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getshrekedweeb  asked:

I've literally never made armor by myself before and I'm attempting a mercy cosplay and I'm at a loss on where to start or what to use I can't use worbla because it's so expensive and I'm panicking Any tips?

I’m sorry I didn’t respond to this sooner!  But YES I have some tips.  The first is to watch everything Evil Ted has ever done because it will make you feel like you can do ANYTHING with foam.  Because you can.  If you don’t have time to watch everything, watch this one:

If you don’t have a dress form that’s similar enough to your body (who does, honestly, unless you made it out of duct tape), this is also a good patterning method.

I found a couple actual Mercy builds that might be helpful - this one is all craft foam and salvaged plastic bits; I love her wings especially.  This one is part worbla BUT just about anything done in craft foam covered in worbla can be done with just craft foam, if you cut carefully, sand the edges to round them out a bit, and fill in seams with caulk.  I mostly wanted to show it because she left the boob bits separate from the torso, which seems like a VERY good idea for the sake of…being able to move…at all.  This one doesn’t show a whole lot, but you can see how some of the chest details would look in foam and found items.  This one is also all foam and I WISH she showed how she did the shaping, because it’s real nice.  That one uses 4mm craft foam, which is probably what I’d recommend.  

Oh, and completely different, you could do most of the “armor” with fabric, and then it would be COMFY.  That person did fabric with worbla for the shoulders; you might think about just foam shoulder bits, or foam shoulder bits AND foam boobs, separate and sitting on top of the fabric layer like the second link above.  You could glue on thin foam strips to add the linear details on the torso, or sew pieces of foam in UNDER the fabric - it all depends on the look you’d like, and how your sewing vs. armoring skills are.

For other parts, (like the weird flanges on the hips? literally what are those) consider sintra, if you want it heat-shapeable and rigid, or this stuff if you want to be able to crease it like paper and have it stay bent.  Sintra can be a little hard to work with if you don’t have much practice, but I’d definitely consider it where you want a solid base to build details on top of, like the shin guards (trying to walk in pure foam greaves? not fun. You knock into ONE thing and suddenly everything’s crooked and you try to walk bow-legged for the whole con for fear of ripping something.  Feet are the one place I never recommend foam with nothing to stabilize it).

ANYWAY that’s a lot of rambling that may or may not help.  I concentrated on the torso because it’s one of the most intimidating bits and the one EVERYBODY is using worbla for, but if you have specific questions about other part, just ask!  Do not panic.  I believe in you.

Thank You

This is probably my sixth or seventh attempt at this, and I’m struggling to find the right words to weave this tapestry of deep gratitude. My first attempt was very emotional and maudlin; the second was too short; third attempt came across as indulgently self-important; the fourth draft made me seem like a total wanker; and the fifth iteration I quit half way through, because (if you can forgive me this moment) it still scares me to come online after everything.

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I’m Not Much Without You

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Alcohol consumption, idk man… subpar writing?

Words: 2,946

A/n: I feel like all my fics read the same for some reason…. BUT there’s more! I have another Steve fic and I’ll be posting that pretty soon today as well because I’m dipping out of tumblr for a bit again. So, I’d rather post the fics I have written rather than just make you guys wait for too long.

Summary: You break things off with Bucky and you both try to cope.

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hrafnsvaengr  asked:

I have a weird question for you. I've heard that politics is really weird and bad and screwed up in Italy, but I know almost nothing about it and any English sources I find are stupid and uninformative beyond saying basically 'Mussolini happened. Then he died. Then the Republic was good again. Then the President had bunga-bunga parties. Now shit sucks.' which, while probably true, isn't helpful. How would you explain Italian politics to a foreigner who doesn't know how Italian government works?

HAHAHAHA YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PERSON. *rubs hands* okay so if you don’t mind I’m going to give the relatively light/crack version of the summary because otherwise I’m just gonna cry myself to sleep because Italian politics are indeed screwed up like hell.

Premise: this is not sourced because it’s late and it’s LONG. Also it’s very much summed-up and not in-depth on purpose, if you want actual long analysis/posts with sources I shall be glad to provide but this is just for bullet points purposes. 

Okay so:

  • First thing, Mussolini wasn’t actually the start of it. Also the republic is just one, and it always was bad - there was a monarchy before Mussolini.
  • Anyway, let’s go in order: Italy became a united nation in 1862. 1870 if you count Rome joining in, but let’s say 1862. We had a constitutional monarchy, the Savoias. Let’s put it in the open right now: the Savoia were and are complete shitheads. Most embarrassing monarchy that Europe ever had. Gdi I feel bad even thinking about them. Anyway, the one good thing the king, Vittorio Emanuele II, had going for him, was his prime minister, aka Cavour. Sadly, Cavour died like a few months after the unification, and that was pretty much the beginning of the end.
  • Anyway, from then on until WWI, we had basically a system that wanted to work like the British monarchy, except that eeeeeh lol we wish. Also it was post-unification so there was a lot of shit to work through never mind that the various PMs all had their good and bad sides, though more bad than good in most cases.
  • Also, in the midst of this mess, since you weren’t a serious nation if you didn’t have a few colonies, we tried to colonize the few non-colonized nations in Africa. It was an all-around disaster. And the only expedition which was technically successful was Mussolini’s in Ethiopia, and that is like one of the most disgusting pages of our history so like, let’s just say it was a bad idea in any case because there weren’t resources and so on.
  • So anyway what happens in WWI: Italy had this sorta treatise with Germany and Austria which basically said that if a war broke out they should all be allied, but Germany and Austria had both done shit behind our backs so first we stayed neutral and then we basically did another treatise with the Allied forces so we’d get territories that in theory belonged to Italy and then weren’t annexed during the independence and so on, and that was when the whole ‘Italians are backstabbers during wars’ deal started. Anyway the army wasn’t anywhere near ready (see: Caporetto. It was so bad that here when we want to say that something went catastrophically wrong we said ‘a little Caporetto happened’) but then the US joined in, the allied had more forces and we all know who won WWI and so we got our territories and so on.
  • That said the situation was highly fragile for the next few years because as stated it hadn’t been a great idea, there money was scarce as usual and so on. And THAT was when Mussolini happened.
  • Not going over Mussolini because I guess everyone has sources on it, but let’s just remember for kicks that: this guy pretty much demonized left-wing parties/ideologies, thought that Italians were a superior race (PPFFFFFFFFF YEAH SURE SURE) - like, Hitler was copying him, not the contrary -, started the Ethiopian colonial war that we won (because we lost the first, and I’d have rather kept on losing them tbh) and then had the genius idea of allying himself with his friend Adolf and get us into WWII ON THE AXIS SIDE JFC WHY, always on the premise that ‘ITALIANS ARE GOOD THE ITALIAN ARMY IS AWESOMECAKES!!!!’ when the only answer would have been ‘lol no’. Also he made a pact with the Catholic Church, the Patti Lateranensi, which is 100% of the reasons why the Church has some ridiculous monetary/political power today still and which would have been enough to send him straight to Hell for an eternity if he hadn’t been a dictator in the first place.
  • The result was basically that until the Americans invaded Sicily (and I swear it’s one of the few times I’ll ever be grateful to Americans for invading any place gdi), we didn’t really accomplish anything except getting heroically killed during huge battles. Instance: El Alamein. Basically most of the Italians died because they fought to the last man while Germans didn’t all of the time, but anyway.
  • After that, Mussolini’s successor Badoglio struck a deal with the allies without telling anyone about it (…) and so like when it was said that we had switched sides, the Germans killed a bunch of Italians whenever they could LOL GUESS WHY. And that was the definitive confirmation of the ‘Italians turn their cloak during wars hahahaha’ stereotype, but whatever.
  • So we spent two years with Mussolini and the Germans in the north and the Allies in the South. They got as far as Rome before winter ‘44 but didn’t manage to go the whole way.
  • Meanwhile the Savoias (who knew about the armistice) fled Rome before it and spent the war in the south protected by the Allies, hahahaha I think about the British royals staying in London during the raids and I weep.
  • Now I’ve been doing this entire WWII detour because otherwise I can’t explain what happened after which is pretty much what shaped Italian politics up to that point.
  • So: first thing, since the Americans/Allies liberated us and not the Russians, we ended up in their influence area, not the Russians. 
  • Also, the two/three years after ‘45 were basically the one time in our history where everyone agreed. And it shows because it was when the Constitution was written and I swear our Constitution is the most beautiful in the universe. If only we put it into practice. Anyway it was written by people from all the political sides, ex-partisans, right-wingers, left-wingers, communists or not and so on. It was awesome. Also, in ‘46 there was an election to decide whether to keep the monarchy or not, and women voted for the first time, and we decided we wanted a republic, and that also was awesome. Goodbye Savoia! They were exiled. Then sadly they came back some ten years ago. The guy who’d be the crown prince right now does reality shows and once sang at the Sanremo festival. And he actually got in third. Yeah, that’s not awesome at all.

