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Kobra Paige & Tommy Karevik

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I love the story about your parents watching GLEE! My big sister was in her 50's, came to my house with her husband and kids and brought me the first season of GLEE! Made us watch it ( me and my kids). The boys changed my life for the better! So I owe that to my sister, Darren and Chris! For her 60th bday I took her to NYC and Elsie Fest 2015! Maybe I'm not the target audience but I've traveled across the country supported and met them both! Forever Klainers...Forever CrissColfer fan and proud!

And I love your story. The beautiful thing about Glee, at its essence, it could be enjoyed by a wide variety of people. Sure they did a ton of current songs. But they did a ton of standards, and broadway, and songs from my generation. And you could relate to the character, young or old. 

I have met so many fans of these gentlemen that are older.  A large fraction of this fandom is older.

Last year at Chris’ book signing i had the pleasure of sitting with a woman and her granddaughter. She was the fan, her granddaughter came with her. She had met Chris previously, been to Elsie, and saw Hedwig. She just loved them and they brought her joy.

So my year so far is a success. I don’t care what else happens for the rest of it, the beginning was super successful. 

After Yuri On Ice ended, I realised I had friends who shared their names with the main characters, and as a result decided I needed to convince said friends to watch it despite the fact that neither of them have ever had any interest in anime in general. Uri is now almost at the end of the series but has said almost nothing, Viktor has watched two episodes and won’t shut up. So I decided to share some of what Viktor said because I for one find it hilarious (in order of when I remembered the exchanges)

  • “So Yuuri’s reaction to being told a naked, attractive foreigner who might be his idol, I think, was in the family steam bath naked, was to run to the steam bath to watch him be naked?”
  • Upon first seeing Yuri Plisetsky: “Oh my god, did you see him slink around that corner? That was so graceful! Like a cat! OR AN ASSASSIN!”
  • “Are we in Russia? We’re in Russia.”
    Later: “Is it the norm in…what the hell country are we in?”
  • “Everyone’s just yelling at Yuuri in public places.”
  • “They don’t need much to hide Viktor’s doodle, do they?”
  • “The ballerina teacher scares me. She’s too happy.”
  • About Yurio: “Ball of anger. Skating ball of anger. He’s a Skating Ball of Anger. On ice.”
  • Viktor: “So Yuri’s whole plan was to go to Japan and scream Viktor’s name? He knew he was at the Hatetsu Ninja House. Why didn’t he just go to the Hatetsu ninja house and go from there like ‘Where the fuck is Viktor?”
    Henry (Viktor’s friend): “Maybe he didn’t know where the Hatetsu ninja house is.”
    Viktor: “Then he should grab some random Japanese person and go from there like “Where the fuck is Hatetsu Ice Ninja House?!”
  • To the tune of the Carmen Sandiego theme: “Where in the world is Viktor Nikiforov?”
    And “Where in the world is Yuri Plisetsky’s parents?”
  • “This 15-year-old goes to Japan without telling anyone and the only one who cares is his skating coach.”
  • “Old man skating coach is going to have an aneurysm dealing with these…RUSSIAN PUNKS!” *Inane giggling*
  • “Hahaha, Russian punk…what a dumb nickname.”
  • “Viktor gave Yuuri the sexy music because he wants to bone him. And the 15-year-old got the other music because 15-year-olds doing sexy dancing? Ew, no.”
  • Viktor: “Why is Viktor naked?”
    Henry: “Because he’s in an onsen. You wouldn’t go to a public bath fully clothed.”
    Viktor: “…I might…”
  • Viktor: “Yuri is definitely the hangry type.”
    Me: “I dunno, I think he’s just angry.”
    Viktor: “Or maybe he was really hungry when he kicked that bathroom door.”
  • “Honestly, doesn’t he know how rude it is to interrupt someone when they’re having a bathroom cry?”
  • “Drop-kicking someone in the face is a national greeting in Russia.”
  • Viktor, about the triplets: “Oh god, what the fuck are those?”
    Me (being a hypocrite because I keep calling them gremlins): “Children.”
    Viktor: “…Ew, children. Children, ew.”
  • “Ew, people. Ew, press conference. Ew, Viktor Nikiforov.”
  • In a Batman voice (While physically shaking Henry): “WHERE IS VIKTOR NIKIFOROV? WHERE IS HE?!”
  • About Christophe, during the credits: “I have found best character.”
  • “Why is he eating victory food when he hasn’t victoried?”
  • About Georgi: “Who’s this guy standing like he’s the hottest man alive?”
    “He’s probably the hottest man alive.”

Part 2 (since people requested it)

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We all know how you love Rob and Dick, Rob especially, but how did you become to love them?

