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Gosh. They really did love the blanket!

Maxine Alderton at the Emmerdale: Anatomy of a Hit event tonight, talking about the moment she realised and discovered there was an entire active fandom for robron out there during the abuse reveal scene she wrote back in January 2016.

Japanese you can learn from Naruto

okay so i’ve learnt all this stuff from Naruto so i’ve put it in a list so you can see what you recognise c:
some of this stuff I already knew but I put it in because it’s mentioned in naruto on multiple occasions (e.g mizu, hoshi, gomen, hai, aka etc.) 

iruka - dolphin
sakura - cherry blossom
kakashi - scarecrow
itachi - weasel
sasori - scorpion 
kisame - shark
chou - butterfly 
aka - red
shika - dear
kurenai - crimson

kage - shadow
mizu - water
konoha - leaf
suna - sand
kaze - wind
rai - lightning
tsuchi - soil
iwa - rock
hoshi - star
bunshin - clone

(o)nii-chan - sis/sister
(o)nee-san - bro/brother
otoosan - dad
okaasan - mum

doushita - what’s wrong
doushite - why 
nani - what
sou desu ka - is that so 
gomen (nasai) - sorry
hai - yes

shi - death
shinu - death

okay I didn’t pick those up from Naruto but I decided to add them in since half of the names mentioned are of dead people