Anyway, that was the premise. Got all that? Good, because now I’m actually starting to answer you.

  • So, what happens after WWII? Right, cold war. On which side were we on? Riiiight, the US. What happens in this case? RIGHT, you start side-eyeing communists which translates to ‘let’s just side-eye the left wing anyway’. Yey! Basically what happens after ‘46 is that we get a new system which is a republic with two houses - senato and camera -, a PM who has quite some powers though obviously he needs the houses’ approval to get laws signed and so on, and a president of the Republic who has to supervise everything, sign laws that have the potential to be not constitutional and shit. Like, the president of the Republic should always be someone of note. And he can do other stuff like refusing to nominate a voted PM if they think they’re unfit for the role and so on.
  • So after this, the situation throughout the sixties/seventies is that there’s a huuuge right-center-wing party named Democrazia Cristiana (Christian Democracy, which I’ll now shorten into DC) which was the one grabbing most of the votes since as the name says, you can guess what electorate they had, the Communist party, which was left-wing, a bunch of MORE LEFT-WING PARTIES that no one except like, my parents and students and so on voted, the radicals - who at the beginning were p. cool because they were the ones starting campaigns for divorce and abortion laws, and then they became a joke but whatever. But like the basic divide was DC vs communist party. And the DC won all the time and basically tried to keep everyone content at least on paper. Well, the communists just when they got more votes than usual in the elections.
  • Also since the situation here is crap, there’s corruption and people change party all the time and shit, basically from then on until the current times governments never really lasted the five years they were supposed to - you’d get one, then it’d crumble after a while because not enough support in the parliament, people would go voting again and so on. And people would get relatively scared if the communist party got 23% of the votes.
  • BUUUUT, during the seventies we also had the political terrorism. It’s called years of lead and it was basically twenty years of extreme-left groups and extreme-right groups killing political opponents (but also journalists and civilians, see for example the strage di Bologna) among which former PM Aldo Moro (aka one of the few truly decent people the DC ever produced sadly). The years of lead also included contributions from the secret services (seriously there’s so much hidden shit that we don’t know about, I’m not saying it because of paranoia), mafia assassinations, corruption everywhere, people like Giulio Andreotti (who was basically the total opposite of Aldo Moro may his soul rot in hell if there is one) being in charge a ridiculous number of times, criminal organizations like the banda della Magliana having ties with the government and the Vatican and so on. Never mind that like no party was excluded from this. Tldr: CORRUPTION! CORRUPTION EVERYWHERE!
  • This came to a pass at the beginning of the nineties with the Mani Pulite investigation - this had happened also after the communist party as we knew it had pretty much dissolved into a center-left party another *communist* party - spoilers: from then on, the communist party has been pretty much a joke.
  • Mani pulite basically brought out to light what everyone knew already aka that DC was corrupted to the bone, and so DC dissolved, we changed the voting system so corruption would be less easy (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and some other stuff. At which you go like ‘okay so things got better then’, and I’ll answer you WE ALL WISH, because who happens now? (Spoilers: the republic was never good after Mussolini anyway, but that’s another problem.)
  • MISTER BUNGA BUNGA HIMSELF aka Silvio Berlusconi may his soul rot in Hell if he ever gets there.
  • Basically: this literal piece of shit, no offense to actual pieces of shit, is a businessman who says that ‘he built his empire himself’. No, he did it through a) ties with the mafia, b) CORRUPTION CORRUPTION CORRUPTION, c) MORE CORRUPTION. Back in ‘93/’94, he was on trial for CORRUPTION. And what does this motherfucker do? What everyone does to avoid going to prison: HE RUNS FOR PM!
  • Now, what happens: this fucker owned a quarter of the publishers in Italy, among which Mondadori aka the most important one WHICH HE BOUGHT BECAUSE HE CORRUPTED A JUDGE LOLOLOL, three commercial TVs that were highly popular - like my grandmother and my greataunt would watch just his -, newspapers and so on. So he uses all of that media power to sell this story that since he’s a good businessman he’ll totally save the country after all the Mani pulite corruption! AND HE’LL SAVE IT FROM THE BAD COMMUNISTS!!! Yeah, because we still think communism is horrible same they do in the US when we never even had real communists around, but whaaaatever. In this mess, he also allies with a) Lega Nord aka the xenophobic racist party, b) Alleanza Nazionale which was THE CURRENT VERSION OF THE FASCIST PARTY. No one gave a shit about them until then GUESS WHAT THEY ALLY WITH HIM THEY GO TO GOVERNMENT BECAUSE HE WINS THEY GET INTO PARLIAMENT they still aren’t out. Or well, AN doesn’t exist anymore but its members are all there so. XENOPHOBES AND FASCISTS. YAY! Also, then-president Scalfaro did a fuck-up when he accepted the guy as PM - he could have avoided it since he was under trial, he didn’t, we were all fucked.
  • Anyway, his first government lasted nine months because the xenophobes were idiots (for them) and left him without support. So the center-left wins the elections next round with a guy named Romano Prodi who everyone loves to hate but who’s a perfectly nice prepared guy who deserves a lot more than this country ever gave him.
  • So you think ‘awesome, they’re gonna make it work, right?’
  • OF COURSE NOT, because the Italian left is like pEOPLE ARGUING ALL THE FUCKING TIME never mind that there’s a dude named D’Alema who’s also a tumblr meme (srsly I can’t find his picture rn but I will tomorrow) who pretty much wanted to be at the government but didn’t run and anyway long story short the then-head of the joke of a communist party withdrew support and D’Alema went into power and clearly no one liked it.
  • Of course at the next elections, which were in 2000, guess who runs again and wins? BERLUSCONI! And how does he win them? A LANDSLIDE! And what does he do for the next five years? HE RUINS EVERYTHING! (this all because of his media influence also)
  • In order: he changed a bunch of laws around so his trials wouldn’t run through or he’d get absolved, fucking up a lot of shit in the meantime. His friends from AN and the xenophobic party made a new immigration law which is seriously against human rights. They made a law that pretty much forced people who wanted to get pregnant artificially to go outside the country. He fucked up our national debt because of course he put idiots in the economy ministry. He pretty much fucking RUINED EVERYTHING, and you’d think that at the next elections - still Prodi running - people would be smart, right?
  • NO, because he changes the voting law to something that is literally NOT CONSTITUTIONAL so that HIS party has more chances to win. And it happens that Prodi wins but by a slight margin so he didn’t have enough votes to not risk falling if someone withdrew their support, k?
  • So two years later Berlusconi buys out this other piece of shit named Mastella who’s also in ties with the camorra I think gdi I hate everything, poor Prodi didn’t get support, we go to the elections. (That was a dark time. I cried that day. Gdi it was BAD.)
  • And since this country’s memory when it comes to elections and B. is worse than Dory’s in Finding Nemo, who wins those elections? YEAAAAH BERLUSCONI AGAIN MAN! (I cried again. It was the first time I went to vote. Yeaaaaaaah.)
  • Side story: the Rome mayor ran against B. and obv. couldn’t be mayor anymore, so we had elections again and they managed to vote A DUDE WHO IN THE SEVENTIES WENT AROUND WITH FASCIST GROUPS TO BEAT PEOPLE WHO WALKED AROUND WITH LEFT WING NEWSPAPERS IN HAND. Imagine my happiness.
  • So, B. wins again and everyone is resigned to more idiocy.
  • Which happened, and then his wife sends a letter to a left-wing newspaper saying she’s divorcing him. What the hell? The hell is, two months later we find out this guy basically spent his time fucking prostitutes. AMONG WHICH *UNDERAGE* PROSTITUTES. This happens because one of them gets stopped at the police and he calls saying she should be released because she was MUBARAK’S NIECE. (I don’t even think she was Egyptian? Wait let me look her up. She’s Moroccan.) Anyway this also happened after he went to the coming of age party of this girl from Naples that everyone who didn’t like him think he was having sex with, but whatever. Turns out that this guy had sex with this Ruby girl when she was seventeen and that he has prostitutes literally coming in and out of his house every night, and that a guy who was a tv conductor on his tvs actually went and recruited high schoolers to bring there. And the bunga bunga parties was the way they dubbed his, well, parties. Apparently there was crossdressing and various kinky shit going on. I don’t even wanna know.
  • Also it’s highly probable that two women ministers of his then-cabinet got in that position because they slept with him. They intercepted them complaining about how bad it felt. Ahaaaa.
  • So they put him under trial but he still didn’t resign - that happened when since he was too busy having sex with teenagers our economy plummeted in concomitance with the crisis, the spread with Germany got at seriously worrying rates and then-president Giorgio Napolitano, who’s gonna go straight to Heaven without passing from Purgatory for all he’s had to suffer during his terms, put his foot down and went like ‘no dude you can’t stay there anymore NO ONE WANTS YOU EUROPE WANTS YOU OUT YOU’RE A DISGRACE JUST FUCK OFF’ and so he resigned.
  • We got a new president chosen by Napolitano, Mario Monti, who is a fine economist but a horrid politician. He did some stuff that had to be done, but the support was what it was, Berlusconi obviously was like MONTI IS THE DEEEVIIIIL and blah blah blah anyway we go to the next elections.
  • So you’d think ‘people will vote smart’.
  • Lol.
  • Situation: Monti wasn’t liked because of a few reforms that were necessary but not popular whatsoever. For the first time the left wing seemed not to be arguing. Then fucking Beppe Grillo arrived.
  • Beppe Grillo is a former comedian who says that parties are horrible and all politicians suck. All you need to know about him is that some of his supporters are anti-vaxxers and said that ‘some vaccines caused DNA mutations’.
  • But clearly since people HATE POLITICS, he got popular.
  • Anyway it looked like the left wing was finally having it in the bag. FUCKING BERLUSCONI RUNS AGAIN while under trial AGAIN, for corruption AND the whole prostitution ring thing, and he goes like I’M GOING TO REMBOURSE Y’ALL THE NOT POPULAR TAX ON THE HOUSE INTRODUCED BY MONTI WITH MONEY THAT SWITZERLAND SHOULD GIVE US *ONE WEEK BEFORE THE FUCKING ELECTION*. With a letter sent mostly to old people who calmly went to the post office to get their tax refund because the way it was put, it was already a done thing.
  • Guess what happens….? DRUM ROLL, left wing wins the elections BUT NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH FOR A GOVERNMENT because B. gets like 23% of the votes and Grillo 20% and the lefties were like 26% and clearly Grillo is an idiot and didn’t ally with them. GUESS WHAAAAAT the poor dude who had been head of the left coalition couldn’t form a government so another left wing party guy appointed by Napolitano formed a government that was basically half left and half right. Hahahaha. Imagine the popularity. 
  • Meanwhile poor Napolitano was there because these idiots couldn’t agree on a new president so they elected him for two consecutive terms - he resigned last January and we have a new one thank fuck, because the guy was seriously in dire need of going to Honolulu.
  • So Enrico Letta aka the guy above forms not popular government. Meanwhile Berlusconi is condemned to social services after being sentenced for a tax evasion fraud of 700 million euros.
  • And then it happens that current premier Matteo Renzi, who’s not my favorite person at all, wins the left wing party primaries, becomes party president, two months later does a congress and he’s like ‘Letta isn’t going anywhere we need a new face’ OBVIOUSLY *HIS* and so bam, Letta doesn’t have support anymore, Renzi becomes PM. And you’d think people wouldn’t vote for him at the European Elections, and I didn’t even if I always voted for his party because it was the last straw.
  • Instead he wins pretty much a landslide and Grillo loses a third of his supporters thank fuck I just hope he loses all the rest before the next one.
  • Anyway now we have Renzi and I don’t like him but I just hope he lasts because if we have to vote I’ll be like what the fuck I don’t know who’s the least bad options.

