i've loved him since the beginning

Can we please talk about how aesthetically pleasing Max’s character design is to look at?

Look at him. He’s a good and beautiful baby boy and I would die for him.

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hi cassie :) i've been a fan of the books since 2010 and it's been amazing to see how much they've grown in terms of popularity and audience. I would love to know whether you came up with the idea to write the eldest curses because of how popular Magnus became and the reaction to him or was the idea in your head from the beginning and you decided to finally write it :) also could i be cheeky and ask for a snippet from the lost book of the white preferably featuring Alec....

I was excited to write the story of Magnus and Alec Having An Adventure and Falling More In Love for a very long time, but my ability to do so was limited by the way publishing and distribution worked back in 2005, when I was initially trying to sell City of Bones. There was a lot more resistance to gay characters in YA at that time. A couple of publishers turned the book down because Alec, a gay character, was in it. The Barnes & Noble website page for City of Bones included a review from Commonsense Media where they gave it a content warning for “sexual content” just because of the presence of a gay character even though he never did anything sexual. A lot of big box stores refused to carry the book, and major children’s book clubs passed it over. 

I always hoped for systems to change. As the books grew more popular, and as times changed, I was able to include more of Magnus and Alec as the series went on. In fact, their presence in the story and on the page made a big jump starting in CoFA, at which point I received a surge of criticism from those who were upset that I was writing about Magnus and Alec more prominently. I remember having my books pulled from libraries; foreign translators cut scenes with Magnus and Alec in them; once I was standing in the middle of the street about to get into a car to take me to a school where I was going to do a talk about my books when my publicist came up and said we were no longer invited: the school had read about Magnus and Alec and they didn’t want me there. Or often, if I was at a school, I’d be asked not to talk about Magnus and Alec while speaking to the students.

I tried to walk a careful line, including Magnus and Alec (and later, Aline and Helen) as significant and meaningful characters, but still managing to keep schools, libraries, and reading groups from throwing the books out or locking them up where the kids who most needed to read them wouldn’t be able to access them at all.

I held onto the hope that attitudes would continue to shift, to allow for more freedom to write characters who accurately represent the population of the world we live in (and represent my own friends and family, on whom Alec and Helen specifically are based). Hope that I’d be able to expand roles for characters like Magnus and Alec, and over the past twelve years — partly as I’ve carved out my career in a way where I can take the sales hits that sometimes result from major LGBT+ inclusion, and partly because of so many brave writers, readers, editors and publishers who’ve pushed for change — I’ve been able to do so more and more. 

When I was writing CoFA, I purposefully left a gap where Magnus and Alec go on vacation, with the idea that someday I could go back and fill in that gap with a story focused on them. For a long time that wasn’t something that companies wanted to buy and publish. I could have self-published the series, but I wanted the books on the shelves in stores, on the “bestsellers” rack with every other book I’ve written, making a statement about how much people want this kind of book and these kind of characters. I chose to write the story now when I did because Simon and Schuster, my publisher, opened Saga Press, an imprint dedicated to expanding what you can do in YA and cross-publishing with adult fantasy/sci fi. It’s Saga that will be publishing The Eldest Curses.

I thought a lot about what to say here because of two things: one, that people don’t like to hear about pushback against writing non-straight characters — it’s depressing (it is), it seems distant, unreal, how can these old systems and thought processes still exist? We’ve had successful books with gay characters in them! We’re done, right? I guess all I can say is that I think there’s a value to illuminating the pushback because it underlines how important it is to keep supporting books with LGBT+ characters because we are not there yet; we’re not where those books are give the same budgets and marketing and push as books with straight casts, and it takes the support of readers and reviewers and bookstore and library buyers to get us there.

I’d also say that I know I’ll get criticism for saying I was careful in my portrayal of Magnus and Alec until I felt like I’d gotten to a place where even if the fact that they were in love, lived together, even had sex was shown or even just implied (as it is in CoFA) it wouldn’t mean the books were locked up in libraries and slapped with warning labels. I guess I can only say it’s hard to navigate a situation where you fear the very kids who need to read about Magnus and Alec won’t be able to. When you meet kids who say “This book saved my life” so many times, and you think “But what if you couldn’t get to it? What if your school wouldn’t carry it, or your library, or your Walmart, which in small towns is sometimes literally the only source of books?) I accept that criticism. We all face hard choices in life and we make complicated decisions we think are for the best, and being criticized for those decisions is part of living and learning.

