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Hi, new fan here. Discovered skating through YoI *pls don't kill me for this* and I tried to follow the last competitions. I've seen people say the anime is realistic because Yuzuru beat Yuuri's score from the anime and I was wondering if that might be considered true? How many people came close to that kind of score? How can someone tell when a program is complex or not? Help is much appreciated ^^

Hi! I will try to be magnanimous and not to kill you, or at least to give back the body to your family, okay?

Well, what can I say? real figure skating is more crazy than any anime could aim for, so it was an easy win ;)

If you, or any other new fan - from YoI or not - wants to try and learn where Yuzuru’s FP at Helsinki scored what it scored (and if it should have scored more, but that’s another story), if you want to see what a complex program is, just today it was released this video that saves me a lot of work into answering :P

And since I’m here, I’m using this post and the sharing of this video to answer some other old asks.

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What do u believe yuzuru should have gotten for his LP at worlds 2017? I do think he was very underscored then sadly :(( thank youuu !!

I’m pretty much on same line regarding GOE bullets met. I’ll let you do the sum and you can add whatever PCS you’d like!

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I see a lot of people on the internet saying that they don’t like H&L because it’s boring or that it highlights yuzu’s weaknesses etc etc. but I actually think it’s my favourite program of his. watching it done perfectly at worlds, how he just hits all the nuances of the music so well, it really does give you chills. seimei was amazing but H&L is so intricate and touching, i don’t understand why so many people dislike it.

I watched SEIMEI live once (GPF15) and H&L live twice (GPF16 + WC). SEIMEI is undoubtedly an easier program to get. It uses a more dramatic music, it’s louder, it’s basically a 4 and half minutes long movie (or theater representation).

H&L is totally different. It’s quiet and its dramatic tension comes from within, not from without. It’s a program that I think it NEEDS to be seen live (or through fancams, at least), because Yuzuru skates it with his whole body, any gesture, any movement has something in it. Sadly with official ISU feeds this often gets lost in non-sensical close-up, probably because cameramen are people who never watched nor skated once in their life.

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If it had been simplified it would not have been a new world record. And all I have seen are people (commentators, former skaters, coaches, etc) say it was really complex, and they know what they’re talking about, so those people who said that probably don’t know much about figure skating at all or really dislike Yuzu and want to badmouth him…

Had it been semplified, people wouldn’t need this video to understand it, I guess ;)

Who wants to share it with some selected people asking please to count their transitions there? ;)

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So few +3GOE for Yuzuru’s Free Skate :O (lots of +2 though but still). I really don’t get it, the jumps were amazing. Especially the 3A-combos seemed a bit underscored to me? Will the judges only give him high GOE if he does 3A+3T? And what does he need to do to get full GOE for 3F??? I really thought he deserved +3GOE on his 4L and 3A in the short as well…(that 4L was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen^^).

The video is up there, the bullets are listed up there, anyone can judge with his/her own eyes. As to the whys, I guess we can only ask judges themselves why they routinely decide to ignore guidelines :)

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H&L being called ‘one note’ and highlights how much Yuzuru looked down a lot. Your thoughts? and welcome back, would love to hear your experience in Helsinki :)

Very late, but thank you for the welcome back! I’ve shared lately my thoughts re Hope & Legacy, but I’ll just add that anyone who think that Hope & Legacy - music wise I’m not even speaking about the program - is “one note”, well I guess they don’t listen to a lot of (good) music in their life. Hearing, like all other senses, needs to be trained, after all ;)
As for the “looking down”, i can only point to the video above once more.

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Malfoy Flavor is so good omggggg!!! Whatare some of your other favorite fics? I've read so many of the #classics I want to find some new ones to read! Love your blog btw :)


I made a list of my all-time favorite Drarry fics over here, but I’m guessing (hoping?) most of those are already familiar. So here are some more favorite fics of mine that I thiiiink haven’t already been recced all over the place!

• and Hope to Die by olimakiella (24k)
Strategically placed pieces of Wizarding artwork are going missing in the United Kingdom. Only, when the dots are connected to a darker plot, Harry Potter learns that there are classified places in the Ministry that only few people get to see. And just what the hell is the Centre of Magical Intelligence anyway? 

The Guise of Forgiveness by SunseticMonster (23k)
George’s new potion has caught the interest of the entire Auror Department, thanks to an article by the elusive Draco Malfoy. So, when Harry sees Malfoy in the middle of a panic attack, he attempts to make amends as a ploy to find out what’s really been going on.

Exiled by gryffindorJ (16k)
Draco is declared persona non grata by the Ministry after the War. Harry has been tasked with keeping an eye on him, ensuring he stays out of England.

there’s a trick with a dragon I’m learning to do by curiouslyfic (20k)
Harry’s live-in’s a workaholic being courted — harassed — by an array of weeping minions and an assortment of overprivileged pricks. Harry’s bloody portraits are being harassed — courted — by, well, an assortment of things Harry doesn’t even want to think about. Harry’s had a long week already and so far, his weekend’s not looking much better. At least he can say with certainty there’s no place like home…

Life Is The Flower (For Which Love Is The Honey) by bafflinghaze (15k)
The Malfoy Manor lands are lush and verdant. Bees hover over carpets of flowers, and ducks paddle in the pond. It is a place far removed from bustling London and pesky reporters; it is a place where Harry finds what—and who—he didn’t know he was missing.

Settle in my slow-burning heart by Teatrolley (10k)
Five years after the war Draco is working a tech developer job in the Auror Office, and it’s all great except this one thing: Harry Potter works there, too. Things only become stranger when Harry starts bringing Draco ugly souvenirs back from his work travels. When Harry then shows up injured in Draco’s flat, Draco considers the possibility that he’s going insane.

Harry Potter and the Future He Doesn’t Really Want, Thanks. by Seefin (70k)
Harry had dreamt of a car crash on the street outside the good sushi place then watched it play out two days later in front of his eyes. That had been a bad weekend. Neville and Luna alternated between tiptoeing around the place where he was curled up on the sofa and sitting with him, as he watched TV and ate chocolate digestives. Luna with her head on his shoulder and Neville holding his hand while they pretended to watch Star Wars but really just muted it and listened to Harry talk about how fucking unfair things were, and how fucking guilty he felt to think that when he was alive, and whole, and here talking to them and pretending to watch Star Wars.

When Harry dreams about his future with Draco Malfoy it isn’t like a car crash. Or maybe it is, he hasn’t decided yet. There is potential where a car crash has none. They are similar because he is scared of them both equally.

Eternally Consistent by kitsunealyc (44k)
Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter assumed they would never be anything but civil enemies, until Potter lands on Malfoy’s doorstep, bleeding, covered in curses, and acting very strangely indeed.