So, that was a ‘summary of the history of Italian politics since 1862 to us’, obviously don’t take me seriously on everything but that’s the basics. Now I’m gonna put the rest under the cut because LONG POST and I already ranted enough without the cut.

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! Random question. What's your opinion on Guidestuck, if you've read it. Idk if your comfortable w these sorts of asks, what with the backlash you got on your last sort of review ;-; but I've never read it before and I trust your sort of opinion so if you have read it and are comfortable with this.. pls tell me what you think of it !!!

Hello, anon! Worry not, if there’s one thing that really doesn’t do anything for me, it’s anon hate. So, even if someone decides to not like my opinion, I’ll deal, lol. As for Guidestuck, I’ve given it a go - and, much to my surprise, I have to say that I’ve seen it before; right when I had joined Homestuck fandom, guidestuck was pretty popular (only I didn’t know where it was coming from).

Now, let’s get one thing clear - Guidestuck is pretty old. It was started in 2012 and lasted to July of 2014, when it was updated one last time. This means it was done well before Cherubs were introduced and thus, it’s pretty innocent and different with approach of the subject it tackled. As the title suggests, it’s about humanized version of guides from Homestuck, who decide to play SBURB, while the human kids we know from it, have form of animals. Cute?

Definitely cute.

I have to admit, if there is one thing I really have enjoyed in Guidestuck, it was artstyle and designs of basically everyone, be it kids, humanized guides or their guardians.

Who, by the way, not only look adorable, but also make me think I’m missing something. Is Jaspers’ dad a human version of Maplehoof?

Who cares, he loves his kid.

And this, by the way, is something I’ve been missing in Homestuck all along; despite having what seemed to be caring guardians and defiant kids (which was all done cause age gap, generation gap, etc.), guardians really show they care for their kids.

Which actually gives such panel a powerful meaning - to an extent more powerful than the one John and Dad had.

This extends to most of the relationships that are developed (cause sadly, most of them aren’t). I have to admit, Quinn’s design and personality is my favourite of all, because she does look and dress and act like a goofy harlequin girl. Also, little John plush toy? 

Adorable. Sort of expected it to end up in a kernelsprite just to lulz at how in original story John was the ony kid who never ended up in one, but sadly, story never goes as far to even entertain the possibility.


Also, nice design of shoes, 10/10.

Now, what the story is trying to do mostly before the SBURB becomes the central plot point, it’s trying to hide from the reader that one of the kids is basically a humanized version of Lil Cal (which, btw, gave me mixed feelings, cause Dave’s guide was a crow and it ended up unmentioned at all). Given this is way before author or anyone ever could suspect what Lil Cal ever was (aside from being a creepy puppetdoll), I found it hilarious how actually close to Caliborn Lil Cal was character-wise. 

Anime filled room with manga posters? Check. 

Treating Dave and Bro puppets like characters from Homosuck? Check.

Imagination nation? Check.



I don’t think we need to say more.

Also, we have something that’s surely not intentional, as we didn’t know Calliope by the moment this dialogue was introduced - Lil Cal being called “Callie” (can I say lol?).

I just really like these panels, okay.

But yeah, aside from that, the dialog between Lil Cal and Quinn is providing the most uncomfortable info I’ve never thought I’ll read in a comic, original or fan-made.


Uhhhhhh, you know how weird it sounds???

And speaking of uncomfortable… let’s talk about the aliens.

You know, the lusi.

While I don’t wanna spoil too much (there’s not that much to spoil anyway, since the lusi are not that developed anyway), they have a really neat design themselves,

and pretty distinct (at least from what little we’ve seen) personalities. I find it kind of adorable that they mention taking care of trolls and it’s shown in pictures that the said trolls actually look pretty huge in comparison,

even the ones that shouldn’t - which, I suppose, is made by swapping the sizes between trolls and lusi.

They also act pretty troll-like (and by that I mean trolls you could’ve known or heard from legends). Sadly, there are downsides to this story that are not only capturing uncomfortable dialogue and unfinished story (cause it’s way unfinished in the three years ago - pretty early too, only one kid has managed to enter the medium - by which I assume it’s abandoned by the author for good), but also such things as missing pictures (probably thanks to servers getting deleted)

and dialogue that falls apart at times.

Which really is a shame, cause even if the story is not superb and the greatest thing I’ve ever seen, it’s far from being bad and while I have suspicion that some of the story parts might sound pushing (Goatdad as a Mind player? Aurthour as a Hope player?), we didn’t really get to see where it was going to lead and what was going to eventually happen. I say it’s a nice read, but it simply loses on being unfinished, 3 stars out of 5 for effort anyway.

anonymous asked:

I've seen someone on reddit mention that Japanese fans were pissed about the split and a few people I follow on twitter claimed the same thing. While I do think that there's enough content to justify that decision, it's weird. For the old routes, the romance doesn't really start until the second half. I don't know what the new guys's routes are like, but I suspect it's similar. So you get an otoge that's ... really light on romance and doesn't have a conclusion. 1/3

2/3 There are a few psp games that come with two discs because the content wouldn’t fit into one. It’s not like iF couldn’t have released a game with two cartridges instead of one, if it really was about the space. It might be more pricy, but it’s not like hakuouki fans wouldn’t eat it up in an instant. I also think it’s incredibly dishonest of IF internation not to mention anywhere that it’s one half of a game. I’ve seen several people who didn’t know about that complain already

3/3 I’m still going to buy Kyoto Winds because ultimately, I love hakuouki and want to support the localization. But the circumstances around the release make me mad… specifically that the average player won’t know they’re buying an incomplete game.

