i've just started season three!

I know that everyone is wrapped up in the Weatherly/DiNozzo departure over on the mothership…but has anyone else watched the NCIS: NOLA finale yet?!?!?!?! ZOMG.

It was a great, tense, tautly-paced hour…capped off by an amazing Persalle scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like…not even only-visible-with-shipper-goggles-Persalle, but actual, honest-to-goodness-Persalle.

That HUG!!

“I care about you, idiot!!” “Well, stop…’cause I can’t take it on.”

Did I mention…that hug? Y’know…the one where I swore they were on the verge of kissing, like, three and a half times. That one?!

Oh, and their matching faces of “oh damn, I’m in trouble,” as she walks away.

Their smiles.

“I’m glad you didn’t die.” “You’re an ass.”

Her obvious deflection on “yeah well, see you later.”

His “see you soon.”


weird little sorry-i-haven’t-been-on-much-due-to-family-and-essays apology drawing. otherwise known as the i-spent-time-drawing-this-instead-of-doing-those-said-essays drawing. anyways sorry for not being too active the past few days due to family and essays. click for more details as usual