When Hearts Are Freed by oldenuf2nb (23k)
When a priceless magical artifact is stolen from Draco Malfoy’s art galleria, it’s going to take all of brilliant Chief Auror Harry Potter’s experience, and a touch of ‘spiritual intervention’, for the case to be solved.

Serpentes by xErised (29k)
It’s a shame that Draco Malfoy looks so good stripping in a club with stolen snakes, because Auror Harry’s got a job to do.

Expecto Patronum by Writcraft (35k)
Harry Potter is the most sought after celebrity in wizarding Britain. His every movement is scrutinised, his relationships questioned and his photographs plastered over every paper. Harry’s used to everyone thinking he’s a hero and has had plenty of time to learn how to keep his biggest secrets hidden from the press. As Draco Malfoy negotiates his feelings for the wizarding world’s brightest star, he becomes increasingly attached to Harry and unravels the secrets he keeps hidden from the rest of the world.

Just One of Those Things by Kedavranox (14k)
Harry and Draco have sex! Featuring a Muggle curious Draco, a deliciously amused Harry and a strangely perverted Luna. Love’s a pretty scary thing when you find it. Especially when your parents just don’t get it.

Crystal Clear by ICMezzo (6.7k)
Harry customizes a snow globe. Draco listens to centaur weather reports. Ron investigates the height of Pansy’s boots. And Hermione knows even more than everything, as usual. (No one signs up for the class for lactating witches.)

Adrift by dysonrules (13k)
Auror Harry takes a vacation in the Caribbean and ends up falling from the sky, straight into the lap of Draco Malfoy, modern pirate.

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I was wondering - you've mentioned before that your blog isn't Moffat friendly, and I've seen a lot of DW fans that haven't liked him much. What are some examples of him writing sexist episodes/badly developed characters? Or do you have other issues with him? Sorry, I'm just curious as to how you feel (I'm just starting season 6 now, but I couldn't tell why he's so hated, although I wasn't really looking out for it)

*deep breath* Oh boy it’s been a LONG time since someone gave me permission to go on a Moffat rant.

I’m sure it goes without saying that this is going to be extremely anti Moffat. Avert your eyes.

There are a lot of reasons I don’t like Moffat, tbh. I’m going to start with the simplest one – you could drive a truck through some of the plot holes in his episodes. The most obvious one is The Angels Take Manhattan. Okay, fine. The Doctor couldn’t go back to that specific date to save Rory and Amy. Fine. Go to the day after. Or the day after that. Instead of, you know, leaving them trapped in the past.

“But Sam, they needed to leave!”

They’re are at least five ways it would have been better to write them off without leaving the question of “why can’t the Doctor just go to New Jersey and pay for them to take a taxi to him?”

Next – Moffat’s episodes are all flash, no substance. They are undeniably pretty – he reaps the benefits of four seasons of excellent writing and got a bigger budget than RTD in return. But the writing is shallow af and is almost impossible to get emotionally invested in. His Doctors are selfish children who mistake being rude assholes for being “edgy,” and his “emotional” scenes fall flat.

“But Sam he won awards for his writing!”

Yeah, well. Donald Trump is president. People make bad choices sometimes.

Now on to his sexism. I did a huge post about this a while back, which I’ll link at the end of this, but the tl;dr version is:

Moffat’s women have almost no character. I mean, okay, okay, okay, Clara was bossy, River was “strong,” Amy was sassy, whatever. But it’s so two-dimensional. When the characters were written by other people they were fantastic – one of my favorite Moffat-era eps is Vincent and the Doctor. Amy was fantastic in it. The writing was fantastic. Everything about it was fantastic. I cried. Unashamedly.

But the way Moffat set the characters up…they had no lives outside the Doctor. They weren’t characters, and their entire lives revolved around the Doctor.

“But Sam the show is called Doctor Who! What’s wrong with their lives revolving around him? RTD’s companions’ lives did too. And besides they did have lives!”

Rose, Martha, and Donna, all had characters outside of the Doctor. They had families, jobs (okay, Rose didn’t because the Doctor blew it up and Donna didn’t because life sucked but at one time they had jobs!). They had friends, and families, they had pasts that were completely separate from the Doctor.

Amy – met the Doctor when she was…I’m not quite sure tbh. Six? Seven? Young. Spent the rest of her life obsessed with him, to the point where it actually effected her quality of life (four therapists in ten (or so) years is a lot).

Clara – The impossible girl, born to save the Doctor. Her entire existence was solely for saving the Doctor.

River – *pause*; *deep breath* I will never stop being angry about the potential River had that was wasted. She was literally raised to be obsessed with and eventually kill the Doctor. She translated that obsession into “loving” him, and tied herself to him in a different way. She literally said once that she lived for the times when she could see the Doctor. That’s not normal. That’s not healthy. And don’t even get me started on their sham of a “marriage” (HIDE YOUR DAMAGE IS NOT THE SIGN OF A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP RIVER).

*grits teeth*; *moves on*

Moffat himself is a grade-A dick, which makes it pretty hard to watch his shows anyways. He’s been quoted as saying bisexuals are too busy having sex to watch his shows, that all bi people are just waiting for someone to make them straight, that asexuals are “boring” to write, he has literally insulted his wife before while she was pregnant (wondering when she would get back to her normal size), he renamed the Master as Missy because apparently Master is strictly a masculine term (never mind the sexual connotations that go with the term Mistress), the list goes on and on and on and on and on.

He queerbaits like nobody’s business – a perfect example being having Clara twice mention a relationship with a girl (once calling it “a phase”) but never showing it on screen, or having River reference relationships with girls but again never showing it on screen. And I know there’s a common misconception going around that Moffat created Jack Harkness so he can’t be homophobic, but…no, he didn’t create Jack. And yes, he is homophobic. He’s proven that multiple times.

And that’s about all I have time for right now. I’ll link some of my other rants below for you to peruse. If you enjoy his Doctor Who, that’s perfectly fine, and I am under no misconceptions that I’m going to change your mind. These are just my opinions.

My anti Moffat Tag (to see things I’ve reblogged and agreed with or added to)

Lack of emotional impact in Moffat writing

My BIG Moffat rant

First Impressions | Jungkook

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Summary line: What is the first encounter/interaction with BTS? What were you doing that made them so interested to interact with you?

“Hyung! It’s going to be so much fun. We’ve been on this before, remember?” Jungkook rubs Hoseok’s shoulders.

“I do remember. Which is why I don’t want to go on it again.” Hoseok looks up with fear. He watches as the participants gets pulled higher and higher before being let go and flying over their heads. Back and forth. Back and forth in heights Hoseok never wants to have nightmares of, let alone dream them.

