i've never been so upset before


Magnus wearing his bracelet on the outside of his sleeve as a fashion statement.

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I've never seen this question asked and thought you would be the one who might know. First, do you think KDS knows the true story about Sam and Cait. What do you think happened before and after that IFH with Sam and Cait. Would they have told KDS the truth and then why they asked her (why they had to) do the interview? Basically, how much does KDS know and how would that interview set up been handled before, during and after. Sam was upset but really, so was KDS. She had teary eyes. Thanks!

I’d bet whichever kid is pissing me off the least this week, $40 in Kohl’s cash and my left tit that she knows. KDS fangirls with the best of them but she really came across like the cat that swallowed the canary. I miss her and wish she was still working closely with the show. I understand the reach goes further with print media, but she really seems to be able to build a trust and rapport, and she is superb at not spilling the beans when it comes to spoilers - both onscreen and off.

What she says: I’m fine. 

What she means: I don’t think I’ll ever forgive Hans Zimmer for playing a small segment of Will and Elizabeth’s “One Day” theme in a heartbreakingly mournful key in the score beneath Norrington’s final scene, because it is oh so subtle in reminding you musically that this is a romance that will never happen, and how at least he got one brief taste of what being with his unrequited love would be like BEFORE HE GETS ONE OF THE MOST UPSETTING ENDINGS EVER OKAY THIS IS FINE. THIS. IS. FINE. 

Abusive Conversation With Parent
  • I've been in therapy for almost two years now and I have a much better understanding of love, abuse, trust, boundaries, what I want and what I need. I stopped all contact with my mother who's been the worst but I kept the window open with my dad, giving him the benefit of the doubt, hoping I had at least one parent I could talk to.
  • Growing up, my dad was physically abusive and drunk for the most part. When he was home it was only when he was hungover. He disappeared from my life for almost ten years after they got divorced in the early 00s and for the past couple years we've been in touch. Now that he's in his late 50s he drinks less and seemed to be more enlightened. Since going no contact with my mom for about two months now, he's been sending me messages everyday wishing me a good day, telling me he loves me and preaching god - even though he knows I am an atheist. I never trusted him and today, after getting one of those morning messages I told him they make me uncomfortable. The conversation went kind of like this...
  • Dad: Good morning I wish you a wonderful day and a relaxed weekend. I love you, you're everything to me. May god be with you. I love you, I love you.
  • Me: I'm sorry dad but these messages are making me uncomfortable. I would like to talk about when I was a kid and you used to beat me up.
  • Dad: I never hit you! You imagined everything. Maybe a couple times I gave you a little spanking but it was for your own good.
  • Me: No dad, I remember it vividly. I remember screaming asking you to stop. Maybe you weren't sober, I just need you to acknowledge it so we can have an adult conversation about it. It's the reason why I don't trust you.
  • Dad: Listen to me, I never hit you. Never ever. These are lies your mother told you about me. And I've always controlled my drinking. You're an adult now so you make your own choices but I never hit you. I pray for you everyday and I'm gonna pray for god to enlighten you because I never did that! Goodbye my daughter, it makes me so sad because I love you so much.
  • Me: Love is about honesty and respect. It's about listening to each other, it's about -
  • Then he blocked me. This has been going on all my life, only before I would go back there and just not talk about it so I wouldn't upset him. But it's different now.
  • Posting this in case you relate. You're not alone.
  • - Crazed Love.

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I've never really requested anything before but I've been having a pretty stressful and tiring day, so can you maybe do something like harry giving you a bath or massage or something cliche and cute? Cause I could use some cliche cuteness, thank you.

“Princess, what’s wrong?” Harry cooed, his little love had arrived home after a long stressful day.

She, (Y/N), was just upset from the moment she woke up down to the second she got home and Harry didn’t know what to do. This morning he thought it was just because she was in a bad morning mood but now seeing as though after the whole day, she’s still upset Harry got just as upset, if not more, that she wasn’t happy. All he wanted was for her to relax.

