i've kinda contradicted myself

I actually kinda liked that episode...

Capaldi’s acting was fantastic, and the writing wasn’t too bad. What was good was that they explored the whole meaning of identity thing, Theseus’ paradox and all that.

Before DW seemed to be about confusing storylines and who can talk the fastest and sound the cleverest, but things seem to be coming together now…

It’s like when you watch a Star Trek episode and learn something from it; we need to inject more of that philosophical material into Doctor Who.

Also the awesomeness that is the Vastra and Jenny power couple.

And just, Madame Vastra’s line: “You might as well flirt with a mountain range” just really puts what The Doctor actually is into perspective. I really agree with this line of thinking, and exactly why I believe that shipping The Doctor with a human is, well, a tad nonsensical (Sorry Ten/Rose fans.)

This doesn’t mean I think The Doctor can’t love, or care about humans, it just means that for a human to truly connect emotionally or mentally with him is nigh on impossible.

Just my two pence.