I guess the only other thing I’d say is whatever shitty things were said to me over the years about Magnus and Alec, they pale in comparison to the shitty things said to writers like Malinda Lo and Scott Tracey who were writing their own lives and experiences in the form of LGB characters on the page — and as Malinda says, their pain at confronting homophobia/biphobia will always be more visceral and personal than mine.

If you go out and buy The Lost Book of the White of course I’ll be thrilled, and a lot of that will be because it’s a way to show publishers that this kind of media and these protagonists are wanted and desired by readers. But I’d be just as thrilled if you picked up any fantasy by an LGB+ writer with LBG+ characters in it. There’s a ton of wonderful stuff and I hope you’ll explore it.

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Hi there! I've been reading some of the works you all have made and I love them! I was wondering if you could do #4 and #19 with jungkook, please?

Adore You (Jungkook x Reader Fluff)

Prompt request: “I thought you didn’t want me.” + “Are you jealous?”

Summary: There are so many things you adore about Jungkook. But if there’s one thing you don’t like, it’s how kind he is to everyone else. Can’t you just keep him for yourself?

Word count: 1.2k words

Originally posted by mayfifolle

You glanced at your seatmate from the corner of your eye. Jungkook had been sitting at your two-person desk since the beginning of the semester, and since then, you had begun to develop a crush. A pretty big crush, if you were being honest.

How could you not? Jungkook was kind, hardworking, and also incredibly good looking. You definitely weren’t alone in your infatuation, either. Almost every girl in your class eyed you enviously every day.

You slipped into your seat just as the bell rang. Jungkook was already there, and he glanced up at you as you arrived.

“Hey Y/N,” he greeted casually.

“Hey,” you smiled back, trying to stay nonchalant. 

“Did you do the homework last night?” Jungkook asked, flipping through his binder. He was studious–far more than you, anyway.

“Nope,” you replied easily. Chemistry was the least of your priorities. “I had a late shift last night.”

“Oh, you want to copy?” Jungkook offered, pushing his binder towards you. “You’re still working? Aren’t you worried about your grades this year?”

“Thanks,” you said, pulling out your own notebook. “And not really. My grades are good enough for university.”

“Damn,” Jungkook commented with a smile, although you missed it because you were too focused on writing. “Impressive. Also, I didn’t get some of the questions. Sorry about that.”

“Wow, that’s new,” you smirked. “You’re a thousand times better at chem than me, though.”

The teacher arrived, clearing his throat as he set his supplies down at the front of the class. You and Jungkook lapsed into silence as the lesson began. During the course of the period, you nodded off numerous times. Jungkook nudged you awake every time.

“Just let me sleep,” you whined, keeping your volume low so you wouldn’t get in trouble. “This is so boring and I’m exhausted.”

“You should reconsider that job of yours,” Jungkook suggested haughtily, and you just laughed.

The girl sitting in front of you turned around and glared at you. At first, you thought she was angry at you for talking, but when her gaze slipped to Jungkook’s longingly, you realized she was just jealous.

She turned around quickly, and you figured she wouldn’t bother you.

But boy, were you wrong.

The next day in class, you arrived (nearly late, as always) to see someone sitting in your seat beside Jungkook. It was the jealous girl from yesterday. You walked up to your seat, eyebrow raised.

“Oh, Y/N,” Jungkook noticed, looking up from his binder, which was placed in the middle of the shared desk. “I’m just explaining something to Ara.”

“I can move if you want,” Ara offered sweetly, though her eyes were daring you to suggest otherwise.

“No, it’s fine,” you replied, a little amusedly. What else could you say? You slipped into the empty seat in front of your desk and retrieved your supplies from your bag.

Jungkook and Ara talked ceaselessly behind you. You heard her giggle, and it made you want to gag. But Jungkook replied enthusiastically, and you wondered if Jungkook enjoyed your company at all. Pushing your insecurities away, you focused your attention to the front of the room.

Of all days, your teacher was absent. A timid-looking substitute scurried into the classroom, stammering out some instructions. The volume of the class increased, and Jungkook and Ara laughed away.

Annoyed, you turned to your own work. The student sitting beside you was a quiet, nerdy boy. You figured he wouldn’t want to converse with you. Pulling out your phone, you put on earphones and blasted your music, trying to drown out Ara’s voice.

“Uh, excuse me,” the boy beside you said hesitantly. You turned to him, pulling out an earbud. “Your music is really loud. Can you turn it down a little?”