(Y/N) just shook her head at Harry’s question, not really wanting to discuss what was going on in her pretty little head. Harry just let it go and hugged her tighter to his body to show his sympathy and provide comfort. “How ‘bout you go lay down for a bit and get comfy and I’ll go run you a bath? Then you can just relax there for a bit? That sounds good right, baby?” Harry continued. His princess just nodded her head and padded up the stairs to their shared bedroom. Harry just sighed and went down to the master bathroom and peeked around (Y/N)’s cupboard for all the little bath accessories she loved. After collecting that one bath bomb he knew she had been saving, some lavender shampoo, and those little candles she probably forgot, Harry started the water and decorated the bathroom to make it all cozy and relaxing (though he saved the bath bomb cause he knew she loved seeing it get all fizzle-y and frothy).

Harry went to their dark bedroom just in time to see his girl come out from their walk-in closet all dressed up for bed with all her pretty makeup off and her flowy hair tied up in a floppy bun. “C'mon lovely, it’s all ready, I even got that bath bomb out for you, the one with all those dried flowers inside of it that I know you love,” Harry cooed, and picked her up and carried her almost like you would a child; her sitting on his hip with her legs wrapped around his waist, one of his arms wrapped around her back and the other holding her up from her bottom. (Y/N) just about melted into Harry’s hold and settled in with her head on his shoulder.

Once in the bathroom Harry made sure to let her be the one to throw in the bath bomb, let her watch it for a bit, then started to help her get undressed and step into the tub. Harry was just about to step out of the bathroom after setting on some of those pretty songs he knew she liked, when he was stopped by (Y/N) calling out to him and almost whining at the loss of his presence. “What’s wrong, Princess? Is the water too hot?” Harry rushed, stepping back to her side, “Do you need anything, cause I can get you anything you want.” (Y/N) let out a little sigh that was a cross between dreamy and a bit humorous before she whispered to him, “I want you to stay and get in here with me.”

Harry was all too happy to comply to this request, getting all undressed himself before he got situated behind (Y/N) in the tub. “Better, baby?” A sweet little him of confirmation came from Harry’s princess before he let himself relax into the warm water. Harry played with the hairs slipping out of (Y/N)’s bun and traced little love hearts into the skin of her shoulders before he noticed still how tense his love was. The fingertips tracing hearts into her skin became strong hands kneading out the tight knots in her back. He contrasted his strong hands with his soft kisses to the to skin of her neck and shoulders. (Y/N) let out a little whimper and melted into Harry’s touch, letting him know what he was doing felt good.

“You’re so pretty, you know that? You’re so smart, and pretty, and funny, and too good to be so stressed out, flower. I don’t like it when you get all huffy after having a bad day, it makes me upset. I like it better when you’re all smiley, and cuddly,” Harry cooed, pressing those same sweet kisses to the skin of her back and resumed his tracing fingertips. “I know, jus’ get a little tired, you know? So I jus’ get a little stressed, but I love coming home to you and having you coddle me, so I guess it alright,” (Y/N) answers, turning over in Harry’s arms to show him a pretty smile and go snuggle into his chest.

“Yeah, I guess it’s alright. As long as I can help you feel better… I love you, Princess.”

“I love you too, Harry”

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So I've been doing a ton of research into asexuality and aromanticism recently and realised that I'm probably both (I've never had a real crush before, and the idea of having sex really grosses me out) , but I really don't want to be. The more I think about it, the more upset I get because I can't help but think that eventually all my friends will get married, have kids etc, and I'll be left alone. It's really getting me down and I don't know what to do.

Here’s a couple of things: 

  1. Make some more friends. Maybe find some other asexual and/or aromantic folks. But in general, broaden your friend base. 
  2. Assuming that all of your friends will get married and have kids and stuff is harmful, both to you and to them. Talk to your friends about what they want their lives to be. Who knows, maybe one of your friends is having the same fears you  have, and you two can support each other. 
  3. Start learning how to be happy alone. If you don’t already live alone, maybe give that a shot. Start doing things by yourself. Take yourself out to the movies, out to dinner, out to a fun event, by yourself. No friends. Just learn to enjoy doing things on your own. 
  4. Do things that make you happy. Between work and hobbies, put together a life that is fulfilling on its own, so your friends become the icing on the cake, instead of the cake itself. 

And know you’re not alone. This whole community is here for you.


