i've lost that much in a day

I think that when you have a connection with someone, it never really goes away, you know? You snap back to being important to each other because you still are.
—  Alex Vause, Orange Is The New Black




prompt: takes place a few months (…?) after episode 8 of Agent Carter, Cartinelli is official in this fic. 

So basically this is just a little one-shot about how Angie brings home a puppy, much to Peggy’s dismay, and they both get to deal with it. kinda fluff.

Angie really loved Sundays. It was the one day of the week that neither she nor Peggy had to work, and that left the two of them to spend some “quality gal-pal time” as Howard put it. The best part, by far, was waking up without an alarm ringing in her ear (which damn near made her go deaf on any other day of the week) and lazily making her way to the kitchen to enjoy a cup of coffee. If she was lucky, Peggy would have beaten her downstairs, with breakfast already prepared for the two of them.

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Honestly, I wish the people around me would understand that when I said I was confused & unhappy it wasn’t on anybody else but me. I just need time for myself by myself to change that and that is exactly what I’m doing, I’m slowly getting rid of my bad habits, ridiculous shyness, insecurities and anxiety, getting used to a more healthy/positive lifestyle or state of mind, being a better follower of God, and spending my time with people that bring joy and positivity to my lil 💜 and it’s working.. But it could only work so far if I Have people telling me that I’m selfish for leaving or I don’t act the same, asking me what am I doing and if I’m sure of what I’m doing and telling me that I’m changing because I don’t talk to them as much.. Well, I am changing. And if the changes in my life for happiness and the better does not include you then it doesn’t. I just want to be happy.

So for the Voiceless AU imagine that Killua injures both his hands at some point and is unable to use them to sign. Once again he is overwhelmed with the despair and helplessness of not being able to communicate, and he is pretty tense about feeling so vulnerable. But he soon realizes that this time is much different because Gon becomes his voice. 

sad-possum-noises replied to your post “deceitfulmermaid asked “Film meme #16!!!!!” This is super delayed,…”

I agree ABT the Jurassic park thing I actively dislike lost world I think it’s heavy-handed and obnoxious but i dig jp3 it’s dumb happy fun and also Alan grant ��


hey sorry for not being on these past couple of weeks !!!!

i’ve sort of been hecka busy with school hahahaha and stressing over getting boys to join our choir group which is really hard to do man AND i’ve had a bunch of homework since its the last quarter and teachers are trying to make up for lost time yadadada

i leave for disneyworld in 13 days so i’m super, super excited for that !!!

but anyways how are you guys???? i hope you’re all doing well and sleeping and eating good food

We did a surrealism exercise in art. This is everything I thought about in 10 minutes. My thoughts on paper.

I shoved a tissue up my nose in third period. It’s easier than blowing my nose every five seconds. I’m tired of being sick. It’s exhausting. I’ve lost so much sleep this week. Most of if because I can’t breathe through my nose. I have drank ten mugs of tea in the last three days. I really like tea. It’s been helping out my cold and I have the cutest little ceramic mug. Tea and blankets and the radio. That’s what I did all day yesterday. David Bowie came on the radio and I yelled “BOWIE” out loud. He has a blue eye and a brown eye and man he pulls it off so well. My room is never silent. There’s either the radio playing, my giant stack of Cd’s, or my records. I don’t think a lot of teenagers have record players. Nate calls me a hippie. “You are a hippie down to your last proton.” He told me that. I miss him. My god he has such pretty blue eyes. I finally finished his CDs. I worked on them for like a month. He says he’s really excited to get them. Next time he comes to visit we’re going to get sushi together. Sushi. That sounds really good right now. Ugh I’m really hungry. I’m kind of a weird eater. Sometimes I eat a lot and others I don’t really eat. I’m so busy with something that I just forget I guess. I’m going to make homemade cookies this weekend. I’ll probably eat most of the dough. I like to bake. My best friend Morgan is always baking something. One time she made sugar cookies and we had a ton of leftover dough so we spent the rest of the day eating cookie dough and watching supernatural. Mr. Stachnick keeps saying random phrases and everytime he does it startles me a bit. Morgan turns seventeen this month. I want to go visit her for her birthday. I wish she didn’t live in Sacramento. I wish Nate didn’t live in Paso. Things would be better. My two favorite people. I’m really tired and my head hurts. I need to sleep. I want more tea. I haven’t worn makeup in like 3 months. Everybody probably thinks I look tired. I’m always tired. I’ll probably go buy more makeup sometime, I miss wearing it. It’s cute and artistic. I like those kinds of things. Nate tells me I’m cute and artistic. It makes me smile. I want an art studio, and some pie. Pie would be good. Okay my hand hurts. I’m done now.

aaahgh.. I struggle so hard with the pokeradar on Platinum. I’ve heard people say it’s easier than in XY, but it’s definitely a whole lot harder for me. I feel like I could chain up a shiny much easier with the XY mechanics than in Pt. 


i’m incredibly happy that i get to be in florida
with the majority of my family for my birthday
( april 15th ) even if that means that i will be
without a computer for eleven days.

Walked a mile to Walgreens and got a notebook. Got lost. Carrying all my stuff (“hello, hi! I’m a tourist! Please rob me!”). Luckily the locals here are super friendly. There’s really nothing to fear in populated areas of chicago. Except bus station bathrooms. Fear those. Anyway, off to write now. Peace.

i went away to a retreat the last 4 days and it was honestly so amazing like i was surrounded by like minded peers and i learned so much and i feel so nice!!!!!!!!

i was such a hoe before bc i was so conflicted about myself and now I’m like imma be who i wanna be not what i want my friends to think!!!! I’m so glad!!!! wow!!!! nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like tbh for the past year i feel like i completely lost who i rlly was and i was just doing things just to do them!!! like not sincere about anything and I’m rlly excited bc i think I’m ready to b more like who i rlly want  2 b!!!!!!!! and not who i feel like i have 2 b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome 

i don want to act different around diff ppl? i just want to b me??? i just want to do me and get on w life!!! no more of this fake hoe bitter bitch act!!!!!