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Can you explain to me the seungri thing with the choking the girl and all...I've never heard of this and I've been a VIP for a while and seungri is my bias. I doubt he would ever do anything like that, can you clarify a bit? Sorry to bother!

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Ask One (two parts):

(a) hi, a new vip here who joined during their D series. firstly, your answer to the question regarding big bang’s scandal is so on point and makes me so much prouder to join this fandom. i just want to thank you for that!! i hope this isn’t too much of a trouble, but is it possible for you to list and describe all the scandals/hardships big bang went through? I am really trying my best to catch up, but there is so much in this 9 year history and i am confused as to which source is reliable.(b) so far, i only know what was mentioned during healing camp and even so, i still am unsure of some stuff like the extend of the public’s reaction etc. i think this will be very helpful especially for the new vips so that we won’t be “blinded” and understand that these kings aren’t perfect. But most importantly, I just want to have a deeper understanding on how they have grown as a group, supporting one another through hardships and that their success wasn’t MADE in a day. Thank you so much!!

Anon ask Two:

Hi, I only started liking bigbang in this comeback. I knew them ever since 2012 but it was made that made me a vip. I read a lot about their scandals but I seem to be overwhelmed by the contradicted sources. can you please give me a brief about what happened and the public reactions? thank you. I love your blog and words. It’s what made me want to be a better vip for the boys.

Anon ask three:

can you tell me more about these scandals of bigbang please? and what petition and what about daesung ohmygod i love these boys so much how can people be this hateful to other humanbeings?????

First of all, I would like to welcome all of those new to the fandom. I would also like to thank you for your kind words :)

That being said, let’s get into BigBang’s scandals.

  • Choi wearing a jacket that had imperial Japanese army flags on it.

Why it is a scandal: Because Japan occupied the Korean peninsula during WWII using that same flag as a symbol of the empire. For Korea, China and many other countries who were occupied by Japan, that flag is a pure definition of Japan’s militarism. They simply hate it with passion.
Public reaction: He was hugely criticised but it was their stylist more than anything. At that time, even Kvips didn’t defend Choi. You simply can’t mess with Korean nationalism.
Outcome: YG entertainment immediate apology.
Response: the issue was kind of forgotten because it was clearly unintentional.

  • Jiyong plagiarism accusations for his first solo album. Heartbreaker was compared to Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ and ‘Butterfly’ to one of Oasis’ songs.

Why is it a scandal: Simply because of plagiarism.
Public reaction: It was especially wild. Maybe because Jiyong’s first solo album had a huge success that haters erupted from everywhere but things did really get out of hand. Jiyong was accused of being a failure and asked to commit suicide. Haters led a public bash against him. He later admitted going through depression because of what happened and it took him a lot to come out of his shell and communicate with those closer to him. He nearly took the dark road as he himself declared.
Outcome: The artists’ respective labels didn’t see any similarities to the songs and didn’t press any charges. Jiyong released a remix version of Heartbreaker featuring Flo Rida.
Response: Some shut it. Others blamed YG of using his influence and bribes. And others just continued hating until this very day.

  • Dae car accident.

Why it is a scandal: A man died.
Public reaction: It almost ended both Dae and BigBang’s careers. The public went nuts over this case. Daesung was accused of being a murderer, called a grim ripper, asked to atone for his crimes by dying, signs calling him a murder were held everywhere he went.
Outcome: Police dropped charges against him and proved that he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol. The family’s victim accepted his apologies and even asked the public to not blame and hate him. Dae disappeared from the scene for about a year volunteering in a church and repenting. He himself admitted thinking about suicide during that dark period of his life.
Response: YG once again accused of using his influence, bribing the victim’s family and hiding the truth. Dae was and is still haunted by ‘murderer’ comments in every article. But many really accepted his repenting because he was awfully genuine especially when he said, ‘even when the victim’s family forgave me, I don’t think I will ever forgive myself.’

  • Jiyong drug scandal.

Why it is a scandal: Drug usage is illegal in South Korea and would lead to jail.
Public reaction: Unfortunately few months after Dae’s accident, this scandal almost blew BigBang’s career to pieces. The public’s hate toward Jiyong was unleashed, he was called all sorts of names, asked to leave BigBang, called a failure as a leader, an idol and a person. Petitions were signed asking for BigBang’s disbandment. Many VIPs left the fandom because of the unbearable hate targeted toward them but lots of others stood there supporting their group and urging them to stay strong.
Outcome: Charges were dropped because it was not heavy. Plus, Jiyong was cooperative and confessed to smoking marijuana when he was heavily drunk and mistook it for a normal cigarette.
Response: It was harshly negative. YG once again accused of shielding his artists in any way possible. Jiyong’s image was practically ruined ever since. Because unlike Dae, he didn’t ‘reflect’ and his confessions weren’t sincere at all. They call him G-drugging and to this day, they’re still asking for a public apology and a ‘repenting period’ as well as jail time saying he only got away with it for being a celebrity.

  • Seungri sex scandal.

Why it is a scandal: Pre-marital sex is a taboo in South Korea.
Public response: ‘Nothing good comes from BigBang anyway.’ ‘From murderers, to drug addicts to abusers.’ ‘Why am I not surprised? BigBang strikes again, remind me why aren’t they out of business already?’ ‘Troublesome group, troublesome maknae.’ ‘I knew that kid was up to no good. What is he doing in BigBang again?’ ‘Careful fangirls, your oppa is kinky, he will choke you haha.”…
Outcome: YG tried responding but it was poorly handled and several vain accusations were thrown around. Seungri never talked about it in public that period until after a year or so when he joked about it. Otherwise, he simply ignored it. There was no concrete evidence and nothing was proved to date.
Response: Hate and hate. They call him ‘Sex-Ri’. Until this very day Seungri would choke every girl next to him and is harshly criticised about every single thing he does –or doesn’t do.

Those would be the major scandals BigBang were involved in. There are others but they’re not that serious. They did get hate but it wasn’t ruining.

Jiyong alone was accused of “dry humping” a backup dancer on stage during his Shine a Light concert, wearing a hat with a word demeaning to women ‘Cunt’, painting his face black and uploading it in Instagram was considered racism toward black people, uploading a picture with drug on it to enforce his ‘drug-addict’ status, dating Mizuhara who’s a supportive of Japanese imperial army and writing some controversial lyrics. In short, he can breathe and he will still be hated.

Bae was involved in a lonely controversy when he wore a ‘Fuck You’ shirt on M!Countdown for his performance and the show is viewed by many teenagers.
Choi was accused of suicide tendencies when he was admitted to the hospital for stress. They claim he wanted to run away and commit suicide. Oh, and now they accuse him of ‘mental illness’…

Seungri was involved in a car accident and was he was admitted to ICU. He was accused of drunk driving when the police said he wasn’t.

I believe that covered it all.
Phew! I am kind of tired after writing all of that :)