“You were able to bungee jump.” Jungkook reminds him.

“That was on camera, for our BTS Run segments. There are no cameras here.” Hoseok rubs his own arms.

Jungkook turns Hoseok around who’s in front of him in the line. The rest of the boys are going on a different ride. Hoseok backed out of that ride and Jungkook accompanied him. What Hoseok first felt grateful for, soon learned that it was a set up. Jungkook dragged him over to the freefall ride. He’s not as young as he once felt, and even if he was, he would still be too scared to go on the ride. Jungkook sees Hoseok’s infamous frown which clearly means that Hoseok is unhappy. If anyone can make a sun unhappy, it must be very serious.

“Okay, hyung. Why don’t you go find the guys, they might be off their ride now and they don’t know where we are.” Jungkook let go of his hyung and Hoseok gratefully skips out of the line like the roadrunner.

Jungkook sighs and leans forward on his elbows on the metal bar that organizes the line from chaos. He’s going soon, and he kind of starts to regret letting go Hoseok. He’s fine being independent from everyone, but it feels like a waste to bring Hoseok so far in, just so he could escape.

Someone nudges past him in the same fashion Hoseok did moments ago.

“Y/B/N! Y/B/N!” You shout for your brother who finally escapes your grasp. You drop your shoulders in disappointment. He’s supposed to be braver than you, and now look at him. Gone like the wind. You look back at your original spot. People have already filled it up, and you don’t see the point in reclaiming it anymore. Now that you’re not with your brother, you hesitate whether or not you should still do this. You want to go on this ride at least once. Your brother had been boasting about doing it with his friends once and it was nothing to him, so you asked if he could do it with you. You felt better to know someone who had done it before would be with you, and he’s your brother of all people.

But you should’ve known this would happen. Your brother is the kind of guy that gets psyched out easily; God knows how he got on the ride the first time. But you soon learned the answer. In the line, you kept asking questions to him about the ride, showing your nervousness in hopes that he’d say something that could comfort you, or at least debunk all your worries. But everything you kept spouting out without a thought soon got to him. Yeah, he’s been on the ride before…but he was peer-pressured and blacked out at the first swing. He ran faster than a jack rabbit out of that line and made you lose your place for following him.

You blow the hair out of your face and lean forward on your elbows on the metal rail. You glance at the forearms on your left in the same position as yours. You want to make a quick glance, but that plan comes to a halt when you see Jeon Jungkook staring down at you. Wearing a white shirt and a red beanie.

“You should probably take off that beanie when you get on the ride.” You gesture to his hat. He looks up even though he can only see a sliver of red.

“Right.” He takes it off.

“You don’t have to take it off now. We’ve got a while.” You laugh. He smiles sheepishly, “It’s hot anyway.” The conversation ends there. But it’s not often you get to talk to a celebrity.

“I don’t know if I want to do this anymore.” You sigh and look up above, right when a triplet of people swings by your heads with screams of terror, or excitement.

“It’s not that bad. Have you ever wanted to fly?” Jungkook asks you.

“Just like Iron Man.” You confess. He raises a corner of his lips to a smile.

“Well, this is the best way we can feel it, for now. One day, we might have jet packs, and this is just your training.” He shrugs. You smile weakly and look around him, “Where are the others?” It clicks to him that you actually know him. Early you didn’t say anything so he just figured you didn’t know him.

“They’re on another ride. Originally, I pulled Hoseok with me, but he backed out so…” He shrugs again.

“Well my brother dashed out a step behind him.”

“Yeah, I noticed.”

“…Do you want to do it with me?” You ask and peek at him. He looks down at you.

“U-um, ‘cause you know, we both lost our partners and i-it’s no fun to do it by ourselves, right? I’m not going to take advantage of you, I swear. I’m…I’m just a little nervous.” You try to convince him, but he needs no convincing.

“Sure, I’ll do this with you. I can’t leave poor ARMY unaccompanied, now can I?” Jungkook grins at you. You blush and nudge him, “Hey, we’re just two people going on a ride. You don’t have to try to flirt with me right now; you’re off-duty.”

Who says I’m doing this because I’m an idol? But he bites back his thoughts. You’re right, he’s off-duty, he doesn’t need to flirt with you. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to, because…well look at you! But to be honest, as shy as he really is, if he doesn’t flirt with you and treat you as ARMY and not just a random girl, he might not be able to have that courage to speak more than necessary, much less flirt with you as the identity of a young man rather than an idol. But since you just called him out, he doesn’t really know what to do. He scratches his head as the line keeps moving.

You two are soon the next pair to go. He signs the forms without hesitation, which you have to watch him do it, or else you’d lack the confidence to do likewise. If an idol like him will do this and not worry for his life, which is being watched almost 24/7, you shouldn’t either.

You two are strapped together tightly, all snug and fit. You feel Jungkook shifting a little, but that’s because he’s feeling a little embarrassed to be so close to you, practically joined at the hip. You suck in a deep breath as you feel tugged upward.

You whimper, but Jungkook is the only who hears you. He’s just as nervous as you, but for completely different reasons. He calms down his shaking hand before he grabs on to yours, “Don’t worry. I’m right here with you.” You finally exhale and attempt to breathe normally.

You two get higher and higher. About the halfway point of the height of the arch rig that holds up the two of you. By a very sturdy rope. With a very sturdy clip. Latching on to a very tight wrap. That wraps you and Jeon Jungkook closer than twins in their mother’s womb.

Jungkook looks down and feels adrenaline already coursing through his body. You decide to look too, because you’re probably not going to look when you two fall.

People are small. This park is small. The world is big and the sky is limitless. You smile for the first time before hearing Jungkook go, “Here we go.”

Without another warning, you two drop and so does your stomach. You scream but most of the wind cuts you off. Jungkook is right by you, screaming as well, but out of excitement.

You feel that adrenaline when you whoosh up after the lowest point and swing upward again. And there goes another fall, backwards this time.

“Here we go. Iron Man, are you ready?!” Jungkook laughs and all his teeth are showing. He outstretches both his arms in front of him. One of his hands are holding tightly onto yours, so at least one sticks out. You shake as you outstretch your other arm with him. You shut your eyes and scream and laugh at the same time when you two swing again.

“Open your eyes. Iron Man doesn’t close his eyes when he flies!” Jungkook knows that you’re closing them without even looking at you.

“A-ah.” You let out a shaky whine and open your eyes. You see your two fists in front of you and one of them is being held by a fist bigger than yours.

You start laughing. And you start laughing harder as you feel your momentum slowing down and your height decreasing.