I can sense your ire so I’ve written and re-written this response a couple of times, but ultimately it seems like you’re mostly angry with IF International, which I think is totally justified. They have not at all done a good job of clarifying that Kyoto Winds is only part 1 of a two part game and unlike when Kaze no Shou came out in Japan, we sit here not knowing when the second part of the game will be released. 

All I can tell you is that, as someone who followed the official Japanese news sources before, during, and after Shinkai’s release, the Japanese side of things did a good job of making it clear that there would be two games and there was barely a year between releases. Maybe it’s because I work in a similar field and have been in a sales position more than once, yeah they could have sold the games together but doing it separately allowed them to gain more from the various bonuses and such that were offered. And I remember at the time some complaining on the English side about Hakuouki being “milked” but I’ve never felt anything shady from Otomate or Idea Factory about it. 

The people behind Hakuouki seem to genuinely want to put out a good product and make it worth our while, but it’s so important for people to remember that these companies are first and foremost businesses so they have to consider both fans and their own interests as well. Plus, despite not having the bulk of original content Kaze was a fantastic game and made me that much more eager for Hana, which was well worth the wait when it did come out a few months later.

Does that mean Otomate or Idea Factory don’t milk Hakuouki? No, but so long as they put out things that are worth buying, I’ll continue buying them. As far as I know though, this is the first time we have had such a drastic amount of new content within the main story of the game since the release of the Reimeiroku prequel. 

Now, I honestly can’t say I know as much about what’s gone into the English release but so far having played the game it honestly seems like a lot of this was rushed. I don’t know when or how long they’ve been working on localizing Shinkai but any irritation towards the English release and the lack of news regarding it is totally warranted in my opinion. I think they seem to feel that if anyone really cares they’re following all of Idea Factory International’s different social media platforms, but that seems especially shortsighted. 

Either way, it’s worth POLITELY inquiring with IFI about when we can expect to see the second game. We don’t need to rally the troops and arm ourselves or anything, but it is worth pointing out that they really mishandled this whole release and could have done a better job. Mistakes and oversights happen but we need something more than a Facebook response to someone. 

Anyway, I hope this helps somewhat. I really apologize if my tone comes off a little smug, that’s not at all my intention. I totally get your anger and only hope that things will get better for the English release. 

Surface Tension [EruRi]

Erwin takes an extended holiday back to the seaside cottage where he grew up. [Mermaid AU Rated Mature/Explicit, Ao3] ~7k

Part I: Ripple 

Erwin remembered tales fishwives had spun about riptides when he was little, but the insistent tugging, the tearing at his heavy clothing from all sides wasn’t at all what he had imagined.  He wondered if this was what had happened to the swimmer.

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Let down

Originally posted by immamakeumabitch

I’m really, really nervous about posting this one which feels quite weird as I've never been nervous posting my writing before. Please, please let me know what you think- your opinion means a lot with this one!

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I Need a Hero

Shance week Day 4 - AU Day (also encompassing Day 1 - Pining/Confession, Day 2 - Hero/Villain, Day 3 - Confidence/Insecurity). Garrison freshman Shiro has it bad for senior Lance. AO3

Prompt thanks entirely to @ghostering/leporicide - commission them, it’ll be worth it! - then please have a moment of silence for me for being daft enough to try to incorporate all the prompts so far in one go.

Shiro had wanted him when he was nobody - a nobody who didn’t know his place, a cargo pilot who walked like he was fighter class and talked like a playboy despite leaving a trail of eyerolling irritation in his wake. At first, Shiro had seen what others had seen, had written Lance off as the tryhard senior everyone else saw, but all it had taken was one glimpse of Lance on the other side of a crowded room, alone against a wall with all the acceptance of one resigned to his solitude, and Shiro had fallen for him so fast he’d actually felt his stomach lurch. Lance’s face had been slack with sadness, usually-wide mouth small. In that one moment he’d seemed so quiet, so soft and fuck, Shiro wanted to destroy him.

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anonymous asked:

are you taking requests? I just really crave a deep heated argument between Harry and Y/n like I've always kinda imagined them fighting on the tour bus and she screams at him "I wish we never met!" and she runs off and like Lou and the boys all heard her and she like runs into the venue omg... that's so melodramatic. you totally don't have to do that but I mean the idea is there if you want! thank you Courtney!!!

Alright so here’s what I did with part 2 of THIS BLURB. Super melodramatic, cringe and eye-rolling worthy. Haha forgive me.

Claiming His Territory

Opening the bathroom door, you stepped back into the dressing room. Harry sat on the sofa, but you barely looked at him. Instead you made your way to the exit.

“Where are you going?” you heard him ask.

“Gonna try to find a scarf or something,” you replied.

“So ya are mad,” remarked Harry.

“I didn’t say I was mad. Did I say that?” you jerked around, your hands on your hips.

“Your tone says you’re mad.”

“So I have a tone now?”

Harry groaned, running a hand down his face. “Babe, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking.”

You sighed loudly, dropping your arms. “I said it’s fine, Harry. I’m not mad. It’s just kind of embarrassing is all.”

Harry glared at you with a set jaw. Grabbing the doorknob, you swung the heavy door open.

“I gotta go find something. I’ll be back,” you announced.

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anonymous asked:

HELLO~ I know this might seem redundant (as I've seen it on other h/c blogs) but I wanna request your take on an h/c where MC is a genius hacker and also the rfa (+vanderwood, v & saeren) reaction to it bc they're adorable ♥

Don’t worry about sending me things that have already been done. I will do all the things. You guys can send me the most cliche overdone things and I will still write them. And I’ll do my best not to make them exactly like anyone else’s (not intentionally at least. It’s hard, I’ve read so many) E>


  • The way Zen keeps it together after the whole Echo Girl situation is impressive
  • But you notice that all the hate he’s getting has been starting to get to him
  • No way are you going to have that
  • You learned hacking to fight for human rights and Zen is a human so
  • Hackerman to the rescue (Hackerman is a gender neutral title btw anyone can be Hackerman)
  • You notice his mood improve before he notices why
  • But he does notice eventually
  • How long has it been since the last angry email? Weeks??
  • He’s also noticed there are like no hate comments on anything he does anymore?
  • Or any negative comments at all really??
  • You: sweats nervously
  • Haha yeah weird I guess everyone just loves you hahaha
  • lol ya probably
  • But one day he’s looking at his fan page
  • And he sees a comment about how he’s “just another arrogant pretty boy. he’s not even that hot tbh”
  • And then literally before his eyes, he refreshes the page and the comment changes from hate
  • To “I don’t know anything because I’m just a bitter loser who’s probably going to die alone with like 30 cats lolol”
  • (Zen doesn’t know this but the hater’s phone has also been reprogrammed to autocorrect “Zen sucks” to “Zen is literal perfection you fucking trash bag”
  • And “hey” to “Zen is a god among men and I would happily sell my children for a chance to lick his sweet abs”
  • The hater does not know this yet either but they are going to find out, hopefully in the most hilarious and awkward way possible)
  • But all Zen knows is he definitely saw the comment change
  • So either that person had a very sudden change of heart
  • Or there’s something else going on here
  • He opens a chatroom like “hey MC do you think Seven could be filtering comments on my fan page”
  • Why on earth would he do that
  • Do you know how many there are
  • I mean I’ve never been on your fan page what are you talking about you can prove nothing
  • Eventually you tell him that you did it
  • He’s touched
  • No, seriously. He’s so touched. Your support means everything to him.
  • But he tells you that you don’t have to do it anymore
  • Knowing that he has your support and love is more than enough for him to be able to deal with the haters
  • You’re the only fan he needs *wink emoji*
  • When you tell him that you usually use your hacking skills for more activist type stuff he offers to help in any way he can
  • If there’s a cause you feel especially passionate about he’ll use his fame to reach out to fans you now have an army of teenage slash young adult women who will  gladly die for support that cause


  • It’s not like you’re cheating for him
  • I mean, you could hack the LOLOL servers and make him unbeatable
  • But you aren’t
  • Because you don’t condone cheating
  • …much
  • It starts out small
  • There’s a rare drop that Yoosung really wants and he’s decided he’s going to stay up until he gets it
  • that was 3 hours ago it’s 5 am Yoosung go to sleep
  • But he is determined
  • And so you decide that the only way to get him to go to bed is to get him the damn item
  • So here you are
  • At 5 in the god damn morning
  • Hacking into LOLOL to get your dumb boyfriend what he wants so he’ll go the fuck to sleep
  • It was supposed to be a one time thing
  • But he was just so excited when he got it? He got all happy and it made you feel warm and fuzzy inside
  • You weren’t cheating. You just. Made sure he got rare drops and good deals at the shops and stuff.
  • He has no idea.
  • He just thinks he’s had really good luck lately?
  • And then one day Seven is bragging about how he still has the number one spot in LOLOL
  • And you just
  • Fix that
  • It doesn’t count as cheating if you hack a hacker right
  • Everyone knows two hacks make a right. Or something
  • And Yoosung is SO HAPPY
  • And Seven is SO NOT
  • He looks into it because obviously he suspects foul play how else could his precious title be lost like that. And that’s when he finds out LOLOL was hacked
  • “Yoosung are you a secret agent too”
  • “Yoosung how long have you been living this double life”
  • Yoosung is so confused
  • You kind of have to tell them at this point Seven probably already knows tbh
  • Yoosung is… a little bit upset?
  • But when you explain to him that you just did it because you wanted him to be happy and to kick Seven’s ass he’s kind of touched
  • Also his s/o is like a Seven level hacker you must be a genius???
  • Jokes that he’s going to get you to do all his homework I’m kidding MC stop glaring at me please
  • You won’t do it for him but you will definitely help him
  • He honestly sees you as some kind of superhero when you tell him that you’re a hacktivist
  • Superman Yoosung and Wonder MC!