Your eye twitched in annoyance. Like the class wasn’t loud already. “Sure,” you replied through gritted teeth. Opting to turn your music off completely, you resorted to placing your head on the desk.

It was another long shift yesterday, too, so it didn’t take long for you to fall asleep. Still, the background noise of Jungkook and Ara never ceased and haunted you in your slumber.

The next day, Ara was sitting in your seat again. She and Jungkook were looking at something on her phone, laughing, and didn’t notice your arrival. More defeated than anything, you slumped into Ara’s empty seat without comment.

At the sound of your chair scraping against the ground, Jungkook’s head shot up. He opened his mouth, but you weren’t looking his way, so he said nothing. Instead, he continued to entertain Ara, too polite to do anything else.

You wished he would say something like, “This isn’t your seat” or “I want Y/N to sit here,” but you knew he wouldn’t. Maybe he didn’t care if you sat with him, anyway. Jungkook was nice to everyone, and you were probably just projecting your own affections onto him.

The teacher strode into the classroom just as the bell rang.

“I apologize for my absence yesterday,” he began sternly, as always. “We’ll be starting a lab today. You’ll have to work quickly today to make up for lost time. So before I explain this assignment, please get into pairs.”

Inwardly, you cursed Ara for stealing your opportunity to work with Jungkook. Sighing, you turned to the boy beside you to ask if he wanted to be partners. But just as you opened your mouth, a hand shot out and tapped the boy on the back.

“Hey,” Jungkook said once the boy turned in his seat. “Do you mind if we switch spots?”

Your eyes widened to surprise, flicking to Jungkook. He was looking intently at the nerdy boy, who stammered his agreement. Glancing at Ara, you couldn’t help but smirk triumphantly. On your desk, Ara’s fists were clenched.

Jungkook swiftly switched seats with the boy beside you.

“I was thinking we could be partners,” Jungkook said as he set his books down. “You look a little surprised, so I hope that’s okay with you.”

“No, of course it’s fine,” you hurried to respond. “I just thought you didn’t want me. As your lab partner, I mean.”

“Are you jealous?” Jungkook asked, his eyebrows rising. Your cheeks burned, and you hurried to deny that. “She kinda just sat there. I didn’t want to be mean and tell her to move.”

“How was I supposed to know?” you sulked, burying your nose in your textbook. Still, you were giddy at the fact that Jungkook had went out of his way to be your partner.

“Obviously I’d rather sit with you,” Jungkook replied, a little incredulously. “Don’t be dumb. You wanted to sit with me too, right?”

“Yeah,” you mumbled sheepishly, still blushing. Jungkook smiled at you fondly, but like always, you were too busy looking elsewhere to notice.

The teacher’s voice cut through the noise, and he continued with his instructions. You and Jungkook turned your attention to the front of the class, and your embarrassment lessened once Jungkook’s gaze was diverted.

There were many things you adored about Jungkook. But if there was one thing you didn’t like, it was how kind he was to everyone. Still, he made up for it by being nicest to you. 

- Girl in Luv

Ok…these prompts were practically begging for Fuckboy!Jungkook, but I’ve written that so much and HE IS A SOFT BUN I can’t keep doing this! For real though, sometimes I think JK would be a real fuccboi if he grew up in North America. Like u seen the boy?? Still, he’s so cute, and I like writing sweet JK. You guys prefer fuckboy JK or smol bun JK?

Writer’s Block

A/N: I’ve had this finished for ages but didn’t post it. I’m trying to get back in the game so just posting something is probably a good way to start. This should show what I mean when I say that lately I’ve been making things way more complicated than they need to be haha

You were a writer. It was what you did. New worlds were created in your head and you painted the picture with your words. Sitting at a computer, your fingers would flutter over the keys as the people and places of your imagination came to life. While it took some skill and hard work to adjust the sentences to the same lyrical quality of your dreams, you were rarely stumped.

And yet here you were, three weeks in on the same story, staring at gaping holes surrounded by incoherent dialogue and scenes. You had lost it, you were sure. You’d run out of good ideas and you would never be able to write again.

Niall looked over at your slumped shoulders and frowned. Another day at the computer and very little typing. He could see it in your face, you were tired and frustrated and stressed. He could feel it in your body when he touched you. Your warm soft body was rigid in his arms when he held you, your mind elsewhere when he tried to help you relieve the tension.

