i've never done that before omg


Hey, burn it up
Like you want to burn it all
Just live how you want
Your life is yours
Don’t try so hard

It’s alright to lose 

siriusly-random replied to your post: So in a personal essay in which I was required to…

What the actual fuck?? Like that is so fucked up, make a tree for a personal essay for why you write? Because the course is meant to help cater to a specific audience? If she wanted a paper to be aimed at a specific audience she shouldn’t have assigned a personal essay for your reasons for writing. That is so dumb omg.

I would have completely understood if I received the score I did if I had made a ton of grammatical mistakes or if I had forgotten the analogy part of my paper, but to give me a 6/10 because of audience? Because I apparently came off as selfish/mean/uncaring? It’s utter bullshit in my honest opinion. Because you know who the audience was? Me. And my professor in some ways. 

This paper wasn’t bad because it didn’t follow directions or because it didn’t cater to some fictitious audience, it was “bad” because she didn’t like my writing style.

And that is not how she should be grading papers.

Did I go a bit overboard? www

This is for the lovely @kkumri

Honestly I’ve wanted to draw something for the lovely Ally for the longest longest time ;v; But I never had the courage to I guess. But today I just had to do it finally I’ve been delaying ever since ya left the fandom isn’t that nuts? But I never stopped thinking about it. It’s 3am, I sat down and I doodled a cute smol birb. 

This may get long sooo whoopie doop read more thingy here you goo

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