:O!! i don’t think i’ve ever been asked this! STORY TIME

so it’s 2013. about 2 years into slowly letting spn consume my life, a year out of school, and i decided “shit, i’ve never traveled abroad, so i’m gonna go for it!” so i saved up and attended asylum 10 in birmingham!! jared was supposed to be there, but due to an incident with one of gen’s family members, he was unable to attend last-minute. i was mostly super excited for misha though!


the worst thing happened to me

and that was my first r2m panel.

like, i was excited about seeing the whole cast, but i really wasn’t very knowledgeable on any of their personalities, either on-stage or off. but after that con, to my own shock, the r2m panel effectively became my favorite panel at any con.

not only did they have incredible stage presence, they were goddamn hilarious. matt tends to be a little more quiet during the panels, and it’s mostly due to the banter between rich and rob. i can’t even remember what they talked about, i just remember i was losing my shit because i thought they were so so funny. and they played off each other incredibly well!?

it just felt like i was watching two dudes that have been best friends from childhood have petty arguments–and it’s so weird to know that they only met because of their work on the show?? like dang that’s some insta-friendship!

SO IT ONLY GOT WORSE FROM THERE. in my spare time i would watch the occasional panel that they’d done, and they’re really the only ones i do that with. they go on such hilarious tangents you guys

BUT OK LIKE the reason i have such a strong affinity towards rob is because i really respect him as an artist, for this:

but also for this:


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OMG your blog post is about Novel Adventures is so wrong it's nearly criminal. The owners of NA don't live anywhere near NC. They are not in any of the pictures. I've met them both. They know people in that area because they run an outlander fan event there. They hire people to give tours for them. They don't give the tours themselves. You have some apologizing to do and soon. This is being shared with them.

Well, anon, if “accusing” this outfit of providing Sam with just the sort of unique, customized, individual tour of the Fraser’s Ridge sites that they claim is their speciality on their website is in any way maligning them then I certainly do apologize. And I do realize that the owners do not conduct each tour personally, but instead rely on knowledgable local guides to conduct their clients about. And that’s exactly what I claimed in my post could be the situation here-Sam on a hired tour of the local sites with a personal guide. It seems to me from the owner’s taking charge of clearing up misidentifications of the fan pics taken on the grocery appearance that this tour outfit is taking charge of that meet and greet and therefore has some proper business related reason for behaving just like is proper for the sort of business that they are in. They would simply be doing exactly what they were hired to do by Sam, or by whoever is behind arranging for Sam to make this appearance in NC. They would send a guide to conduct him around all the local sites he wished to visit, and their proper job could also include advance publicity if the client asked for it and arranging a meet and greet photo session with some local fans at a local business would also be well within the scope of their duties if the client, or his bosses, wished for such a thing to happen. They also seem to be promoting the idea of Sam and Mackenzie as having been both in that grocery store appearance even though only Sam was pictured- which again would be a part of their proper job if the client asked for it.
The fact that Sam does indeed seem to be a client of this outfit based on their behavior in this affair suggests that they were hired to take him about and arrange for publicity etc. and no fault to them for it. They’ve done a great job.
But the very fact that publicity seemingly was wanted. And the fact that a tour company seemingly was involved rather than Sam utilizing the services of his purported girlfriend, who is very familiar with the local area, to squire him about does suggest to me that Sam’s reason for his visit was more in the line of work (i.e. to promote a narrative) and not so much a personal matter which would by its very nature have been kept strictly private and no tour company needed since the “girlfriend” knows the area well. No tour company worth the name would be divulging information by hinting at the imminent appearance of a high profile client, as was done about Sam’s imminent arrival in NC the day before Thanksgiving, without that client’s consent and since from all appearances this company seems to be quite a professional and well run outfit I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that what we see is them just doing their job.
My point here is that this tour company seems to be taking interest in this affair to an undue degree if they are not professionally involved in it- and their behavior would be odd, and perhaps questionable, if it were not a part of the job- but makes perfect sense and conforms entirely with professional standards if it is part of a job, anon.
And If it was a part of their job, then it’s almost sure that it was part of Sam’s (and Mackenzie’s) job as well. Conversely, If the tour owners were not involved professionally here and were simply clearing up missed identifications of their personal friends in pics taken in a chance meeting with Sam in the grocery then that advance tweet about Sam’s appearance in NC becomes a question of business ethics and also a question of how in the world they got that information, and from whom, and why it was given to them, and why they then chose to divulge it.

But, I don’t think that’s what’s going on here, anon. I think we are just seeing a company doing their job for a client who is doing his.

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you are such a fucking bitch for making that video about tom and alex i've met them both twice and watched them for years they wouldn't fucking do that shit you're just a jealous whore and mad they wouldn't sleep with you

Um wow. Okay. Firstly, I didn’t even say names in that video so suck itttt. Secondly, I’ve met one of them on countless occasions and the other is close pals with my pals. Doesn’t make any of this less true. it’s shocking. It’s insanely shit. But it happened. 

You’re sort of perfectly exhibiting the behaviour that makes this situation so bad. Viewers of YouTubers need to understand that what you see is what the person chooses to put on display. Everyone is capable of terrible things, and great things. YouTubers aren’t perfect little angels. We’re just people. And some of us make mistakes and do terrible things. It’s just a thing that humans do. Stop idolising people just bc they make videos for the internet.