Getting up from his spot on the couch, he came up behind you and rested his hands on your shoulders. You jumped, surprised by the contact before relaxing into his touch. His strong fingers dug into the tense muscles and he rested his chin on your head.

“Still stuck?”

You nodded with a dejected sigh relaxing back against his warm body. “I give up. I’m just gonna trash it. It’s awful anyway I’m sure.”

“Stop it.” He spun your desk chair around to face him. Cupping his hand under your chin, he lifted your gaze to his. “You’re so amazingly talented. Don’t ever give up. You just need a break, need to get your mind off of it for a little while.”

“I’ve tried that…”

“Shh don’t argue with me. Do you trust me?” You nodded, your eyebrow quirked at the question, his smirk pulling you out of your funk and piquing your curiosity. “Good. We’re gonna play a little game. You need to have some fun.”

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I just stumbled upon your blog and I wanted to share my boy problem. I'm not sure if I'm in love with him but, what I know is that I care for him deeply. I've known him for a short time (5 months) and in that short period of time, he healed and broke me. I don't know if that's possible. He hasn't spoken to me since the beginning of April, and I know it's not that long but, I miss him. And I don't know if he's okay and I'm really worried. he won't answer my texts. My heart hurts. Help?

I do think it’s possible for someone to heal and break you. I don’t know what happened exactly but maybe be the bigger person and just go up to him and talk to him. Even if he doesn’t want to hear it, make him. If you value your friendship above everything else try to at least salvage that. After all having his friendship is always better than having nothing and him not talking to you and not answering your texts.

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Hi! I was just wonderin', since I've been having a pretty image of myself lately, if you could write some headcanons for any two characters having a chubby and short haired female s/o? If it's kinda meh, I understand!

Oikawa Tooru

♡ He loves, loves your short hair!!

♡ He was a bit pouty because he couldn’t really braid it at the beginning but now he loves it so much!

♡ Especially gifting you some colorful hair pins~

♡ (expect for him to jokingly give you a hairpin of his face, Hajime is always at hand to give him a punch or a kick)

♡ He doesn’t care for your chubbyness at all, even if he slightly teases you about it, nothing too bad, just squishing your tummy, etc

♡ In bed he always has his face in your tummy, liking the soft feel of it (and well if that leads to other activities :3c)

♡ Wear a skirt for him and he can feel his soul ascend to heaven

♡ No one gave you permission to look so pretty how dare you y/n-chan?!

♡ He flirts with you as if you aren’t together already, it’s ridiculous

♡ If you’re feeling insecure either about your hair or about your chubbyness he turns serious, and starts listing off all that he loves about you, including your chubbyness and hair

♡ Watch him pick you up and spend all day with you in his arms, either bridal style or piggy back rides he doesn’t care

♡ (he may feel up your soft thighs when he gives you piggy back rides and you have to stop him because we’re in public you idiot!)

♡ He expects you to not judge him too hard over his faults, his jealousy, pettiness and being so hateful sometimes behind closed doors

♡ Only you and Hajime know about this after all (and hiro and issei)

♡ He loves you so much so please let this plant love you~~

Bokuto Koutarou

♡ He tells you that when volleyball season is over he gets chubby as well

♡ (more like chubby fit because he still does exercise but his face is more chubby and he has a tum)

♡ He loves picking you up, showing off his arms you see and to bring you up for a smooch and a hug

♡ He has no shame and the team has seen this happen a bunch of times

♡ (Komi tells him to get a room lmao)

♡ Plays with your short hair all the time, even if he can do much with it just running a hand through it soothes him

♡ Cuddles with you and splays his hands all over your tummy and thighs

♡ He’s so weak for your thighs save him

♡ Also you’re so fun to just love

♡ Like he praises you a whole lot, in public and in private he just loves you and just wants you to know

♡ You get flustered and he loves you 200% more

♡ If you call him ‘your owl’ or ‘your dork’… he’s done. he’s yours. what do you need babe?

♡ Feeds you whenever he can, meaning always at lunch and (if he can) when he’s staying over at your house dinner too. You find this embarrasing.

♡ Whenever he can, he always has you in his lap, especially when you’re watching movies at home. He’s either playing with your short hair, having his arms periodically squeeze your tum or he’s feeding you popcorn

 (gifs by me~)

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I feel like a jerk but I've been in this fandom since the beginning, shipping since 2014. It's not that he looks gay, he acts gay. He is gay. And he loves Cait, and she loves him. People see what they want to see. Anti's see S&MM as this great love affair but she's his beard & it's sad. He was out during his theatre days, but Starz et. all, are too big and now he's closeted. Sam is fantastic but he and Cait are not lovers. He really is tired of the charade. His true self is seeping through.