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Ellie I really want to go to a protest for Mike Brown but I've never been to one before and I am white so I am not sure what would be acceptable for me to do. I don't want to do anything that will upset anyone but I want to show my support for Mike Brown, his family, and everyone else fighting the systematic oppression and murder of black people. Do you have any advice?

go and listen, don’t lead. chant in solidarity and bring a sign to show support but understand that ur place as an ally is to support the black folk there! and absolutely don’t engage in aggressive acts bc you will not suffer consequences for them but black folk may! I saw a lot of that today, white and nonblack poc acting instigatively at police and causing traffic obstructions bc when it comes down to it thy don’t have to be afraid for their lives + fail to understand this is NOT about them. also recognize ur privilege but don’t make it about ur guilt ridden white experience… while good intentioned this still diverts away from the point. our place in this as nonblack ppl is to just listen learn and help

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so I was going out with one of my friends (we're both girls) and I was just talking to her about guy probs and she saw how upset I was about this jerk I was with and she was being so sweet and nice to me and she ended up just full on making out with me and it was so intense and got we got reallyyyy intimate which was so awkward for me because I've never been with a girl before but in all honesty, she was better than any guy I've been with like holy god




I admit I’m a bit of a victim in the worldwide system too
But I’ve found my sweet escape when I’m alone with you

At school Luke was who everyone looked up to, who everyone wanted to be friends with. Who everyone wanted to be. He was basically the hottest guy in your school. Football player, a little bit of a bad boy, in a band; thank kind of stuff. He was a typical teenager. Everyone you knew had a crush on Luke (you had a pretty huge crush on him too, but you never liked to admit it).

You had always thought Luke wasn’t quite a distant person. Whenever he was with his friends he never seemed comfortable. But since everyone else believed he was you decided to too.

One day, your whole view on Luke Hemmings, the not-quite-perfect-teen, changed. You were in your last lesson of the day, English. Instead of sitting in his usual seat Luke sat on the other side of the room from you but one row in front. You dismissed this because you thought he was purely trying to get attention. Half way through the lesson you noticed someone staring at you, you glanced over in their direction, it was Luke. You tired to forget about him staring at you but it was impossible, you knew your cheeks were burning. So the only thing you could think of to stop him from staring was to stare straight back at him. You gave him a sharp stare as he just laughed and flashed a smile, revealing his dimples. Instantly, ashamed that your plan didn’t work, you looked down. Another 5 minutes later, Luke had stopped staring and was writing. In 2 minutes the piece he was writing was handed to you by the person next to you. Pretending not to care, you opened this letter as you read:

hey, i noticed you staring, maybe you’d like to stare at my face some other time, like after school. maybe we can get to know each other…

luke xx

A smile crept onto your face as you shook your head slowly, still staring at Luke’s scrawly hand writing. You scribbled down a quick okay then, see you after class… on the paper, folded it and handed it back to your neighbor.

You couldn’t wait till after class. You kept looking at the clock in hope that it would be the end of the lesson. Then finally, the bell rung out over the school, you glanced over at Luke who had a huge smile on his face. You waited till your teacher dismissed you to walk over to Luke. You didn’t want to seem too eager. but before you could even blink Luke was out of the classroom, this confused you. You felt a sinking feeling inside of you as the sad realization of the whole ‘Luke thing’ being a joke. You left school with your head held low. It was when you reached the gates when you saw Luke again, beaming, leaning on his crappy car. He walked up to you and kissed your forehead. You were, again, confused. What the hell was he playing at?

'Hi,’ he smiled looking down at you

'Hey,’ you half-smiled

'So-um-(Y/N) I was thinking if we could go back to my place for a bit and just-er-chill?’ he seemed so nervous. it was strange how someone so confident with everyone else could be so nervous in a certain persons presence you thought.

'Yeah sure,’ you giggled. He lead you into his car.

The two of you arrived at his place and his parents weren’t in, thank god! You followed him into his room as he told you to sit anywhere. He disappeared downstairs and and reappeared within 3 minutes with a tub of ice cream, cookies and a selection of films. Wow this was a different Luke to what you’d seen all these years at school. The cool, calm boy now seemed all precious and nervous. 

'I was thinking we could just watch a few films, chat and eat until you have to go…’ he looked at the floor then up to you.

