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Because I was curious and also since I forgot to check the tags first for a translation I looked up that Monster Text guide you made a while ago and I've now discovered a very serious and very concerning issue. Translating the book's cover it seems to come out as "Dating for Dumies" a clear misspelling. However it's also not a traditional character for "m." So is it a special character that means "mm" or did one of the "Librarbians" goof up again? (SO SERIOUS IS THIS QUESTION)

Nice catching!! Indeed, that “m” is a special letter!

Have a look:

Indeed it says “Dating for dummies”! That “m” letter looks like a normal “m”, but it has a circle. That circle indicates that the letter is a double letter! Almost every letter has a version that has a circle, and it’s the correct way of writing for monsters, but sometimes they forget and don’t use it <u<;;

Anyway, have a cookie!! You’re very observant! ^^

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Hello, I've finished the animation that contained the Gaster animation you made, which I asked for permission to use a while ago. Here's the link! /watch?v=8-tM_MhC--o Thanks so much again for letting me use it!

this is like legitimately the coolest thing ever pls watch it

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Hey!! FIRST OF ALL I just need to say that i literally love your art so much it makes me so happy and i just followed you on ig and its probs one of the best decisions I've made SECOND i saw a little while ago about your avenue q phase (same lol) and i have no idea if you're still taking requests or if this has already been done but like,, If You Were Gay but with BOM (Arnold to Kevin?? Kevin to McKinley?? idk!) anyways that's my 2 cents love you

i’m still waiting on a fic where shiro gets seriously injured or sick and has to spend a long time recovering and the rest of the team treats him like he’s fragile……….

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So I made this observation in my head awhile ago, but it didn't seem to click until just now. Dean and Sam both use angel blades and the demon knife. However, I've noticed that generally when they need/use both AND they're together, Sam has the knife and Dean has an angel blade. Direct correlations to who they were "paired up with" in season 4 . . .

You mean…. Dean is consistently narratively and visually linked to men, Angels and specifically Cas while this almost never happens with Sam?

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*shocked silence*  ;)

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hey i've been going thru ur bookmarks on ao3 nd was just wondering if u had some more saigenos recs? or ones tht r especially Good. thx!

oh yeah i made a big rec post a long while ago! you can check that out here. most if not all of these should also be in my bookmarks, though.

there have, of course, been new fics that have come out since then - especially bc the fandom just did saigenos week a little bit ago! So here, let me find a few new recommendations:

Four-Month by TwinPliers

Short and sweet, it’s a cute anniversary fic. I actually just read it this morning, it has a lovely atmosphere and I like how they wrote the boys uvu

Boom Town / Irreplaceable / Veins of Gold by batneko 

These are just a few suggestions of bat’s recent work. Batneko has TONS of fics and they’re all pretty fuckin rad, their work is consistently solid and they do a lot of fun AU’s! If you haven’t gone through their work, I highly recommend them. 

Tulips in the Spring by @nyam

This one’s a really cute/slightly bittersweet AU where Genos is a ghost, and he and Saitama meet and become friends and work together to refine the old mansion Genos used to live in. 

Pinocchio by @criscura

It’s Cris back at it again with that Good Shit. This one’s a really interesting, creative look at Genos.

Let Him Be Soft and We’ll be Home Again by 8ball

It takes a lot to make me read most angsty fic but 8ball just… always, just, does it so well, and it’s never really angst, it’s just like… Thoughtful? and Meaningful? it’s the shit that gets me tho haha. Anyway their shit is good, def check these two out if you haven’t already.

[NSFW] Cyborgs Don’t Lay Eggs by @toastycyborg

hey hey hey I didn’t put this one on the last list bc it’s like Very NSFW but also I’ve already read this fic like 3 times and it’s too good not to rec this time tbh. even if you like… aren’t into the kink, it’s super well written and just Really Fucking Good and tbh it’ll probably get you into the kink so MAYBE TRY IT… S’REALLY GOOD///

Salvaged by Guardian 

This one wasn’t on my previous list which is like? Weird? Because it’s really good, and the most recent update was ESPECIALLY nice. It’s slow to update but every new chap is worth the wait~

Catharsis by Vinci

I’m really surprised this one wasn’t already in my bookmarks? Anyway, this is a really interesting fic; Genos turns human due to some kind of magic and the fic is about him dealing with the dysphoria of it - whether he likes it or not, whether he likes if Saitama likes it or not, his feelings about it possibly going away, etc. 

That’s enough for now…! Hopefully some of these are new to you, dear anon~ These are just a few of the slightly more recent/overlooked ones that I really like that didn’t make it onto my last list. 

