i've lost that much in a day

“"love”“ fucks me up so much because it’s fucking everywhere and I don’t???!? Get?!?!? It..!.!.!???!?.?!!! I cannot understand what you are feeling but like everybody’s feeling it so I’m like yes sure love uhuh. Ive read about it a thousand times and I’ve seen it in movies a thousand times and even in real life I’ve seen people ”“”“in love”“”“ But I DONT UHUH. I HAVE NO CLUE. IT MAKES ME SO MAD. Cause like??? I fake it so to me it seems like everybody else gotta be faking it too?? Right?? But they’re not !!! they R doing an inside joke thing and ITS APPERABTLY LITERALLY SO GREAT THE WHOLE WORLD RESOLVES AROUND IT

i have the majority of my drafts done and queued to post over the next few days !! i will be updating my thread tracker tomorrow + gathering lost replies, so i apologize ahead of time if i’ve been neglecting our thread !!

i’m currently working on my follow forever since i passed 100 followers a few days ago – something i want to thank you all for !! <3