  • Jaehee is always tired
  • We all know this
  • But she thinks she’s finally starting to lose her mind
  • She keeps turning on her computer to do her work
  • And it’s already done???
  • She doesn’t remember writing this report
  • When did she put this spreadsheet together
  • Is she developing short term memory loss???
  • Have Jumin’s work ethics and cat projects finally snapped her????
  • You end up telling her that you’ve been hacking into her computer to finish her work because you’re worried that if you don’t tell her she will actually lose it
  • (Jumin cuts in like
  • Wait so if you’re a hacker are you the one who keeps changing my phone’s wallpaper to a trashcan labelled “this u”
  • …that’s irrelevant shush)
  • Jaehee makes you promise not to do her work for her anymore
  • Because she has pride and integrity and she can’t let someone else do work assigned to her
  • You agree on the condition that she starts taking care of herself more
  • She says she’ll try but she doesn’t really have the time
  • You shrug and super casually suggest that maybe she’d have more time if you came over more often to help her with stuff
  • And like
  • Maybe you had better stay the night to make sure she actually gets to bed at a reasonable hour
  • And you do this so often
  • That she suggests you just move in in a totally platonic way of course haha
  • And that’s the story of how i met your mother you hacked your way into becoming Jaehee’s roommate


  • You’re not sure what to think when you first meet Jumin
  • As a hacktivist who fights for the little guy you have zero clue how to interact with the Big Guy. 
  • Is Jumin the enemy??
  • You’re distant with him for the first 24 hours as you thoroughly do a background check into his company
  • And it comes up surprisingly clean???
  • C&R is good shit good job Jumin and Mr. Jumin’s dad
  • You’re honestly so relieved because this precious dumb cat mom is not someone you’d want to have to hate
  • Your hacker activities kind of fade to the background for the next few days
  • Except one time when Zen was being rude to Jumin you changed Zen’s profile picture to the most only  unflattering picture of him you could find
  • Then Glam Choi and Sarah show up
  • Seven and Jaehee both have so much work to do so you tell them both not to worry about it
  • You’ll look into it
  • You’re, uh, pretty good at research, you say. You know all about The Googles.
  • How you got the information doesn’t come up until later, after he’s finished with all his dramatic theatrics
  • He asks you how you got it
  • And you figure you might as well be honest since you’re basically engaged at this point
  • “I’m a hacker”
  • He stares at you
  • “Do you mean like Luciel, or…?”
  • You explain to him that you’re more of an independent activist type hacker
  • He doesn’t like it. You could get caught and arrested. 
  • You sarcastically promise that you’ll try your best not to affect his precious reputation while you’re off fighting for truth
  • “I’m not worried about my reputation I’m worried about you.”
  • You blush.
  • Oh. 
  • Well. 
  • You immediately apologize for snapping at him and explain you’re used to people either looking down on you or trying to talk you out of it.
  • But he gets it. He feels the same way about cat projects. It makes sense if you think about it
  • He supports you and is already prepared to throw around all of his power and money if it keeps you from getting caught
  • And if you happen to focus a little stronger on exposing corruption and secrets in C&R’s rival companies that’s just a coincidence~


  • When you find out that 707 is a hacker your first thought is
  • hahaha nope
  • Somehow the fact that you’re a hacker doesn’t come up  until Seven is physically in your apartment
  • And when he does find out his initial reaction is to be suspicious af
  • Can you blame him?
  • A mysterious hacker shows up in the messenger. You show up in the messenger. 
  • A mysterious hacker tries to get into Rika’s apartment. Now you’re in Rika’s apartment. 
  • The fact that Saeran broke in and tried to kidnap you doesn’t make sense but maybe it was a set up
  • He’s tired and confused and angry and upset and he’s not really thinking straight
  • You come back in from the kitchen and he towers over you
  • Are you working with my brotherr?”
  • In hindsight you probably should have told him 
  • It’s an easy enough misunderstanding to clear up
  • But it’s a wake up call for Seven
  • He should have known. It shouldn’t have taken him almost a week to find out that you were a hacker. He should’ve made sure there was no chance you were the hacker from day one. 
  • You really were distracting him
  • So he tells you to let him finish his work in peace
  • You offer to help but he tells you it’s fine, it’s a one person job anyway
  • Over the next two days you ask again several times if there’s anything you can do to help. 
  • You may not be a super secret agent like him, but you’ve helped out on some pretty big hacking jobs before, you know–
  • “You don’t know anything!” 
  •  He’s not some fucking superhero wannabe like you, and you have nothing in common with him so stop trying to act like you’re in this together because you’re not
  • Now can you please take your naive views on justice out of his face so he can finish this?
  • It takes a while for you two to talk again
  • When you do he admits that he doesn’t want to drag you down to his level
  • You’re like the complete opposite of him. You are a superhero. Defender of Justice MC, fighting for the truth.
  • And he’s the opposite… that makes him the villain so please just hate him and let him die alone like villains are supposed to.
  • You shake your head
  • He’s a superhero too. He’s been fighting for the RFA, and for his brother, his entire life. And he’s going to take down the real bad guys and save his brother with you as his sidekick
  • “You know something else about superheros?” You ask him, bringing your hands up to his face.”They always get the girl ;)”
  • “MC did you just say “wink emoji” out loud” “Shut up Saeyoung”
  • After everything settles down he probably helps you with your hacktivist stuff
  • Especially in terms of security. This boy is good at covering his, and now your, tracks.


  • V is a suspicious dude
  • And you really want to like the guy because you’ve been talking to him a lot and he honestly seems like such a sweetheart
  • And you don’t really want to be suspicious of him
  • But you can’t deny that this man is obviously hiding things
  • And it’s obviously causing a lot of unrest in the RFA so
  • You reason that in the end you’d really be doing everyone (V included) a favour by figuring out what’s going on
  • You want to know where he is
  • Seven doesn’t even know where he is
  • And you know Seven could find out if he tried but the boy trusts V so unconditionally he won’t do it
  • Which leaves only one option
  • hacker mode activated
  • He’s using a phone with super amped up security
  • Probably something that Seven gave him
  • But you think you can find him
  • While you’re doing this you also try your hand at tracking the weird emails
  • It takes you two days straight but you finally have the location of both
  • You’re about to message Seven about the hacker’s location (the boy is so overworked you figure he could use a hand)
  • When you notice something
  • The hacker’s location and V’s location
  • Are the same place
  • No
  • no no no no no
  • You call V
  • Again and again and again until he finally answers
  • “…who is this?”
  • What the hell are you doing at the hacker’s building, V”
  • He has to figure out on his own that you’re MC because you haven’t introduced yourself
  • You’re too busy ranting and crying and demanding an explanation
  • V doesn’t know what to do
  • He can’t tell you, he can’t involve you in all of this. But he can’t not tell you because then you’ll tell the rest of the RFA and he can’t involve them in all of this.
  • It’s lose-lose
  • In the end it’s your tears that decide it for him. He can’t stand hearing you cry over him and he wants you to go back to the happy person you were in the chatroom
  • He tells you that he’s there undercover and that it’s complicated
  • You tell him he’s an idiot
  • He says he’s sorry
  • He says that a lot
  • You try to convince him to let you help. You know he has Seven, but you’re a hacker too and–
  • You’re a hacker???
  • Does Rika know?
  • “Please don’t mention that in the RFA messenger.” “Why?” “Just… please.”
  • (He’s worried that Saeran will find out and tell Rika
  • He doesn’t want Rika to try and recruit you or anything)
  • In the end the best you can do is promise him you won’t tell the RFA and make him promise to contact you if he needs anything.
  • This is not something that can be resolved in one headcanons post guys
  • But now that he knows you’re a hacker he’s extra worried about you


