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我最喜欢的中文词 my fav chinese words

I’ve come across some great words/idioms recently and i just really want to conglomerate them into a single list and i figured i might as well share my favs with all you guys (warning: some of these are absolutely ridiculous words but i love them)


嗡嗡 wēng wēng buzz, drone, or hum (it’s the sound a bee makes 🐝)

父权制 fùquánzhì patriarchy

小屁孩 xiǎo pì hoi brat, wimpy kid

学霸 xué bà top student (almost every chinese person i know has called me this, mainly because i’ve told them i hate math but i’m good at it and i love to read) 

啪嚓 pā chā this doesn’t have a real definition, but i once saw it in a comic as the sound an umbrella makes when it opens and i love it?

装屄 zhuāng bī to be a pretentious prick (i saw this on some chinese meme and i still don’t fully understand the context of it but i love it just because there’s a word for this)


成千上万 chéng qiān shàng wàn lit. by the thousands and tens of thousands; untold numbers (this was in the little prince)

雾里看花 wù lǐ kàn huā lit. to look at flowers in the fog; blurred vision

鳄鱼眼泪 èyú yǎnlèi lit. crocodile tears 🐊; hypocritical words of sympathy 

过了这村没这店guò le zhè cūn méi zhè diàn past this village, you won’t find this shop; this is your last chance

一命呜呼 yīmìngwūhū to die; to breathe one’s last (this was also in the little prince)

小心翼翼 xiǎoxīnyìyì cautious and solemn; very carefully

哭笑不得 kūxiàobùdé lit. not to know whether to laugh or cry; between laughter and tears; both funny and extremely embarrassing 

大器晚成 dàqìwǎnchéng lit. it takes a long time to make a big pot; great talent matures slowly; Rome wasn’t built in a day

Brief Character Study: Carol

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Sagittarius sun: Blunt, impulsive, runs from her problems. Can be very selfish. Adventurous, life amuses her. Confident and self-assured. Grand essence.
Scorpio moon: Deeply emotional. Secretive, hates to be vulnerable, tends to repress because of it. It’s easier for her to lie than talk about her feelings.
Capricorn Mercury: Dry sense of humor, sophisticated way of speaking. Her words cut deep when she wants them to. Acts superior sometimes.
Capricorn Venus: Composed but straightforward in love; likes to be in control. Also symbolic of a preference for being the older partner in a relationship.
Taurus Mars: Sensual and slow lover. Stubborn, patient for the most part. Mostly steady, good at calming other people down.
Capricorn Ascendant: Self-possessed & elegant. This could also put Mercury and Venus in her first house, explaining her charm & socially-conscious air.


Libra sun: Reflective of others’ behavior/desires. Self-unaware. At ease in social situations. Tendency to romanticize everything / romantic mind.
Pisces moon: Extremely sensitive & emotional; absorbs other people’s emotions; difficult to hold her emotions in. Pushover, can’t say “no.”
Libra Mercury: Very polite and feminine. Pleasant voice and manner.
Virgo Venus: Demure, shy, tends to be passive. Always put-together. Hesitant to open up again once she’s been hurt. Devoted. Careful, wants to help.
Virgo Mars: Patient, but nervous. Attentive. Not very reactive because she has to take time to process things. Loyal. Submissive.
Pisces Ascendant: Doesn’t really have an identity. Lets her feelings define her. Full of whimsy, creative, shy, passive, easily distracted, internally focused.


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I’ve seen people doing this, and I think that it’s a good way to brush up my skills!! So this activity is open to the HXH FANDOM.

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