i've never drawn these two before and i feel that's not okay

372. You pass away and he is left with your child
  • N/A: Not related to the child series or baby series! Different names!
  • Louis: Louis has barely been able to take care of himself let alone take care of a rambunctious three-almost four year old boy. He loves Fletcher, god he loves him so much. It's his son for Gods sake, but he can't do it on his own. It's been three months since the accident that took your life and Louis is finally getting used to waking up alone. Sometimes he finds it hard to look at Fletcher because he looks so much like you, but at the same time he wants to because it's all he's got left. And Fletcher's so smart. He knows his mommy is no longer around and that daddy isn't happy anymore. So he does whatever he can just to see his dad smile. He draws pictures, sings songs, he even made Louis breakfast (with the help of his grandma of course). And Louis smiles because he knows his son is really trying to make Louis happy; and for a short while he does, then he thinks of you and his heart breaks all over. And at night when Fletcher is supposed to be sleeping, the young boy watches as his father cries. His head in his hands, body shaking from sobs. The young boy, walks carefully over to his father, pulling his body onto the couch and sitting next to him. "It's okay, daddy. I miss mummy too. It's okay to be sad" He tells his dad. Louis sniffs and pulls his son closer to him, holding him so close and closing his eyes, thanking you for leaving something to remind him of you behind. Louis ruffles the young boys hair and cracks a smile. "I'm so happy I've got you Fletch. So so happy."
  • Liam: The atmosphere in the house has shifted and you can feel it as soon as you enter. In the past, the sound of laughter would echo off the walls, now all you hear is the sound of little Stella's cries. The eight month old just cries and cries now a days. They say that baby's can sense how their parent feels and make reactions off of that and that is just what little Stella is doing. Liam has barely gotten any sleep, he never has an appetite any more. And it's not only from taking care of Stella, it's from losing you. It's been a month. A long tortuous month. You were just going out to get baby formula and you got shot in the midst of a gang fight. Everyone's stepped up to help with Stella. Zayn and Harry take turns babysitting just to let Liam sleep, Eleanor and Perrie buy Stella new clothes and bring a ladies influence to try and help to raise her. Liam's a wreck. He misses you so much. You had this light about you that made everyone drawn to you. You were bubbly, out going, and you weren't afraid to stand up for yourself. He needed you now more than ever. Stella's been crying for hours and nothing Liam does is making her stop, He's fed her, changed her, rocked her even sang to her, but nothings working. He walks around, baby in arms, fighting back tears of his own. If you were here you'd know what to do. He wishes you were here at least to stop the baby from crying. As the first of his tears fall, Stella's cries stop. She looks up at her dad with big brown eyes and a frown. "Dada?" Liam looks down at his daughter. Stella offers a goofy smile and Liam shakes his head, kissing her forehead. "Oh Stella Rae. I love you so" He told her, poking her cheek and making her giggle.And just like that the atmosphere lightened up. Almost as if you appeared again.
  • Niall: It's been a year. A very hard year at that. Niall and you have a daughter, Layla Grace Horan. She was only two when her mommy died. Niall's always been a man's man. He lived with his dad and older brother after his parents split so he never had much of a girls influence. You leaving has been tough. He doesn't know the first thing about a girl. He doesn't know how to dress them or do hair. And Layla's hair is thick and wavy. But he's been learning. He can successfully do a braid, pigtails and a bun. Layla's very smart and extremely independent, which Niall's thankful for because if it was up to him, she'd be wearing football jerseys and skinny jeans. The whole year has been tough for Niall. You were his one and only, his forever. The two of you dated for three years, and were married for six, but you two were friends before that. Losing you was like losing the other half of him.It's like he can barely breath anymore. He tries to put on a happy face for Layla because she deserves to be happy. He hates to see her cry. But when she's asleep he loses it. He clutches the picture he has of you next to his bed and cries. And when he wakes up, his heart drops because your not next to him. It was early in the morning, the sun wasn't even up yet and Layla woke herself up. She has always been one to make others feel better. She waddled down the hall, clad only in her diaper and she pulled herself onto her daddy's bed. She curled up into him and fell back asleep. When Niall woke up, he noticed the little girl sleeping next to him, clutching his shirt with her tiny fist and it was the first time he didn't feel alone. Because he knew that his little girl will help him through it.
  • Harry: Harry blames himself for your death. He wasn't home when it happened. He was on the road. He could have prevented it. Well at least that's what he thought. It was nine months ago, you were cooking dinner for you and your five year old son Jace. And there was a fire. You sacrificed yourself for Jace, getting him out of the house before you yourself could. Harry only found out the next morning when his mom called him to break the news. Jace was scared and immediately wouldn't leave his fathers side. Harry was distraught, management canceled the rest of the tour. The boys were besides themselves. You and Jace were all Harry talked about. You were his life. But he believes that if he was there that he could have caught the fire before it spread or he could have helped Jace out with his homework while you cooked. He puts on a strong front for your son, wanting to only do the best he can for him. It's hard though because your son looks so much like you. It pulls at Harry's heart strings to see his son's eyes because their the same color as yours. And watching him laugh hurts because you used to laugh the same way. "Daddy?" Jace looks up at his dad. "Yeah buddy?" Harry replies. "It's okay to be sad daddy. I'm sad too. But mummy still loves us. She's just in the sky now." He says as if it's the most casual thing ever. Harry's jaw drops and he's at a loss for words. "Where- where did you hear that, J?" Harry spits out, looking at his son in awe. Jace shrugs. "Mummy used to say that poppy was in the sky. Doesn't that mean that mummy's in the sky too? With poppy?" He asked referring to your grandfather who was on this earth until Jace turned three. Harry nodded and hugged your son tightly. "Yeah, J. Mummy's in the sky."
  • Zayn: You had lost your fight. Two years of fighting ovarian cancer. You were so strong through all of it. You were still the proud stage wife a long with a mother of two. Two of who now only have a father. It was hard on Zayn, losing you with young children, but he knew that if god needed you it must have been for a good reason. Since that terrible day 18 months ago, Zayn's been in father mode. His eldest, Zander whose's seven, has been more than helpful with his little sister Rosalie who's only four. Especially when Zayn had to bring them with him to Australia. It hurts to watch them grow up and know that you're not around to see them. You would have been so proud of Zander, especially after he debuted in his first school play. You would have joked around saying something about him taking after his father. You would have been the best stage mom to Rosalie who shines up there in her tutu and pink ballet shoes. Zayn counts his blessings for the two greatest kids in the world. He also thanks god that he has the greatest family. His sister Waliyha moved in to help take care of them when Zayn's at work, his mom cooks meals for them when they know it's going to be a busy week. But every now and then he wishes you were here. He misses being able to watch Saturday night television after the two kids fell asleep. He misses the way your lips would curl up when he said something sarcastic. He misses the way your body feels pressed up against his, sexual or not. You were everything to him. After he broke up with Perrie, he thought he'd never love again. But he did and still does. You were his always. No one could compare to you. And Rosalie and Zander had the worlds best mom. Only if it were for a few years. Every night, Zayn makes sure to tell them a story about you. Just so they can always have a memory of you with them and just so Zayn's heart doesn't feel so numb when it should be warm.
  • These got longer and more sad as they went along and I apologize for all the feels in advance. ~AlliXx