  • Saeran is kind of lost in life after Mint Eye
  • He has no experience in literally anything except for hacking and suffering
  • And he’s not content to live a pointless existence slowly wasting away in Saeyoung’s care
  • He’s getting restless because he wants to do something and it’s making him irritated
  • So one day you casually bring up the topic of hacktivism and specifically hacker group Anonymous
  • He’s intrigued
  • And listens attentively as you tell him about all the good things members of the group have done
  • About how they’re people who come together to hack in the name of truth and freedom
  • You tell him you’ve been a fan of them since you were a kid
  • But
  • Saeran is a smart guy
  • And the way you’re talking about the things they’ve done is waaaaay too knowledgeable for you to just be a fan
  • “Well yeah,” you shrug. “I’m a hacker too”
  • He’s shocked
  • You’re a hacker??
  • You’re… like him???
  • You’re surprised he didn’t know. You haven’t been trying to hide it. You’d been trying to hack and trace him since he first messaged you. You had added a whole tone of security measures to your phone and all your online information. Had he seriously not noticed?
  • Well yeah
  • He had just assumed that Saeyoung was the one who’d done all that.
  • There’s no way sweet innocent angelic MC is a hacker
  • Uh yes you are would he like you to prove it?
  • He’s kind of quiet after that
  • He has a lot to think about
  • If you’re like him… does that mean he could be like you?
  • He helps you with your next act of hacktivism
  • And even though it’s just a small thing the change in his mood is almost instant
  • You buy him an Anonymous shirt and he wears it around the house like it’s his own personal superhero outfit it’s so cute


  • Fuck
  • No
  • Not another one
  • They swear if you ever hack into their phone and change their background to dumb things they will taser you
  • just ask Zero Seven he knows this from experience
  • They’re lying they would never taser you
  • They’ll just
  • Taser 707 in your place or something
  • Why do you know how to hack anyways
  • Are you an intelligence agent too? Do you need them to help you get out of somewhere or something are you okay
  • You tell them it’s nothing like that
  • You just hack into vorrupt organizations and government officials’ stuff in the name of truth and justice that’s all
  • ’That’s dangerous don’t you know you could go to jail what if you’re caught
  • What the fuck Vanderwood you hypocrite
  • “Are you… worried about me?”
  • “…N-no.”
  • They’re not worried about you they’re just worried because if you get caught then they’re gonna be at risk of getting caught too that’s all
  • And since that’s the case as long as you’re both in this mess together they should probably help you out
  • Y’know. For the sake of your mutual safety.
  • In return for their help you make sure to keep an eye on the movements of what little remains of Vanderwood’s former employers to make sure they’re safe
  • No you don’t have to do that they can take care of themselves
  • “But I’m worried about you.”
  • What
  • You’re worried about them???
  • That’s. Uh. Unnecessary.
  • Why would you be worried about them??
  • “Because I like you.”
  • ?????
  • Oh great, you broke Vanderwood.
Lucky Part 6

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Mentions of abuse

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five

I cant believe how long this is, but I’m absolutely loving it! This has become longer than Bad Feeling….this is crazy! Give it a read if you haven’t read it yet. It’ll take you to the last part but I have all the other parts linked on that page.

So I’m sorry about these next couple parts guys….it might not be as bad as I think it is, but y’all have to let me know. Feel free to write me and yell at me. But I hope you guys like it. Love you!!!

You put your bag next to the stairs and turned to Jensen.


“Yeah.” You started walking toward the kitchen, passing by him.

“What’s your poison? I don’t have much, but I’ve got, beer, whiskey, vodka, tequila….”

“Whoa…..” he put his hand up and you turned to him. “I still need to drive home.” he had a huge grin. You starred at him for a moment, smiling.

“True……beer it is then.” you turned to go get your beers. His heart started to race, he could have sworn you looked disappointed. He followed you into the kitchen. When he got in there you were shutting the fridge. You smiled and handed him his beer.

“You should probably text Jared.” he popped off the lid to the bottle and took a swig.

“Oh shit. Yeah…..thank you.” you popped open your beer and threw away the top, then you went back into the living room and sat on the couch, grabbing your phone from the coffee table. Jensen joined you after a minute.

Hey! Made it home safe……..like always. Love you! Get some sleep.

Jensen sat down next to you as you put your phone down. You both smiled.

“Thanks for being my pillow earlier.” He chuckled.

“Yeah, no problem.” You looked at the bottle in your hand. Your phone went off, you reached over and grabbed it.

K Love you. Talk to you later.

You smiled and put your phone back down. You pulled your legs underneath you and sat cross legged on the couch facing Jensen.

“Is he going to bed?”

“I hope so. He looked exhausted.” you took a swig of your beer. You could feel Jensen’s eyes on you. “So, you have any plans this weekend?” you smiled.

“No actually. My parents went on a trip, so their not here. Thankfully I got a lot of my errands done last weekend, so unless something comes up with you guys…….for once in a long time, I have nothing to do.” he paused for a second and then shook his head. “That sounds weird.” you laughed which made him smile.

“Well that’s good though. You deserve a break.” You smiled at each other. “I haven’t heard you mention Ashley lately. Don’t you have to meet up with her?” you took a drink.

“Oh wow….Ashley. No, Ashley and I haven’t been together for awhile now.” Your jaw dropped.

“What! When did that happen? I don’t remember hearing that you guys broke up.”

“Oh man…..it’s been a little bit. I want to say…maybe….a little before I found out you got this job.” he took a drink.

“Wow……it has been awhile. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. It just…….wasn’t right.” you shot him a sad smile and then you both took another drink. “Well what about you? What ever happened to that…..who was it….Sean guy? I only saw him a couple times when you were over at Jared’s. That seems like forever ago.” You chuckled.

“His name was Seth, and yeah….were not together anymore either.” you starred down at your hands holding your bottle. Jensen could sense there was more to that story, just by the way you reacted. You both knew each other to the point that you became great friends and grew very close, but you were also busy, so there really wasn’t time for life stories, so there is still always new things that you find out about each other.

“What happened?” he reluctantly asked. You looked up at him.

“Jared never told you?” He shook his head. “ I’m surprised. I thought he told you everything.” you looked back down to your bottle and started playing with the label.

“Y/N.” he leaned forward and put his bottle on the table, then reached a hand out and placed it on your knee, you looked over at his hand. “I thought you told me everything.” You looked up at him.

“Not back then. I mean, we’ve always been close, but not as close as we are now.” He nodded.

“Your right.” he just starred into your eyes. “So then tell me now.” You bit your bottom lip. You didn’t really want to talk about it, for multiple reasons, but you don’t keep anything from him. So if you don’t tell him, it’ll just make you feel guilty. Yeah, he’ll say he understands, but you know that’s all he be able to think about, and then that’s all you’ll think about…..it’s just a vicious circle. You looked back down at your bottle, playing with the label again.

“It was the first time in my life, that I ever lied to Jared…….”


Jared opened the door after hearing you knock. “Hey guys!” you and Seth smiled as you entered the house.

“Hey man.” Seth extended his hand and shook Jared’s.

“What’s going on?” you stood off to the side as the guys greeted each other.

“Not much, but I need to use the bathroom.” Seth headed further into the house. You both watched him walk away and then looked back at each other.

“Hey sis.” he opened his arms.

“Hey.” you walked up to him and wrapped your arms around his torso. He squeezed you a little too tight and it made you hiss from the pain. He heard you and pulled away to look at you.

“Are you okay?” You looked at him for a minute.

“Yeah…I just…I got this new job, and I've been taking on a lot of the stunts myself to save money. I’m feeling the repercussions.” you chuckled.

“Oh. Well that’s great. But don’t push yourself okay…..that can be really dangerous.” you nodded. You heard Tom and Shep come into the room yelling for you. You took a couple more steps into the house meeting the boys halfway, and bent down in front of them. You reached out and hugged them both. 

Then Jared saw it. About a five inch thick, vertical mark, running diagonally across the right side of your back. It was red and looked like it was starting to bruise. It must of happened no more than a day ago. He couldn't see all of it because your shirt only rode up a little, but he could tell it went up your back a ways.

He cringed a little. No wonder it hurt when he hugged you. He believed your story though. He knows doing your own stunts can leave some decent marks.

End Flashback

You were still starring at your bottle. You felt ashamed and didn’t want to look at Jensen.

“He hit you?” he sounded sad but anger was taking over quickly. You dropped your head more and nodded. Jensen’s eyes widened. He swallowed a lump in his throat that grew within seconds. He felt sick. “What….What did he hit you with? Because that mark that you just described doesn’t sound like a foot or a fist to me.” he was pissed now. You knew he would be. One of the reasons why you didn’t want to say anything.

“A baseball bat.” you said quietly, still not looking at him.

“A what!?” he sat back pulling his hand off your knee. He sat there for a minute, then he got up off the couch and started slowly pacing around the room. Every once in awhile running his hands through his hair or across the back of his neck.

“A baseball bat!? He hit you with a fucking baseball bat!?” he kept pacing. You sighed.

