i've never been so upset before

I’m way more upset than I should be about probably having an allergy to milk but like

First Red 40

And now this

I love food so much

And now fate is taking my favorite things away from me

I’m probably gonna become allergic to pigeons next 😢

Anyways I’m going to the doctor’s tomorrow to figure it out. Today we brought Roo (mom’s Australian cattle dog) to the vet because she’s been acting funny and apparently she has an awful urinary infection which is actually a good thing- I was worried that she’d have tissue left over from her spay that could cause cancer.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again;

I want season 2 of yoi to come out so I can regain that will to live.

but what will come with it? I said once that I don’t care what happens as long as I feel the same feelings I felt last time.

but now? well, there’s enough people spewing shit in my inbox as it is. I don’t want the liveliness of season 2 to be mixed with this cesspool of junk.