i've lost count on the number of times i've watched this

eledhiel13  asked:

like, i've been that person (playing as hanzo or not) that gets killed, resurrected, and immediately killed again like five times so i get it when healers stops paying attention to me, that i get. but to not heal someone at all based on their pick? that's insane. i don't understand the hate. i can't even begin to count the number of hanzos i've either tethered as mercy or orbed as zen just like the whole time because they were super awesome. wtf mate.

Even I’ve been that person; you can’t play Perfect™ all the time

It’s like, Hanzos know what the fuck they’re doing when they lock in, and some people just gotta shit on us JUST FOR BEING HANZO. It’s like, people call us throwers for apparently not cooperating, but then they completely go against proper teamwork by ignoring you.

I’ll never forget when I had to shut off a stream I was watching bc these dude bros were tearing apart their Hanzo bc not only did they main him, they were a secondary Widow main too. They ganged up to report him for throwing bc they lost, calling him a little kid that had no idea what he was doing and shouldn’t be playing, it was fucking nasty and making me furious. 

Hanzo hate is so fucking unjustified and I HATE IT