i've never done this before and i was bored


so @picturefirelizards had this idea of Soldier 76’s weird tan line with Ana teasing him about it in gabe’s place and I’ve never given up an opportunity for angst!

I think he’d miss gabe, especially with all his old friends around him, his absence would be all the more obvious. 

Rebellious Starters

Mostly for young characters and verses, but some may apply in other cases.

  • “What if we get caught?”
  • “Relax, we won’t get caught.”
  • “Isn’t that illegal?”
  • “What if your parents find out?”
  • “What if my parents find out?”
  • “I know where my parents hide whiskey.”
  • “It’s rated R, but I’ll help you sneak in, I’ve done this before.”
  • “Tell them you’re sleeping over at a friend’s house.”
  • “Aren’t you too young to have a tattoo?”
  • “It’s just a mailbox, they won’t miss it. Who sends mail anymore?”
  • “Fireworks aren’t illegal in [state]. Just go get some and bring them back here.”
  • “Graffiti is art!”
  • “You’re a good artist, but why can’t you just draw on paper like a normal person?”
  • “Hey, you hold the ladder, I’ll draw the butt. No one will be able to reach it to remove it!”
  • “Let’s run away and get married.”
  • “Let’s just not go to school. We have the car, we could go anywhere else.”
  • “What do you want to do now that your parents aren’t home?”
  • “You know that’s not illegal in this state, right?”
  • “[Teacher] writes the test answers down and leaves it in the top desk drawer.”

anonymous asked:

Mom i wanna start running but aside from horrific pe experiences i've never actually done it so do you have any useful tips?

Stretch before and after even if you don’t want to
Go slow and build up distance
Sometimes your mind will tell are you to stop before your previously decided end point and that’s the devil talking
Running is super boring so don’t make it worse and run on a treadmill you’ll beg for death
There’s more but this is a good start

Send me a superpower you wish you had
  • Superstrength: What's your five-year plan
  • Superspeed: Which fandom would you live in if you could
  • Healing/regeneration: One celebrity you'd date if you could
  • Supersenses: What's the first thing that attracts you to someone
  • The ability to remove senses: Number 1 dealbreaker in dating
  • Climbing/wall-crawling: Favorite childhood show
  • Swimming/water-breathing: If you could go on a month long vacation, where would you go
  • Flight: If you could have any animal for a pet, which animal would it be
  • Teleportation: If you could take one celebrity's fame away, which celebrity would it be
  • Exceptional leaping: If you had to live with one fictional character, who would it be
  • Shapeshifter: If you could be the opposite gender for a day, what would you do first
  • Time travel: Which year would you like to go back to if you could
  • Electricity manipulation: Are you afraid to make the first move
  • Light Darkness and/or shadows manipulation: How old is your longest friendship
  • Gravity manipulation: Would you go half on the first date
  • Magnetic manipulation: What would you do if you could get away with one crime
  • Radiation manipulation: Name a show you wish never ended
  • Nature manipulation: Would you live in an urban, rural, or suburban neighborhood
  • Telekinesis: How would react if you found out you're going to be a parent
  • Telepathy: Have you ever committed a crime you could go to jail for
  • Mind-to-mind communication: If could get a one thousand dollar gift card to one store, which store would you pick
  • Mind-control: One skill you wish you had
  • Memory manipulation: What kind of underwear do you prefer
  • Mentally generated weaponry/objects: Do you have a best friend of the opposite sex
  • Ability to locate someone mentally: How fast do you respond to a text message
  • Forcefields: Pick a superpower from the list

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NT Moments - Puzzles
  • ENTJ brought a 3D puzzle he received as a birthday present to INTP's place.
  • ENTJ: Let's do this. Are you good with puzzles?
  • INTP: Yea. I used to do a lot of 1,000 pieces puzzles when I was little. Never done a 3D one, though.
  • ENTJ: Wow. I've never had enough patience for this kind of thing.
  • ----- 10 minutes in
  • INTP: I'm bored. Let's do something else. And I'm distracted. I was in the middle of going through ideas for work before you came over.
  • ENTJ: No! We must do this! I'm committed. I will not get up until this puzzle is complete.
  • INTP: Really...
  • ENTJ: Come on!
  • INTP: Fine.
  • INTP then went into concentration mode and found pieces very quickly and the two finished the puzzle.
  • ENTJ: Finally! It's over!
  • INTP: That was fun! I wanna do more of these. They have other shapes on the box.
  • ENTJ: There's no way I'm doing that again.
  • Me, on a date: So, what's your opinion on Folie A Deux?
  • My date: It sucks! I don't know why anyone-
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse: it's not me, it's you, actually it's the taxidermy of you and me, untie the balloons from around my neck and ground me, i'm just a racehorse on the track, send me back to the glue factory, always thought i'd float away and never come back, but i've got enough miles on my card to send the boys back on my own, but you know me: i like being all alone, and keeping you all alone, and the charts are boring, and the kids are snoring, and my ego's in a sling, you say you're not listening and i said i'm wishing, and i said, I SAID

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Make You Feel My Love - Adele | A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay | One and Only - Adele | Distance - Christina Perry ft. Jason Mraz | 5 Years Time - Noah and the Whale | Gorgeous - Idina Menzel | Keep Warm - Ingrid Michaelson | Morning Lullabies - Ingrid Michaelson | You Got Me - Ingrid Michaelson | Such Great Heights - Iron and Wine | I’m Yours - Jason Mraz | Lucky - Jason Mraz ft Colbie Caillat | A Case of You - Joni Mitchell | Home - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros | Mirrors - Justin Timberlake | The One - Kodaline | Stay With Me - Sam Smith | I Choose You - Sara Bareilles | These Two - Keith Byron Kirk | Sleeping At Last - I’m Gonna Be | Style - Taylor Swift | I Know Places - Taylor Swift