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my bias in wanna one is Dipsy 

Gosh. They really did love the blanket!

Maxine Alderton at the Emmerdale: Anatomy of a Hit event tonight, talking about the moment she realised and discovered there was an entire active fandom for robron out there during the abuse reveal scene she wrote back in January 2016.

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aunt scripty! thank you for all your work on this blog, it's amazing and I've learnt so much and so many useful things (my poor characters). My only question is, out of curiosity, do your co-workers know about this blog? Imagine one day someone tells you they've found this really cool blog, and it turns out to be this one

I would probably shit my pants. 

Kids, if my employers found out about this blog, I could be in deep deep shit. I use pseudonyms – yes, Samantha Keel is a pseudonym – because I don’t want my bosses to know about this. It would be very easy for them to misconstrue this as medical advice, or as something they don’t want their organization affiliated with, and give me the boot. 

Also, most of my coworkers aren’t really into reading/writing the way I am (or you guys are!), so I doubt they’d come across this blog. 

So I pretend I’m a secret agent, sneaking around, posting on the internet like a spy in the house of love, dodging detection everywhere I go! 

Trust me, there are things I want to do for you guys so badly that I’ve been afraid to do. I want to do videos. I want to run a podcast (hah, as if I have time to Do Stuff that’s so time-intensive!) My dream is to have this blog, and the names Aunt Scripty and Samantha Keel with it, take over the Internet. I want that name spoken with the same reverence as K M Weiland and Angela Ackerman and Joanna Penn and Simon Whistler. One day I hope my fiction will rank up there with Neil Gaiman’s, though I have no reason to think that any of those ambitions will come true. 

And maybe one day I’ll care less. If it turns out I’m successful – if I start making double or triple my salary from this blog and whatever books I can write, fiction or non- – if I can get my life to a place where I won’t actually lose anything if I lose my “real job” – then maybe I’ll relax and show you all my face. But until that day, like a great many people in this day and age, I live in fear. 

I love you guys. And I have no plans to stop doing this just because it’s a threat to my career. I like it too much, and we’ve had some amazing successes together in less than a year. I’ve got some really great things coming for you, and I’m desperately proud and happy about this blog. 

I just…. can’t tell my boss or my coworkers, or post on my Facebook, or let on that I have anything else going on in my life. I tell them I’m working on a novel. (I am! It’s not even a lie!) 

But if they found out, I’d have a lot to worry about. 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

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Hi, love this blog! I've learnt so much thanks to you, it's great. I have another jumps question: what is a better mistake to do, points-wise? Ugly landing with step out/hand/two feet, pop it (let's say by one revolution), or fall and get the -1?

Depends on what jump you’re making the mistake on. Let’s take a look at different examples. First, the GOE reductions for the errors you mentioned, according to the ISU’s Scale of Values and Level/GOE Guidelines (you didn’t ask about underrotations or edge calls, but we’re including them too just to be thorough):

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Happy Birthday @incaseyouart 💕

If you asked me a year ago if i will ever draw myself, I would have said no. But if its the only way we can ever be in the same picture, I’ll draw myself standing next to you over and over again to remind me even if we live all the way across the ocean from each other, art and internet can keep us together. Thank you for being you and the biggest ray of light in my life. Happy birthday, my special bean :’)! You mean so much to me and more!!!

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Thank you for posting that thing about jack grazer being a freaking kid!! Like yall I was barely 14 last yr but from then to now I've learnt so! Much! More!! Like yall he's still learning how to be a proper young adult. He's still learning right from wrong. Yeah he's gonna fuck up and say shit that alot of other fucking kids his age say, but hopefully he will learn!! Idk it just got me mad that people were saying shit lol, like dudes let's not bash him and maybe educate him for a change??

Yes!! Trust me, I’m 15 and I was 14 8 months ago maybe?? I was so immature, I’d make really offensive jokes, say offensive things and more— I’m not the same person, but screaming at a person and telling them to kill themselves is just as bad?? Educate the boy!! He will learn that way

My Prince Jinki (19/): Noona~ Cheer Up Song
EXO as Teachers
  • Suho: *The one all the girls are friends with* "You brought lunch for me today? You didn't have to, thank you. Let me tell you a story.." *Still being a mama*
  • Tao: *Crying* "Why aren't you paying attention! I'm talking... teaching the history of wushu... it's important.."
  • Lay: *Drives all the girls crazy with his smile* "Are you okay student? Your face is red, I'll take you to the infirmary, in my arms.."
  • Kai: "Hey! Why are you eating?! Is that chicken? Fine.. you won't get in trouble if you give me that to me" *always hungry, even as a teacher*
  • Xiumin: *The teacher all girls have a crush on* "Today we will learn the chemistry of love... are you girls listening?"
  • Baekhyun: *Always mistaken for a student* "I'm telling you I'm your teacher! Why aren't you studying! I hated studying too tho..."
  • Chanyeol: *That teacher that always makes bad jokes, so bad that you have to laugh* "How do ocean waves say hi? They wave..."
  • Kyungsoo: *Everybody runs away from him* "You! There! The one at the corner! I want 50 sheets for tomorrow saying "I shouldn't talk in class"
  • Luhan: *Athletic teacher who makes all the girls go to gym and inspire boys to become professional soccer players*
  • Sehun: "Correct! Here, you won a cookie!" *Always has enough choco to give all his studens*
  • Kris: *Philosophy teacher* "So discovering galaxies is my style, I've learnt so much from them, specially the magical taste of chicken" *God knows what he is talking about*
  • Chen: *The arts teacher you always go to for advice* "Don't hide it, if you like her, tell her. I would sing her a beautiful song and bring her 100 roses"