'Yeah that sounds great Luke,’ you beamed. Luke and you sat/lay enjoying each others company for hours/ It had been quiet for a good 20 minutes when Luke said

'You know you really are something. I always see you at school, I think you’re gorgeous and amazing…’ he barely whispered looking at you. You turned your whole body to face him as you cupped his face in your hand and kissed him hard, passionately. In the end you both pulled away, speechless and giggling. Before kissing him again he said something that shocked you

’(Y/N), when I’m with you time stops, it feels like everything is beautiful and I never want my time with you to end. You know I only act like a bit of a dick at school to fit in. But when I’m around you, I feel I don’t need to pretend.’



You are my getaway
You are my favorite place

Touring with Calum had been hard, incredibly hard. The two of you had never got time together any more. Even though it was better then being away from each other all the time it was still hard. He was either on stage, locked away in a security room before their concert, meeting fans, or too tired. It was chaos but he was dealing with it. You weren’t. You missed the old Calum. The old easy-going Calum.

It was another day of touring and meeting fans, but it was the last day of touring and meeting fans. The boys and you were happy, everyone could tell. Even though they loved touring sometimes it got too much for them at times. The tiredness would always defeat them, sometimes Michael fell asleep whilst eating breakfast. When the last show was over you could not contain your happiness. Cal got off stage, a massive grin on his face and filed his arms open to embrace you. Giggling the pair of you went to spend your last night in the tour bus before you left for home.

Two days later you and Calum were in Australia, lying in your shared bed staring at the ceiling.

'God I’ve missed this,’ Calum whispered

'Same, the past month has been so hard on the both of us,’

'I feel sorry for you babe, never seeing me,the reason you came on tour with me was to be with me, you hardly saw me!’ you knew he was getting angry and upset but you didn’t know why exactly.

'Calm down Cal, it’s okay. we’ve got each other now and that’s all that matters. My moments with you on tour meant a lot to me. Even though they were short lived, I enjoyed every second of them.’ You turned on your side, facing him, hoping Calum would do the same.

'I suppose…’ he turned over to face you, ’(Y/N) I just love you so much and I never want to lose any more time then I have to with you. In the middle of all this madness you and the boys. You mainly,’ he smiled 'are the only stable things in my life at the moment. When I see you or when I’m with you everything seems 10 times more beautiful then it already it. The madness stops and all I can think about is you.’ You planted a quick kiss on his cheek and laughed and said a quick 'I love you, Calum Hood,’ before being enveloped into Calum’s chest, his arms wrapped around you. And the two of you fell asleep, in a tangled mess of arms and legs.


Turn off the radio
Those late night TV shows

You and Michael were caught up in your own lives at the moment, you never saw each other a lot anymore. You used to see each other every day, if it was at his house, your house, the mall, the park, anywhere. Michael and you had been best friends for over 7 years and you had been through everything together. You never saw each other as much anymore because as soon as his band hit the jackpot he was only home around 30% of the time and you were busy with college so when he was home you never had time or no one told you. You were happy for him though, ever since the day you met him you knew what he wanted in life and you knew that he would get there. Life, for you without Michael was boring. You never wanted to call him in case of the time zones or maybe it seemed like you were being clingy. You had almost got to the point where you didn’t care if it seemed clingy anymore, you needed to talk to your best friend. But there was always this horrifying thought in the back of your head that he would have forgotten about you.

You were sitting in your dorm, studying, when your phone started to ring. You immediately pounced on it. It was Michael, you let it ring once more before you answered it.

'Hello?’ a deep rasp called from the other line

'Michael?’ you answered

'Yes?’ he laughed

'Oh my god it’s you!’ you laughed. You were giddy with excitement and happiness.

’(Y/N), I’m so glad to hear your voice. I can’t remember how long it’s been since we last talked…’

'It’s been a while Clifford,’ you retorted with a sharp edge to your voice

'I know, it has been a while. I’m so sorry (Y/N),’ he sounded apologetic 'But I’m going to make it up to you this week!’

'Wait-What? Michael? What do you- oh my god I get it now!’ you laughed

'We got there eventually… Yeah so anyway this week, starts from now. Be at my place in 15 minutes.’ Before you could reply the line went dead. You got changed so quick and practically jogged to Michael’s house. You checked the time when you got to his door 11:05 pm. 'Quite late,’ you mumbled but you didn’t care; and of course to Michael the night was still young. You rang the bell and within an instant the door swung open to reveal a smiley Michael Clifford. He pulled you into a massive bear hug as you both laughed and smiled uncontrollably.