You are entitled to your own perspective but you are imposing your limited understanding of sexuality on his actions. We are so conditioned to think in terms of gender binarism, normative heterosexuality, and violent masculinity. When we cannot ascribe stereotypical femininity and masculinity to a subject, it induces anxiety, which speaks to our own understanding of the social construction of gender. So, think again if you are a jerk or not. Or, if you care to read more, see my response to a similar ask here. I sincerely hopes that no one stereotypes you based on how you “act” because that would reduce you simply to your sexuality.  

There is an old barn in Pontiac, Illinois with sigils spray painted onto every blank surface and with shotgun shells long since dusted littering the floor.

The barn becomes a bit of a local legend—teenagers dare each other to venture in, people shine flashlights on the walls in attempt to make sense of the seemingly nonsense scribbles, rumors spread of witches or satanists or hauntings.

They’re all wrong, of course, but the conspiracies are amusing and take the edge off what the barn really is.

It’s on a whim that Castiel goes back to the place where he met Dean Winchester a year ago. The air is static, making his hair stand up and his fingertips conductive, like the electricity from the lightning that night never really left. His dress shoes become scuffed with dirt as he stands in the center of the area, facing the doors which he had entered, sparks raining down on him.

He quirks half a smile, thinking of how different he was back then, but also of how similar. There’s a sameness in that his feelings for the Righteous Man exceed those he’s ever known. The difference is that now he knows what his feelings mean.

The Castiel that had stormed through those doors did not know rebellion, did not doubt, did not know how the sun can make freckles stand out more, did not know the name “Cas” spoken in a low, ruff voice that sent shivers down his spine. He had known Heaven, and angels, and obedience, and very little beyond that.

Now he knows everything, and he’s thankful for that, despite the pain it’s caused him. If he could go back and repeat the moment, maybe he would simply walk straight toward Dean’s open and afraid face, enduring the bullets that pierced through his borrowed flesh, and not stop until he knew the taste of Dean on his mouth, just for a moment, just once.

Or maybe he wouldn’t. He doesn’t know.

He stands there for awhile, contemplating. It actually ends up being Dean’s own prayer that brings him back from his reverie of thoughts—a motel in Massachusetts, possible case, thought maybe you could help, want to see you again.

Castiel’s heart leaps at that sentiment, tacked on the end of the prayer with hesitation and gruffness, but warmth all the same. It’s that warmth that has him spreading his wings without a moment’s hesitation, taking flight the moment he’s able, following the echoes of Dean’s voice in his head and leaving behind him the place of his beginning.

There is an old barn in Pontiac, Illinois with sigils spray painted onto every blank surface and with shotgun shells long since dusted littering the floor, and etched in it is the first line of a love story.

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SARAH! How did you know you're double biased? Jin has been my bias since I've gotten into bts and I love him so much but for a long time yoongis been 'bias wrecking' me. Like they all bias wreck me but yoongis level is something different. I know I'll always love Jin the most but is this feeling towards yoongi double biasedness?? HELP aaaaaaaaaah

WELL I was double biased this the beginning. But the thing is that at first, when I barely knew Kpop, someone told me “U CAN ONLY HAVE ONE BIAS THIS IS THE RULE” So I was like k dude. But I realized that I loved Gigi and Namnam at the same time. So I thought “k well, Yoongi is my bias and Namjoon is my bais wrecker I guess?”. But then I stopped lying to myself.

TBH I don’t understand this concept of bias wrecker. Yall need to accept a thing: u are at least double biased, it’s impossible to only have one bias, like???? ur heart is that strong?????

ALSO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I might, be triple biased. But MIGHT.

who cares what picture you see

Credence wants to see London After Midnight. Graves doesn’t like mysteries or horror films. He goes with Credence, anyway.

Credence loves the pictures. They go once, or twice, a week and Credence devours them with a voracity that doesn’t surprise Graves. Credence has an endless hunger for knowledge, fictional or real. High-brow or low. But he is particularly fond of cinema. Dramas, comedies, romances – the new talkies had left him, ironically, speechless – and, especially, horrors and mysteries.

