, take the next moment to by proud of yourself too, because just trying- putting in the effort to start somewhere is often the most difficult part.  You’re job is out there, and you will find it.  Have a bit of faith in yourself, because I certainly do.  Everything will be alright, I promise.

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Hi I really love your videos but I was wondering if its ok to paint your face brown for a costume , just for the accuracy of it. Again, I just want to understand, I know it’s a stupid question I've just never really gotten an answer. So ya, if it's ok great, if not, just please tell me and also if you could explain a bit it would be great. thanks (=

You love my videos…but not enough to watch them or actually read the resources I share in them or on Tumblr huh? Look, I really don’t wanna be a bitch but I’m so so tired of getting this question every Halloween. Right now I have over a dozen “is my costume appropriate?” asks and it’s incredibly annoying disrespectful. I spend a lot of my free time (more than I should) providing information about these issues so you can learn but at some point you need to educate yourself. Not only that, I go out of my way to not be preachy or “aggressive” so no one gets their fee fees hurt when I ask them very nicely not to be racist. Like….I cannot spoon feed you this information anymore than I already have.

My skin color is not a fun costume for you to try on for a night of drunken debauchery and trick or treating. Black people are being KILLED right now just for existing and you want to trivialize our existence for your costume’s “accuracy”? And then you have the nerve to ask me to explain to you why that’s offensive? Because it’s such a burden for you to hop your ass over to Google or scroll back ONE PAGE of my Tumblr and watch the video I made about appropriative costumes? Or maybe you could watch the Kat Blaque video I’ve shared multiple times about blackface where she included extensive research?

I consider myself to be a woman with a high level of patience, but it has worn extremely thin. This is what I get for trying and this is why so many other people of color tell ya’ll to f-off when you demand education. I’m not here to write anyone’s papers, do research for their job, evaluate their Halloween costume or hold their hand and help them feel more comfortable about the casual racism they clearly know they’re partaking in. You know good and well why painting your skin for “accuracy” isn’t ok and if you don’t, Google. And if you still don’t get it, or don’t care, paint your skin and have the time of your life while real life black people march and cry out asking for this country to respect our humanity and stop killing us for being black. Don’t worry though, no one will mistake your painted brown skin for an actual person of color, so you’re totally safe. Have a wonderful Halloween.

i love you.

i want you guys to know how much i appreciate you. i love every single one of you more than i could ever love myself and i hope for only good things in your life. i hope you feel happy and accepted and loved because you have a beautiful soul and you deserve the world. you, specifically you who’s reading this right now, mean so much to me. i know there are some people out there who will brush this off because they don’t think this applies to them, but dude this absolutely applies to you. i care about your well-being and i want you to know i am here if you ever need a friend.

thank you to everyone who’s ever talked to me, said hello to me, loved me, or been my friend. i know i don’t talk a whole lot about myself on here, so i’m gonna tell you about this: when i joined tumblr in january, i was in a very bad place in my life; i had nothing that i felt was worth staying alive for. and that’s when i started watching mark, and then jack, and then the grumps and matthias and everyone else i’m watching now. that’s when i made this blog to connect with people with the same interests, and holy shit did i meet people. i will remember this time of my life forever because youtube has literally changed my life: i am more confident in myself, i have met some of the best people i’ve ever known on here, i am happier with myself and my life, and i feel free. there are so many other things about myself that have changed since this year but i’m too tired to list them off.

so long story short: i have never loved as much as i do now, i have never felt more loved or accepted as i do now, and i have never been happier than i am at this very exact moment. obviously i still have my low days but they’ve gotten a lot less severe than they used to be. and i owe it all to you, this community. i love you all so much.

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I'm nb afab and I still use she/her pronouns for a variety of reasons. 1) I'm not out to everybody. 2) I've actually gotten used to those pronouns. 3) I'm a partial woman so it still fits. 4) I'm so fREAKING TIRED of explaining that they/them are valid pronouns. So I totally get that your husband uses he/him pronouns for whatever his reasons are, and he has all my support. Nonbinary pride!

Thank you, this is so sweet. I always use “they” if I am not 100% sure of someone’s gender but I’ve never even questioned by a NB person would continue to use the same pronouns they had been using. Even before my husband came out to me I knew people who still used he/him or she/her. 

Like, it seems to me that any reason is valid and for some people it’s still a journey, you know? My husband might one day want to be called they/them and be called my partner, but today he has requested otherwise and the fact some people cannot respect that is disgusting.