i've learnt so much


So, I’ve spent the last few days learning these songs by air & making sheet music for them? You can see/download the full sheet music and listen to them play at the links here>> King (Acoustic) | King (Old Version) (from this, if someone can help me with the lyrics that’d be great because I cant quite tell them all)

Japanese you can learn from Naruto

okay so i’ve learnt all this stuff from Naruto so i’ve put it in a list so you can see what you recognise c:
some of this stuff I already knew but I put it in because it’s mentioned in naruto on multiple occasions (e.g mizu, hoshi, gomen, hai, aka etc.) 

iruka - dolphin
sakura - cherry blossom
kakashi - scarecrow
itachi - weasel
sasori - scorpion 
kisame - shark
chou - butterfly 
aka - red
shika - dear
kurenai - crimson

kage - shadow
mizu - water
konoha - leaf
suna - sand
kaze - wind
rai - lightning
tsuchi - soil
iwa - rock
hoshi - star
bunshin - clone

(o)nii-chan - sis/sister
(o)nee-san - bro/brother
otoosan - dad
okaasan - mum

doushita - what’s wrong
doushite - why 
nani - what
sou desu ka - is that so 
gomen (nasai) - sorry
hai - yes

shi - death
shinu - death

okay I didn’t pick those up from Naruto but I decided to add them in since half of the names mentioned are of dead people