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Ok... so I've never given a prompt before, but here goes... Oliver wakes up to an alternate world where he isn't the Arrow and Diggle and Felicity don't know him... but he knows them and he's wondering what the hell's happening to him. I hope that's not too long, looking forward to what you do with it. Btw love your other stories :D

A/N: Believe it or not, this was supposed to be super quick but somehow morphed into a 3,500 word monster. And also thank you so much Anon! Your words mean a lot and this prompt was absolutely amazing! Come drop by my ask box to tell me what you thought! 

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This was wrong; something was wrong. Oliver couldn’t quite figure out why or how. It was a gut feeling, one of those heavy, relentless sensations that resided in the pit of his stomach. He turned aimlessly around Central City Bank’s rooftop, bow clutched tightly in his gloved hands.

A scream to his right rocked him to his very core. He knew that scream. He heard it briefly in his ear during the Undertaking. He heard it when the Count held Oliver’s very soul in his grip, two needles to her neck. He heard it when Mathis pulled her into the alley, a hand trying to smother the piercing sound. He heard it when he tended to her gun wound in the car on the way back to the foundry; her teeth sinking into his leather jacket.

Felicity. His Felicity.

Oliver didn’t have the time to chastise himself for claiming her as such. She wasn’t his. Sure, they were something; connected to each other in ways he couldn’t explain. But he didn’t want to risk her safety. He would be lying if he said he didn’t expect the stubborn blonde to fight back, to push him to think straight.

But to him, he couldn’t possibly think more clearly. How could she not know that if he lost her, there would be no more Arrow and no more Oliver Queen? How could she not know that her simply being alive gives him so much strength he feels invincible? How could she not know that if she dies, so does he? How could she not know that he couldn’t lose his partner, his love, his soul, his light, his best friend and survive?

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