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The first time Nishinoya asked him out, Asahi’s insecurity made him question why somebody so optimistic would want somebody like him. Nishinoya decided to take this opportunity to help Asahi understand his reasons before he made his second attempt.

Asahi kept finding new notes long after they started dating and kept every single one as a reminder.


@askbasb i can’t believe star became an actual fairy

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I HAVE A LOT OF IDEAS FOR THE BRUSH MEME SO U CAN JUST CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANNA DO MOST: christmas aoi, snow akane, starry phi, cloud light, or plushie with one of them birdies

TWO OF YOU WANTED CLOUD LIGHT…I also had to do starry phi and these ones are a bit fancier than the others bc they wouldn’t leave me alone lmao

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You can say whatever you want about Furuba another, but for me it’s still relatable and I feel like Takaya’s ability to struck home grew even stronger. Really- maybe someone self-confident and strong considers Sawa too plain and useless for a protagonist (same goes for the plot itself), but the feelings Takaya describes in the sequel are very familiar to me. Sawa’s desire to fit in, to find her place and her people and pain of not being able to do it are very close to feelings that everyone can get from time to time. Everyone needs to hear some kind and encouraging words when they have hard time, don’t they? For some people it’s hard to forgive themselves their inability to talk to others freely, their silence in inapropriate times when they had better raise their voice, their own inertness and lack of strenght and courage to change, and I’m sure that I wasn’t the only one who saw in Sawa some pieces of my own reflection. 

You may say that ‘the author repeats herself’, because she treats this subject in all of her previous works: there are a lot of characters who have problems with social life and fitting in (Furuba trio, Sakuya, Liselotte characters— well it’s easier to name those who don’t have such problems but i remember only side characters). But, in instance, in Hoshi wa utau everything was more tragic and sometimes difficult to understand if you haven’t got this traumatic expericence that Sakuya and others have (literal parental abandonment and abuse and irresponsibility or all of it at the same time). Though Takaya still managed to make me feel her characters’ suffering as my own, ha. We still don’t know exactly how difficult Sawa’s situation is, but somehow it seems to be better than other stories we can read in Takaya’s works, maybe because the genres of Furuba Another aren’t supposed to contain ‘tragedy’. Sawa is an ordinary person, at least she is more ordinary than Sohmas from original Furuba (let’s not forget about fantasy aspect of the curse) and HwU characters (everyone there is seriously traumatized and the circle of their problems is larger than just one of those I’ve just noted), maybe that’s why it’s easier to me to understand her. Though I think that comparing Sawa to other characters from Takaya’s works is wrong: as Komaki (FB) said, it’s impossible to judge who is more miserable. Sawa’s complexes and difficulties with her mother are definitely something to fight, and I really want her to do it. I’m grateful to Takaya for the sequel: her stories always give me hope and make me believe that in many cases we can beat something that ties us to the pain and to the past. 

If you read it, i’m very surprised and thankful to you for spending your time on it x)


doctor who otp doodle prompt roundup! :3

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thanks so much to everyone who submitted a prompt–i had a fantastic time working on them! <3 <3 <3

Perhaps you were expecting some surprise, for me to reveal a secret that had eluded you, something that would change your perspective of events, shatter you to your core. There is no great revelation, no great secret. There is only you.

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