  • INTP : I analysed those MBTI stats for a while and I think I finally understand why I don't get along with girls.
  • INTP : I've only been friends with XNTX or XNFX my whole life.
  • INTP: I mean since I'm in uni all the friends I made are INTJ. The others 3 people I've been talking to are either ENTJ or INTP.
  • INTP : of course, not a single girl.
  • INTP : even if it's not surprising since computer science is not exactly feminine but...
  • INTP : 55% of the girls are XSFX.
  • INTP : Most of those who sat the exam 2 weeks ago seemed to be ESFX.
  • INTP : How the fuck am I even going to befriend with any fucking body in business school.
  • INTP : I'm screwed.
  • ESFJ (dad) : what the hell are you talking about and who the fuck are you talking to?
  • INTP :
  • INTP : Hum.
  • INTP : Myself ... nevermind.
  • ESFJ (dad) : btw, I just wanted you to know that I met Marc earlier this morning and
  • ESFJ (dad) : *starts small talk*
  • INTP : ohmygod i'll never survive a whole year of this help

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Well I'm with you, never wanting to fuck vegeta. He's nearly not handsome or sweet enough for me. Goku on the other hand.... ( how do you make a Lenny face , assume it's here). Well Goku is the most fuckable character I've ever seen .

Okay, so that post that I made a few weeks ago about not wanting to fuck Vegeta, it wasn’t meant to be a jab at him or his fangirls. It’s just that he isn’t my type and I really felt like I was like the only person who likes men and isn’t asexual who doesn’t want to fuck him. Like there are sooo many Vegeta fangirls and while Goku certainly has them for sure, he doesn’t even seem to have half the amount of fangirls as Vegeta does and find that baffling because like- 

-he is affectionate and adorable. A man who is sweet with kids and animals and would be an awesome cuddle buddy and you just want to shower with caresses and tender kisses ughghljaskjcsljs BABYYYY

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He is sexy and badass and dangerous. I can see the bad boy appeal that Vegeta has. But like, Goku has it too?? I mean look at this guy, he may be a pure-hearted and kind individual but he can still FUCK YOU UP GOOD. Just look at the intensity in his eyes, the aura he emits.

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Goku is more expressive and versatile to me. There is a Goku for every mood, and for every taste. You have your young, slender Goku with ssg, your furry goth babe Goku with ssj4, your  mysterious, sensual Goku with limit breaker, and yeah you get the picture….

I just love that he can go from being the cutest buff daddy ever to being a godly babelicious  sexpot within a matter of seconds. And i don’t just mean in his appearance, but in the way he carries himself. 


That moment when I'm trying to free up space on my phones but have so many 1st person pov sex videos i made with all the hot women i've been with since I got divorced last year that I decide to go buy a bigger memory card instead.

Seriously, my 3 phones are Methed-up-samurai porn gold mines, there’s probably over 40 women showing me a great time on them… i love the single life. I really shouldve left that bitch a long fuckin time ago Lol.


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Since I've read all your your tododeku fics at this point, do you have any recommendations you can make for more to read? Friendship fics or shipping fics, either is fine as I just love their interactions with one another.

This author’s three fics are a good place to start!

There’s also this post I made a while ago, which links to yet another post I made even earlier, and there are a lot of good Tododeku stories on there.

Two Tododeku fics that I personally have yet to read/finish reading, but everyone else says are really good, are saltwater room and pax.

So I made an Asrian playlist. It is very 80′s-licious with a dash of 70′s.  I hope it is sufficiently Extra and Dramatique™.

  1. Careless Whisper .//. George Michael
  2. Love Kills .//. Vinnie Vincent Invasion
  3. As The World Falls Down .//. David Bowie
  4. Total Eclipse of The Heart .//. Bonnie Tyler
  5. Don’t You Want Me .//. The Human League
  6. Every Breath You Take .//. The Police
  7. Too Much Heaven .//. Bee Gees
  8. Right Here Waiting .//. Richard Marx
  9. Heat Of The Moment .//. Asia
  10. Break Your Promise .//. The Delfonics
  11. Hungry Like The Wolf .//. Duran Duran
  12. Baby Come Back .//. Player
  13. Hello .//. Lionel Richie
  14. Starting All Over Again .//. Mel & Tim
  15. Time After Time .//. Cyndi Lauper
  16. Hopelessly Devoted To You .//. Olivia Newton-John
  17. Suedehead .//. Morrissey
  18. Take Me Home Tonight .//. Eddie Money
  19. Who Can it Be Now? .//. Men At Work
  20. Don’t You (Forget About Me) .//. Simple Minds

On Spotify.

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Could you give me a short explanation on why they've turned on Bayley? My cable got turned off a while ago and so I've not been able to watch RAW as much as I'd like.

because her booking has been garbage. they took a WRESTLER and made her gimmick be about how she doesn’t want to hurt people and just wants to have a good time. she couldn’t even hit alexa with a kendo stick ONCE during their match. reminder: this was a woman who earned respect from asuka. ASUKA. you know, the undefeated champion who has held her title for over 500 days? 

they ruined her.