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[4/4] scenes ➢ it’s your girl

Drarry Secret Santa
  • It’s decided that the Eighth Years should do a Secret Santa gift exchange to continue the newfound effort towards House Unity that was started at the beginning of the new term.
  • So of course, because Harry can’t catch a break, he managed to draw Draco Malfoy as his person.
  • He’s stressed AF and wracking his brain to think of something that Malfoy would even want, something he won’t spit on. 
  • Harry gets annoyed when Malfoy plays it off like it’s going to be super easy to get his person a gift, which makes Harry even more Determined™ 
  • Except, secretly Draco is also stressed AF because holy shit everything he thinks of is stupid, what can he possibly get the Boy Who Lived??? Fuck, fuck!
  • Draco trails through Hogsmeade looking at Quidditch supplies, expensive leather-bound journals, and fine bottles of goblin wine before deciding that all of those gifts wouldn’t matter to Potter — with the exception of Quidditch, obviously.
  • But he’s certain that gifting Potter something Quidditch-related won’t have enough of an impact.
  • He wanted to get a gift that meant something, something to thank Potter for saving his life.
  • Harry nearly gave up as the day to exchange their presents drew nearer, but then he found Malfoy’s wand in the bottom of his trunk.
  • He knew it was the perfect gift.
  • After a few false starts, Draco finally figured out something clever to gift to Potter, something that no other Secret Santa would have thought of.
  • He was proud of himself for figuring out the puzzle, and he’s actually eager to see Potter’s face when he opened Draco’s gift.
  • When the time finally came to exchange gifts in a circle around the Eighth Year common room, they each went last to give their gifts.
  • When it’s clear that they had presents for each other, they both nod to leave the room.
  • Malfoy insisted that Harry open his first.
  • Harry fully expected something over the top, expensive, and uselessly ridiculous.
  • But his breath caught when he opened the leather-bound text, engraved with a family crest on the cover with the name Potter emblazoned on a scroll in the center.
  • As he flipped through the pages Malfoy explained that he tracked down a complete family history of the Potters for Harry.
  • And holy shit, Malfoy’s present made Harry’s heart pound in his chest while his throat went all tight and dry???
  • Harry got choked up over his gift as the reality of it sank in. He carefully ran his fingers over the engraving while Malfoy shifted his weight from foot to foot nervously, blurting out facts about the gift that Harry only paid half of his attention to.
  • Harry wiped at his eyes roughly, a little embarrassed, but Malfoy gave him such an important gift.
  • He took a breath and held out his own gift for Malfoy.
  • “I thought it was about time you had this back. It served me well, so, er, thanks.”
  • Draco didn’t even speak for a full minute, his eyes were just locked on his wand in Harry’s outstretched hand.
  • Harry could see his hand shaking at his side.
  • When Harry finally handed Draco the wand, he hugged Harry really tightly and whispered thank you.
  • Draco kissed Harry’s cheek as he pulled away, startling Harry.
  • His lips felt so soft and warm against Harry’s skin.
  • They stared at each other until Harry slowly, carefully pulled Draco back to him, and lightly kissed his cheek in return.
  • They smiled tentatively at each other, each clutching their gifts, as they reached for each other’s hand.
  • Absolutely no one was surprised when they walked back into the common room holding hands.

“How We Were” - History/Decay 

They didn’t get along much at first, but some things changed a bit after their first drink together

i can’t wait for this teamup… !!! (*Φ∇Φ*) !!!, also… BLUE LAVA. i’m imagining this to be a pivotal moment at some important ancient force location where they team up for the first time under an epic night sky. I NEED IT


Here’s another improvement post. All of these are approximately three-four months apart, so there’s something to say about practice(I think I Said the exact same thing before).

Edit: Bonus, I added my older Percy and short haired Nina edits for fun.