“You’re so funny. You enjoy it at the second half, when it’s not as exciting.” Jungkook laughs at you when you two are at the end of the ride, but still lowering down onto the ground.

“That’s when it’s not as scary.” You say as the ride’s crew members help unwrap you two. You’re unsteady and your knees almost give out, but Jungkook quickly wraps his arm around your waist.

“I-I’m okay.” You shake, a little embarrassed for everyone to see you so weak.

“It’s okay. It’s normal.” Jungkook helps lead you out to the exit. You two look around once you get back out to the open grounds of the amusement park.
No Hoseok or your brother in sight.

“Where are the others? We can walk over to their ride and wait for them. I’ll call my brother.” He agrees with you and you two make your way over, but you stop him about a quarter way there.

“Wait!” He halts. Are you going to throw up?

“Look!” He looks up to where you point to see a ladder game. The point of the game is to climb the slightly horizontal ropes and wood ladder to reach the top and hold your ground at the top two steps for five seconds before you get to win any prize. And those prizes are huge. It’s a tough game and there are no consolation prizes because the grand prizes are so worth it. For this game, you either get a huge, six-foot teddy bear, or an adult-sized floor pillow shaped like a stretched out square-shaped dog.

“I change my superpower. I wish I could win that ladder game every time.” You sigh longingly at the prizes.

“It doesn’t look too hard.” He remarks.

You scoff, “The only people who can do are the hosts of those games. I’ve never seen a random person actually win this.” Oh, but you shouldn’t have said that to Jeon Jungkook.

Jungkook watches as the host of the game oh-so-arrogantly climbs the ladder like these were the stairs to his own home. “Well, as a prize for you being so brave to go on the freefall, I’m going to show you something you’ve never seen before: someone winning that game.”

He leads you the side of the game and sets you down on a random ledge. He walks over to the host and puts five bucks in his hand. Jungkook tests the first step. It’s shaky and the ladder is held up on both ends under an inflatable. He clenches his teeth as he grabs a hold of the second step and puts a foot on the first one. He finally gets onto the ladder with all four limbs. He feels it out and it shakes; he’s shaking and all his muscles are trembling.

He’s not to the third step and he tumbles off the side and bounces on the inflatable.

“Next time, kid.” The host laughs and looks around, announcing the ladder game to passersby. Jungkook doesn’t look at you. Instead he gives the guy another five bucks.

“Next time is now.” He says with determination. He thinks back to how he watched the host do it and tries to imitate him. He gets to the fifth one and falls again.

After the sixth time of failing, Jungkook walks with his head down back to you and sits next to you. You rub his back, “It’s fine. You were really good. I’ve never seen anyone get to the fifth step. At most, the fourth. And I’ve only ever gotten to the third step myself.” You attempt to console him.

He’s leaning his elbows on his knees and he looks up to see that arrogant guy climb the ladder again and swing his legs off the ladder when he reaches the top. There’s a low rumbling in Jungkook’s chest and you wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t feel that vibration from rubbing his back. You shiver.

“One more.” He gets up and goes to pay the guy five bucks. His last five bucks. You’re feeling better by now and you walk up to behind his ladder.

“Alright! You can do this! I believe in you!” You cheer him on without calling out his name, fearing that he would draw more attention than he already has.

“Go on! Alternate your hands and feet! That’s it!” You cheer, wooping for him every time he makes another step. You cheer even harder when he goes farther than he’s previously gotten. You’re jumping up and down, clapping like a mad man asking for rain.

He finally makes it to the top, but he has to hold his ground for five seconds. You see his legs trembling and his grip on the wood makes his knuckles and skin turn white.

At the fifth count, he finally lets go and slides off the side of the ladder and rolls down the inflatable towards you. You’re wooping out loud like you’re at his concert. He grins at you when you grip his arms and jump up and down.

“Congratulations dude. Take your pick.” The guy congratulates him. He gives him an impressed expression. Maybe not so arrogant after all. Jungkook wipes the sweat off his forehead with his short sleeve and looks up at the large grand prizes.

“Which one do you want?” Jungkook asks you and you look up to him in shock, “What? Me?! But you paid and you played!”

He nods and pants, “I can’t take these home anyway. We have too much stuff. Go on, I wasn’t planning on having one anyway.” You giggle and think about how stocked his home is. You look at all the prizes and point to one of the giant teddy bears, “That one.”

Jungkook gestures to the guy which teddy bear you wanted and the guy unhooks the teddy bear from it’s spot on the net. He hands it to you and you squeeze the life out of the teddy bear that’s bigger than you.

“Come on, I’ll treat you to something to eat. It’s a thank you. And besides, you’re out of money now.” You two go to a nearby food stand to grab a couple of hot dogs and a lemonade. Out of gratitude, you get an extra cotton candy for both of you to share. You two keep walking and Jungkook helps you hold your teddy bear. He has his hot dog on the other hand and using a couple fingers to grip onto the plastic bag that holds the cotton candy. You have your own hot dog and hold his drink in your hand, and the other tucked between your chest and arm, straw readily positioned for your use.

“Where to now?” He asks in-between bites and leans towards you so you can give him a sip of his lemonade.

You two go on the rides everyone else in your groups are too afraid to go on. Originally, you’d be afraid too, but after that freefall, you’re on an adrenaline high and you feel like you can take on any. It also helps that the one beside you is just as brave, if not braver.

Roller coasters, random rides, water rides, the whole nine yards. It’s by the time the sky changes colors that you decide to check your phone for time.

“Oh!” You make Jungkook halt on his tracks, “I forgot to call my brother.” You see one notification from your brother. Apparently he found a friend hours ago and told you to give him a call when you’re ready to leave.

“Brat.” You mumble. What if you were alone and lonely? But you look up at Jungkook, who’s playing with the teddy bear, and you smile.

“Come on, where is your group?” You take the teddy bear from him and he checks his phone, seeing at least two calls from every member.

“Oops.” He dials Namjoon’s number, “Hey…yeah, sorry, I went off to play elsewhere.” He looks at you and grins, “Okay, where do you want to meet up?…Fountain at the entrance. Got it. See you later.” He hangs up and takes your teddy bear back and puts it on his back, as if he’s piggybacking your teddy bear. You two laugh and talk on the way to the entrance of the park. Even on the way, you two buy a random light stick from a nearby stand.

You two finally reach the entrance to see six boys huddled in a circle; half of them sitting on the ledge of the fountain, and half are standing up.

“Jungkook!” Jimin calls him over and you two walk over.

“Hey…Jungkook…” Namjoon looks between the two of you.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” You greet them and they greet you back. Jungkook clicks that this is the first time he’s heard your name too. It’s an interesting, not necessarily uncomfortable, silence that graces over the eight of you, but only Jungkook starts to feel embarrassed.