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Hi Charity! I really love your blog, I've learnt so much about MBTI from reading your posts! I was just wondering if you would mind possibly doing a comparison of INFP and INTP females specifically? I was wondering whether INTP females may come across as more polite and sensitive than their male counterparts due to society's expectations of men and women? And equally I suppose whether male feelers may come across as less "touchy feely" than their female counterparts? Thanks in advance! :)

Usually, yes, they do.

Lower Fe enables women to adapt more readily into what society expects from a woman regardless of their type and to soften their approach. (In the TJ women, Te reasons that mimicking social graces will get them further in life and enable them to maintain a professional standard.)

And since the male idea is an ESTP in the popular public consciousness, male feelers may put on a tough front to cover up their sensitiveness.

But anyway, INTP and INFP women.

Well, one of the best INTP females I can think of is Samantha Carter from Stargate SG-1. Perfect example of a healthy INTP. Totally logical, but often polite, has a vested interest in the survival of humanity, is quite good at calming people down (unless she gets upset too… when Rodney is talking, heh), and all about science, space exploration, and invention. Sam can get the group out of just about any fix. She can be a bad-ass, but she can also be sweet. She kind of plays off whatever dynamic she’s in – around Rodney she becomes more assertive and defensive (because his TJ complaints about her logic being faulty and meandering around offends her Fe), around Jack she softens up because she’s responding to his liking for her, around Daniel she can take more of an active interest in the moral element of whatever she’s doing. But she never wants to leave anyone behind or make any decision that hurts the masses. Lots of lower Fe at work in her life.

Let’s see, a good INFP for comparison… um, Madame Bovary? (In some depictions she’s an ENFP but in this one I didn’t see much Te.) Mostly the sense you get from her is… emotion. Hidden emotion, burning under the surface, infusing every element of her life with her feelings and moral beliefs. The decisions she makes are based not on logic, as Sam’s would be, but on being truly authentic to herself – to being a romantic, a lover of poetry, to having beautiful things about her, to finding someone she truly loves and cares about. She is reluctant to involve herself in things that are none of her business but at the same time has very strong opinions on moral matters.

Her inferior Te gives her sharper edges than Sam possesses; under stress, she can become brutally honest, with a sharp tongue that cuts to the quick. She lacks that desire to “be part of the group” that comes with Fe, and instead seeks out those with whom she is strongly drawn to – forming in many cases, a silent bond that is never talked out but instead acted on and felt. Where Sam’s interests are impersonal and tied in logic (science, for example), Emma’s are all personal to her (poetry, fashion, art, books, music) and drawn from those things that make her heart sing.

- Charity

My drawing of Michael Clifford using palette 36 from this challenge

Feel free to request a palette and/or person:)

Japanese you can learn from Naruto

okay so i’ve learnt all this stuff from Naruto so i’ve put it in a list so you can see what you recognise c:
some of this stuff I already knew but I put it in because it’s mentioned in naruto on multiple occasions (e.g mizu, hoshi, gomen, hai, aka etc.) 

iruka - dolphin
sakura - cherry blossom
kakashi - scarecrow
itachi - weasel
sasori - scorpion 
kisame - shark
chou - butterfly 
aka - red
shika - dear
kurenai - crimson

kage - shadow
mizu - water
konoha - leaf
suna - sand
kaze - wind
rai - lightning
tsuchi - soil
iwa - rock
hoshi - star
bunshin - clone

(o)nii-chan - sis/sister
(o)nee-san - bro/brother
otoosan - dad
okaasan - mum

doushita - what’s wrong
doushite - why 
nani - what
sou desu ka - is that so 
gomen (nasai) - sorry
hai - yes

shi - death
shinu - death

okay I didn’t pick those up from Naruto but I decided to add them in since half of the names mentioned are of dead people 

It means that our feelings and understanding of the people we love should change and evolve over time. How I feel about Lyla when we were first married isn’t how I feel about her now. Admitting that doesn’t take away anything from the way I was in love with her back then, but it gives everything to the way I love her now. I've learnt so much about her, about me since then, good and bad, and that’s important. Love stories shouldn’t be written in concrete, Oliver, there is no give in concrete. It should be written in tensile steel, forged under extreme temperatures, but all the stronger and more flexible because of it.

Under My Skin by louiseblue1

Sorry for the LOOONG quote, but this one has the most sage advice Diggle has ever given Oliver, IMO (actually, it’s good advice for ANY relationship). Louise = this was PERFECTION. It gives me SO many season 4 feels it’s ridiculous. My eyes welled up with tears when I read it.

Technically this is part 3 of a series. Read part 1 Secret Women’s Business HERE and part 2 Love Potion #9 HERE.  People - seriously read this trifecta. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, your heart will explode.