Y'all ready for this?

seventeen as things i’ve said through text messages pt.2

s.coups -  “they need to deactivate and think about what they’ve done”

jeonghan -  “he got me frustrated and I’ve never even spoken to him before”

joshua - “WE ALL LOVE CRAFT”

jun - “ooooo kinky ; )”

hoshi - “I didn’t wanna move so i sat and watched how to kill sims in all four games”

wonwoo - “I feel the embrace of death and christmas at the same time”

woozi - “cry cry cry - my version of shy shy shy”

dk - “I feel like a sim I need to pee so bad and I’m hungry and confused”


the8 - “i would fight ur dad”

seungkwan - “I’m so salty I need to stop”

vernon - “I think I need a meme intervention - memetervention”

dino - “don’t call me kiddo pls”

part 1


You asked me if you were a good man. And the answer is, I don’t know. But I think you try to be. And I think that’s probably the point.

alias: minni!!!
she + her
favorite plots:
i’ve been saving some good ones and most contain bad girl/good boy, fake marriages, age gaps, tragedies ect so it’s gon be some gud shit
things you’d like to see on c&b: minimal app, a cool event, and people plotting with each other ofc!!!
three personal quirks: i’m tiny but can eat three large fries to myself (NEVER TOUCH MY SACRED FRIES) i probably have 60 pairs of shoes, mostly heels which is hilarious bc i wear the same flats all the time. and i frequently dance in the car to my lemonade cd (2, 3, 4, 10 and 12 are repeats)
current favorite song:
a gif that represents you: 

“This tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice!” (Iroh)

“Unlce, that’s what all tea is.” (Zuko)

“How could a member of my own family say something so horrible!” (Iroh)

Iroh: Tarsus, Aries, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Pieces 

Zuko: Leo, Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius

so i just recently hit 200+ followers after starting this blog two months ago so i just wanted to show my appreciation to the wonderful people who i write with and talk to and think you should make yourself acquainted with because they are truly wonderful!!


@exposedemotions MIYURI THE MOMO TO MY MINA we have about four ships together and all of them kill me with their cuteness. i absolutely love writing and shipping with you and tbh i wouldn’t be as motivated to continue some of my characters if it weren’t for you hehe i love you~

@lvdysroom TARU UR THE ORIGINAL HOMIE we rp’d a long time ago on my old blog and i think i found you by accident again when i started this one up but oh my gosh i’m so glad i did!! i’ll always remember our first ship lol but u have so many muses i want to love all of them with my heart. also, thank you for helping me when i’m in trouble it really means a lot to me ;___;

@dawntodvsk LITERALLY MY DEAR SCREAMING LOVE OF MY LIFE thank u for understanding the pain that i go through when i ship. i love that we always cry @ each other about our threads and i feel like i can do that openly with you bc tbh i used to be scared of doing that sobs. speaking of which i used to be intimidated to rp with u but im glad i did omg we’re gonna kill each other one day but it’ll be worth it ok

@flxrvl  you’re always so nice to me even though i don’t deserve it ahh ;_; i really do love the ship that we have together sunni and link ( whom we still need a tag for btw ) are one of my favorites. i’m always here for you too, but you know that!! i’m really happy to have met and written with you~

@midnighthcurs i followed you on my old blog and i know we haven’t talked all that much but you really are someone that i look up to on here lol you keep doing your thing bc i adore your writing so much

@bcnnenuit if i recall you were the first person i had a mutual with on this account and i believe octavia and naoko were the first official standing ship that i have on this account. i also really love the concept of your muses tbh. i miss seeing you on my dash all the time but i do really love rping with you and hope we can even more!!

@idyllicism your writing is literal perfection. cries bc sometimes i just read your threads and giggle bc it’s so good. we have one ship together which i miss so much and i hope we can see more of them bc i look up to you a lot and shipping with you would be such an honor omg

@gimmeyov I MISS U MAN COME BACK TO ME our ship only has one thread but god dammit i’m excited for it already lmao. i hope u come back soon bc my heart and my stupid lesbian ava miss u!! jk i’m still gonna bother u on aim and on snapchat duh

@gcldenhearts you are such a chill person tbh??? ur so nice and i love plotting with you tbh. i was gonna actually drop octavia but my ship with you really helps me get inspired lmao. i’m also super excited for our other ships as well~~ keep doing you pal let’s write more together!!

✧.:°░。 — incredibly amazing people who you should definitely check out because they are amazing and make me cry with love

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