“Here you go.” He hands you the bear.

“Actually, we’re leaving now. Are you leaving too, Y/N? We’ll walk you to the car. You shouldn’t carry that big thing.” Seokjin smiles warmly. You agree and call your brother to tell him to meet you at the car before you all make it out of the amusement park. Seokjin makes Jungkook carry the bear again, not like he really minds though. You all finally make it to the car and Jungkook helps you stuff it in the back of your car.

“Alright. It was great to meet you all. Thanks for…today.” You smile, not sure if Jungkook takes today the same way you do. They wave and leave you to sit in the car and wait for your brother. You already convinced them that you didn’t want them there if he shows up, in case he has his friends too.

Jungkook answers the bare minimum to their every question on the way back to their car. His ears are red and everyone is snickering. After his every “yes” and “no”, they have to ask further questions to get more details.

“Okay. So let’s get the story straight. You two were alone on the line to the freefall, so you two decided to fly together because she was scared. You even held hands on the ride. Then she felt weak when she got off the ride and you held onto her while you two were walking. And then she wanted the bear. And she taunted that no one has done it before, so our little Jungkookie decides to be a competitive hero and spend all his money on the game to win her the bear. And then she treated you hot dogs and lemonade.”

“- And the cotton candy. Don’t forget the cotton candy.”

“Right. And the cotton candy. And then you two went to all the different rides, practically claiming territory everywhere and not even once did we even fate to bump into each other. And you were having so much fun, you forgot us, or even call us; making us worried sick, but not too much because we were on rides too. Until she remembered the time and got in touch with her brother. And she’s the one who reminded you to call us. And then you two bought light sticks and finally met us all at the entrance at the end of the day.” Hoseok lists off everything on the agenda that happened for Jungkook. Jungkook feels like there are some holes in the story, with the way he said things, but he doesn’t care enough to clarify them, “Um, yeah. Basically.”

All the boys get to the car and starts to bust out laughing. Leaning on the car, clutching their stomachs, and full on dropping to the floor for laughing so hard. Jungkook shifts his feet and looks down embarrassed.

“Jungkookie, do you even hear us? Do you even know what happened?” Jungkook looks up at Yoongi whose gummy smile is on a full-on break out.


“Jungkook. You went on a date.”

Namjoon | Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

schmity63  asked:

Could you please do a Percy Annabeth prom if you haven't already? I've been having a really rough couple weeks and your stories usually help me a lot.

I’m sorry you’ve a tough couple of weeks! Hopefully this helps make you feel better, at least for a bit. Plus, it makes the perfect 3k thank you! 

I love you all terribly (except that asshole anon from that one time, you can fuck off) and I hope you enjoy!! 

Percy was a complete wreck. Sure, he had faced some of the fiercest monsters and gods the world had to offer but this was different. Being a normal teenager was completely unfamiliar territory that Percy struggled with every day; and now as he waits in his living room, wearing the black suit that Paul had helped him pick out, for Sally to finish helping Annabeth with her hair and makeup, he was struggling to catch his breath. 

Sally cleared her throat and Percy moved to stand up. Just as his eyes rose, Annabeth rounded the corner and Percy’s knees almost gave out. 

This was really not gonna help his breathing. 

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So last month it was @slytherinblogger‘s 18th birthday and I said I’d write this for the occasion but it’s taken me until now to post it! (this is a formal request that you all call me sally snail from now on bc I’m so slow at writing and posting things) so Sierra, here it is FINALLY it’s not exactly a road trip, but it’s the gangsey on a vacation of sorts and it’s extremely fluffy. I hope your first 6 weeks of being 18 have been great :)

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Seddie and me
  • They totally like each other
  • Hey, Look! Sam + Freddie Fans!
  • Ship? What's a ship?
  • Oh... So Sam+ Freddie is called "Seddie"
  • Oh, so THAT'S a ship
  • I ship Seddie
  • So, Dan Schneider is the creator of iCarly... Hmm, lets follow him.
  • NO.
  • HA! More like, LOVED THE KISS
  • LOOK, a Seddie MOMENT!
  • I.Ship.them.so.hard.
  • *reads fanfics*
  • *squeals*
  • *slowly loses sanity*
  • I kinda hate T-BO now
  • But I love Spencer cause he ships Seddie
  • My seddie FEELS
  • WHY
  • Looking Forward to season 4
  • Seddie in the SAME BED
  • SEX
  • No.
  • I Hate you Dan
  • But i also love you
  • Please make seddie happen : (
  • CAUSE they totally like eachother
  • Yes, yes They do
  • *reads more fics*
  • The season is almost overrrr
  • *cries*
  • WHAT!
  • *tweets uncontrolably to Dan*
  • *reads fanfics until august*
  • *counts the days*
  • I Hate you Dan, for tweeting pics about what you are fiLMING KNOWING IT'S ABOUT SEDDIE
  • *reads more fics*
  • *Sends love to Dan*
  • *reads more fics until september*
  • At least I'll only have to wait one month
  • Awwww they are just so cute
  • *squeals*
  • No. Why do you fight?!
  • CARLY, get out of the way!
  • Seddie
  • They are still dating, so thats's good.
  • This episode is perfect
  • They are kissing a lot
  • No Freddie No
  • Yay! Thank God, Carly!
  • Seddie prevails
  • And so does my feels
  • I need fics
  • You better!
  • No, I ain't watching spoilers, not this time
  • the episode is ONE HOUR AWAY
  • They are going to BREAK-UP NO.
  • WHY?! D:
  • I am crying and the episode hasn't even aired
  • NO : (
  • They are flirting bsjajdk;kdjshkx
  • NO
  • They love eachother : (((((
  • *reads fics post break up to heal heart*
  • *tweets dan*
  • *cries more*
  • W h y
  • *reads more fics'
  • BUT. W H Y
  • Oh, look... A seddie moment : (
  • Sam Cares
  • But also does Freddie
  • Or not?!
  • Was it all a lie?!
  • I hate you Dan.
  • : (((
  • NO!!!
  • *reads more fics*
  • Freddie, i used to love you so much, what happened to you?
  • I know he still loves Sam.
  • Maybe he's doing this because he can't get over her
  • Yes, that's why
  • "He's still in love with me, it's kinda sad"
  • Dan, WHY?!?
  • Creddie? Ew no. Never.
  • *reads more fics*
  • *cries*
  • This is horrible
  • I am depressed
  • W H Y
  • No, I am not watching Sam without Freddie
  • Okay myabe just the first episode
  • Neh.
  • I miss seddie
  • I miss Seddie
  • I miss Seddie
  • *reads fics*
  • I miss Seddie
  • I miss Seddie
  • I hate Seddie
  • I can't hate Seddie : (
  • *Watches seddie videos*
  • *cries*
  • W H Y
  • ...
  • ...
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • I think i've moved on. I am over Seddie now. I can live my life in peace.
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • *opens twitter*
  • *sees Dan's tweets*
  • WAIT, WHAT??!?
  • Jdkshslwhidiwidjwkdnkwhsuw
  • *reads fics*
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • Months later
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • WHAT?! A PROMO?!
  • *checks seddie tag*
  • I will never get over these two
  • They are my ultimate otp
  • *reads fics*
  • Freddie Cares
  • Ex-boyfriend
  • *stops breathing*
  • Sam Cares
  • RED
  • BLUE
  • *reads fics*

realynn8  asked:

If your requests are still open: "we somehow ended up in charge of senior prank" AU Bellarke. Please and thank you!