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avengers assemble writers: oh yeah we love all the avengers! steve rogers, natasha romanoff, clint barton, thor, hulk.. *looks at hand* and tuna stank


River Song appreciation week

  • Day 5 - Favourite Quotes: comparing the Doctor with the sun

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Hello complete stranger who is totally not me, I am an anonymous person totally not sending myself messages to get this blog started! (*wink wink*) Anyway, how about headcanons for the gang teaching MC to skate? (because I've been in a wintery mood ever since it SNOWED the other day)

Ah yes, look at this lovely request I totally did not send myself like ten seconds ago that was totally not inspired at all by Yuri on Ice. What a pleasant surprise! 


  • is there anything this man can’t do
  • seriously
  • he’s gliding around on the ice and he looks like a freaking angel
  • when you ask him about it he just shrugs and laughs
  • no he’s never taken skating lessons or anything
  • he’s just that good
  • screw off you unnaturally perfect asshole
  • but
  • even though he could skate circles around you
  • he wouldn’t
  • except a little at the beginning to show off of course gotta impress his prince(ss)
  • he would just take your hands
  • and skate backwards, slowly pulling you along until you felt more comfortable on the ice
  • even when you can skate on your own he still doesn’t let go of your hand though
  • honestly you two are such a typical couple holding hands and laughing and smiling at each other it’s so gross


  • he’s
  • surprisingly not bad????
  • he can stand?
  • and move??
  • without falling???
  • he’s been ice skating on a few school trips in public school, and he’s been with his friends since then so he’s pretty confident in his ability to at least stay on his feet
  • he would try to do the holding hands and guiding you by skating backwards in front of you thing
  • but he underestimates just how much he cannot see things behind him
  • he can’t see the people coming and you can’t do anything to stop
  • you narrowly avoid bowling over a couple and their children
  • he apologizes like a bazillion times
  • and settles for skating next to you holding hands
  • this is also a bad idea
  • because he may know what he’s doing
  • but you do not
  • one second you’re gliding shakily along next to him
  • and the next second your legs are sliding out from under you like they’re trying to run away
  • traitors
  • Yoosung tries to catch you but he just ends up falling down with you
  • you land with a thud on your back and Yoosung lands right on top of you
  • like
  • ON
  • TOP
  • he’s straddling you and your faces are so close you can literally feel the heat radiating off of his cheeks
  • he’s immediately apologizing again as he jumps to help you up 
  • which just makes things even worse you guys are basically rolling around on the ice for a solid minute or two before you finally get steadied back on your feet
  • at least you guys don’t have to worry about the cold anymore because both of your faces are burning 


  • She’s not sure about skating at first because she hasn’t been in years?
  • She doesn’t want to make a fool of herself in public by being bad at it.
  • Ha. Haha. Yeah. Jaehee. Bad at something. Sure.
  • Seriously she’s another person who’s talents are endless
  • This girl knows balance from all her judo training
  • So after the first few minutes of getting a feel for the ice
  • She’s over there sliding across the rink like she’s been doing this her whole life
  • And you’re over here
  • On your ass
  • Covered in snow
  • You see her stifle a small laugh as you pout up at her and that makes it all worth it
  • You tell her as much and she blushes that makes it worth it too
  • She tries to teach you by explaining exactly what she’s doing and how she’s shifting and balancing her weight
  • But it is just not working the same for you
  • You end up going back to her place for hot cocoa (she makes it of course) and warm-up cuddles afterwards so it’s all good


  • Jumin has never been ice skating before.
  • He has seen figure skating before and has always admired how graceful and elegant the sport is though
  • So when you ask him to go skating with you he’s more than happy to oblige
  • He hires a skating coach to teach you both and rents a whole ice rink just for the two of you
  • He has this idea in his head that it’s going to be all graceful and romantic
  • He’s seen The Cutting Edge after all
  • That is not how it goes at all
  • Who’s helping who here?????
  • The second your feet hit the ice Jumin is practically leaning on you for support
  • Why did he let you talk him into this
  • This is not the way standing is supposed to feel
  • His legs won’t stay still MC why
  • This is not like skating scene from The Cutting Edge
  • Eventually you both manage to stand
  • But there’s something about seeing Jumin
  • Elegant, sophisticated C&R Director Jumin Han
  • Stumbling around on the ice with his long arms flailing around to keep what little shaky balance he has
  • That just cracks you up
  • Jumin’s offended for like two seconds
  • But seeing you laugh and smile like that always brightens him up
  • It wasn’t the elegant romantic night he’d planned it to be but you guys end up having a lot of fun


