i've missed being on here

obscene-tevene  asked:

Hullo~ just randomly dropping by to say hi and hope you're well~~ haven't seen you around, I hope you're not drowning too badly in your studies~ xD

Hello! ❤️ I’m doing well thankfully xD Lots and lots of work but I’m getting better at time management x’D I’ve missed you and missed tagging you in inappropriate bias posts.

You were going to start a new job, right? How is that going? Well, I hope!


glad you guys are back. we missed you so much, our dorky kings♥

Well I’m officially back kind of. Things have been pretty rough these last few months but I’m slowly learning to cope. It’s still far from easy but I’ll get there.

Anyway still don’t have my desktop so no posts from me aside from reblogs maybe. I’ll be around lurking though so feel free to message or ask questions or whatever.