Clarke’s head hit the table with a thud.  Everything was a disaster.  Her life was a disaster.  But most importantly, her senior year was a disaster.

It had started with the A- in Biology first semester.  Which she had of course fixed but still.  Clarke Griffin never had to fix her grades because she never got anything below an A in the first place.  Valedictorians didn’t get A minuses.  A minuses weren’t going to get her into Cornell’s pre-med program on the fast track to Harvard med school and a prestigious residency.  So in other words, Clarke didn’t get A minuses.

And that had just been the beginning, starting a landslide of disastrous occurrences that were all not how Clarke wanted her senior year to be.  And now here she was, with the worst of them yet, sitting in a Starbucks across from the one person she’d promised herself since elementary school she would never be seen with.  Bellamy Blake: the idiot who somehow managed to do freakishly well in school despite putting no effort into any of his work and the most obnoxious person Clarke had ever met.

And they were all here because the one, the only class council meeting that Clarke skipped (because she was arguing with her advisor over her teacher recommendations for applications) happened to be the one where they were organizing the senior prank.

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response to: reasons people dislike tyler oakley

this is a response to a post i was sent the link to. i normally would just roll my eyes about it with my friends but… i felt the need to give my point of view, as i feel people who don’t watch tyler’s video’s don’t get to see the real him. (source)

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awashsquid  asked:

Hi Seanan; sorry for clogging up your Inbox. I've seen you post before about having chronic pain, and I was wondering if you had any tips on dealing with it. I've recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and often am in debilitating pain, which is making me more depressed than usual, and I'm struggling with the reality of a lifetime (I'm only 22) of feeling this way. I feel like I just started to get my mental health under control and WHAM, this happens and I'm drowning.

“/2 I understand if you don’t have the time to or don’t want to reply, but thanks for at least taking the time to read these. I really appreciate it.“

Never be sorry for clogging my inbox, okay?  It’s all right.

First up, chronic pain sucks, and I am so sorry you have to deal with it.  It’s totally okay to be angry, and resentful, and bitter.  Just try not to let the negativity consume you, because life is hard enough without crossing that line.  But if you need to wallow, you need to wallow.  No one gets to tell you that there’s always another rainbow.  Fuck their rainbows.  You hurt, you didn’t do something to earn it (”I stuck my hand inside a blender to see what would happen” earns you a lot less leeway), it just happened, and it’s awful.  You are allowed to be mad.  You are allowed to express your mad.

Find things that take the edge off, and do them.  I do not have fibro–I have spinal damage causing nerve issues, and a really fucked-up foot–but there are things that are so soothing that I cling to them.  Like a rent-by-the-hour hot tub place near me (cheaper and easier than having my own hot tub or trying to keep the bathwater as hot as I need it) that I go to once a month.  If you live in a medicinal marijuana state, it might be worth looking into.  Talk to people with your specific illness, and learn from them.  Listen to books, watch TV, do things to remind yourself that life is still a good thing, even when it hurts.

Do not blame yourself because your body has done something without permission.

There’s a great disability community here on Tumblr; you are not alone.

For those considering volunteering for #YANA

So I feel like this is a thing that needs to be said, and I’m in a good position to say it. 

First of all, I completely support the You Are Not Alone campaign, I think it’s a great idea and I have high hopes for it helping a lot of people. But the thing is that I’m worried that a lot of well-meaning people are going to sign up as volunteers when they really shouldn’t be.

If you’re not aware, I’ve been using my blog to counsel people in need for about two years. I’m not professionally trained, but I’m pretty good at listening and talking to people, and I’ve learned a whole lot about mental illness, abuse, and trauma. Almost every day, I answer at least a couple messages about some very serious issues, and I always receive more messages than I’m able to answer.

And for all I’ve learned about what people on the other end are dealing with, I’ve learned a lot about me too, and if you’re thinking about volunteering for YANA, there are three very important things you need to know first.

One: Counseling people in difficult situations is harder than you think. Immersing yourself in the incredibly heavy topics of mental illness, abuse, rape, self-harm, suicide, addiction, etc, is extremely emotionally draining, especially when you’re doing it long-term. Of course it’s very rewarding to help people, but there is always going to be more, and thinking about it and talking about it over and over, day in and day out, is difficult. The simple fact is that not everyone is equipped to deal with that burden, and that’s okay.

Two: You can’t help others if you are mentally or emotionally unstable. Being unstable doesn’t make you a bad person, not in the least, but it does mean that you are not at the right place in your life to be able to give to others. You’re not ready to give to others until you’re stable, and even then the demand may destabilize you more quickly than you expected. Don’t turn yourself into one of the people needing emergency help by taking on a weight you’re not ready to carry.

Three: You have to step back and recharge regularly. To be able to give away positivity and care, you have to put in positivity and care. You’ll figure out that there will be a point where you need a break, where you have to just set aside all this awful shit and take care of yourself. (Psychiatrists have office hours for a reason, after all.) Go walk around, read something, take a bath, chat with some friends, watch a comedy, eat a good meal, forget about all the bad stuff for a while and don’t feel guilty about it. You have to take care of your own needs first in order to be able to give anything to anyone else. If you don’t, you’re going to burn out and break down.

The truth is that you can really want to help people but just not be in a good position to sign up to help people. Someone with broken legs can’t run into a burning building to save people from the fire. It’s okay if you’re not in a place to volunteer right now, it really is; a few years ago, I wouldn’t have been in the right place either. 

And not being ready to volunteer for a crisis network doesn’t mean you’re useless - you’re never useless! You can ALWAYS say something nice to someone having a bad day, you can always reblog that post with recovery resources, you can always direct someone in need to a website that will help. You don’t have to volunteer for YANA to help people.