  • Seven is hopeless
  • He’s flailing around and stumbling across the ice with you the two of you honestly look drunk or something
  • He spends most of his time clinging to you (when you’re not clinging to him)
  • And his favourite method of stopping is to barrel towards you full speed and knock you both into the ground or the nearest wall
  • “MCCCCCC catch meeeeee”
  • “SEVEN NO”
  • But when you find yourself headed for a full on collision with another skate
  • He just grabs your wrist and expertly maneuvers you out of the way and back to the safety of the edge
  • Saeyoung you little shit you could skate this whole time???
  • After that he actually tries to teach you
  • Sort of
  • He likes holding your hand and pulling you across the ice with him
  • But he also really likes speeding towards you and shouting “THINK FAST” then swerving out of the way last second
  • Seven this is not teaching me anything


  • You just assume V can skate
  • When you ask him he tells you he’s only been on the ice a few times and isn’t very good he mostly just sat on the sidelines taking pictures last time he went
  • But you assume he’s one of those people who can just naturally skate
  • I mean look at him
  • He’s all tall and flowy and graceful looking, he must be able to skate
  • You are wrong
  • He cannot
  • Help him
  • You now have a six foot tall half blind grown ass adult man stumbling around a public arena on sharp knife shoes
  • What have you done you’ve created a weapon of mass destruction
  • He’s embarrassed at first but you take his hands and tell him that it’s okay
  • You can figure it out together
  • You and V laugh the whole time and his laugh is the most heavenly sound you’ve ever heard


  • “You want me to wear blades on my feet and slide around on a giant frozen puddle.”
  • “….Why”
  • This poor child has never even seen an ice rink first hand
  • Let alone skated on one
  • He slipped on a frozen puddle once that’s about as close as he’s gotten
  • Eventually you manage to convince him to go to one of those outdoor ice rinks with you
  • Because he can’t say no to you and because you promised you’d stop and get him ice cream on the way home
  • He’s all huffy and scowly from the moment you arrive
  • but you know it’s just because he’s nervous precious snowflake
  • You have to help him tie his skates because “why the fuck are there so many laces???”
  • And then you and Saeran step out onto the ice
  • He’s clinging to your hand like you’re the only thing keeping him upright
  • You probably are tbh
  • You basically stand in one place with him until he gets a feel for it
  • But when you start moving
  • wow
  • Now he gets it
  • He starts relaxing as his movements go from shaky flailing to something that somewhat resembles skating
  • He’s looking up at the sky as he glides across the ice and it feels like flying
  • He looks over and sees you smiling at him with your rosy cheeks and your hair flowing out behind you and you look angelic
  • He squeezes your hand
  • And he smiles Saeran is smiling alert the press this is a goddamn Kodak moment
  • “Thank you.”


  • Vanderwood likes to think that they are a physically capable person
  • They’re in shape
  • They’ve been through a fair amount of physical training with the agency
  • They’ve been in some tough situations before and their body has never let them down
  • When you first ask Vanderwood if they can skate they don’t really want to admit that they can’t do it
  • So they just shrug
  • “How hard can it be?”
  • And that is how they ended up as your skating teacher
  • They get their skates on
  • They help you tie yours too because Vanderwood is the mom friend
  • Then the moment of truth arrives
  • Vanderwood places their foot on the ice
  • And immediately falls flat on their face
  • What the fuck
  • You’re laughing so hard you’re dying
  • Vanderwood is so red
  • They weren’t ready!
  • They manage to get back on their feet see they told you they weren’t incompetent
  • But they mostly just either stand still or push once and let themself glide in whatever direction they want to go
  • “see you just stand straight and then to move you just… move.”
  • Thanks Vanderwood you’re a great teacher.
  • But they do manage to help you figure out how to balance a bit at least
  • They spend most of the time watching you because seriously you should not be allowed to be this cute 
  • stop flailing around and smiling like that Vanderwood’s heart cannot handle it
Castlevania Starters: Symphony of the Night
  • "Better for them to die than to let them compound their sins"
  • "I'm coming ___! I'll save you!!"
  • "Still befriending mortals?"
  • "Tell me...What...What were ___'s last words?"
  • "No wait, I beg of you!"
  • "What do you mean!? Kill them and bring them happiness!"
  • "Some day perhaps, we will meet again. And on that day..."
  • "It's all right! If my death can save others, I gladly surrender my life."
  • "Die monster! You don't belong in this world!"
  • "You broke free of my spell. I like that.'
  • "I can't let him disappear from my life."
  • "You shall regret those words."
  • "You have been doomed ever since you lost the ability to love."
  • "Ah, ___. What is your business here?"
  • "It must have been painful for you."
  • "You must despise humans. They are to be your prey."
  • "I demand you cease your attack."
  • "Still uttering the same nonsense."
  • "We will meet again."
  • "Demon, death is too good for you!"
  • "Now let's go. Everyone's waiting for us."
  • "Perhaps you can save his haunted soul."
  • "It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh."
  • "I've come to put an end to this."
  • "Begin by slaying that one over there."
  • "No ___! Don't come here!"
  • "How is it that I have been so defeated?"
  • "That voice! ___, it's you!"
  • "I'll not ask you to return to our side"
  • "___! No!...Please! No!..."
  • "Come here little boy and show me what you've got."
  • "I was hoping we would not see each other again."
  • "That strength, that beauty..."
  • "What kind of demon are you!?"
  • "Fear not. I had my own reasons for destroying him."
  • "Watch me die and remember always my last words to you..."
  • "Go back whence you came!"
  • "The blood that flows through my veins is cursed."
lumutness replied to your post: I think evaluating Kogoro’s growth should be…