“It was wooden, it wasn’t metal.” He stopped and looked at you, you still didn’t look up from your lap.

“Oh, because that makes it so much better!” he dragged a hand down the front of his face. “Why?”

“What?” you looked up slightly but didn’t make eye contact with him.

“Why? Why did he do it? Did this scumbag even have a reason!?” his voice rose as he went on.

“Jensen……it doesn’t…..” He cut you off.

“Why Y/N!? I really want to know!” You gulped. You still didn’t look at him. You could picture his face perfectly fine in your head.

“Because I was…..I was texting you.” He starred at you for a minute while he processed what you just said.

“He hit you with a bat because you were texting me? Are you serious?”

“He thought I was cheating on him.”

“How!? What were we texting about!?”

“You text me, asking if I was going to be at your party the next day, and that you couldn’t wait to see me.” It was silent, for what seemed like forever.

“Wait…..party?” he thought for a minute, and then it clicked. “He did that the night before Jared threw me that birthday party?” You nodded and you heard him scoff.

“That son of a bitch.” he mumbled through gritted teeth.

“Jensen……” you stood up and slowly started walking over to him. You knew he was pissed, and you wanted to stop this conversation and calm him down. He knows enough, but he cut you off again.

“I was talking with that guy all day…I shook his hand…..the same ones that hurt you!” Here it is, now hes starting to blame himself, like he should have seen it, he should have known and done something about it. He was disgusted. He dropped his head and shook it. “How long did this go on for?”

“Can we not…” He looked up at you.

“How Long!?” he didn’t mean to yell at you, but he knows this much, hes thinking there’s no backing down now.

“About 3 months.” now you dropped your head.

“He kept hurting you for 3 months?” You nodded. He swallowed another lump in his throat. “How, and when, did you leave him?” You made your way back to the couch as you explained.

“It got really bad one night. I just got back from hanging out with you and Jared. He knew where I was when he came home and I wasn’t there. I walked through the door and he came up to me and immediately ripped my stuff out of my hands, throwing it all to the floor. Then he grabbed me, hit me a couple times and then threw me along with my stuff. Somehow I got to my phone and got to my favorite contacts before he hit me again. I reached out and hit wherever I could knowing there’s only three people on there and praying that they’d answer. There’s only Jared, Gen, and……..and you. I ended up hitting Jared, because about ten or so minutes later, he showed up with a couple cops.” He sighed and just stood there for a minute, trying to take all this in. He reached up and rubbed his temples as if he was getting a headache.

“Why hasn’t Jared ever told me about this?” You shook your head.

“I don’t know. He probably thought that you’d find Seth and kill him.” you let out a short dry chuckle.

“Yeah, well he’d be right.” he released a deep sigh. You haven’t really looked at him once during this whole conversation, and even though he understood, it was killing him. He moved around the coffee table and knelt down in between your legs becoming level with you.

“Y/N look at me.” he reached up and grabbed your chin lightly, lifting your head so that he could look you in the eyes. After hearing all this, hes afraid to even touch you. “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you sorry?” you scrunched your eyebrows in confusion.

“I’m sorry for yelling. I’m not mad at you. And I’m so sorry, I wasn’t there when you needed me.”

“I know your not mad at me. And J, it’s not your fault. You didn’t know. Don’t blame yourself for that.” you had a tear slowly slide down your cheek. He reached up, cupped your cheek and wiped it away with his thumb.

Being so comfortable in the moment, you leaned into his touch and closed your eyes. Both of your heart rates went up. You opened your eyes again and he gave you a sad smile. He slowly moved his hand to the back of your neck, your eyes never leaving each others. He pulled you toward him and laid your head on his shoulder. He wanted to kiss you, God did he want to, but, then he thought about Jared, and all the other reasons of why he shouldn’t.

You both sat there like that for awhile, not wanting to move. He was running his hand through your hair, it was so relaxing, and it felt so good to be in his arms. You both slowly pulled away, your cheeks brushed against each other. Before you fully pulled away from each other, Jensen went to kiss you on the cheek, but ended up catching the corner of your mouth. He stiffened and was going to pull away, until something he thought would never happen, happened. You kissed him back.

Part 7

BMP Butler Headcanon: MC Gives A Gift That Makes The Butlers Fall in Love With Her

Okay this is kind of a ‘Part One’ because I didn’t really want to put these into one post plus I still need to finish the other half of the season 2 butler substories.

Headcanon received by lephrasia <33

Claude: I think he would appreciate cufflinks because they aren't super  noticeable and he would love that he could always wear something she  gave him. 

“I know you don't like standing out much, but I saw these at the clothing  store today and I couldn't help myself…" she blushes and hands me a  small box. I eye it suspiciously but still take it from her. I open the box to  find… Cuff links? Upon further inspection, I notice engraved on the silver circles was a smiley face. I crack a smile to myself, suppressing a laugh. 

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The Writing’s on the Wall

well, its been a while. and i’ve been slacking on my comments on fics too, but i have been reading! promise! just uni is super stressful right now. and if anyone has any idea for a feature article? that would be appreciated.

anyway, this is a little one shot where i just wanted to write fluffy fanfic to cheer myself up. its fanfic through and through, no long descriptive paragraphs to bore anyone, no convoluted language. just a little fluffy (hopefully a little funny too) piece. no tags because who knows whose in my tag list? seriously if you have an idea let me know. that is all

Rae fell ungraciously onto the toilet seat, banging her elbow against the door on the way down. “Shit,” she mumbled before getting down to business.

As she sat – ignoring how cold the seat felt pressed against her thighs – she tried to count the penned notes that were scattered all around her on the cubicle walls. One, two, three, four…wait, she had counted that one already…six, seven…wait, that wasn’t right. Fuck, there was too many swimming around her eyes. She really had to stop with all the tequila shots. Bloody Chloe. Blooming Izzy. Lovely Izzy. Lovely hen night. Too much drink.

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webelievethesamething  asked:

Okay, so I'm an innocent babyphile and... did I just read something about a fic writer who faked his own death? I feel like I've walked into some kind of dangerous mafia. Will I be safe here?!

Oh, those were some GOOD times back then.

To quote myself from last year:

Next thing you know we’ll have a shippers vs. noromos war on Usenet and a famous fanwriter will be discovered to be massively sockpuppeting, and at least six secret lesbian couples will form (and two will break up), and Brandon Ray will mansplain at all of us womenfolk for seven paragraphs, there will be more than five separate discussions of Scully’s characterization in Iolokus, and at least twelve heartrendingly angsty WIPs will be updated, and that one creepy guy will post a fic where Scully erotically eats her own poop, and the Mulderists will accuse the Scullyists of something dreadful, and Erin Blair will post six fics in 24 hours, and I’ll DEFINITELY post something about shortbread or snickerdoodle cookies to get everyone to calm down, and the private e-mail lists will be buzzing about whether Mulder would be a dom or a sub in a BDSM relationship with Scully, and there will be a scandal when someone plagiarizes X-Files fic in the Nanny fandom, and there will be a side conversation about DD’s dick (that has never really ended to this day), at least one fangirl will cry when she realizes everyone else was invited to the big secret fangirl gathering, and everyone will bitch about there no Gossamer update in three weeks, and we’ll end the day with a rousing discussion about whether Mulder/Krycek slash is out of character or not.

This is not even an exaggeration.

But yeah, Evie Whiting. That was some weird, wild stuff, circa 2002ish. I’m going to take the lazy way out and quote from a post a pal of mine made on a message board:

Over on the Idealists Haven messageboard, there was a long-time poster (and fanfic writer) named Evie Whiting, who was much beloved and a sweet, bubbly person. Last year, she suddenly became very ill, and was rushed to the hospital for some unidentified reason. For several weeks, she was able to post tons of messages from her “deathbed”. She then fell into a coma and later died, and all the while through her coma/death, her husband (who was not a regular) continued to post to the Haven, where her friends were devastated and had been sending all kinds of sympathetic and grief-stricken messages of support. Things got very weird after her “death” mainly because he was continuing to post and wallow in all the attention, and when a few people gently began asking whether or not this was all true, suddenly someone who claimed to be Evie’s sister popped up and started attacking people left and right.

The entire thing turned out to be a hoax. Another long-time and well-respected poster received a private email from the dead woman herself; Evie claimed that she had no idea any of this had gone on. In her defense, she spun a convoluted tale about someone using her computer without her knowledge – for weeks! – and that this person had done it to humiliate her. But when pressed for more info, she clammed up and never returned. Ultimately, no one really knows what happened: if Evie was ever even sick or not, or if she had EVER been who she pretended to be - for YEARS. It was so bizarre, and it gobsmacked the scores of people she had befriended during that time. And like you’ve done here, some people became VERY interested in ferreting out the truth (they never did), while others continued to defend her, and still others just wanted it all to go away.