In summary, please give this some careful thought before you volunteer - and even more careful thought if you already have volunteered. I’m not going to volunteer, because I already have all I can handle in my inbox. Taking on more than I can handle isn’t going to help anyone. Remember that.

The last woman on earth

Society didn’t collapse so much as just… cease to exist a little over a year ago. At least, a big part of it did: People; all of them as far as Clarke can tell so far. 

From her roommate’s empty bedroom to the deserted streets and buildings all across the city: From one moment to the next, there was not a single person in sight, not one sign of life apart from herself. After being startled by her own shadow a few times and seriously starting to wonder if she was going mad or if she had simply imbibed more than just alcohol the night before, Clarke headed back home, certain that she had solved the puzzle and there was just one possible explanation: She was dreaming.

But when she woke up a few hours later, Clarke was still alone, and has been ever since.

Life got a little weird after that.

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protanopia  asked:

Hey, I really appreciate your blog. Your honesty is convicting, and it has prompted a lot of growth in my life. I'm just wondering, and maybe you've already written about this, but how did you come to terms with the reality of hell? I've known a lot of people who have dismissed Christianity because they couldn't accept the thought of the majority of mankind enduring eternal torment, especially when God claims to be good. How do you navigate through all of that?

Hey my dear friend, thank you for your very kind words and thank you for asking. I know this is a tough question that divides many people. 

Please allow me the grace to point you to some posts.  The first one here is a little snarky because I was sort of irritated that day, but here you go —

- Do Christians Have To Believe In Hell?

- Hell and Heaven As Motivation For Faith: A Mega-Post

Here are just a few thoughts on this to consider.


1) I believe most people already believe the concept of Hell, whether they admit it or not.

Those who don’t believe in Hell are also saying, “I don’t believe in justice for evil.”  You can’t say one without the other.

I don’t think just anyone goes to Hell.  But certainly there is justice for those who continually choose destruction, tyranny, manipulation, and oppression.  When someone says “There is no Hell,” it means they’ve never faced rape in Rawanda or a murdered child or a national genocide like the Khmer Rouge.  It means they never had to watch their relatives shot in the head right in front of them (my Cambodian friend’s mom watched all five of her brothers executed).  It means they never had to watch their parents get exterminated in an oven. Instead the naysayer’s suffering has only consisted of credit card debt or an egged car at Halloween.

Only over-privileged Westernized Post-Enlightenment thinkers who have been Pavlovian-conditioned with so-called “logic” could ever say that there’s no Hell, because they’ve never been ravaged by evil. [C.S. Lewis calls this “chronological snobbery.”]  And the only motivation for the victims of injustice to stop declaring war is to trust that there is a Hell which ultimately deals justice, so we don’t have to.  [This idea is from Miroslav Volf, a Croatian theologian who is a pacifist and well understands human indignities.]


2) Those in Hell will have tried very hard to get there.

A life apart from God gets us a life apart from God.  They will have ended up exactly where they wanted to go.  As Timothy Keller says, Hell is merely an eternal extension of self-absorption and inner-deterioration that came from a life of selfishness.  To live for only oneself is simply hell.

This also means that there must be some kind of grace for people who had no chance to believe, or perhaps threw a prayer on their deathbed, or who are special needs, or who are very young children.  While I can’t answer all those questions, I believe God’s grace covers them in a way that we can’t humanly comprehend.  We may be surprised in Heaven to see the many multitudes there covered by grace.


3) Jesus paid the price of Hell already.

Here’s what I don’t hear often enough.  God did create Hell for injustice, but He already paid the price Himself so that we wouldn’t have to.

Most people are saying, “It’s not fair that a loving God would make a place called Hell!”  But no one ever says, “It’s not fair that Jesus had to pay Hell for us!”  It’s only unfair when it comes to me.  No one sees the cross for how unfair that was to God.

Imagine the implications of this grace.  It’s like if an architect made a prison, then you commit a crime, and the architect says, “Don’t worry, I’ll carry out the sentence for you.”  No other religion or philosophy or humanism even comes close to this radical kind of grace.  Which brings us finally to —


4) Without justice, then grace doesn’t mean very much. 

I know that some Christians would disagree here.  But without a theology of justice, then grace is just not very electrifying. 

If it cost nothing for God to love us, then His love is just sentimentality.  It’s a general warm feeling that gives us fuzzies when we look to the clouds. 

This is true for relationships.  If you only love people who are lovable, then that love is cheap.  But if you can love people through the worst of their mess — that love is true, strong, real.  It came with a price.

The love of God is a costly love.  It cost Him everything.  God took on flesh and His whole life was one long crucifixion.  The life and death of Jesus was essentially his descension into Hell. He was tempted with us, suffered with us, grew hungry and tired and thirsty like us, was rejected and abandoned and betrayed and beat up and stripped naked and killed in the worst way possible.  He did this, for us, to endure the penalty of our sin on our behalf. 

So knowing this, there is no possible way that His love can be an abstract doctrine.  When people say, “God forgives me, so the Christian can do whatever they want!” — then they have no idea what it costs God to love us.  Grace is free, but it was not cheap.  Grace cost Him everything.  


I say all this to say: Christianity does not hinge on whether Hell exists.  That’s not the point, at all.  But rather God rescues us unconditionally out of His costly love and invites us into an eternal journey of joy, and when you can know this: then these other doctrines are the very least of our worries.

I hope we can share these things with sensitivity too.  I’ve had relatives and friends pass away without a knowledge of Christ.  It’s not okay to simply trump this around.  I hope we can navigate these things with a loving heart, full of grace and truth.  Much love to you in caring for your friends about this.

— J

bad writing is good writing

okay so I’m really young compared to the people doing this but that’s alright

original post by @wsswatson

this post is long as hell

2005 (age 6)
I’m estimating on that date, but I’ve been writing stories all my life and this was the first “””””””””book””””””” (basically someone gave me like 8 blank pages bound together) and I wrote a story about a girl who makes friends with the dolphins at a museum and sneaks back at night to play with them until her mom finds out. I wrote it in marker…

The only quote I remember from it is this:
“She did a gulp.”

2007 (age 8)
By now I had discovered Word and was writing on short documents when I had the free time. I tried to write a rip-off Harry Potter novel about a girl named Clara who finds out she’s a witch and goes via plane to a magic school. I have no records of this thank god but I do still have the notebook in which I wrote 40 pages of a LOTR rip-off called Questeye. The best friends (actually literally modeled after me and a girl named Roxanne) find their families enslaved by goblins (orcs) and have to…go find something…?

I have no quotes from it but…you can imagine.

2008 (age 9)
Fourth grade! awww. This is when I wrote fucking constantly in these really pretty journals mom would buy for me. I have all of them still.