And, on the other note… about him as a father; I can see he is struggling and fumbling but kinda trying his best for Ran because he loves his daughter so much.

Yeah, that’s part of his emotional development. His parenting at the beginning of the series was pretty much non-existent, but you could tell he had some major issues. All of the vices, drinking, smoking, gambling, leering at women. And fully reliant on Ran to take care of him and his health, his life was going downhill. So it’s more as he’s gotten his life back in order that he’s also shown more care and protective tendencies towards his family. (Not that he wasn’t protective of Ran before, but it was more limited to actual danger or men. And the men part was very loud and not at all approving, which has been toned down at least to being a more watchful father.)

Basically his personality is becoming like it was when he was stable and married, prior to bad disagreements that led to Eri leaving. And it feels safer and better for Ran to live with her father.

All of his character development is just. Good.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Ive recently read a fanfic about Dan and Phil liking each other, but they were step brothers. Ever since I've been wanting to read more them, so I was wondering if you had any list of Step Brother AU's? Thank you!!

Brotherly Love (wattpad) - Phil is an orphan, bullied, and living alone with no friends in a home. He does his best not to let that fact that no one seems to care about him get to him, but it’s getting harder. Then a nice couple start to take interest in him, and it turns out they have a son his age, Daniel, but the love they begin to share isn’t of a brotherly nature…

Does It Happen To You? - Dan’s new little brother gets an erection for the first time and doesn't know what it is.

Holes in the Floor of Heaven - Dan and Phil are step brothers who do not like each other. They’ve both lost a parent, and Phil finds Dan in their bathroom, crying over his mother.

You’ll Still Have Me Phil was too overly-attached for Dan’s liking. He was too quiet. Too clumsy. Too… soft.

- Sam

harunokarasu  asked:

hi I just wanted to say that I read what you wrote about why you're so upset about the naruhina ending and I completely agree - about the fact that naruto fell in love with sakura despite her imperfections, and that's so important, but also the fact that Japan lacks strong female characters. In shonenmanga, female characters are always just sub-characters. they're often drawn like hinata, shy, innocent, constantly devoted to one guy. I've lived in japan for 18 years and I've read comics, (1/2)

I’ve been exposed to culture for forever, and there’s the romanticization, the worship of girls who are like hinata in terms of romance. and of course, romantically, the hero always ends up with this kind of girl - the girl who has idolized him, has loved him since the beginning. and you’re right, it’s not realistic. that’s not how it is in the real world and kishi had the opportunity to destroy that tradition, that misogynistic trope that exists in japanese manga culture. he could’ve (jk 2/3)

changed all of that, he had the opportunity to show so many girls - real girls, real readers of this manga - that love with the hero is possible for them too. because kishi, by making naruto end up with hinata, erases their identity. he makes it wrong for girls to have flaws. to be in love with someone else and change their mind makes them a “terrible woman”. Kishi had the opportunity to make an impact on all of these girls, these women, this society and he didn’t. (jk ¾)

Thank you.