Unfortunately, all the posts and evidence of this disappeared this winter when the messageboard was hacked (unrelated to the hoax), and they had to start up a new one. But I think if you ask any XF fan who’s been to the Haven (the MB) about Evie Whiting, they’ll remember the story. Things have died down, and Evie’s never returned to any corner of the fandom as far as anyone knows, but everyone who was around then remembers the tale. I had never even heard of her before this all began (I’m not a regular at the Haven because I think the site is full of nutters), but I remember it all quite clearly. Her friends were VERY hurt, angered, confused and yet some still defended her.

I just want to add that some of us who were Haven regulars got veeeery suspicious and looked for evidence of her death by checking online obits in Sydney, Australia, where she’d said she lived. Nothing. When I innocently asked her “husband” where her memorial was going to be held so I could send flowers, he spun this crazy tale that since Evie was half-Indian, her body was going to be shipped to India so her remains could be disposed of in the Ganges. This is when our bullshit meters went REALLY off because it was so ridiculously convoluted and most of us were sure at this point that her death was a total fake.(Also, Evie had shared every single detail of her personal life but had never said anything about Indian ancestry.)

Also, in hindsght, Evie had this really unbelivable personal history. She said she was 24 or something and was already a practicing doctor (fake doctors seem to be a running theme in our fandom) and had three children, including twins named Dana Katherine and Fox William. Yeah.

Good times!

I read about the de-aged!Dean episode and got excited

“So, if you’re Sam,” Dean folded his arms, scrutinising his younger brother who was now twice the size of him, “Where’s dad?”

Sighing, Sam averted his gaze, running a hand through his long hair before he looked back at Dean. It had taken ten minutes for Sam to make Dean believe that he was, in fact, Sam. The concept was a struggle for fourteen year old Dean, who knew Sam as a snot nosed, little kid who followed him around like a puppy. The guy towering above him, with way too long hair, wide shoulders, and a freaking giant- the idea of him being Sam was downright weird.

“Uh,” Sam swallowed, “He’s not here at the moment. On a hunt,” he offered with a weak smile.

“Okay,” Dean shrugged, finding that plausible. In 2014, Dean and Sam were old enough to do shit without John watching over them. Still, it kind of sucked that Dean was stuck with an older Sam who he hardly recognised; at least with his father, he would look more like the man he knew from his time frame.

“I’m-” Sam took a step back, looking freaked out by the situation, “I’m gonna call Cas.”

“Who the fuck is Cas?” Dean retorted.

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Just a Regular Tuesday

killiansguyliner asks:  hey!!! Just like to say I really love go get your hart and I’m really looking forward to the final part :D just out of curiosity, how do you think lucas “prom-posed” to maya in high school? Thanks!:)

So this is a Go Get Your Hart Pre-Prequel  so you don’t have to have read the other installments of GGYH to read this, it’s really just a fun promposal fic! :)

A small fic in which: Farkle Minkus is absolutely done with his oblivious friends, Zay Babineaux has a radio show, and Maya Hart gets the surprise of her life from one Lucas Friar (who, let’s jut say’ has embraced his heritage.)

Also, if you like Lucaya from other people’s POV, you’ll like this as it’s from Farkle’s perspective which is interesting! :)

Let’s go!



“I can’t believe you’re actually going to do this.” Farkle says, shaking his head in amusement as Lucas rearranges the cowboy hat on his head. Lucas grins brightly at his friend as he adjusts the brim of the hat carefully in a classroom window, catching the eye of quite a few people looking at him from the inside, and only grinning wider at them all. Farkle stifles a snort as he can practically visibly see people in the room becoming charmed with Lucas, and all he’s done so far is smile.

Well, that’s probably all he really needs to do.

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Let's Be Alone Together

a/n: hi so um i’ve been away from writing for a while i’m sorry about that i hope this can make up for it. it doesn’t exactly have a brilliant plotline but i just wrote it to kinda get back into writing i hope u like it and a chaptered fic will be starting soon 

summary: dan has to work with the class nerd for the history project but a classroom at night can be good for things other than working and maybe dan isn’t such an asshole after all

word count: 5,156



“You’re still on the ‘S’?!” Dan exclaims in disbelief, his hands making an almost permanent rest for his forehead whenever he caught sight of Phil’s work progress.
“Bubble writing takes skill, Dan.” Phil glares at the brown-haired teenager a few chairs away from him. “Something you’re not familiar with.”
A brief silence falls between them, before Phil feels a “Soft Art Eraser” hit the side of his head.
Researching takes just as much skill as drawing a few letters.” Dan retaliates semi-scornfully, presenting his one sheet of A4 paper littered with Times New Roman font and highlighter stains.
“Yes.” Phil gestures, leaning off the chair to retrieve the dropped eraser. “And how many pages have you done of research, then?”
Dan pauses with a nonchalant shrug. “Enough.”

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tomwingfields  asked:

hi! so religion-y question, i've recently gotten really into thinking about new testament stuff, especially judas. i know you've written stuff about him before and, i'm sorry that this is weird and out of the blue of me to ask, i was just wondering if you had an idea as to why judas betrayed jesus? i think about it all the time and like, it haunts me. i just don't understand how he could do that/why he would do that. thank you so much!

Well, I should say first that I feel pretty strongly that questions of this depth demand actual in-person discussion with someone. The internet just falls short at this level. Somehow it just feels like, in contemplating the humanity of Judas, we’d need to be humans talking to each other, flesh and blood, interrupting each other, being human, to really burrow down to the core stuff. Having said that – I mean – there’s a lot in this q, key q. Do you read Judas as an independent actor with free will? Then choose door A, which talks about his intent. Never get to the bottom of door A, why a person betrays his friend, especially his friend whom he knows to be God. But Jesus knows ahead of time that it’s going to happen, so whither free will? If God can know the future then free will takes a hit, I think C.S. Lewis tries to do stuff with the idea of God seeing time differently but I can’t reconcile free will with the ability to tell the future. Seems v. either/or to me. That’d bring us to “Judas betrayed Jesus because either a) it was his destiny or b) it was God’s plan,” I don’t think these necessarily amount to the same answer but they share a ballpark, neither one satisfies though because in the absence of free will how can a person be rewarded or punished for anything? Nothing wrong with old Judas if he was just doing basically what God made him to do.

But if we go back to door A, I mean, there’s a sense in which we should have special shrines for Judas and the centurions and the Sanhedrin, because you can’t get the crucifixion without them, and if you’re buying into the whole scheme then you have to have the crucifixion, so anybody who makes it possible is kind of a saint in my reading – Jesus can’t just one day say “ok, I’m done ministering and I’m going home, everybody’s saved from here on out” – somebody has to betray him, somebody has to kill him so he can be resurrected. Maybe, in his moment of darkness, Judas senses this - that his friend must be betrayed, that someone has to do something terrible? The text does not support this reading, but it’s worth kicking around a little. 

If we step outside the story further I think we have to honestly say that the weaknesses of the whole tapestry are best seen in these questions. Why must Jesus be killed and resurrected? Why must we petition a resurrected Christ for for forgiveness? Why isn’t His incarnation enough? My friend Perry has talked a little to me about not needing the resurrection at all, about being Christian without believing in the resurrection, about the incarnation being enough, but I don’t know enough about those ideas to say anything about them – they feel like something worth exploring, though. Doing away with the resurrection would fuck up the entire liturgical year, but what can you do. I feel like, and this would take that talk I mentioned earlier to really bear out but I mean it, the answer is in that old 50s (60s) tune: “Everybody plays the fool sometimes.” Like, the word “plays” is important here, there’re other religious traditions in which people attack God or His Representative because that is the part they have to play for God to be magnified/realized/amused. These traditions are worth some pretty serious consideration if considering this kinda thing is a thing you enjoy. 

Shorter and probably better answer: I think the point of Judas is to make us think about Judas and ask ourselves where and when we are Judas. Everybody in the whole story is us, sometimes. One of the people who is us sometimes is a person who betrayed his friend to death for money. Who’s Judas? One of us. But an easy answer won’t lead us to the sort of reflection we need, hence the complexity of Judas’s choice. 


title: smile
pairing: weiss schnee/velvet scarlatina (dustbunny)
words: 1403
summery: being with velvet makes weiss feel like her own person, not an extension of her father, for the first time in a long time. the businessman just doesn’t get it.
notes: some angst? no sad ending tho don’t worry if that isn’t your thing lmao. also i referred to phones as phones instead of scrolls because this felt almost… normal/modern au to me? but i wasn’t sure if i wanted to commit to that. probably set a couple years after weiss and velvet have both graduated school. they’re living together in an apartment so shrug


Weiss was fiddling with the coffee maker when Velvet approached her, her voice blunt when she spoke. “Weiss, are you using me to get back at your father?”

Weiss nearly dropped her coffee cup. She turned to look at the woman standing across the kitchen from her. “Excuse me?”

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