The Slave’s Daughter
“Oy! Why can’t ye do it?” my mom grumbled. “It’s noon. Dinner. Then, I get a start on supper. Potatoes and stew tonight. Shouldn’t be too hard to sneak.” he replied. [who is ‘he’?] “Hey, I’ll do it,” I offered. “How hard can it be?”

(oh god, I also started this up again in 6th grade??)
Anyway, now that there’s no one to earn money, I now have to transfer to a public school, dropping out of my expensive, private, all-girls school. What a horrible time to transfer–in the middle of fifth grade. Stupid dad.

Rebecca was one of those people who know they look good, but pretend they don’t. All the cheerleaders will hate her, and every guy on the football team will want to date her. As for me, I’ll just watch. I’m one of those people who are just plain weird, but doesn’t care. Yet all the guys seem to like me.
(I managed to cram like five different misogynistic middle school tropes into one paragraph)

“But its not a nickname! My name is Anna Lee. That’s what’s on my birth certificate! That’s what everyone calls me!” my anger was escalating, and I didn’t care if I got in trouble. All I knew is that I hates this man in front of me.
(at least some things never change)

2010 (age 11)
This was fifth and sixth grade oh dear god and the end of my journal phase

The Meadow is where the leader of the Hunt blows his horn to call to the Nature Clan. This is the only sighting and even acknowledgment of the other Clan that is allowed to happen. It’s a beautiful place, with a smooth pond of clear blue water filled to the brim. The grass is an emerald green, rising to your ankles (that’s saying a lot, since spirits are generally a few feet taller than the average human) and the trees seem to sparkle with dew that never dries up. the best part of the Meadow are the flowers. No two flowers are the same color, or the same kind. They sparkle too, but with eternal frost, all around the edges of the petals. When the sun comes and shines on them, it throws a rainbow of light to arch over you. The leader of the Hunt comes here once a year, to make the Nature Clan aware of the Hunt. The Meadow is truly gorgeous, but not quite the taste of a Sky Clan Warrior, Warrior of the Eagle.

2012 (age 13)
Seventh grade…

“If you were to look beneath the untidy wisp of hair that blew about his forehead, you would see into his eyes. You would see the tired look of the elderly, that was only natural, but you would also see something that you might not have seen much before, the same something that most lack.”

·Order something neat. The food you order says everything. This is a classic tip and I still feel the need to repeat it. God forbid you order the lobster, you get it and they tell you that they’re out of the lobster tools, so you’re desperately trying to look alluring while cracking a lobster shell and fishing out the meat with your knife. Of course it turns out your date ordered the Caesar salad.  

“I blame myself. I hope I don’t forever blame myself, for it is the worst feeling I've ever felt. He gave everything for me; each shot that cracked the still air was for me. Each pair of eyes that he watched the light leave was for me, each cry of pain, each early rise, each General’s order, each distant explosion. All for me.”

2013 (age 14)

“The clicking of your heels is louder now, and the walls of the stone cold buildings throw your sound around faster and faster. Each time it passes through you it racks your body and you wonder how something you’re making can hurt you so much, but your heels keep clicking and you wonder why you don’t just stop.”

“Some sick twist of fate–some arrow shot by a hateful Cupid–some beautiful monster brought us together.” jeeeeeesus christ.

ALSO short snippet of some horrible Hinny/Romione fic: 
It was a slow, sweet kiss, not too much tongue (but still some, Harry Potter did not do things half-ass), not like the one Ginny had unleashed on him the other night after his proposal.
“Awh, that’s so sweet,” a dreamy voice sounded behind them.

2014 (age 15)
Around this time, right at the start of 9th grade, I watched Sherlock for the first time and I was like ok I see what this “fanfiction” is now so I got into both. This is the year of bad fanfiction turning to okay fanfiction.

The Happenings of Engagement
Rose, for example, along with her younger brother Hugo, were not let in view of the wealthy London streets without looking their best; like exemplary young children. She could not have dirt on her face, hands or in her hair when other families came to visit, and she must always wear the dresses her grandmother gives her when she comes to stay.
For the Grangers had a reputation to uphold. It was all about who you knew and who respected you in 19th century Britain, and the Grangers were very high up in society’s standards.
“Come, Rose, let’s clean you up. We have visitors today for you! Isn’t that exciting?”

John Watson vividly remembers eating eggs as yellow as his school uniform when he first heard about the Holmes.
“John, have you met our new neighbors yet?”
John looked up from his eggs, surprised. Since when did they have new neighbors? He could tell by his mother’s tone, however, that she had already met them. She was not fishing for information; she was much more insistent when she was. What she was doing now was the classic Holly Watson way of turning a question into a direction. He hated it almost as much as he hated the color of his school uniform.

Killer Queen
Sherlock stood rooted to the spot, watching in amazement as John Watson came barreling out of the bathroom with ridiculous shades on, dressed in dark jeans and a button down–where the hell did he get that fedora–and singing only slightly more dramatically than Queen into a wooden spoon.

Okay and then I went to a writing camp at Duke University:

You had always been a vision in pale yellow under the lights
Closeness was a formality
Closeness came our fourth year together when we literally could not separate
Closeness was a blessing even though neither of us really believed in blessings

Now I’m just combining everything into this: writing I’m proud of

2014/15 (15/16/almost 17 years old)
Most all of this is fanfiction…

Then Potter found him crying, and the universe condensed into that cold tiled bathroom, Harry breathless and wide-eyed in the grimy mirror behind him and Draco’s heart stopping for the longest second of his life as he fought the urge to cry for help.
And the resulting fight tore at the edges of his frayed nerves, his already ruptured soul and as he lay bleeding on the floor, Harry helpless and bewildered beside him, Draco felt his heart break and he told himself he had never hated anybody more, and he believed it.

The Pauli Exclusion Principle
Holy shit, this man was the big leagues. He looked like a model, in all seriousness, something right out of some posh men’s catalogue. He also looked rich as hell, but that was beside the point. Mostly. John did still have quite a large tuition.

For Every Action
For every action, he says, there must be an equal and opposite reaction—and Harry Potter, after that night, was a firm believer in cosmic balance.

Consequences of Redemption
“In the end it was the most arbitrary thing,” Draco answered, still with the ghost of a bemused smile on his lips. “All that deliberation and fear and oppression, and it came down to…I don’t know, some sort of gross sentimentality.”
“A gross sentimentality,” Harry repeated blankly.
“Yeah, Potter. You.”

The Best Man
“So,” he brought up conversationally at Ron and Hermione’s later that night, all of them safely two drinks in, “have either of you received an invitation to Draco Malfoy’s wedding?”

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