The night was spent watching films and catching up with each others life.

'I missed this and you,’ you said as The Breakfast Club came to an end.

'So have I (Y/N), so have I…’ he repeated

'We should do this more often you know,’ you blurted out 'watching films and ignoring everything else that happens in the world.’ you whispered

'Tuning out of everything else and just enjoying being with one another,’ he replied

'I couldn’t have put it better myself,’ you smiled as you looked up at him to reveal that he was wearing a smile on his face too.


And just be here with me

You were called into the Principles office, your stomach churning because you had no idea what could be wrong. You knocked three times on the door and the principle opened the door, looking grim. He told you to take a seat nervously wringing your sweat drenched hands. 

'Right (Y/N), I’ve got someone who needs to pick you up. Your mother has been taken into hospital after an attack. We, as a school are not aware of her medical position but you need to go. Your aunt is here to take you.’ You felt as if you had been punched in the gut. Still, you got up and walked shakily out of the school towards your aunt’s familiar car. The car journey was awkward, and to be honest you were relieved to get out the car.

In the hospital your aunt gathered most information. You weren’t allowed to know much but you knew her condition could be critical. In an hour or so you were allowed to see her. She was asleep or passed out, you didn’t know but seeing her just ate away your insides. You sat and held her hand, talking to her as if she was awake. The nurse came in 20 minutes later to usher you out, you planted a quick kiss on your moms cheek and left, just about holding back the tears.

As you wearily walked back to the waiting room you saw Ashton, your boyfriend of 6 months. He had obviously left school early to see you. In his hand he held a small bouquet of flowers, as soon as he saw you he rushed to his feet and hugged you. The oxygen was knocked out of your lungs as he squeezed you. You sat down and he sat next to you.

’(Y/N),’ he grabbed your hand 'Are you okay? Is your mom okay?’ he wrapped an arm round you protectively and kissed your hair.

'I don’t know, I don’t know anything…’ you sobbed as Ashton held you tighter

'Do you want anything?’ he whispered

'Just stay with me Ash, stay with me and don’t leave me.’ You looked up at him wiping away your tears

'Sure, anything for you (Y/N),’ he said calmly 'Everything is going to be okay. whatever happens you have me. I’ll always be here.’

okay so i hope you liked it, it took a while to write so yeah request and everything. ALSO idk should i do a part two???? send me a yes or a no please i just want to know (p.s sorry the ashton one was a bit sensitive i hope i didnt offend anyone i just ran out of ideas towards the end sorry) but yeah ily 

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So, I'm 17 and in my senior year. I've never been to any sort of school dance in my life, because no one has asked me to go before. This year was different, a guy in my drama class asked me to the spring formal a few days ago ( dance is tonight) I excitedly said yes because I really like him and I didn't even mind how last minute it was. I spent a lot of money on a dress, my nails, and booked a non-refundable hair appt. Only for him to msg me today saying " April Fools, I'd never go with you."

This upsets me so much. 
I’m sorry that people can be so incredibly cruel and heartless. Don’t let this asshole keep you feeling down.

I say - You’re in your last year of high school,  you have the dress, nails, and are getting a killer new hair style. Go stag, invite some friends and dance the night away and don’t let this douche ruin your night. 

Please come back later and tell me how everything turned out. <3
Chin up, buttercup!

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I'm actually really upset over the stepsisters. The ONLY fat girl in the show is an 'UGLY' stepsister. I've literally never been so hurt and offended by a show before.

I think it’s highly unlikely that Mattel will describe them as ugly. Wicked, probably, but not ugly. People have just been calling them that because it’s what they’re used to calling the ones from the Disney version. I know I’m going to be referring to them as the wicked stepsisters, or just “stepsisters” for tagging purposes, and not ugly. I know many other people are doing the same. The Grimm version of the story even describes the sisters as “beautiful and fair of face, but vile and black of heart” so the only thing “ugly” about them is their attitude.

We’ll have to wait until we get the episode in English to know for sure what Mattel will refer to them as. However, I don’t think they were necessarily meant to look ugly. I think they were just meant to look very distinct from the other characters. If they were meant to look ugly, they certainly missed the mark on that one!