i've never been able to play it really

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#4 Phantom Meme!

4) If you were to make a Phantom movie, who would you cast (dead or alive)?


This is a modern!Phantom cast list that i have definitely not spent many hours thinking about over the summer

Erik: Adrien Brody

Raoul de Chagny: John Boyega

Nadir Khan/The Daroga: Alexander Siddig

Philippe de Chagny: Chiwetel Ejiofor 

Meg Giry: Auli’i Cravalho

Madame Giry: Keala Settle

La Carlotta: Penélope Cruz

Firmin Richard: Patrick Stewart or Ken Watanabe

Armand Moncharmin: Ian McKellen or Robert Downey Jr.

Madame Valérius: Whoopi Goldberg

Christine Daaé

right and here’s where we get into a problem. because, as awful as it sounds, i can’t think of anyone to play a modern christine except… me

hey, come on, i’ve got to have aspirations right? ;)

but seriously i think i’d be a fucking good christine and why the hell shouldn’t i play her? having a unknown play christine would be quite apt, i’m a soprano, i’m the right age, i’m a trained actor, i even have personal experiences to draw on fuck knows i’d like something good to come out of having been stalked and i look good as a blonde so… @universal make this film and come cast me

i even made icons to prove it because i’m awful (and i wanted to make it look official lol)

Christine Daaé: Victoria Bowes B]

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Hi!! I'm 16, and I've been playing the violin for about 8 years. I've never been able to feel confident in my playing, and it makes me really sad because I love playing the violin. I know many people say the more you practice, the more confident you will become, but whenever I practice, I feel like I sound horrible and I can never get better :/ I'm always so embarrassed when I have to play/practice in front of other people. Can you please offer some words of advice for me? Thank you so much!!!


This is a really common feeling, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of it at all. Confidence is not about how good you are, it’s how you conduct yourself and how you talk to yourself, actually. Your self-talk sounds quite negative. Try replacing things like “I sound horrible” with “that’s not how I want to sound”, and look into problem solving! Turn the negative into a pro-active practice technique. 

Continue to be critical of yourself, but be kind and reasonable also. If you have a good teacher, practice the right things (scales! studies! look in a mirror!) and know that practice isn’t meant to sound amazing all the time, you will improve and your confidence will slowly develop. 

Confidence is easily faked, but not easily gained - it’s hard work and I can guarantee 99% of people reading this feel or have felt the exact same way as you at some point. Myself included :) 

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Ayy so from some of your posts I've seen that you like Ken a lot. I've never really sat down and watched some of his stuff, so do you have any suggestions for a series I should watch? owo

Yea’ i like him a lot !  ( ◐ω◐ )

hmM.okay ..Maybe… He played a lot to Danganronpa ! usually,ppl discovers him thanks to that andthat looks cool!

I personally liked his barbie dreamhouse party’s videos!It’s not a biiig series but i enjoyed it.( ゚σω゚)

Unfortunately,for the past few months i‘ve not been able to watch big series but i would recommend you his 60 seconds and Hello neighbor’s videos !

∩∵)∩★ he recently started this series too,if i had time,i woud definitely watch it!

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I've never been able to play for more than a couple of hours as MShep because of the voice acting, that "I'm a macho macho man with no emotion" bullshit has always thrown me off too much. Such a pity.

Yeah, it really is a pity. I almost stopped playing because of this, I couldn’t understand the drastic change, and it’s even more noticeable that Meer is so good. He really is, and he gets to shine in ME3. So those instructions weren’t benefiting players, except those who enjoy that kind of stereotyping. 

But maybe things have evolved and in a good way? I think Joel from The Last of Us could have been your typical male hero survivor in a zombie apocalypse but the guy expresses all sorts of expression from the beginning, and the game was better because of it, and successful too so… It’s not like it’s not evolving, it’s just too bad for ME1. 

  • cornflake: i just imagined jay and cass and steph bonding over terrible dads and child abuse
  • drakefeathers: gahksjdf omg
  • drakefeathers: badly written tim tries to enter the convo
  • cornflake: tim's like, "omg i so relate. one time my dad didn't come to my piano recital :( "
  • drakefeathers: YES
  • drakefeathers: exactly
  • cornflake: "it really fucked me up :( i've never been able to play moonlight sonata without breaking down since."